Social Media Buzz – Future of smart seo, internet marketing and Google Rankings!

Enough with the backlinks abuse, swapping, reciprocal, blog commenting, poorly written articles and press releases, forums and blog media links, documents sharing, fake Google reviews and so on.

If you are next time searching something and you do not see a website that was ranking a few hours ago on #1 and cannot be seen on the first page, then it is definitely not a Google update

Google has introduced backlinks in order to count a page authority a long time ago, the more quality websites link to you are the number of votes your website gets, which help your website raise its rank, website traffic and possibly more sales, ROI and profits increase

However years after years we have seen websites ranking which were doing the good work and publishing useful content in order to earn backlinks:

What is a good link?

A good link has several aspects, a high page rank website with quality content, domain with age history, good link building profile, good traffic as well as dmoz presence – However a .edu and .gov link carry more value or a link from a high traffic blog or a review which was written by another blogger because they have just liked your website and/or blog

How do you earn backlinks?

If you are looking forward to earn good backlinks and win Google and other search engine’s trust in your backlinks profile, then you need to work on your website graphics, its development and especially on your website content and what it has to offer, ever wondered why Wikipedia ranks for every search term (well most search terms), because they answer the questions you ask from search engines, authentic information within you research via a single click – If you want to earn quality backlinks then you have to provide your website visitors with quality and reliable information and if you do so, you may attract loads of quality backlinks via blogging, social media etcetera – It is worth more to spend your money by hiring a professional and intelligent seo copywriter than asking someone else to build backlinks – A good blogger that has a high traffic blog can do the good job too or someone with passion for writing – A short note on how you can win backlinks is to engage your customers and provide them with all the information they are after

Do backlinks still count?

Yes, they do and will for a long time

How I can build backlinks on my own?

If you wish to build backlinks on your own, the best thing to do is to have to have a blog on your website and write useful information about your products or services, provide customers with more information with why your product or service differ or write how to articles, think like a customer and think about what searchers are finding (doing keyword research prior to writing your blog post can be very useful), go for long tail search terms for a start and write your blog in order to help your visitors not to rank – There are several other ways to build quality backlinks as we discussed earlier, however a good social media strategy can always help you win much more backlinks and it is so easy that anyone can do it with basic knowledge

Do backlinks have impact on search engine rankings?

Yes, they do! If you get quality backlinks(s), it is counted as a vote and it has a direct impact on your search engine rankings, however you cannot rank on a competitive keyword with just a single link (in some cases you can), when Google or other search engines print search against your search term, their automated system crawls the entire data in their range and then short-list websites with good votes, content and number of backlinks (you are exactly in competition with those which are ranking higher than yours, so you have to exactly know how many votes or backlinks they have for that “search term” and then you have to increase the number of votes/backlinks in order to raise your rank higher than your competitors

How I can find if my backlinks are of quality?

Very good question – You can always analyze your backlinks, SEOMoz, Aherf and there are several other link analysis tools including Google webmaster tools where you can check a website, blog, directory or the site you want to get the link from prior to linking – You can also analyse your website backlinks and get any suspicious backlinks removed using (Google disavow backlinks removal tool) – This helps you remove any bad websites that are linking to your website and are giving your backlinks profile a suspicious profile

After Google’s January 2016 and February update – I can clearly see what the future holds for seo.

I have short-listed 20 top ranked websites for a specific search term – and then have written down the values for good backlinks, quality content, web page graphics, development and all other seo and backlinks and voting aspects and what I have found was just “amazing” and I want to pass this on to you guys so you know what you need to do in order to do it earlier than your competitors

I have seen websites rankings being increased and decreased in real time and that too on daily basis, then I have short listed those websites which moved from page 2 to page one and then from page one to top of the page, which was just amazing to see, I was so curious to know about the votes and backlinks that I have gone a mile ahead to find out what was going on – and what I have found was simple yet attractive, want to know what was helping websites ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Miva and even Baidu and Yandex search engines?

Social Signals, votes and reviews:

Social signals, votes and reviews are the future, which give your brand a boost.

Do not just go for my words?

I am not just saying it or just assuming like everyone else, I did below to find how it affects one of our customer’s website which is brand new, been built some months ago, we customized a wordpress blog and started with 4 blog posts a month, I have told my writer to completely forget about search engines and come up with amazing posts which are written for people, humans which are finding the products which our customer is selling – We have published 4 blog posts in that first month i.e. January 2016 – These articles included below

1. Unique description of the product, why buy, features, how their products differ

2. The price and the warrantees and guarantees

3. After sale service

4. Reviews (from the existing customers which were using their products)

A month after this brandnew website have been ranking on page first, we have seen this website appearing on page 9 on and then the next post has made it appear on page 6, we have attract over 1000 +1s, over 4000 likes and over 500 retweets and over 93 Pins

That was it, we only had 30 backlinks and it was really hard to rank for that search term in matter of just few weeks, tell you honestly, we have targeted long tail keywords and ranked this “competitive keyword” or in other words I am saying, we have used few variants for that keyword to rank the main keyword :)

In my personal opinion, social signals have started to help rank website in a different way and that too in a real time, now you can see websites rank in a day, if social buzz is there for a specific product or service or if there are loads of +1s, hundreds and thousands of retweets or thousands of likes and pins

So what you should do?

Do you have a social media strategy in place at all?

If not, build your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and so on. Having these branding pages is just not enough; you have to ensure you have a beautiful page where people would like to link too, follow, like, retweets and then you have to work on your social media marketing strategy in order to publish useful information, news, rumors even, product features, comparisons, how to tutorials, audios, videos, images, in order to attract world’s attention towards you

I cannot do it because I am so busy?

Well, if you cannot do it, then there are thousands of social media marketing experts which can do a good job, most social media agencies charge you on hourly basis and the wage for a social media marketing expert start from £10 onward – depending on their experience, expertise, and knowledge of social media and how to build buzz online

What is the impact of social media on my business?

Social media platform gives you the same opportunity as the display adverts, banner ads, plus more than what you can get from banner or text ads as your words, buzz or your comments and posts can be seen by millions and that too for free – So you are actually targeting zillions people around the world for free

Why I think .edu and .gov links carry less value than a loud good social buzz?

We built .edu link for the same brand I was talking about above and have seen its performance and the impact on search engine rankings, traffic, number of sales made out of it and the ROI, honestly speaking it has increased the rank of that “keyword from #49 to #41 which is great for a new .edu do follow website (link from .edu blog), then I linked our website from a “do follow .gov website” and there was nearly the same kind of impact, but the post which has been submitted to Google+ and twitter and Facebook has had much loud buzz and it has moved the rank from #49 to #7

In my own opinion, Google has started to measure the buzz and author’s buzz which is impacting your search engine rankings and that too really quick, say your post has picked a buzz an hour before, an hour later your website was seen ranking on a completely great positions

In order to prove this, we picked 20 websites and measured their success was being backed by social media presence and the buzz there

If your website is still not ranking on Google’s first page, then you need to build a good social media strategy being backed by good content and good valued backlinks, that is your way to smart seo and digital marketing

If your website has been hurt by any Google update, bad seo practices and suspicious backlinks profile, stay in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you free search engine optimisation and social media marketing strategy consultancy in order to help you find your way to website rankings on Google

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If you wish to stay in contact and require a service, support or just advice or opinion, simply get in touch with us!

SEO Companies in UK and their contribution in local businesses success

This Christmas and New Year have been very quiet for businesses in the UK, however there are some great seo companies which are helping businesses grow and get them found when your potential customers are finding you on the web and search engines

Looking at the contribution made by SEO Companies, a recent survey shows that Sainsburys, Tesco, Iceland and even Lidl, Premier Inn, Nandos and other massive UK based companies are highly investing on SEO than just display adverts

Whereas looking at the total investments made by small businesses on seo are fairly nothing, it is understandable that they are hard to compete with companies like Lidl, Tesco and Iceland but competing in their local market and local area is fairly much cheaper than most businesses think

SEO is not a very costly venture if you are doing it properly and there are chances your business will be picked up if you are doing an ethical search engine optimisation or optimising your website with latest web and search engines trends in mind

I am told that some search engine optimisation companies in UK are quoting prices that are unbelievable but there are number of some great seo folks out there that charge a reasonable price in order to give your business an online identity and build brand awareness that your business deserves

The best thing you can do is to contact quite a few companies and ask for realistic price quote and what they can do, ask for the website health check, their review on your current link building profile, competitor analysis, and what they can do in the specific budget you have, ask them to email you with what they can do, deliverables from their and your end and see where it leads

Do not rush to hire a SEO Company, there are some guys out there, which take on every project in order to improve their cash flow but end up taking you no where! Be very careful when choosing your seo guys and even the seo chicks!

If you are looking for a seo consultant that is happy to tell you what needs to be done and gives you a realistic idea on what they can achieve, simply get in touch by calling on for free analysis of your website and competitors

Over all,  SEO Companies have contributed a lot in Britain’s economy but there is a lot more we guys can do to help our dear customers – So when quoting your customers, make sure you are small on prices and big on techniques, customer care and ethics!

Good Luck and have a great Sunday!

Potential Cardiff seo and web design market

There are a very few web design and seo companies in Cardiff, an old friend has started a web design and online marketing business in the heart of Cardiff some 3 years ago and I can see how good they are doing in the Cardiff and entire Wales market

Since the competition has been really low it has helped them save a lot on over-all marketing costs and as they are one of the best search engine optimisation and marketing company in Wales that provide customers with bespoke services on affordable price, this has helped them get loads of business from word of mouth

You can read my previous article on how to get a good customer review and a positive vote (Google review) when it comes to providing your customers with a bespoke customer service

On the other hand, I have had a chance to look in to the market over this weekend – I have personally travelled to Cardiff / Wales several times and I know the potential that lies ahead for web design and development agencies in there

For example, the friend I am talking about works with several Government organisations and top level firms based in UK and Europe including Prince’s trust, which is simply great looking at the company size (5 employees in total) and they have over 50 new clients every month which is simply great, is not it?

There is a great potential in Welsh market for a creative digital and social media marketing and web design in Cardiff and in my opinions locals from Cardiff / Wales should think of going ahead and doing their research on what they can do when it comes to establishing a business for their local and foreign customers

One thing which I like the most about Welsh companies and customers in general, if they are sold and you provide them good service at great prices; they are your customers for life! So never break your customer’s trust and always try your level best to provide them the best service you can!

Do you know any great seo companies?

Normally other seo companies hardly talk about other search engine optimisation service providers but like always our focus is to help small business owners get the best out of their overall spending on their seo and web design and link building campaigns

We are therefore planning to list over 3000 SEO Companies worldwide that are both ethical, provide great service, support, ROI focused approach towards any online marketing campaigns as well as great pricing structure and wicked service to offer that helps businesses grow online

We are taking our first website directory online that lists only great web designing and seo companies worldwide based on the pricing and service and support

If you are an seo service provider or know a good company that you think should be listed, simply get in touch with us

On the other hand, our seo magazine gets circulated to over 30,000 businesses UK and Europe wide, no matter where you are based, If you wish to reach your target audience in the UK and Europe and that too for free, simply give us a call today and we will analyse your website and list if needed

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The 6 Main Questions You Should Ask An SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

Search engine optimisation agencies are hired by you to provide SEO services, but how can you be sure they will deliver?

There have been many complaints by companies in the past of SEO agencies ‘over promising and not being able to deliver’.

It is on some occasions not the agency’s fault as search algorithms may change and successful tactics may no longer works, but you need to be able to trust them to overcome these issues and communicate everything so you aren’t left in the dark and out of pocket.

Here are the six main questions that will help you make the decision of whether an SEO agency is right for your company or not:

1. Can I speak to one of your current customers, in a similarly competitive sector, who has been with you for two or more years?

Many companies will have case studies and recommendations on their website, but you will find speaking with one of their customers directly will give you a better rounded and honest perspective of the agency you want to work with.

If an agency is not excited by this or doesn’t seem able to find someone willing to speak to you then I would take this to be a bad sign and start to look around at other agencies.

2. Can we meet with the entire team who will be working on our account?

Many SEO companies will outsource certain elements of the SEO work, such as link building and content writing, which can lead to a lack of quality control, especially if the content outsources overseas.

It is important to arrange an appointment with the team who would be working on your account, including those working on off page SEO such as content creating and link building, as you want to meet face to face the people responsible for your company’s online reputation.

3. Why do we have to sign up for 12 or 24 months, with no break out clause in the contract?

Because SEO can take time to implement and take effect, and SEO agency may as your to sign a long contract to ensure they have enough time to deliver the promised results.

But realistically you should see some form of positive impact, albeit maybe not the full promised results, within the first 6 months of working with the agency.

If this is not the case then their strategies are not working for you and you would most likely want out of the contract. For this reason, a good agency should have no issues in offering a mutual get out clause in the contract, knowing that they have sound strategies and are confident they can deliver.

 4. Who is the biggest SEO client you have lost in the past 12 months and why?

All SEO agencies will lose clients occasionally, but as a potential new client you want to understand what the circumstances were regarding any clients that have been lost. If the agency is honest and open with their answer, it is a good gauge of their honesty and transparency when working with clients and their confidence in their work to be able to tell you this information.

 5. Can you guarantee our SEO performance?

If an SEO agency are willing to guarantee their performance, then they are likely to over promise and under deliver. A good agency knows there are many variables that are not in the control of the client or themselves, therefore nothing is written in stone where SEO is concerned and any guarantees would not stand up.

6. What do we actually get for our monthly fee?

This question links back to meeting the team. You want to know who is doing what physical work to determine exactly where your monthly fee will be going. If you are happy that the projected outcomes of the work and the amount of work done by the agency are in line with the monthly fee, then all is well.

Is slow and steady seo and link building the way forward?

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation) and link building, there is a constant debate as to whether slow and steady or fast and furious is the best approach. As the saying famously goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

This will always be the case with SEO and link building, because this is the best way to build quality sites and links rather than sacrificing this in favour of sheer quantity. Here are just a few of the main reasons why slow and steady is the way forward for quality SEO and link building services:

Google Penalises Speed

Due to the not so ethical SEO and link building strategy used not so long ago, and unfortunately still used today, by marketers involving implementing thousands of poor quality backlinks in an attempt to speedily increase website search engine rankings, Google are now wary of speedy growth in links. And rightly so.

Due to this, it is advisable to focus on not the quantity of links but the quality, and try to increase your number of links by no more than around 5% or 10% month to month.

Your competitors may have 100,000 links and you may only have 2,000, but don’t be tempted to hurry to catch up. Chances are most of their links will not be quality anyway.

For example, if my competition on average has over 100,000 links when I only have 1000, my first instinct maybe to build links really fast and catch up. In an ideally world, that would work, but it isn’t the case with Google.

Quality over Quantity

Aiming to have a specific number of links on a website will no longer help. As mentioned before, quantity and speed are two things Google are no longer happy about and are cracking down on sites with these attributes.

Ethical link building and quality content is the way forward for SEO. It isn’t about the number of keywords or links anymore. It’s about the quality of the links built and how well written the wording on the site is, so the best aim to have is to ensure all links and content are relevant and of a high quality rather than in high quantities.

A Link a Day Keeps Google at Bay

The best advice anyone has ever given me regarding SEO and link building services? Aim to add one high quality link per day, no more, no less. This will give you a small and realistic goal to work towards, and your rankings will improve far faster than if you added 50 poor quality links in one day.

The Benefits of SEO for UK Businesses

SEO, or search engine optimisation to use its full name, is one of those buzz words among UK businesses that many people know they should be doing but don’t always fully understand why.

Although it can be a slow and steady process, SEO when done properly by SEO companies in the UK is highly beneficial to businesses, as in the digital age more and more people are turning to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in their daily life and to solve their every need. But in the age of internet marketing we are used to everything being far more instant and don’t like the idea of having to invest and wait around for marketing benefits anymore.

But maybe if we knew exactly what the benefits are of SEO services for UK business, we would understand why every business would be foolish to ignore it any longer.

 The Benefits

Global and/or Regional Perspective: By using SEO to target your audience, you can choose to be perceived by a local and/or global audience.

Traffic Targeting: By defining and using keywords which are related to your business and the products and services it offers, you can ensure you are found by the right audience. This helps increase website traffic, which can then be potentially converted into customers.

Increased Visibility: A search engine optimised website will appear higher on search engines, increasing the amount of visibility for your brand and its products and services.

High ROI (Return on Investment): SEO has the potential to bring higher return on investment than any other form of marketing for your business. If done effectively, SEO can increase your volume of sales and profit overall.

Long Term Positioning: With the use of SEO services, a website can gain a high ranked position on search engines, leading to more exposure and clicks. And although using SEO may take longer to get you there than the quick fix that is PPC (pay per click) advertising, once your website gains its position through SEO it will stay there for a long period of time.

Cost-effective: SEO for UK businesses is hailed as being one of the most cost effective methods of marketing, as once the results are achieved you have maximum exposure for your website, producing a high return on investment.

Flexibility: The keywords used, the target audiences that are reached, it is all decided and changeable by you with the help of SEO companies in the UK, which means you can tailor your campaign to your company’s needs. And should those needs change? Then the campaign can change with it.

Measurable results: One of the key benefits of SEO campaigns is the results are measurable. Meaning you can see down to the letter how well they have worked, your return on investment, and how they can be improved or changed for future.

These are just some of the main benefits that SEO services can offer businesses in the UK, the possibilities are endless. All you need is an SEO Company who can help make it happen, and the sky (or the top listings of Google) is the limit.

Funny Indian SEO Guys and girls, LOL

As you all know we are probably one of the best seo agency in UK and Europe, providing cost effective seo services and that too at the prices you can afford – We all receive spam emails or emails from email marketing companies but what happened with me is just Funny!

Yes I receive loads of emails from customers, friends, colleagues and even loved ones on daily basis – I do not mind receiving an email from someone offering me a “seo outsourcing service” – I might not outsource but I will still look in to it if their “offer” is any good – Why not :)

I receive over 200 emails from so called “seo companies in India” on daily basis – which are providing seo services to over 10,000 customers worldwide – Fair enough, why not! But what the H3ll, Are you even serious? :-/

I should have blocked their email addresses but then we should have missed this funny story

I have been continually receiving these funny emails from seo called “seo specialists” in India which had built over 10,000 links in last month alone, they have ranked “Google” on #1 for Keyword “” – I was so annoyed months later that I planned to look in to it.

I was thinking of going to Wales and spend my last Saturday and Sunday but then again, I have changed my plan and stayed in London to look in to it.

What I found was amazing.

This “individual” has over 300 domains registered, same content on all those 300 websites, and what they do is even send the same email to everyone from different email addresses, Bl00dy H3ll!

That is not just all, if you delete their emails they or their software sends you exactly the same email again in the next minute, If you have deleted this email 6 times, You receive exactly the same email 6 times, (lol) – Why the heck you have to do it? I would be hardly sold for your “seo” if I keep receiving your emails (same subject, same content, same name in the footer, same phone, email and so on).

Plus the seo packages they were offering me for 50$ a month: (No contract – good deal, ayy?)

5000 directories submission (Duplicate content issues – maybe not?)

3000 social bookmarking submission – Promise? LOL

1000 classified ads submission – Ok, Sounds good, Featured Listings please?

3,000 emails sent to prospective customers worldwide (serious?)

Wait – That is not all… LOL

20 (PR10 backlinks)

200 PR1 to PR8 backlinks

100 documents sharing (Duplicate content) – I do not know!

30000 Twitter Real Followers

30,000 Facebook Likes

And loads of other crap for as little as $50? I am seriously sold. Are you?

I was just wondering if other seo, web design and link building companies from UK have been receiving emails at all from these so called “SEO Specialists”?

I promise to host your story on here :-)