European Multilingual content writers wanted in London, UK

London is an ideal place to work and that too with a fast growing digital marketing agency based in the hearth of London, Wimbledon, are looking for European multilingual content writers which can write useful content, be it articles and press release writing, content for website or seo copywriting in general, proofreading and translation service

Draw Pictures Ltd is one of the most renowned Internet Marketing Company delivering top notch web designing, website development, Ecommerce and CMS web solutions to companies from the UK, Europe and abroad and need professionals that can write useful European content for websites and marketing purpose

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You can work from home or from anywhere in the world – Good pay and more work!

Internet Marketing Trends 2016 is set to be the year of the tablet

2015 was deemed ‘the year of the mobile’ as the huge growth in the popularity and use of smartphones rocketed and left no question as the value and importance of businesses ‘going mobile’.

And now 2016 is well and truly upon us it would seem tablets are the new smart way to browse on the go, leaving internet marketers speculating that 2016 is set to be the year of the tablet.

Over the past year sales of PCs and laptops have increasingly declined whilst tablet sales have been on the up. It is estimated that tablet sales will continue to shoot to a staggering 375 million by 2016, replacing PCs and laptops in the majority of homes across the UK.

As it stands at the moment tablets cannot do everything a computer can, but are not lagging far behind in that respect as development and release of new and increasingly durable tablets has been happening throughout 2015 and continues into 2016.

Once considered to just be a novelty gadget in the same way smartphones were, tablets are increasingly becoming an everyday computing device and necessity to some, with their convenience and desirability far outweighing their home computing technology predecessors.

Internet marketing companies are already gearing up for the coming year, as they prepare to make online marketing a whole lot more tablet friendly.

Web based apps are the new most cost effective strategy aimed at tablet and smartphone users, while traditional methods such as search engine optimisation still play a vital role in marketing plans.

And with many more people accessing the internet more frequently thanks to the convenience of mobile devices, blog and online news website traffic is on the increase, making content marketing an essential technique to add to the list for internet marketing services.

Businesses are also encouraged to ensure their own website is fully prepared for users to browse using tablets and smartphones, as many companies have still not considered making the shift to more flexible mobile-compatible web design.

Those who do not make the change soon are likely to get left behind as this year will see the biggest growth yet in tablet users and owners, and keeping up with the wants and needs of the target markets is a vital part of being successful in the fast paced digital dependant society we live in today.

SEO Services for SEO Agencies from UK and Europe

Are you looking for a trustworthy, honest and results focused and ROI driven Search Engine Optimisation Company based in Europe offering you as a seo agency with bespoke search engine optimisation services?

Are you looking for an SEO Agency with arrangements of providing you with multilingual content creation for your online marketing?

Are you looking for an SEO Agency to provide you with next generation link building, authority backlinks from niche domains that deliver fast results?

And ideally you are looking with great pricing structure, invoicing offered and pricing that you normally pay in Asia, Middle and Far East?

If you have answered “yes” to any of your above questions and you are looking for reliable seo partner to outsource your seo campaigns, digital and internet marketing, content creation, link building and web designing and development campaigns then you are on the right page

Draw Pictures Ltd are a SEO Company with over 12  years experience offering customers and agencies with bespoke seo services, services that work, build a buzz, help you get both the results and ROI for your business customers!

If you are looking for a truly experienced search engine optimisation firm, then you are on the right page, make a contact with our SEO Specialists in London and let their working strategies work for you or your customers business! We are so sure to give your business an edge that we promise to provide you seo services for free until we have achieved our goals.

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Draw Pictures Ltd is a London based SEO Consultancy Company offering free advice to businesses from the UK, Europe and abroad. Be it you are looking to learn a thing or share, ask for a suggestion or ask for the price, we would be more than glad to talk to you and answer your questions

We believe in driving our customers an extra mile away for free. As a customer you will be provided with an amazing backup support to remember, we normally return all our calls and emails in matter of just few minutes.

You will always speak to a real seo consultant based in London when you hire our seo consultants. Our web designers and web developers here in London are chatty and love to chat if you have a web design project or just want to ask a question

Give us a call today and let an Experienced SEO Company provide you with the seo service or any other services you require!

All about Link exchange that is very effective for higher traffic

As a website owner you always want higher traffic and high traffic means more attention, more success and more sales. There are several methods to boost traffic in which link exchange is also included. Google determines your web value, by its own algorithm or scoring system.

Link exchange affects your web rank or value because your web value isn’t based on content quality and relevancy only, on your web, but it also extends to the content quality and relevancy of the site that you direct to visitors through the link exchange.

What is link exchange?

It is actually an agreement between two websites owners who add links to one another websites. In the result of link exchange, if you get a lot of links to the web, then search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing will consider your website more important and reward it with a higher search engine ranking. And higher ranking brings you a lot of free traffic. Some link exchange, are free of cost and some charge fee for giving you links each month.

How can you exchange link?

If you intend to exchange links, then first you seek websites that have links swap pages where you will add your website, and then add the other party site to your web. But it is a lengthy process. If you want a shortcut and save your time, then you may consider automated links swap websites on the monthly payment. In this way, you can get lots of incoming links. The big advantage of this is that your outbound links are built automatically through the link swap companies.

Benefits of link exchange

Improve search engine ranking

If you are new in online business, you may think, like many other newbies that just putting up a blog or web will attract huge traffic like the bees to honey. But the reality is different. In order for searchers to find your website, it is necessary to be located on the first pages of the big search engines.

Link exchange is very effective for improving search engine rankings. By, link exchange you may find your web pages in the top ten in the search engine results and grow your business at a very nice rate.

Useful for SEO

For search engine optimisation, on-page & off-page optimisation are important step. In the off-page optimisation, you can start with forum marketing, blog commenting, link exchange. For your web’ relevance and popularity Google views each link exchange to your website as a “vote”, the more links your web has, and the better. Therefore, link exchange is essential for SEO campaign.


Remember for link exchange you should search potential linking partners because having irrelevant links to your web can affect search engine results.

In house SEO vs SEO Outsourcing

Search engine optimisation is a complicated thing. Everyone cannot be master of SEO, because it involves many aspects. It is all about getting to the top position of the search ranking for sure.

It needs the coordination of different disciplines to get the desired results. Every business needs to have a separate SEO department that may prove resource straining to his or her small or medium sized business.

After deciding about the search engine optimisation strategy for your web, you have to make the decision whether you will complete SEO in-house or outsource it to any professional outsourcing SEO company.

I think you can make the perfect decision after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the both in-house and outsourcing SEO.

Advantages of in-house SEO

In this type of SEO, your staff knows all about inside and outside your business, so they are able to understand the smallest challenges and aspects. You have complete hold over the SEO strategy.

You can easily execute it and make changes smoothly. The in-house SEO Expert can keep full attention to your website success, as he is only working for one party.

Disadvantages of in-house SEO

Since SEO is a rapidly changing area, your in-house professional needs to make sure that he is up-to-date completely along with different algorithms that are currently being utilised by the different search engines.

It has been observed that in-house SEO skilled persons usually struggle with this hard and he needs occasional refresher training that can increase your business expenditures.

As an in-house expert has lots of work on his hands that may result in using outdated techniques, which can badly affect your web ranking. Effective SEO needs many tools that you will  buy for your SEO expert and learning about these tools also need  lots of time.

Advantages of outsourcing SEO

If you outsource your web SEO task to the specialist outsourcing SEO Company, it would be like having the expertise of many skilled people, because these company’s experts work as a team. Your web will be optimised by the team of experts not a single person. So they produce better SEO results.

These companies experts are highly trained. They are equipped with latest technologies. Like in-house expert all the work is not in one hand so workload does not affect their performance.

Disadvantages of outsourcing SEO

You will bear some extra expenses to hire outsourcing company experts. As company deals with other peoples’ websites at a time so they take some time to complete the task.


Since, both options have advantages and disadvantages ultimately, it’s your decision to choose the one for you so, choose wisely.

Functionality and usefulness of online shopping cart low cost and ease

If you want your business presence, on the online platform then, you have a lot of options, in which online shopping cart is also included. It is an easiest way of online business.

You may use any online shopping cart software or have the services of any online professional shopping cart company. But for this purpose, first you need to know the functionality and usefulness of online shopping cart.

Sure, in this article, you will know about both functionality and usefulness of online shopping cart. Let’s have a look!

Online shopping cart procedure

When customers visit your website and want to purchase the specific products, they add selected items to their carts and check out then, they are directed to payment processors and given download link immediately.

The good thing about online shopping carts is all the information gets stored in database and become secure and confidential rather than floating on a website somewhere.

Online shopping models: Easy to install

In these days, the Internet is a crucial instrument of our life. eCommerce has made it possible for every business house to appear on the website. Now, banking to shopping everything is being done by websites.

The main reason is of course low cost, ease, and security. The websites of business owner provide all these facilities through their online shopping carts.

There are many online shopping carts models available with various designs, safety and functions nowadays.

As a website owner you can modify them according to your specifications and necessities. They are easy to install. You can configure and administer them very easily.

It is necessary for you to select the right software. Merchant accounts and payment gateway are most important for online shopping cart.

Main kinds of gateway interfaces

The main kinds of gateway interfaces are following:

Com-based: For this gateway you need to install DLL software on a hosting server and checks for SSL certificates.

XML: It utilises windows server installed facility.

Form-based: It does not need software installation. There’re many kinds of shopping cart services such as, merchant shopping cart service, hosted shopping carts, fully integrated shopping cart and forum based shopping carts.

Usefulness of Online shopping cart

Online shopping cart allows you to buy online, compute billing, and shipping immediately through virtual methods.

Once there was no such facility for you at all. You had to go to different stores and spend a lot of time there, for selecting and buying things. You also had to stand in long queues for billing and payment at payment counters.

With online shopping cart the joy and ease of shopping have increased many fold. You can keep track of selected items and prices. You just need a computer and Internet connectivity. Only with a click, you can buy anything of choice, within no time.


There are many online line shopping cart service providers that can handle online orders and put your business on websites.

Simply look for a professional web design agency that provides next level eCommerce web design solutions and you will find your way to a successful online