Social Media Buzz – Future of smart seo, internet marketing and Google Rankings!

Enough with the backlinks abuse, swapping, reciprocal, blog commenting, poorly written articles and press releases, forums and blog media links, documents sharing, fake Google reviews and so on.

If you are next time searching something and you do not see a website that was ranking a few hours ago on #1 and cannot be seen on the first page, then it is definitely not a Google update

Google has introduced backlinks in order to count a page authority a long time ago, the more quality websites link to you are the number of votes your website gets, which help your website raise its rank, website traffic and possibly more sales, ROI and profits increase

However years after years we have seen websites ranking which were doing the good work and publishing useful content in order to earn backlinks:

What is a good link?

A good link has several aspects, a high page rank website with quality content, domain with age history, good link building profile, good traffic as well as dmoz presence – However a .edu and .gov link carry more value or a link from a high traffic blog or a review which was written by another blogger because they have just liked your website and/or blog

How do you earn backlinks?

If you are looking forward to earn good backlinks and win Google and other search engine’s trust in your backlinks profile, then you need to work on your website graphics, its development and especially on your website content and what it has to offer, ever wondered why Wikipedia ranks for every search term (well most search terms), because they answer the questions you ask from search engines, authentic information within you research via a single click – If you want to earn quality backlinks then you have to provide your website visitors with quality and reliable information and if you do so, you may attract loads of quality backlinks via blogging, social media etcetera – It is worth more to spend your money by hiring a professional and intelligent seo copywriter than asking someone else to build backlinks – A good blogger that has a high traffic blog can do the good job too or someone with passion for writing – A short note on how you can win backlinks is to engage your customers and provide them with all the information they are after

Do backlinks still count?

Yes, they do and will for a long time

How I can build backlinks on my own?

If you wish to build backlinks on your own, the best thing to do is to have to have a blog on your website and write useful information about your products or services, provide customers with more information with why your product or service differ or write how to articles, think like a customer and think about what searchers are finding (doing keyword research prior to writing your blog post can be very useful), go for long tail search terms for a start and write your blog in order to help your visitors not to rank – There are several other ways to build quality backlinks as we discussed earlier, however a good social media strategy can always help you win much more backlinks and it is so easy that anyone can do it with basic knowledge

Do backlinks have impact on search engine rankings?

Yes, they do! If you get quality backlinks(s), it is counted as a vote and it has a direct impact on your search engine rankings, however you cannot rank on a competitive keyword with just a single link (in some cases you can), when Google or other search engines print search against your search term, their automated system crawls the entire data in their range and then short-list websites with good votes, content and number of backlinks (you are exactly in competition with those which are ranking higher than yours, so you have to exactly know how many votes or backlinks they have for that “search term” and then you have to increase the number of votes/backlinks in order to raise your rank higher than your competitors

How I can find if my backlinks are of quality?

Very good question – You can always analyze your backlinks, SEOMoz, Aherf and there are several other link analysis tools including Google webmaster tools where you can check a website, blog, directory or the site you want to get the link from prior to linking – You can also analyse your website backlinks and get any suspicious backlinks removed using (Google disavow backlinks removal tool) – This helps you remove any bad websites that are linking to your website and are giving your backlinks profile a suspicious profile

After Google’s January 2016 and February update – I can clearly see what the future holds for seo.

I have short-listed 20 top ranked websites for a specific search term – and then have written down the values for good backlinks, quality content, web page graphics, development and all other seo and backlinks and voting aspects and what I have found was just “amazing” and I want to pass this on to you guys so you know what you need to do in order to do it earlier than your competitors

I have seen websites rankings being increased and decreased in real time and that too on daily basis, then I have short listed those websites which moved from page 2 to page one and then from page one to top of the page, which was just amazing to see, I was so curious to know about the votes and backlinks that I have gone a mile ahead to find out what was going on – and what I have found was simple yet attractive, want to know what was helping websites ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Miva and even Baidu and Yandex search engines?

Social Signals, votes and reviews:

Social signals, votes and reviews are the future, which give your brand a boost.

Do not just go for my words?

I am not just saying it or just assuming like everyone else, I did below to find how it affects one of our customer’s website which is brand new, been built some months ago, we customized a wordpress blog and started with 4 blog posts a month, I have told my writer to completely forget about search engines and come up with amazing posts which are written for people, humans which are finding the products which our customer is selling – We have published 4 blog posts in that first month i.e. January 2016 – These articles included below

1. Unique description of the product, why buy, features, how their products differ

2. The price and the warrantees and guarantees

3. After sale service

4. Reviews (from the existing customers which were using their products)

A month after this brandnew website have been ranking on page first, we have seen this website appearing on page 9 on and then the next post has made it appear on page 6, we have attract over 1000 +1s, over 4000 likes and over 500 retweets and over 93 Pins

That was it, we only had 30 backlinks and it was really hard to rank for that search term in matter of just few weeks, tell you honestly, we have targeted long tail keywords and ranked this “competitive keyword” or in other words I am saying, we have used few variants for that keyword to rank the main keyword :)

In my personal opinion, social signals have started to help rank website in a different way and that too in a real time, now you can see websites rank in a day, if social buzz is there for a specific product or service or if there are loads of +1s, hundreds and thousands of retweets or thousands of likes and pins

So what you should do?

Do you have a social media strategy in place at all?

If not, build your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and so on. Having these branding pages is just not enough; you have to ensure you have a beautiful page where people would like to link too, follow, like, retweets and then you have to work on your social media marketing strategy in order to publish useful information, news, rumors even, product features, comparisons, how to tutorials, audios, videos, images, in order to attract world’s attention towards you

I cannot do it because I am so busy?

Well, if you cannot do it, then there are thousands of social media marketing experts which can do a good job, most social media agencies charge you on hourly basis and the wage for a social media marketing expert start from £10 onward – depending on their experience, expertise, and knowledge of social media and how to build buzz online

What is the impact of social media on my business?

Social media platform gives you the same opportunity as the display adverts, banner ads, plus more than what you can get from banner or text ads as your words, buzz or your comments and posts can be seen by millions and that too for free – So you are actually targeting zillions people around the world for free

Why I think .edu and .gov links carry less value than a loud good social buzz?

We built .edu link for the same brand I was talking about above and have seen its performance and the impact on search engine rankings, traffic, number of sales made out of it and the ROI, honestly speaking it has increased the rank of that “keyword from #49 to #41 which is great for a new .edu do follow website (link from .edu blog), then I linked our website from a “do follow .gov website” and there was nearly the same kind of impact, but the post which has been submitted to Google+ and twitter and Facebook has had much loud buzz and it has moved the rank from #49 to #7

In my own opinion, Google has started to measure the buzz and author’s buzz which is impacting your search engine rankings and that too really quick, say your post has picked a buzz an hour before, an hour later your website was seen ranking on a completely great positions

In order to prove this, we picked 20 websites and measured their success was being backed by social media presence and the buzz there

If your website is still not ranking on Google’s first page, then you need to build a good social media strategy being backed by good content and good valued backlinks, that is your way to smart seo and digital marketing

If your website has been hurt by any Google update, bad seo practices and suspicious backlinks profile, stay in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you free search engine optimisation and social media marketing strategy consultancy in order to help you find your way to website rankings on Google

Learn how to rank No. 1 on Google for free





If you wish to stay in contact and require a service, support or just advice or opinion, simply get in touch with us!

Content Marketing is the New Face of Online Marketing for 2016

Content has always played a part in web marketing strategies, but 2016 is set to be the year that content rules, with search engines changing the weight they put on content and quality when it comes to search engine page rankings (SEPRs).

Now online marketing agencies are scrambling to find quality content writers to handle the growing need for high quality content to feed content led marketing strategies this year.

The main reason for the large shift in the value of content as part SEO and online marketing tactics comes down the changes made by Google in the last year.

Its Penguin update, launched in April of 2015, saw many websites’ SEPRs suffer due to a lack of quality back links from pages and websites containing quality content, as well as a lack of well written and relevant content on their own website.

Google decided to make the change after link building, a tactic that came about in the late 1990s after the search engine announced its plans to use links as votes for the credibility of sites and base rankings partly on this factor, gained a bad name due to the amount of online marketing consultants misunderstanding and abusing the original concept.

Marketers would pay sites that were created simply for the purpose of content creation to post low quality and over optimised content full of links.

This led to link building becoming about the sheer quantity of links rather than the quality of the websites and their content, making search results and user experience suffer.

Google are now cracking down on what has been deemed ‘black hat SEO’ or ‘bad link building’ by assessing the quality of the content and website the link is placed on, and favouring sites that use slow and steady link building tactics in conjunction with other online marketing and SEO tactics.

So, the best way to keep a good reputation and high SEPRs with search engines in 2016?

Enlist the help of web marketing professionals and content writers, create high quality content that is written for the reader, not for the search engine, and ensure you are guest blogging and sending content to reputable sites where your content will be relevant and bring something worthwhile to the site.

Do your research before submitting content to sites, as having links and content posted on sites with a bad reputation could harm yours. And enjoy it while it lasts, as content marketing may be hot in 2016, but search engines are constantly changing so keeping up is crucial for your online marketing success.

Why you should keep an eye on your seo and backlinks on at least weekly basis?

I hardly check our Google rankings, at least I do not and there are number of reasons including “I do not have time” but this is not an excuse, I should check rankings of our own website and see where it ranks.

But I have been so busy in customer’s website optimisation that I hardly had a chance to look in to it

I have been previously blogging about Google Update January 2016 and have uploaded few videos about what an seo consultant can do and 12 key questions to ask your seo consultant but other than just that I have been hardly blogging and was looking in to different ways to repair search engine rankings and online brand reputation of those companies that have been affected by Google Update recently made live by Google (Call it refresh or whatever you call it but it was one of the most important update made by Google in the last 10 years

Anyhow, whilst checking for ranking for one of our keyword “link building” which was previously on page number 1 and #3 to be very precise on and also “seo” which was previously #8 on I have found these keywords below 5th page, I should have thought about the Google 2016 update and its effects on us but rather than blaming Google I looked in to what happened “from the date when the rankings were there and when the rankings were not there” and what I found was just amazing!

Someone has placed over 10 links on some gambling and porn sites and I have found our home page linking to it, which was just great? But why someone would do it?

I have been able to find out when the domain have been placed/linked there, with what anchor texts and if you look in to what I have been looking, it is pretty simple to find that Google should have considered it as a paid link or a link that is not relevant which had affected our website rankings, which I find fair

But I do not blame Google for what they do, I have never done that, I understand how good they are and as they are helping those which do good work and the rest we get free (I am often said someone that just praise a lot when it comes to Google but I am just realistic).

Anyhow, I am looking in to these backlinks and I have sent an email to the webmaster requesting the link removal to be done as soon as possible and I have been told, It would not happen as the domain is live (expires)

Okay! I have chatted with that guy on Skype (I was able to find their phone number, address in India, as well as the name in Skype profile and I was told, someone has paid this guy.

I am not leaving this matter and I plan to look in to it, I am using Google tool to remove these links of no value (disavow link tool), but at the same time, I am involving law firm and police and also reporting this to Google.

I am aware of the fact that we would get our rankings where they were as the good work pays, but I am going to find out the person that has asked this guy to place our links on those sites, looks like fun? Yes it is

I will keep you guys posted about it soon, I am planning to go on holidays soon and before I go on holidays I am meeting a content writer in Leeds and I might go to Wales/Cardiff to see a transportation customer, the weekend seems to be really busy but let’s see how it goes

I will be next blogging about Google disavow link tool which you can use via webmaster tools, the real benefits of this link removal tool for small and large businesses, it is a really effective tool which makes webmasters and brands safe from bad link building strategy as well as bad seo practises, I will be also writing about bad links and good links discovery as well as you can learn a lot when it comes to search engine optimisation by leading brands and by looking at their seo and link building strategies and what they are doing. Too Hard? Not, its very easy!

How to win Google’s trust in your link building profile

Google’s latest Penguin update means many changes are needed to be made to way we gain the trust of the search engine.

Not only do we need to ensure that we are partaking in quality link building but we must now also be wary of the rate at which we increase our links and the reputation of the publications and authors publishing our links.

Quality Not Quantity

No longer does the quantity of links, regardless of quality, that you have on your site and linking back to your site have an advantageous effect on your search engine page rankings.

In fact, it has quite the opposite, as Google are now cracking down on sites with too many poor quality back links and links on their site, penalising and punishing as they go.

So one way to ensure you earn Google’s trust is to ensure all links on your site and all backlinks on other sites are high quality.

More Haste, Less Speed

No longer is doubling and tripling the number of links you have and trying to keep up with competitors numbers an issue for websites. Google are now looking out for those who are building links at a realistic rate, and whose links are high quality.

Those who are increasing the number of links at a ridiculous rate will sooner or later get caught out by Google, and in the end slow and steady will always win the race and Google’s trust where SEO and link building is concerned.

Appeal to Google’s Human Side

AuthorRank is being referred to as Google’s human side, as it is a system designed and integrated by Google as a way to consider more than the cold hard statistics when it comes to search.

Anyone can write babble and stick in relevant key words in any subject field that is why Google wanted to find a way to separate the nonsense from the credible information.

The best way they could find to do this was to develop a system that would take into consideration the author/publication by which the content was posted, and how many followers they have on social networks, how much and how often content is shared, the amount of acknowledgement they get (in terms of social signs such as Likes, +1s, ReTweets, reblogs, etc.) and how people react to their content.

The best way to make use of AuthorRank is to have a Google+ profile, and ensure you are posting quality content to there and other linked social sites regularly.

Good Link Building Vs Bad links, The Pros and Cons of Link Building

The most important factor in any search algorithms’ deciding process was originally thought to be the amount of backlinks a site had, causing webmasters to spend the best part of a decade gaining as many as possible, not really considering where they were coming from.

But it brought about questionable results, as it turned out when Google introduced the idea of back links in 1998, what they had in mind was backlinks stemming from high quality sites.

However people tried to exploit the system by creating entire websites with content published simply for the links it contained, with no real purpose or quality, and thus corrupting the original idea of backlink creation.

Google have now began to crack down on this however, so it’s time to start investing in some good backlinks and how to beat the bad.

The Pros of Link Building Services

Back links are still one of the most important factors in Google’s judgement process and although you may still be up against thousands of bad backlinks still out there, Google is cracking down fast and investing in good link building now will help you get a better foothold for the future.

Using a link building agency is the best way to ensure you do things properly and avoid getting punished by Google. It will also ensure that your links are quality rather than in large quantities, and are in keeping with the current Google algorithms, and when Google make changes as they often do, you know your links can keep up as the agency will know exactly what to do to keep you on top.

One or two quality, varied back links on your page is worth over 100 of the bad backlinks under Google’s new rulings, which is good for people who are serious about increasing rankings and not taking shortcuts.

The Cons of back linking

Due to Google trying to fight bad back linking it is hard not to get caught in the crossfire, as many quality links are being subjected to extreme scrutiny and are failing to stand up despite being thought to be quality.

Using back linking services such as no-follow links, used by blogs and forums to encourage discussion but without attracting spam, are unfortunately not good for SEO purposes as Google now overlooks backlinks that are not do-follow links.

Using do-follow links which are recognised by Google as backlinks, quality or not, can often attract spam. This will harm a website’s rankings if the spam comments or content is low quality, despite you not placing it there yourself.

RSS SEO and its benefits

RSS (really simple syndication) RSS files contain content of any website with links back towards that content. They contain titles of websites and general descriptions also.

They update automatically when the websites get the new articles or posts. RSS actually works like a local TV station and the network, where other networks show their ads and programs via hundreds of affiliated stations ”feeds” to reach the biggest audience across the country and the world.

As far as, the website is concerned, RSS is considered as a method of finding the content made available through others on the net, which you are permitted to place on your own websites.

And it is a way where you may offer content that you place on the web and make it accessible to others for placing their websites to get more viewers. In SEO, the best use of RSS is to create backlinks.

Benefits of RSS search engine optimisation

RSS feeds are very useful for people and webmasters. They have many benefits:

RSS source of more traffic to your site

Having RSS feeds for your website is a great method for getting more traffic to your site. For making RSS feeds work in your best favor you should only show a summary or a fragment of your post. In this way, people may make a decision whether they read it or not and come to your website to read the whole things. The same is in the video content; you do not display videos in RSS so viewers will visit your website to see the videos, which you made.

Back link off of your web

You can generate RSS feeds on different RSS websites such as Feedage or RSS Micro to generate back links to content ‘on’ or ‘off’ your website. Remember one thing it is not necessary that Google find your web because you generate the backlinks to your website because every day million of backlinks are created.

Therefore, there is no guarantee at all that Google would see them so you can create a back link to your back link off of your website through ways such as bookmarks and RSS feeds. In this way, Google will notice these links and provide you the best credit for these links.

How to distribute RSS feeds

You can distribute your RSS feeds by many ways, but the best option is, feed directories or aggregators. You may do it through two ways manually or automated software. Many content management systems providers can provide you this software.

Creative search engine marketing evolving rapidly

SEO (search engine optimization) is a source by which your business with company web can draw the attention of SE crawlers to get your website listed in the top of search engine results.

If you want to draw new customers or boost your sales you need to employ effective strategies for landing on the first ten pages of SE listings. For creative SE marketing, following things are playing very important role.

Creativity is the main thing

Creative SE marketing is the new frontier, which is evolving rapidly. It is therefore, as a business person, you need to change your search engine marketing strategies to meet the new trends of the industry.

Social media forums are great creative SE marketing opportunities, which can boost your company search engine marketing campaigns significantly.

These sites allow you to post useful and relevant content every moment, for your prospects to view. These sites allow website browsers to click on the website of your company directly.

In a result, your web activity level gets increased and you see a corresponding increase in result ranking on big search engines such as  Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.

Quality Content

The standard off-site articles or blogs with relevant keywords and on-site pages are very effective for creative, search engine marketing strategies.

But remember only quality content articles laced with well-researched and limited keywords will bring web brewers and get their attention. They will encourage repeat visits and client conversions.

Google places

As, Internet is leading the world of advertisement, people are struggling hard to get web on big search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. In which Google page ranking is very important that shows searchers that your web is trusted and reliable.

Things such as Google places can help you to get the name of your business out there due to the ease it takes for reaching of your business displayed location. These Google places let you place information like, site URL, Addresses, phone numbers, and city and state zip codes.

These places also allow your customers to place your business reviews for the net to see. But you should be cautious here, because review ability can be useful and harmful sometimes. Google places do not weed out bogus review and delete them. Therefore, you should be cautious of competitors potentially placing bogus one star review.


Since, billion of people, products, services, and businesses related searches, are done by search engines. Therefore, you need to employ creative search engine marketing strategies effectively. Many search engine marketing companies can help you in this connection.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a UK, Brighton based SEO Company specialising in offsite and onsite seo services, user and search engine friendly web designing and development, backlinks and content creation in order to help you get top search engine rankings, profit and roi.

Creative SEO services benefits and types

Creative search engine optimisation services play a fundamental role to promote your business, web, blog, online store and forum. Without proper creative SEO services, you cannot capture your target visitors and increase your sales.

Creative SEO services include creative methods and technique that are used to drive your website pages toward the top SE results pages.

Once your web pages show in the first ten pages of Google, then you get a lot of organic traffic from Google and more traffic means more sales. Creative SEO services have many benefits and types that I shall discuss in this article.

Benefits of creative SEO services

As things have changed and become harder to gain the search engines attention and emerge on the SE first page results, SEO services have become creative. Today, the word “creative” is gaining many buzz, because creativity is needed to meet the strict rules that are being pushed rapidly by Google and other search engines.

Many businesses take the help of creative SEO services for getting advantages over their competitors. These services enable your web to compete other websites. Website promotion is very important for your online business.

The majority of Internet surfer use search engine, for getting information and they only see the first search engine results page. That’s why it is important for your website to rank on the SE first page.

These creative SEO services create search engine friendly and coherent web for you that pages are navigable, easily. These services manipulate the latest creative search engine optimisation techniques and enhance your business online presence.

Types of creative SEO services

Creative SEO services are vital for making your web more visible to target audience online. Here are some services being, presenting:

Analysis: By careful analysis service you may find out which techniques your niche competitors are using for driving their search engine optimisation efforts for specific keywords, and then you can start planning to get above them in the race.

Content: optimised creative content is important for high rankings. Creation of unique and original content for web with particular forum posting and discussion may give your web the exposure in front of targeted customers.

By this content service you can incorporate important and relevant keywords or search words in the accurate places. On-page: On-page creative SEO service makes sure that the content on the website are fine tuned. This service, also includes useful tip, keywords changing, titles, descriptions, header tags, anchor tags and links.

Off-page: Off-page creative SEO service involves the utilisation of theme, for linking the content on the website. This service, ensures that used links are qualified.

Backlinks: These links are from the other sites, which, direct back to your website. It is an important creative SEO service for getting higher rankings.


If you get benefit of creative SEO services on your web with rewarding and entertaining content, then you can swiftly get the top position of different SE and have huge traffic.

Draw Pictures Ltd are UK, Brighton based Search Engine Optimisation Company specialising in on and offsite seo, content creation and user and search engine friendly web designing and development, all at affordable prices for your business.

Link building services essential particularly for new websites

If you are a serious search engine marketer then the use of these link services is necessary for you, because there is no substitute for you, in tough search engine marketing climate. You cannot achieve higher rankings in any search engine, and a large amount of money or success without these services.

They locate profitable and safe link partners for you. They also locate more partners; maintain links in order to see, they keep an eye on other link partners may remove your backlinks without any prior notice.

They also check that your links do not violate the terms of Google. These link building services manage this whole process and make you able to concentrate on your business and enhance returns on investment.

Link building services for new website

Generate and maximise flows

If you have built a new website then link building services could help you to boost your search engine traffic and create a great business identity online.

Everyone wants to obtain the maximum visitors to a newly built website to get optimum publicity. These services allow the visitors to find what they’re looking for.

When you launch your new website, there are no viewers or visitors at all. You need to attract some visitors to your website. But how? You can achieve this purpose easily with the assistance of link building consultants or companies doing link building.

When these services get indexed your website with the famous search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., then you see flows of visitors to your newly built website. They also help you, maximise this flow.

Link your website with other sites

If you, ever overused or misused link building, be cautious again because, almost, all the famous search engines are capable to recognise it. Your link building accurately works when it is performed with due consideration.

This link building service help your site to get enormous visitors within short span of time.

They link your website with other popular websites particularly social bookmarking sites, web directories, classified ad sites, articles and press release sites, forums, blogs, link wheel, document sharing sites, rss feed sites, xml submission websites and so forth. They also submit your web links to directories to raise your page.

Raise your page

Since, your website is a sacred and precious possession for you and you always wish to see it thriving day by day and rank it high.  If visitors search any information and despite of having strong content, your website does not appear then, it’s a huge loss for your business and company. So, promotion is a key factor.

There are many ways to promote your website but the most effective and best method is, building useful links and more important creating useful content for your readers.

These services are able to remove your headache. They link your website to the host sites. When someone visits these host sites he or she will also find your web link on the host site and his or her queries force him to click your website. In this way, they raise your page and add new visitors to it.


For successful link building of your website always hire a reputed link building company that is renowned for building authority backlinks to your website.

Tips to drive huge traffic to website

Website traffic is very essential for a successful business. So, In this article, you would know how to get huge and swift traffic by following a few very easy steps.

Article marketing: Old but effective technique

Article marketing is a best method to drive huge traffic to website. Though, it is an old technique but still very effective. You just write articles and submit to article directories such as, ArticleBase, EzineArticles, Buzzle, GoArticles, and SearchWarp.

You can find top article directories by searching Article Directory List. You can also submit your site on Web 2.0  such as, HubPages, Zimbio, Squidoo and Gather.

Article marketing, becomes more powerful and effective when you publish your exclusive articles to owners of newsletters and bloggers. So, take a start to syndicate your articles, submit them to guest post and write for online newsletters.

Viral eBooks: Convert eBooks to exe file and submit online

You bundle your all the articles together and make a viral eBook. Free eBook is a best way to build traffic online. You can also build a mailing list with it. You may submit PDF eBooks to Butterfly Reports, FreeIQ, Yudu, Issuu, Calameo, DocStoc, eSnips, and Scribd.

You convert your eBook to exe file and submit it to different directories online. For converting eBooks you can also use WebsiteZip Packer software.

Blogging: Get traffic from famous Search engines

It is a great method to know your web readers. It also plays a big role to get valuable traffic from search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. You can post articles to Blogs Carnivals that are a set of blog on specific subjects.

This method provides an opportunity to share your blog on other blogs. By participating in such  blog carnivals you not only generate additional traffic, but you also get quality backlinks. For submitting articles to the blog carnival, just go to Blog Carnivals and Blog communities Publishing Magazine. Provide feedback from the chat room

It allows you to build your own television station on your website. It is a lot better than  TV. You experience live interaction, while broadcasting your video and get feedback from chat room live. It provides your business, a real human face .It is very effective, because people always like to interact with people for buying, not impersonal companies. Video Marketing: Get huge traffic from search engines

Video sites have become highly trafficked sites. A simple video may drive huge traffic to your site even. You can make video with PowerPoint presentations with audio. After creating video you can submit it, video submission sites and have traffic from different search engines.

Social bookmarking: Get links & extra traffic

Social bookmarking allows you to save and organise bookmarks to the public site, tag them with the keyword, share with other people and browse what other people have bookmarked. You may submit your blog to social bookmarking websites; it is an easy way to get links and extra traffic into your blog.

If you are too busy doing other things in business, then it is suggested that you hire ethical yet effective SEO Service in order to stay ahead on social sites and search engines.