The 6 Main Questions You Should Ask An SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

Search engine optimisation agencies are hired by you to provide SEO services, but how can you be sure they will deliver?

There have been many complaints by companies in the past of SEO agencies ‘over promising and not being able to deliver’.

It is on some occasions not the agency’s fault as search algorithms may change and successful tactics may no longer works, but you need to be able to trust them to overcome these issues and communicate everything so you aren’t left in the dark and out of pocket.

Here are the six main questions that will help you make the decision of whether an SEO agency is right for your company or not:

1. Can I speak to one of your current customers, in a similarly competitive sector, who has been with you for two or more years?

Many companies will have case studies and recommendations on their website, but you will find speaking with one of their customers directly will give you a better rounded and honest perspective of the agency you want to work with.

If an agency is not excited by this or doesn’t seem able to find someone willing to speak to you then I would take this to be a bad sign and start to look around at other agencies.

2. Can we meet with the entire team who will be working on our account?

Many SEO companies will outsource certain elements of the SEO work, such as link building and content writing, which can lead to a lack of quality control, especially if the content outsources overseas.

It is important to arrange an appointment with the team who would be working on your account, including those working on off page SEO such as content creating and link building, as you want to meet face to face the people responsible for your company’s online reputation.

3. Why do we have to sign up for 12 or 24 months, with no break out clause in the contract?

Because SEO can take time to implement and take effect, and SEO agency may as your to sign a long contract to ensure they have enough time to deliver the promised results.

But realistically you should see some form of positive impact, albeit maybe not the full promised results, within the first 6 months of working with the agency.

If this is not the case then their strategies are not working for you and you would most likely want out of the contract. For this reason, a good agency should have no issues in offering a mutual get out clause in the contract, knowing that they have sound strategies and are confident they can deliver.

 4. Who is the biggest SEO client you have lost in the past 12 months and why?

All SEO agencies will lose clients occasionally, but as a potential new client you want to understand what the circumstances were regarding any clients that have been lost. If the agency is honest and open with their answer, it is a good gauge of their honesty and transparency when working with clients and their confidence in their work to be able to tell you this information.

 5. Can you guarantee our SEO performance?

If an SEO agency are willing to guarantee their performance, then they are likely to over promise and under deliver. A good agency knows there are many variables that are not in the control of the client or themselves, therefore nothing is written in stone where SEO is concerned and any guarantees would not stand up.

6. What do we actually get for our monthly fee?

This question links back to meeting the team. You want to know who is doing what physical work to determine exactly where your monthly fee will be going. If you are happy that the projected outcomes of the work and the amount of work done by the agency are in line with the monthly fee, then all is well.

Looking for SEO Specialists? 12 Key questions to ask your seo specialist

12 key questions to ask your prospective SEO SpecialistPlease read and ask these seo questions before you hire an SEO Specialist online in order to avoid disappointment.

There are number of people on internet today which call themselves “SEO Experts” but if you literally check with how old their websites are, most domains have been registered an year or two before, then you ask yourself “Truly an SEO Expert”?

A lot has changed when it comes to seo, Google Panda and Penguin update has pushed those seo experts upside down that have been involved in unethical seo practises, the people that are still ranking on Google today should be truly called “SEO Specialists” but not the one’s which can rank their website on a very low completive and especially on keywords that hardly brings any ROI

I have received a call today from a true SEO Specialist in Brighton that has been doing web designing, development and internet marketing for over a decade now and it was amazing to speak to link minded person, he knows a lot about seo and runs a small seo company in East Brighton

He has contacted me this afternoon and has asked me to prepare a seo quote for one of his customer. He knows us and our customers very well and he has been speaking to few of our clients and has been highly suggested by few of our customers including BM Coaches Ltd in Hayes Middlesex and in Brighton

The keywords are really competitive from media industry and it would require a worth amount of time to rank those keywords, but unlike other seo companies we have worked on keywords like these for an American customer and we know what to do in order to raise their search engine rank and help our “seo agency customer” rank on Google, Bing and even Yahoo!

As an ethical and most trusted seo firm in Brighton for customers from the UK, Europe and abroad, we have always crafted working seo strategies and that is not just all, we have proved to be the best in entire UK SEO Industry as well as seo industries abroad and have been providing our seo services to seo agencies from all around the world.

Sometime new seo agencies that make a contact with us “will you contact my customer directly for one or the other reason” and our answer is “NO”

We are honest people and we practise with what we preach

If you are an SEO Company looking for an experienced seo partner that has the ability to provide you with in house web designing, development, seo copywriting, backlinks creation, creative digital, internet and organic and paid search engine marketing and above all good seo service? Then your search ends right now!

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Offshore web design and outsourcing companies

Today, the business world has filled with competitors and every businessman is facing difficulty to maintain high position in the business.

For healthy competition, a professional and specialised approach towards the business is necessary.

It is a reality that you cannot have a specialisation in every field. So if you want to increase your business across the world, then you need to hire offshore web design company.

Services provided by outsourcing companies

Offshore web design outsourcing companies offers you services such as web design, web development, web app development, online eCommerce shopping systems, flash multimedia, web hosting, search engine promotions, graphics design and software development.

These companies provide you all these services by their professionals, anywhere around the world, so you get the best results.

These companies have a team of web consultants, writers, creative designers, programmers and marketing professionals.

They only take the information that you desire to include in the website. If you have no big budget for your web, then you should select any outsourcing web design company for a competitive price.

Why do you need outsourcing companies?

If you want to develop your business around the globe and increase your online presence across the world and cut the business cost, then you need web design outsourcing companies.

Everyone wants to cut the business cost, for this purpose hiring offshore web designers can be a good option for you.

There are a lot of outsourcing companies that work with you and provide web design services and web development services to you. The Internet has made it easy for these companies to offer their knowledge and experience to offshore destinations.

The benefits of hiring outsourcing companies

Offshore outsourcing has become popular management practices. Offshore web design helps you to cut prices. Because of, this price difference, you can have better web design at low cost.

You can resell these web designs at your local country markets and earn money. As these companies experts take care of your web related issues so you can concentrate on other issues of your business freely.

There are many other benefits of these offshore companies such as they free your resources up, reduce overhead, reduce operating costs, provide you time to market, shares the risk, provide excellence in quality, provide you access, to their specialised skill, save your training and manpower costs, improve your work speed, improve your services, broaden your skill set, avoid the advance technology chasing cost.


Through the offshore web design outsourcing companies, you can get the best expertise and the latest technology in your niches at competitive price. If you intend your company to stay ahead, concentrate on competency and want to use the latest technology, then any offshore outsourcing company can help you to achieve all the goals.

Draw Pictures Ltd are an Offshore SEO Company that helps businesses succeed with their digital and internet marketing services online, the company provides solutions to offshore web design and web development companies, link building and content writing companies get their job done at the lowest prices possible.

The beauty about Draw Pictures Ltd staff is that they provide you un-matching quality, great support, advice and always drive you a mile away or two for free!

Creative search engine marketing evolving rapidly

SEO (search engine optimization) is a source by which your business with company web can draw the attention of SE crawlers to get your website listed in the top of search engine results.

If you want to draw new customers or boost your sales you need to employ effective strategies for landing on the first ten pages of SE listings. For creative SE marketing, following things are playing very important role.

Creativity is the main thing

Creative SE marketing is the new frontier, which is evolving rapidly. It is therefore, as a business person, you need to change your search engine marketing strategies to meet the new trends of the industry.

Social media forums are great creative SE marketing opportunities, which can boost your company search engine marketing campaigns significantly.

These sites allow you to post useful and relevant content every moment, for your prospects to view. These sites allow website browsers to click on the website of your company directly.

In a result, your web activity level gets increased and you see a corresponding increase in result ranking on big search engines such as  Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.

Quality Content

The standard off-site articles or blogs with relevant keywords and on-site pages are very effective for creative, search engine marketing strategies.

But remember only quality content articles laced with well-researched and limited keywords will bring web brewers and get their attention. They will encourage repeat visits and client conversions.

Google places

As, Internet is leading the world of advertisement, people are struggling hard to get web on big search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. In which Google page ranking is very important that shows searchers that your web is trusted and reliable.

Things such as Google places can help you to get the name of your business out there due to the ease it takes for reaching of your business displayed location. These Google places let you place information like, site URL, Addresses, phone numbers, and city and state zip codes.

These places also allow your customers to place your business reviews for the net to see. But you should be cautious here, because review ability can be useful and harmful sometimes. Google places do not weed out bogus review and delete them. Therefore, you should be cautious of competitors potentially placing bogus one star review.


Since, billion of people, products, services, and businesses related searches, are done by search engines. Therefore, you need to employ creative search engine marketing strategies effectively. Many search engine marketing companies can help you in this connection.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a UK, Brighton based SEO Company specialising in offsite and onsite seo services, user and search engine friendly web designing and development, backlinks and content creation in order to help you get top search engine rankings, profit and roi.

CMS web design comprehensive knowledge

CMS stands for content management system. It’s an electronic system, which enables, publishing, and modifying content and website from the central page.

This system offers many computer-based and manual procedures, to deal with workflow in the collaborative environment. It makes longer your web shelf-life.

You can build a creative and dynamic website with a CMS tool. Earlier, for building website, you need lots of efforts & hard work, but CMS web design has made this task easy.

CMS web advantages

CMS web design need of bloggers

Today, in the dynamic online world, only having an ordinary or simple looking blog or website is not sufficient. To compete with speedy business environment, your website must be up-to-date; it should reflect a lucid image of business.

Your web must be able to inform your clients about latest news, your specialties, services or products. Here is, good news for you, CMS web design makes all these challenges easy for you.

It has become the best choice of website owners and bloggers. You can install it on the servers with the assistance of web designers. With a little training, you can update your web by self.

CMS web helps your business

Content manage system helps you to promote business, by giving you cost-effective Internet marketing tools. There’re many marketing plugins that help you to promote your services and products.

These CMS web design come with search engines optimisation plugins and features, which put it above all the other platforms in the form of SEO, means CMS web performs better and have better exposure in SE.

Your business needs a strong presence on SERPs and CMS web make it easy, because of many features. So CMS web design is a perfect choice for your business, because it allows your business to meet latest marketing challenges and relations with your customers. This of course, results in improved sales and turnover.

CMS web design user Search Engines & SEO friendly

CMS web design is user-friendly that allows you, web publication, and content management. You do not need any technical knowledge. It is also SEO-friendly with a lot of plugins that manage web SEO.

Cautious approach to CMS web design

SEO is a very important factor of your website. If you own a magnificent website, but there is no traffic, then it is useless, because nobody can see it. It is very important to know about CMS perfectly. You should be able to handle the SEO related functions in your CMS, because a wrong CMS may damage your search engine optimisation.


With CMS web design you may take your business at the highest level of  success. You can hire any web developer and get customised CMS web design for your business.

Draw Pictures Ltd is a Brighton, UK based SEO Company specialising in providing customers with powerful yet affordable cms web design and web development services with main focus towards seo, digital, internet and search marketing, they design and develop user, search engines, seo and social media friendly websites, that are also mobile or next generation devices friendly websites.

List building services create reasons to purchase your products

All the business persons involved in Internet marketing know that for selling products and services they need hundred and thousands of people. But when they start a business they might face, short of leads in the marketing arsenal. That is when they need list building service.

The list building services are like the clubs; all the people who want to market their products to all other people, join these clubs and get and send emails to other members.

However, you need to get the help of list building services for quick results.

List building services may help you professionally

As a business person some of you might be aware that you need, list building to secure client retention for your website. But unfortunately, most of you have no idea how to build lists and you might not have enough time for list building strategies.

Some of you even do not see any need to hire someone to perform this list building task to you.

The fact is if, as a business person you only pay attention to other important aspects of your businesses and allow the professional list building services to do this important task for you, then it must be very beneficial for your business.

Here’re some reasons, why these list building services could work in joint venture into the benefit of the business or web owner on-line.

Why should customers buy?

It is common in the sales for you that as the salesperson you should present the call to action. Buyers always need the reasons, why they should purchase the products or services before they pay.

As an online business or website owner you should not only pay attention to shove your products and services down your customers’ throats. You should also present the reasons, why they should purchase. In this connection, list building services may help you effectively.

List building services perform the following things for your business promotion:

They create reasons to purchase your products and service through many products like, eBooks, reports, and newsletters. They offer these things as free of cost in exchange for the persons offering their email addresses.

In this way, they provide opportunities for you to create the strong relationship with the customers on your opt in lists.

The purpose of these lists is to have leads for services, sales, products and specials. Thus list building services benefit your business and business websites. They not only build these lists for you but they also try, their best you have good relationships with the listed people.


So, the list building services not only reach out to your prospects to tell them about your products and services but also guide them why they should purchase your products.

The buyers have usually questions what is in it to them. They are the list building services who take, time to explain them what is in it actually for them. In this way, customers more apt, to purchase your products, and services.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a Brighton based SEO Company that helps businesses succeed online, they provide user and search engine friendly web designing service to help your business build a brand and build trust it deserves online, they also provide SEO Services to help your business be found online on Search  engines, social platforms and even mobile devices.

Get your web ready for a mobile web outburst

A few years ago, you used to read articles on your computer or laptop. But today, you are able to read these articles on mobile or tablet. The mobile websites have changed everything online. You can access the internet through wireless network by using mobile.

The mobile websites are making progress at an exceptional pace, and it is being forecasted that it would overtake desktop websites soon. You need to think whether your website is ready for mobile web explosion?

Is your web ready?

Is your web ready, it means more visitors than ever would be searching your website via mobile, tablet? It means if you desire to survive and flourish, then you will have to adapt and adjust your website and make it mobile friendly website.

If you have not already done that, then the first thing, that you should do is, get your web up to high speed visually, means you make sure that mobile users can view your website optimally.

You should also check whether your website is ready for mobile, by testing tools that are easily available in these days. You need to see whether your web is mobile compatible. You also need SEO for your mobile web.

SEO for your mobile web

As, the usage of a mobile website is growing, swiftly. The mobile-friendly social media websites and Search engine friendly versions have enjoyed massive visitors’ traffic.

The business and blog website owners are starting to acknowledge how the mobile web visitors can change website traffic and contribute to revenue. The majority of search engine optimisation experts recognise the quickly increasing percentage of visitors who access the website from their mobiles devices.

Mobile SEO basics

There is a little difference between SEO and mobile SEO. However, their goal is same, to help your website in Search engine results and control their respective niche.

The mobile SEO process is based on the principles of traditional SEO such as accurate use of anchor links, tags, and keywords, content creation with target audience, building a buzz online and engaging your website readers. However, in mobile search engine optimised websites speed matters a lot.

Mobile SEO helps you capitalise on the rising mobile web users’ population. Your companies and businesses might be at risk if you do not take mobile SEO seriously.

So there is no logic that you do not take benefit of this trend and enjoy the triumph for your online business.

Mobile SEO keywords

Mobile web designers concentrate on keywords. Shorter keywords are used for mobile web. SEO experts know the keyword strength well.

Mobile SEO future

The future of Mobile SEO relies on mobile and computer manufacturers. As long as such companies produce and design tablets and smart mobile, then the future of your mobile device SEO is secure.

It not only strengthens your business but also provide strength to your business promotion strategies.


So, contact with the professional SEO providers if you are interested to thrive, your business and increase the base of your web traffic. There are number of SEO Companies out there that provide Mobile seo services in order to help your website grow your business over mobile devices online and help your business be found online.

Search engine placement vital for Internet advertising success

If you own a company that has the online presence, then you must be aware of SEO or have heard of it every once in a while, either from local seo companies that submit you several emails every week or Indian SEO Companies that keep spamming every business.

However SEO is an important thing, and you surely need seo service or an in-house search engine optimiser in place to succeed online. Every new marketer wants to get his business website ranked high in search engines. Nowadays, many SEO Companies are there to develop the online presence for websites. They use natural listings and paid listings for your website placement.

What are natural listings?

Natural listings are all the organic websites that offer free business or website description listing on their market place. These include the titles and brief description. Eighty percent of searchers click on the top ten listed sites to get the information they require, plus it is very helpful when a business listing site shows your most recent submitted listing at the top of the page as it will surely enhance traffic to your page and from there to your website.

These listings appear from the sites, which contain the related information according to the search terms that you put. Natural listings are very important to develop business. These listings are combination of websites.

Paid listings

These listings are present at the right hand of search results. These ads are location and target, specific. The benefit of these advertising is that you pay if someone clicks to your site.

Search engine placement: Vital for Internet advertising success

Most of the small business owners do not know how to get their, customer base to become successful. Actually, Search Engine Placement is the key to reach those potential customers.

Your website is a first step to be found among the top ten of many websites and the second step is to attract potential customers to websites to show them what you offer.

The Internet is glowing with internet marketing agencies offering SEO solutions that ranging from affordable to expensive digital marketing campaigns. These SEO solutions make your web emerge at the top position of the SERP.

How can you get higher Search engine placement?

You can get the services of search engines placement agencies that perform following SEO techniques for getting organic SE placement for your web:

  • They Get validation along with W3C for XML or HTML based website.
  • They submit your site’s URL to web directories and search engines to let SE robots to index web.
  • They change the content timely for giving robots latest content for crawling. Therefore, content should be unique, fresh and original for the crawlers and users.
  • They implement, on-page search engine optimisation techniques to optimise the website properly. These techniques involve Title tag, Meta tag, ALT tag, description, and headings.
  • They provide a proper sitemap that helps SE to help the users in navigating the web pages and lets crawlers to track all the content of the links in the sitemap.
  • They use analytics to examine the web performance through selected keywords.


Search engine placement agencies help you to manage Internet advertising budget by affordable packages and increase your SE visibility. They take care of your website optimisation; drive qualified leads and customers to your web automatically. Thus, you can give more time to run your business.

With online marketing business have financial freedom

Marketing presents your businesses to the people by targeting intended consumers. Online marketing means target the consumers by Internet. There are many businesses that require a big capital, but you may start the online marketing business even with a little capital.

Just equip yourself with blogging and online marketing techniques and set up your own online marketing business. First you use it for earning supplementary income then gradually convert it into full income and get financial freedom with the help of it.

How to start your online marketing business?

If you are not getting satisfactory income from your present job and want some extra income then, it is time, to start the online marketing business. It is cheaper than traditional business.

You need debit card or credit card, laptop or computer, and Internet connectivity, before starting it, you will have to do the following things:

Choose niche market

First of all, you think of your interest before selling your product online. For example, your interest is website optimisation service then your niche market will be SEO. You should only concentrate on your niche market instead of the general market.

Select domain name

A domain name is the place where consumers can find you. In other words it is the online address or business or company name. It should be simple, easy to remember, related to your niche market, and short.

Get your domain name registered, but before registration keep some names in mind and select the cheapest option to minimise operating cost.

Get a hosting account for web

Your domain name requires a hosting space. Hosting providers are companies that give you permission to store your web, videos, and images and email addresses.

Get auto email responder

You can get email auto responder by paying monthly subscription charges, some companies offer auto responders for free as well, so do your home work.

Auto responders are reliable and keep good administrative support. Once you get activated them whoever sends a message to you he/she gets reply automatically, so no need to reply manually.

Create and market your product

Design and develop your website presence, create a website and/or eBook to promote your business. But just creation of a website is not enough for your online marketing business you also need traffic to your web.

You can write different articles and submit them to article directories, press release sites, web directories, classifieds, html and xml submission sites, rss feed sites, document and image sharing sites, video and image submission sites, blog directories, and so on.


Remember to succeed in online marketing business; you should be consistent to promote your products. If you think online marketing business is a “Quick Get Rich Source” then you are wrong.

It, cannot make you rich at once but, with the right mind-set, appropriate attitude, right techniques, and right guidance from professional online marketing business experts you may achieve the objective.

Set your targets and follow these professionals right now or simply stay in touch with an SEO Company and get your business found online, in search engines on social sites and so on, improve your website traffic, possibly sell more and increase your revenue and monthly income

Effective and instant techniques to improve website traffic

Before, you look for techniques to improve your website traffic, make sure first that your website is set up properly, so that traffic could discover you. For this purpose, your website must be optimised. SEO is an effective method to get the different SE engines to like your web.

If search engines such as, if Google and Yahoo like your website they will rank it high in search results and high rankings means more traffic to any website. In this article, I shall tell you some effective and instant techniques to improve site traffic. Let’s start!

Use SEO technique to improve your website traffic

If you’re using a non – SEO technique to improve your website traffic then this tip will definitely improve your website traffic. SEO concepts are simple but their practice is a little complicated. SEO basically consists of two elements such as, keyword optimisation and back links. If you’re not using these elements then there is no chance to improve traffic.

Keyword optimisation

Since, search engines find out how relevant your websites are in the search, based on keywords, which you use in the content. If you use the keywords, which you anticipate visitors will use for finding you in the exact places on your website with appropriate frequency then it is a good initiate to improve web traffic.


Backlinks are very important for search engine optimisation. The search engine uses backlinks to find out how popular your website is? Backlinks means links from other websites. When search engines realise that other popular websites are linking to your website then they reward you by lifting your web in the search rankings.

There are several methods for linking such as web directory submission, social bookmarking etc. You can also hire a professional SEO expert to get the job done, efficiently and effectively.

Improve website traffic with web 2.0

Besides SEO, there are various methods available to improve your site traffic, Web 2.0 is also included in them. This technique promotes your website through links on social websites such as, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc.

Web 2.0 and social sites networking combination are becoming the most visited one. Millions of people connect here with one another and share interests and make recommendations for services and products. These sites enable you to hit directly into your target market.

Try to match and mix different website traffic techniques

You should also look at other web traffic generating techniques and try to assess whether they can help you to improve traffic to your web and get you improved credibility and profits.


You can learn the process of improving your website traffic by many ways, on your own and hire an SEO Company to do this for you or you can also buy some software that can really assist you with this aspect.