I have lost my website Google rankings in January 2016, what should I do?

I have received this email from someone based in Australia

I have lost my rankings and I have not done anything? I have very good quality backlinks which I personally built over the last 5 years, the content on my website and blog publishes useful “how to articles” – Even I am listed in Dmoz, Yahoo, Alexa and other reputed web directories, have a good domain name that is 12 years old, page rank is 8 at the moment, but I can see our keywords “discount toys”, “toys” “buy toys online” and several other keywords variations which were ranking on 1st page on google.com.au have dropped to 280 and higher what should I do?

Answer:  Until you submit your website URL, we are really hard to advice what should be done at this very point of time, but as you are aware  of Google update in December 2015, then in January 2016 and now in 12th February 2016, you might like to wait and watch at the moment and see what happens or whether or not your website returns – as you said you have a good backlinks profile, chances are your website might return but we have to look at the consequences to provide you more information that what needs to be done

We are very popular on twitter, does this count at all, we have over 10,00,000 followers, thousands retweets and so on, massive traffic and good trust over social platforms including Google+, Facebook likes and loads of +1s which are all natural and unique, then why I am hurt?

Answer: Well, these social segments do really count but again, you have to provide us with your usernames for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and find out the real cause to what happened as you stated above

Should I submit website reconsideration request to Google through webmaster tools? I have not received any messages or critical issues, but do you suggest if I should submit this request? I can also see the rankings for our search queries have fallen to 300 or higher and I am so confused

Answer:  No. You should not do it, until unless have personally contacted you or if you have received a message saying, we have found issues with your website, then it makes sense to make a contact with Google or submit a request but what we suggest you is to wait and watch

Should I remove any links, which I have not built but are linking to my website, such as, some people which like our web posts and host them on their blogs?

Answer:  We definitely do not suggest that, as your content was news and buzz worthy to earn links, plus it is a vote that your content was useful enough to be found and hosted, so I would not suggest that at all, until unless you email us with all those links and so we can find out, if they are not coming from bad neighbourhood

I have never done directory submission, article or press release submission or any other type of stupid submissions then why Google has dropped the rankings of our good website?

Answer: As I said, we can only assume at the moment as we do not have the URL of your website, there are number of link analyzer tools, SEOMoz, Aherf, and so on, find out what links are more useful and what are not, if you find links which you think are suspicious, and work on them

You may also send us an email with all those links, URL(s), the keywords that lost their rankings and any other concerns and we will be happy to provide you free seo consulting and analyse and let you know why you have lost your website rankings on Google in January/February 2016

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Yet another Google Update underway in January 2016?

Have you lost your website rankings between 14th of January 2016 and 17th of January 2016? You were ranking really well and you do not see your website or see a massive drop in Google rankings at the moment and you were seen a massive decrease since this morning today? Well, then you are not alone!

There has been a lot happening in Google search results since 14th of January 2016 and finally it has hit many companies on 17th of January 2016 i.e. today. It is really hard to tell where it is Google Panda or even Penguin related changes at this very stage

I have seen a massive debate on Twitter, Facebook and in Google+ in general people nearly screaming about their Google rankings and I have personally analysed their websites and I must admit there was nothing to disturb the rankings (other than an update) and no its not a Google dance (the old term used by old fellows)

I can smell the changes made by Google in their algorithms which we are hard to talk about at this stage, even I have personally performed the automated checks to find out any records available on any news out there or anything said by Google employees or normal audience in General but there were no signs of Google update in any recent times

Many England top companies are not seeing their rankings, so if you are asking why your website have lost its rankings and what you should do, the suggestion is wait for few days and I am sure there is a story to tell about this and what to do in order to repair your rankings

On the other hand, many people that have been very active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube and so on as well as having old domains, doing good working and in to good seo practises, there is nothing to worry about

It could be a slight Google’s update which may show your results back on their search engine result pages (serps) and in most cases even higher but if your website marketing or optimise in general was being handled by bad seo guys, chances are – you have a long way to go to repair your negative seo or online reputation this time as Google is very serious about it

I will keep you guys posted, I am keeping every eye on the most recent updates by Google, news and even Twitter and media channels and I will get back to you guys as soon as I receive a solid proof of that

Do you sweat blood and tears for your seo customers?

It’s been a very crazy day so far, very tiring – indeed. I had been invited for a seo meeting in Colindale (North London) where I had to represent the Search Engine Optimisation Company I work with. I have done loads of research before I visited the customer

I enjoyed having word with this really potential marketing lady with loads of knowledge about PR, Backlinks development, designing and development of websites, articles creation as well as keywords weight, density, audio and video presentation and whole lot of more, it was a toughest meeting in 2016 so far but I must admit there was a lot to learn and teach, as a matter of fact

Our meeting lasted for an hour and I have been told to go ahead and propose the keywords, onsite suggestions, offsite brief as well as the changes needed in the web designing, development, blog and their content, I knew it is a final test and I would be a happy man to have yet another customer signing up for our seo services – which is great as we have been getting really busier after the new year evening

I have spent over 6 hours to find the logical keywords, I am not boasting but literally 6 hours, I have compared their website with top 100 ranked websites and was able to find the top 20 keywords which could help with massive ROI, Traffic increase by spending as little as they can (They are happy to allocate even a massive budget but I do not do rip-offs)

Anyhow, I have emailed them the keywords list with local monthly searches and with special notes about ROI, how soon to expect rankings increase as well as what are deliverables from ours and their end, the entire brief of our seo strategy, the cost, time frame, how to pay, terms and conditions and so forth – I know none would be able to beat or match our seo quote, I am 100% sure about it, looking at the total work that needs to be carried out

I am not saying other seo companies work as hard as I do towards my customers excellence and business promotion online but I must say if there are good seo companies I am probably one of them (Small wit great boast), there was Alex (one of our top client form England since many years), and whilst I was signing out for today he quoted “You know why I like you – because “I hardly met as hard working seo person as you” – I said I try, but I know I was more than happy to have such compliment and especially when I was really tired

Thanks once again Alex.

Oh by the way – This entire week is very crazy and the week after I am starting few new seo projects – and there are few web design and development project (an online shop for a glassware business and one for a Kitchen Supplier and then there is one for Cleaning Company that covers London, Suburbs and Surrey

Wish me luck guys and lets all work as hard as we can and do the good seo work in order to get rid out of those guys which still manipulate search engine rankings because they have got money, resources as well as they wish to be over night milliners (I am more than a happy man if my bills are paid on time)

And you are wrong, I am not sleeping yet; I am going to start to work on a seo strategy for a transportation business for next month (a client using our services since July 2015 and do the seo audit for a law firm from Hammersmith

Good Luck and Good Night All – Stay tuned!