Ways to check website traffic very simple but necessary to keep track

Website traffic is data that is received and sent by the visitors to the website. It’s a huge portion of internet traffic that is determined through visitor numbers and pages they visited. Everyone who owns a website, wants to keep a complete analysation of his or her website.

If you have a website then you would also want to know how many visitors are visiting your website daily, weekly, monthly and so on. You might also be interested to know whether you are having visitors by referring traffic or by direct traffic.

The checking of website traffic is very simple but many of you do not know on how to check it. Whether you have a business website, blog website or fun website. Therefore, you need to know the whole process of website checking. In this article, I shall guide you how can you check website traffic?

First step: To start checking website traffic you have to be online. You will get your website running. You should have some knowledge about computer code and HTML editor. If you do not know anything about them then you spare some time to get some knowledge about them, because that’s the basis of the website.

Second step: Now, your website is running, how would you check its traffic? Here, you need a Google account if you did not create a Google account yet, then create it right now and visit google.com/analytics. You will  give some detail regarding yourself and your website here.

Third step: When you are finished with filling details then you will create a new profile. Here, you will tell about the desired domain that you want to add for tracking. After filling these details, you will be given a ‘computer code’, which you will put on your website. Google uses this computer code to check the website traffic.

Fourth step: Now, you will open your website in choosing HTML editor. You will see your site in a “source” mode. You will see your site in raw HTML format. If you scroll down to the page bottom, then you will have a chance to see a penultimate line reading the script. You will enter analytics code, before the line and, save the page. After this you have to upload it to FTP client and that’s it.

Important note: One more thing you need to know that Google take some days for the registration of the code.


By following these steps you can check your website traffic and see how the traffic of your website is going on and view all the web traffic visited your website. You can  see ‘top traffic country’ means from where visitors are coming mostly.

Please note, there are number of other ways to check website traffic that we will dicuss in coming posts, you can also use awstats, web stats and several other tools, however Google Traffic Checker remains the best and is highly suggested.

If you are missing the website traffic you should actually get, then it is highly suggested that you stay in contact with an SEO Company that provides ethical seo services and web site seo optimisation. This then may help your website grow your business online

There are number of SEO Companies which provide complete analysis about where your website lack, current traffic statistics, backlinks authority and so on.

You should select an honest yet Trusted SEO Company for your online marketing in order to succeed. Before you hire a Search Engine Optimisation Compay, I will suggest that you check their Social Media Performance, do not hire an SEO Company that have poor or no presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social platforms.

Easy ways to improve your website traffic

Every business, whether it is small or big try to earn money online, by selling products or services. Now a days some large businesses have made a separate internet marketing department for promoting their websites online.

Many search engine optimisation professionals offer seo services to attract website traffic. However, there are some free methods also available that you can use to promote your website and business onine such as:

Join the blogsphere: Post comments on blogs

You study the market thoroughly and find some blogs, which are related to business subjects. Post relevant comments, but always avoid using generality, because visitors will assume these are spam comments, there are freelancers, individuals and even seo companies that spam on blogs, which is nor good for those website owners, neither for search engines.

For posting comments, you should choose small, medium and large blogs which let you publish your website too, make sure you do not spam else it would not help, both in rankings and traffic increase.

You should try to stay relevant, professional and sure, you can disagree but be polite. You can include your website links there if visitors find your comments relevant and interesting then, they might click on your website URL.

Guest posting and social media: Create entertaining and funny contest

Social media provides you forums for posting blogs free of cost. You spend some time to learn business promotion by social media. You create useful, entertaining, and funny contest to share. If you cannot write yourself then you can outsource the writing job with a nominal cost.

Though it is suggested that you hire a local content writer that knows what your target audience is looking online, knows on how to use Google keyword suggestion tool and have great knowledge about keywords weight and density.

Social networking allows you to share your links with other websites in barter arrangements. You can also post videos on YouTube that will give you extraordinary linkage and exposure opportunities.

Classified websites: Post free listings

Some classified websites provide opportunities for free posting. If you want to sell products and services then  free classified websites attain millions of visitors. Many sites provide you sections where you may post free listings such as, Classifedads.com, facebook.com etc.

Article marketing: Direct link to your website

You can write and post informative and interesting articles to different directories free of cost. Your articles are directly linked to your websites.

Such as, ezinearticles.com, and goarticles.com allow you to post the articles link back to your sites. The keywords you use in these articles help  you to improve the rankings, which search engines like, Google and Yahoo give businesses in general searches.

Classic press releases

By such classic press releases the visitors of your websites come to know about your business performance. You can promote your latest services and products by these press releases. You can  find out  how to write a press release with the online press release format. These releases go to different online magazines, bloggers, news organisations, and search engines.


Remember creative strategies always help you find methods to drive traffic without any cost. So concentrate on resolving customer problems, help visitors reach their objective and help them learn.

If you do not have time and knowledge on how to promote your business online, looking for an SEO Company that actually delivers results, is based in your town and focuses on ethical yet effective online marketing, which is the way forward to succeed online.

Tips on how to divert huge web traffic to your new website

You have built a new website recently that is really good, but just having a new website cannot get you much. Several businessmen build their own websites but have a little or no traffic at all, on the daily basis.

Many newbies to the websites think that by purchasing a domain and putting up a website there, the visitors will start coming like a newly build store in a very busy town. Nothing is like that, the website is so harsh.

Many sites go entirely unnoticed or ignored. But there is still hope. In this article, I shall tell you some tactics for driving huge traffic to your website.

Let’s go through!

Consult trusted directories for quick links

Since, you have built a new website so, no history, but you have to start somewhere. Link building is avery long procedure along with long-term objectives. There are many directories that offer paid and free listings.

You try to link your website with them.

Sponsor charity or any local event

If you have a local small business and any local event is coming into your community then try to sponsor this event. A local charity, which has a website will give you PR benefits. When this website will issue announcements about the events then your website will also be mentioned.

Avail paid search

A paid search campaign is a great method to divert traffic to your new website, but you should keep your budgets modest until you are confident in your return on investment. Chasing the huge traffic keywords may be tempting, but remember it becomes expensive and ROI is not good usually.

Submit your website to design galleries

There are many web design galleries, which allow submission for new websites and links to the other sites they feature such as, CSSBeauty, CSSHeaven etc.

Use article marketing

Article marketing can help you with link building. First you write informative content on your website topic or related it.

And then submit this content through any article syndication services like, GoArticles.com.When your articles will publish then, any link you give back to your website is also published.

Start blogging

It is a great method to build pertinent content on your website, on a regular basis. It provides your visitors a means to connect with you. However, always try to be honest, do not concentrate on brand only but also try to be human.

Guest post on related blogs

You need investment in this method, if you want to build relationship with other bloggers in your theme. But it can drive traffic to site swiftly. Your guest post must be smart and remarkable, if it is so, then host bloggers will welcome it, and it will definitely improve the possibility of attention back to your website.


Remember one thing that you cannot drive huge traffic to your new website overnight. So be patient, during all the process.

It is suggested that you hire an SEO Company in order to improve your website, design, deveopment and seo related aspects, A search engine optimisation company can seriously help you increase your sales, search rankings and brand awareness online.

Why my website receives no visitors at all?

You now have your new website for your small business. You have invested a big amount of your money to build it. You have hired services from a web design agency to create beautiful and eye catching layouts and themes for your business website. You also have your products ready for anyone who wants to buy from your online store.

Everything is ready (you think), but you are wondering why there is no one finding your site over the web (aside from your family and friends). Absolutely you lack strategies in promoting your website that is why no other people land on your site. Your site seems invisible to the people who might be your buyer.

You may like to check these following reasons why your website receives no visitors at all.

Because you have no effective SEO for your site

SEO is an effective way of providing more traffic for your sites and allows you to have more visitors coming in. SEO is a long process and may take up lots of your time. This is the perfect time for you to seek help from an expert to provide you search engine optimisation service for your site to make it visible on search pages.

SEO has many techniques that may be implemented to your site by an expert provider.

This could be the most effective way of gaining more visitors.

Because you never use social media networks

Creating an account in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are all free. Why don’t you sign up for your business? These sites have already stable status with millions of visitors each day. Imagine how many people might see your business if you promote it on these social media site!

Because you never posts on forums

There are so many existing websites that offer users the chance to have discussion on any topics. You can join the discussions that have topic relevant with your site content and carefully share you site to them. Be very careful in sharing this one. You must be able to capture the attention of the reader to make them visit your site.

Because you may lack other marketing strategies that are very helpful

You may also be creative in your marketing styles. You may give incentives for the buyers that purchased a product or service from your business like giving them discounts when they buy again from your online store. This will make them feel that you appreciate them as your customer and would surely love to buy again from you especially if you have satisfied them.

It is always a great ideal to speak to your local seo consultant and ask his/her opinion about your website – this is an important step towards having a well visited website, see what they think and how they can help.

You might also ask for their advice not just about the web design / front end but also if your website is missing on and offsite seo part as well and ask what they can do and for how much and what can you expect out of their service?

You might like to read another article on how to hire an seo company I have published last week, as this will at least give you information on what to ask an SEO Company and how to get to know if they are actually professional seo service provider.?

Stay tuned – Power and peace!

Six sure ways to increase traffic to your website

The question that all internet marketers ask is how they can increase traffic to their website. As you are already aware, when you have more traffic to your website, that means your revenue is also going to increase. So whether your business is a small one man show or a corporate entity, the concern is always how to get the larger portion of traffic to your website. If your website does not generate enough interest to make more visitors come to your website, then your business is at risk of failing. But you can avoid this if you follow effective internet marketing guidelines.

Below are six ways that you can ensure you don’t fall in the category of failures.

1. Optimize your site – If you already have a running website and you are not generating enough traffic, you must have been wondering what is happening. One of the reasons might be that your site is not adequately optimized. By optimizing your site, you need to strategically place your keywords in your website in a way that the search engine can easily identity your site. Place your keywords on the Meta tags (title, description and keywords), in the main page of your site, in the first paragraphs of your content, in the anchor text of links on your page and even in file names and directories.

2. Increase site content – Ensure your site has enough content on every page. What people don’t realize is that even the inner pages are identified as mini sites by the search engines.  When you add more pages in your site that are adequately optimized, then you can be sure the search engines will easily find your site.

3. Increase incoming links – Have your site links in other popular websites. When people browse those sites, they can be redirected to your site, hence you site will be able to receive a lot of traffic. The Google search results are also widely based on these link vots which in seo term is called backlinks, so ensure you have URLs in other directories as well.

4. Publish your content in other websites – Ensure you submit your articles to other websites with a link directing them to your site. This will drive traffic to your site as those visitors will be seeking to have more information about the content.

5. Offline advertising – If you have some money to spend, then you can use offline advertising to make your site known e.g.  Print media, electronic media etc.

6. Per Per Click Advertising – Engage with companies that offer per per click advertising whereby you only pay as per the number of clicks to your advertisement e.g. Google Adwords.

If you implement all these tips, you can be sure you will drive traffic to your site.

How writing and publishing useful articles can increase your online website traffic?

If you want to have more traffic into your website through a cost effective way, then you might consider hiring a SEO friendly article writing expert to help you out. Increased traffic to your website means more revenue for your online business.

A content writing expert will be able to optimize your website content by using keywords and provide articles that are rich in content hence attracting and retaining potential customers. Though your website might have great content about your services and products, you might realize you are still not generating enough income.

Hiring a SEO friendly content writing expert can have a lot of advantages; below are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you get a professional to do your writing work..

• An expert content writer will make use of keywords and place them appropriately in your website resulting in your website being ranked highly in the search engines.

• You can have the SEO Expert write what you want in a professional manner, they will go through your webpages and make improvements where required, product descriptions and your company history so that the content will be relevant to your visitors.

• You should not use copied content from other websites, PLR content or overhauled material as these will jeopardize the chances of your website appearing high in the search engine pages. Let an seo pofessional submit and update your content to be more informative and current.

• All the content that an seo expert will provide will become yours and have the sole right over them once you pay for his/her services. You can also make sure the same content is not sold to other websites and it will be on the internet permanently.

• When visitors to your website find useful and relevant information on your website, they can subscribe for regular updates therefore increase repeat customers.

Only few people purchase service and products the first time they visit a website, but with a successful sales funnel, you can ensure that these customers come back and do purchases, this will not only increase the number of your customers, but will also get more subscribers to your content.

• A good copywriter can also provide free professional advice on how to improve your website content apart from providing you with regular feedback on the same.

•  Before engaging an article writer, you need to get their reviews on previous work done and testimonials from other clients and let them provide you with a sample. With a right and professional seo company you can enjoy generating revenue for a long time through your website.

Don’t Quit Your Online Business So Soon

Yes, you have been trying hard to get all those unique visitors to your site via search engines and have not been able to even break into the top ten search engine rankings even after repeated efforts. Without effective strategies in place, internet can be a tough place to carry out any business and many online marketers have had to learn this fact in the hard way.

SEO has widely been regarded as the best way to achieve high search engine rankings and get unique and targeted visitors to your website. But what if many are applying the same strategies? Will it then boil down to who can spend more money? Not exactly and Google also does not want that marketers heavily rely on paid tactics (although they do!). So what is the alternative then?

Sure Fire Strategies to Achieve Success

Parameters regarding search engine optimization have changed a lot and the recent Google updates have created a massive shift in the way websites are ranked in search engine result pages. No more fluffing around with meaningless content and hoping to make it big. Even if you do make it high in rankings through efforts that are not appreciated by Google such as keyword stuffing, paid links etc, the success will be short lived.

Taking an interest in your audience is the first step towards any successful online business. No more generalization. For effective website promotion you need to have solutions and suggestions that people need.

Even if you are going for SEO Services make sure that this aspect is taken care of within acceptable standards. You can’t just depend on web traffic coming from SEO tactics. Most of the recent successes in online world have been due to the fact that websites have been able to develop organic traffic through a strong network of loyal customers. This is the real basis on which every website should work.

There are many search engine marketing companies that work along these lines and their efforts are there to get a loyal audience through good content. Try to find out such services through persistent efforts. If you are ready to do some hard online work this can also be done through your own efforts. However, regularity and diligence will be crucial.

Keep Experimenting

Factors around top search engine rankings are never constant and to succeed online you have to experiment. Organic traffic can be developed only when you are genuinely concerned about the target audience. Putting a great amount of time and focus on onstite and offsite together and consulting an seo firm time to time for latest trends and happenings in SEO Industry!

Opt in list

Ignore this and you’ll be damned! The opt-in-list is one of the most effective tools to use if you are hoping to build a loyal group of subscribers leading to an exponential growth in traffic to your website.  In the current cut throat playing field, to remain competitive you have got to have a wide clientele base and maintain them by keeping them interested in your website through up-to-date and regular periodicals.

You can go further and include free auto-responders on your website to help communicate to your readers on matters that are dear to them, matters that concern them and offer solutions to their problems or at least attempt to.  Examples would include matters touching on health, well-being, home improvements, how-to, among others.

You should be positioned in such a way that your visitors believe in you and always look to you for solutions and new information.

To build an Opt-in-list:

• Have subscription forms appended on your periodicals across the website.  The periodicals should be of articles that would capture your audience, should present information that are frequently searched for and are of high caliber.  To build on this, engage other professional writers who can produce good articles that endear avid readers to your website noting to include these writers in your list as well.  Don’t shy away from seeking the help of the professionals; they are there to help you out.

• You can also attract subscribers by giving away popular incentives which can include publications of valuable information that would interest your target group in PDF format, specific oriented materials that detail information on the particular subject or develop software programs that simplify the search for your visitors.  You can also request your visitors to invite their friends and family in return for something else such as free subscription to magazines.

• Use of the ‘annoying’ pop-ups!  How many times have you tried circumventing a site to avoid these pop-ups?  I know I have, I not only find them annoying but also time consuming.  However, there are occasions I have appreciated having them there because even though unsolicited I end up being directed to a highly informative website when my bid to swat them aside failed.  Add them on and you may be increasing traffic to your site by nudging on even the unwilling souls who silently thank you when they get a new link they readily bookmark.

If you are worried about your website traffic, page rank, and ROI, you should speak to an SEO Company soon in order to know what they can do in order to help you get organic website traffic, rankings and of course ROI.

How to improve website traffic, search rankings and win backlinks?

Building backlinks is one method of creating traffic to a site.  This is made possible when visitors to a site are directed to your site vide website URL while they are on a different website.  With time a web owner can develop a number of worldwide web connected by hyperlinks.  This in turn multiplies the number of visitors several times fold.

To improve website traffic by use of backlinks, one can start by interacting more on the site either through writing your own articles on your website or elsewhere on other respected websites online.  Not to be left out are the source of reference as links at the end of the articles or say in Author Bio area.  This would direct the readers of the articles back to your websites.  Another sure way of increasing the traffic flow to your website is through blogging.  Through this channel, one can introduce backlinks effectively ensuring the bloggers are redirected to your website when they need more information or out of curiosity.

Similarly, subscribe to discussion forums and take advantage of the space to promote your website by directing other users to it through use of backlinks.  You would be surprised at the number of people who after accessing your website would recommend it to their friends, their social circles and even family and colleagues.

Incidentally, one overlooked method is writing for other bloggers who require injecting fresh material on their website, also known as guest blogging.  Also spend time on relevant blogs noting to include links on the comments you append therein.  Your comments should also be relevant and should make the readers want to know more about you hence driving them to your site.

The comments and blogs have to be of integrity thus creating trust and confidence in your followers.  Note also subscribe to alerts and where requested take the opportunity to leave comments that would attract potential visitors to your website.  When doing this, as much as possible stick to your website niche because these blogs, discussion forums and comments act as virtual public relations for your site thus has to be relevant and intelligent to keep your target group interested.

Consequently, it is human nature that when impressed by something we want to share the word through word of mouth or in this case forwarding the links to our friends, family or colleagues.  It is quite an effective tool to use as free advertisement resulting in increased traffic to your site.

If you cannot do this alone or your business needs a mix of internet marketing in order to perform well over the web, attract business and traffic and increase ROI, It is always a great decision to hire a respected SEO Company - and let the experts do the job they do on daily basis!