SEO or smart online brand marketing? Future of SEO

SEO has changed a lot for the past two years, however back in 2001 whilst I first started to market textile companies’ websites as part time I have seen search engine’s giving importance to those which actually submit good content, so if you are thinking seo was easy back in those days, I have to disagree with you

However optimising websites for search engines back then has been a lot easier which is not the case now – But again back then there were hardly any great tools such as backlinks quality, content and even seo analysis

Google has made it a lot easier to track your success rate and there are number of other tools which are helping individuals and even the blue chip companies get to know where they stand when it comes to sales, rankings, traffic and even ROI increase

Now SEO has became smart online marketing, you do it well, you get out of it, you abuse search engines, they will abuse you back much harder, so it is time to get in to smart online marketing, many seo companies are out of the picture now, after Google’s continues search engine algorithms updates, many got dumped by their customers that had lost their rankings and even were penalized completely or a small penalty

The future of SEO is smart online marketing mix, include the digital media, social media and search engine marketing, follow the road signs, see what the top 20 people are doing, make notes when it comes to backlinks, domain age, see where the website is hosted, write down the websites they are getting the links from, votes, Google reviews, note down the number of backlinks and then analyse your website against your competitors, the old seo has changed in to smart brand marketing!

You agree or not! But that is the future of seo

Think, act and play smart!

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Get your web ready for a mobile web outburst

A few years ago, you used to read articles on your computer or laptop. But today, you are able to read these articles on mobile or tablet. The mobile websites have changed everything online. You can access the internet through wireless network by using mobile.

The mobile websites are making progress at an exceptional pace, and it is being forecasted that it would overtake desktop websites soon. You need to think whether your website is ready for mobile web explosion?

Is your web ready?

Is your web ready, it means more visitors than ever would be searching your website via mobile, tablet? It means if you desire to survive and flourish, then you will have to adapt and adjust your website and make it mobile friendly website.

If you have not already done that, then the first thing, that you should do is, get your web up to high speed visually, means you make sure that mobile users can view your website optimally.

You should also check whether your website is ready for mobile, by testing tools that are easily available in these days. You need to see whether your web is mobile compatible. You also need SEO for your mobile web.

SEO for your mobile web

As, the usage of a mobile website is growing, swiftly. The mobile-friendly social media websites and Search engine friendly versions have enjoyed massive visitors’ traffic.

The business and blog website owners are starting to acknowledge how the mobile web visitors can change website traffic and contribute to revenue. The majority of search engine optimisation experts recognise the quickly increasing percentage of visitors who access the website from their mobiles devices.

Mobile SEO basics

There is a little difference between SEO and mobile SEO. However, their goal is same, to help your website in Search engine results and control their respective niche.

The mobile SEO process is based on the principles of traditional SEO such as accurate use of anchor links, tags, and keywords, content creation with target audience, building a buzz online and engaging your website readers. However, in mobile search engine optimised websites speed matters a lot.

Mobile SEO helps you capitalise on the rising mobile web users’ population. Your companies and businesses might be at risk if you do not take mobile SEO seriously.

So there is no logic that you do not take benefit of this trend and enjoy the triumph for your online business.

Mobile SEO keywords

Mobile web designers concentrate on keywords. Shorter keywords are used for mobile web. SEO experts know the keyword strength well.

Mobile SEO future

The future of Mobile SEO relies on mobile and computer manufacturers. As long as such companies produce and design tablets and smart mobile, then the future of your mobile device SEO is secure.

It not only strengthens your business but also provide strength to your business promotion strategies.


So, contact with the professional SEO providers if you are interested to thrive, your business and increase the base of your web traffic. There are number of SEO Companies out there that provide Mobile seo services in order to help your website grow your business over mobile devices online and help your business be found online.

Mobile seo optimised website design increases online sales

What is a mobile website?

A website that’s accessible on your mobile phone or tablet is called mobile website. Mobile website is becoming a top priority for your businesses around the globe looking at the mobile population worldwide.

There are about 6 billion people using mobile, across the world and approximately 1.2 billion users browse the Internet from mobiles.

Mobile users can read blog posts, check emails, find business location and perform financing from their cell or tablets. This has led the website designers to develop mobile websites. The mobile website is different from common website. This website can be customised in content and appearance that is specially designed for your mobile.

So there is a dire need to make your web mobile compatible for increasing sales.

How to make  your website mobile compatible?

For making your website mobile compatible you need to do the following things:

Mobile Sub-Domain: First, you create a Sub-Domain for mobile. It is not right to serve the mobile and desktop users on the same site. So create a separate Sub-Domain and install the detection script and redirection script on the desktop version for making sure that your mobile users are sent automatically to your mobile website.

Smart navigation: You should create the smart navigation. Mean you generate unobtrusive and clean navigation for your mobile web keeping in view all the practical implication for the mobile users. You should offer your visitors clear and distinct methods to get your essential content.

Concise content: You should ensure your content is concise and clear. Try to grab your readers’ attention from your, unique, informative and original content.

Avoid Flash and JavaScript: You should avoid Flash and JavaScript, because all mobiles cannot support these technologies. Use HTML for your mobile site. That will work good with it.

How does mobile website work?

When users visit your websites on the mobiles, the websites run the programs to detect whether the websites are being looked on the mobiles, tablets and computer or not.

If these programs detect that, mobiles are being used, they will redirect the users, to the “mobiles versions” of the website before getting the full version websites, in this way, the users have the advantage of browsing the mobile-friendly versions of your websites.

Most of the mobile websites allow users switching between the mobile versions and the full website versions on their discretion.

Why do you need mobile website?

Mobile website increases sales for your business. As I mentioned earlier, about 1.2 billion Internet users, use mobile for searching. You can check the number of users who search your web by mobile through Google Analytics. You would see the number of users are increasing swiftly who use mobile for looking at your website.

Who can create mobile website?

You may contact your web designers for building a mobile website. With a small price, they can drive more clients to your business by creating a mobile site for you.


Whether you accept or not, the reality is, the majority of the visitors are gaining access to, website by mobile, and as a marketer you need to adapt this technology.

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