Social Media Buzz – Future of smart seo, internet marketing and Google Rankings!

Enough with the backlinks abuse, swapping, reciprocal, blog commenting, poorly written articles and press releases, forums and blog media links, documents sharing, fake Google reviews and so on.

If you are next time searching something and you do not see a website that was ranking a few hours ago on #1 and cannot be seen on the first page, then it is definitely not a Google update

Google has introduced backlinks in order to count a page authority a long time ago, the more quality websites link to you are the number of votes your website gets, which help your website raise its rank, website traffic and possibly more sales, ROI and profits increase

However years after years we have seen websites ranking which were doing the good work and publishing useful content in order to earn backlinks:

What is a good link?

A good link has several aspects, a high page rank website with quality content, domain with age history, good link building profile, good traffic as well as dmoz presence – However a .edu and .gov link carry more value or a link from a high traffic blog or a review which was written by another blogger because they have just liked your website and/or blog

How do you earn backlinks?

If you are looking forward to earn good backlinks and win Google and other search engine’s trust in your backlinks profile, then you need to work on your website graphics, its development and especially on your website content and what it has to offer, ever wondered why Wikipedia ranks for every search term (well most search terms), because they answer the questions you ask from search engines, authentic information within you research via a single click – If you want to earn quality backlinks then you have to provide your website visitors with quality and reliable information and if you do so, you may attract loads of quality backlinks via blogging, social media etcetera – It is worth more to spend your money by hiring a professional and intelligent seo copywriter than asking someone else to build backlinks – A good blogger that has a high traffic blog can do the good job too or someone with passion for writing – A short note on how you can win backlinks is to engage your customers and provide them with all the information they are after

Do backlinks still count?

Yes, they do and will for a long time

How I can build backlinks on my own?

If you wish to build backlinks on your own, the best thing to do is to have to have a blog on your website and write useful information about your products or services, provide customers with more information with why your product or service differ or write how to articles, think like a customer and think about what searchers are finding (doing keyword research prior to writing your blog post can be very useful), go for long tail search terms for a start and write your blog in order to help your visitors not to rank – There are several other ways to build quality backlinks as we discussed earlier, however a good social media strategy can always help you win much more backlinks and it is so easy that anyone can do it with basic knowledge

Do backlinks have impact on search engine rankings?

Yes, they do! If you get quality backlinks(s), it is counted as a vote and it has a direct impact on your search engine rankings, however you cannot rank on a competitive keyword with just a single link (in some cases you can), when Google or other search engines print search against your search term, their automated system crawls the entire data in their range and then short-list websites with good votes, content and number of backlinks (you are exactly in competition with those which are ranking higher than yours, so you have to exactly know how many votes or backlinks they have for that “search term” and then you have to increase the number of votes/backlinks in order to raise your rank higher than your competitors

How I can find if my backlinks are of quality?

Very good question – You can always analyze your backlinks, SEOMoz, Aherf and there are several other link analysis tools including Google webmaster tools where you can check a website, blog, directory or the site you want to get the link from prior to linking – You can also analyse your website backlinks and get any suspicious backlinks removed using (Google disavow backlinks removal tool) – This helps you remove any bad websites that are linking to your website and are giving your backlinks profile a suspicious profile

After Google’s January 2016 and February update – I can clearly see what the future holds for seo.

I have short-listed 20 top ranked websites for a specific search term – and then have written down the values for good backlinks, quality content, web page graphics, development and all other seo and backlinks and voting aspects and what I have found was just “amazing” and I want to pass this on to you guys so you know what you need to do in order to do it earlier than your competitors

I have seen websites rankings being increased and decreased in real time and that too on daily basis, then I have short listed those websites which moved from page 2 to page one and then from page one to top of the page, which was just amazing to see, I was so curious to know about the votes and backlinks that I have gone a mile ahead to find out what was going on – and what I have found was simple yet attractive, want to know what was helping websites ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Miva and even Baidu and Yandex search engines?

Social Signals, votes and reviews:

Social signals, votes and reviews are the future, which give your brand a boost.

Do not just go for my words?

I am not just saying it or just assuming like everyone else, I did below to find how it affects one of our customer’s website which is brand new, been built some months ago, we customized a wordpress blog and started with 4 blog posts a month, I have told my writer to completely forget about search engines and come up with amazing posts which are written for people, humans which are finding the products which our customer is selling – We have published 4 blog posts in that first month i.e. January 2016 – These articles included below

1. Unique description of the product, why buy, features, how their products differ

2. The price and the warrantees and guarantees

3. After sale service

4. Reviews (from the existing customers which were using their products)

A month after this brandnew website have been ranking on page first, we have seen this website appearing on page 9 on and then the next post has made it appear on page 6, we have attract over 1000 +1s, over 4000 likes and over 500 retweets and over 93 Pins

That was it, we only had 30 backlinks and it was really hard to rank for that search term in matter of just few weeks, tell you honestly, we have targeted long tail keywords and ranked this “competitive keyword” or in other words I am saying, we have used few variants for that keyword to rank the main keyword :)

In my personal opinion, social signals have started to help rank website in a different way and that too in a real time, now you can see websites rank in a day, if social buzz is there for a specific product or service or if there are loads of +1s, hundreds and thousands of retweets or thousands of likes and pins

So what you should do?

Do you have a social media strategy in place at all?

If not, build your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and so on. Having these branding pages is just not enough; you have to ensure you have a beautiful page where people would like to link too, follow, like, retweets and then you have to work on your social media marketing strategy in order to publish useful information, news, rumors even, product features, comparisons, how to tutorials, audios, videos, images, in order to attract world’s attention towards you

I cannot do it because I am so busy?

Well, if you cannot do it, then there are thousands of social media marketing experts which can do a good job, most social media agencies charge you on hourly basis and the wage for a social media marketing expert start from £10 onward – depending on their experience, expertise, and knowledge of social media and how to build buzz online

What is the impact of social media on my business?

Social media platform gives you the same opportunity as the display adverts, banner ads, plus more than what you can get from banner or text ads as your words, buzz or your comments and posts can be seen by millions and that too for free – So you are actually targeting zillions people around the world for free

Why I think .edu and .gov links carry less value than a loud good social buzz?

We built .edu link for the same brand I was talking about above and have seen its performance and the impact on search engine rankings, traffic, number of sales made out of it and the ROI, honestly speaking it has increased the rank of that “keyword from #49 to #41 which is great for a new .edu do follow website (link from .edu blog), then I linked our website from a “do follow .gov website” and there was nearly the same kind of impact, but the post which has been submitted to Google+ and twitter and Facebook has had much loud buzz and it has moved the rank from #49 to #7

In my own opinion, Google has started to measure the buzz and author’s buzz which is impacting your search engine rankings and that too really quick, say your post has picked a buzz an hour before, an hour later your website was seen ranking on a completely great positions

In order to prove this, we picked 20 websites and measured their success was being backed by social media presence and the buzz there

If your website is still not ranking on Google’s first page, then you need to build a good social media strategy being backed by good content and good valued backlinks, that is your way to smart seo and digital marketing

If your website has been hurt by any Google update, bad seo practices and suspicious backlinks profile, stay in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you free search engine optimisation and social media marketing strategy consultancy in order to help you find your way to website rankings on Google

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Why I consider spending my lifetime in SEO Business?

I have loved challenges since I was young. And I have found SEO a very challenging business (Especially when you plan to help your customers get website traffic and page rank increase, Results and ROI Driven search engine optimisation and that too on very minimal costs)

I am speaking of those old days back in 2000 whilst I had a P2 computer with a massive monitor. I used to promote businesses with very little knowledge but I must say I have done well as the ROI was massive back in those days.

But I had my day job too which I loved as well (working in textiles), SEO back in 2000 and 2001 in general was a part time thing, I loved it, I learnt a lot about titles, meta tags and keywords and how to place useful listings online in order to achieve business excellence and success online

I have been very busy in life, but SEO was what I have been doing on daily basis. I used to place ads to sell my used items too and I sold things nationwide, I have been working with several European textile companies back then in order to improve their textile machinery sales in Asian and Middle Eastern region and they all said I have done a great job.

This has then somehow helped me look in to it even deeper and then I was planning to start my career as a full time Internet Marketing Agency that delivers! I delivered and I still do

But I must admit, I have never sold a product or a service in a dodgy way, saying something else, selling something different. I think it was great, I never wanted to be an overnight billionaire and this is still the case. If all bills are paid on time, I am more than a happy man and especially when you live in a city like London and a country like United Kingdom (I have lived in Switzerland too – But UK is literally very expensive place to live)

Anyhow, in my seo business, I have worked over 3000 customers and agencies from all over the world. There was a single thing we cared “Be Honest” – We were one of the honest search engine optimisation company that has been honest with their customers, agencies we were/are working with and our employees and perhaps this is the case all European and UK Companies loved to work with us and still do

SEO Business brings many challenges, be it page rank increase, traffic increase, Results and ROI, and I love doing it on daily basis. SEO will be alive at all times. And if you are an honest man and woman, you can earn a good living out of SEO business if you do good work, remain consistent and be honest!

Unlike many other SEO Companies which talk about being in SEO Business for over 36 years. I have been only doing it since 2001 (as a matter of fact). I love to talk to range of people from all around the world which call me to seek advice, if they have a question or if they like a price quote for the seo services and web design they require, did I tell you, we build very user friendly and search engine optimised Ecommerce (online shopping carts) and CMS (Content management systems websites which do great business

And oh, we deliver authority backlinks as well. We are a full seo services and web design agency in London that believes in better that believes in helping their customers than just ripping them off, we were and would be the same trustworthy SEO Company you believed and still do

And we will keep delivering Top Google Results (Search engine rankings) we always did!

If you have a question, suggestion or require a quote I would love to hear from you

Calling from UK for Free Consultancy, please call on: 07375 320305

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Creative search engine marketing evolving rapidly

SEO (search engine optimization) is a source by which your business with company web can draw the attention of SE crawlers to get your website listed in the top of search engine results.

If you want to draw new customers or boost your sales you need to employ effective strategies for landing on the first ten pages of SE listings. For creative SE marketing, following things are playing very important role.

Creativity is the main thing

Creative SE marketing is the new frontier, which is evolving rapidly. It is therefore, as a business person, you need to change your search engine marketing strategies to meet the new trends of the industry.

Social media forums are great creative SE marketing opportunities, which can boost your company search engine marketing campaigns significantly.

These sites allow you to post useful and relevant content every moment, for your prospects to view. These sites allow website browsers to click on the website of your company directly.

In a result, your web activity level gets increased and you see a corresponding increase in result ranking on big search engines such as  Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.

Quality Content

The standard off-site articles or blogs with relevant keywords and on-site pages are very effective for creative, search engine marketing strategies.

But remember only quality content articles laced with well-researched and limited keywords will bring web brewers and get their attention. They will encourage repeat visits and client conversions.

Google places

As, Internet is leading the world of advertisement, people are struggling hard to get web on big search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. In which Google page ranking is very important that shows searchers that your web is trusted and reliable.

Things such as Google places can help you to get the name of your business out there due to the ease it takes for reaching of your business displayed location. These Google places let you place information like, site URL, Addresses, phone numbers, and city and state zip codes.

These places also allow your customers to place your business reviews for the net to see. But you should be cautious here, because review ability can be useful and harmful sometimes. Google places do not weed out bogus review and delete them. Therefore, you should be cautious of competitors potentially placing bogus one star review.


Since, billion of people, products, services, and businesses related searches, are done by search engines. Therefore, you need to employ creative search engine marketing strategies effectively. Many search engine marketing companies can help you in this connection.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a UK, London based SEO Company specialising in offsite and onsite seo services, user and search engine friendly web designing and development, backlinks and content creation in order to help you get top search engine rankings, profit and roi.

Opt in list

Ignore this and you’ll be damned! The opt-in-list is one of the most effective tools to use if you are hoping to build a loyal group of subscribers leading to an exponential growth in traffic to your website.  In the current cut throat playing field, to remain competitive you have got to have a wide clientele base and maintain them by keeping them interested in your website through up-to-date and regular periodicals.

You can go further and include free auto-responders on your website to help communicate to your readers on matters that are dear to them, matters that concern them and offer solutions to their problems or at least attempt to.  Examples would include matters touching on health, well-being, home improvements, how-to, among others.

You should be positioned in such a way that your visitors believe in you and always look to you for solutions and new information.

To build an Opt-in-list:

• Have subscription forms appended on your periodicals across the website.  The periodicals should be of articles that would capture your audience, should present information that are frequently searched for and are of high caliber.  To build on this, engage other professional writers who can produce good articles that endear avid readers to your website noting to include these writers in your list as well.  Don’t shy away from seeking the help of the professionals; they are there to help you out.

• You can also attract subscribers by giving away popular incentives which can include publications of valuable information that would interest your target group in PDF format, specific oriented materials that detail information on the particular subject or develop software programs that simplify the search for your visitors.  You can also request your visitors to invite their friends and family in return for something else such as free subscription to magazines.

• Use of the ‘annoying’ pop-ups!  How many times have you tried circumventing a site to avoid these pop-ups?  I know I have, I not only find them annoying but also time consuming.  However, there are occasions I have appreciated having them there because even though unsolicited I end up being directed to a highly informative website when my bid to swat them aside failed.  Add them on and you may be increasing traffic to your site by nudging on even the unwilling souls who silently thank you when they get a new link they readily bookmark.

If you are worried about your website traffic, page rank, and ROI, you should speak to an SEO Company soon in order to know what they can do in order to help you get organic website traffic, rankings and of course ROI.