CMS web design comprehensive knowledge

CMS stands for content management system. It’s an electronic system, which enables, publishing, and modifying content and website from the central page.

This system offers many computer-based and manual procedures, to deal with workflow in the collaborative environment. It makes longer your web shelf-life.

You can build a creative and dynamic website with a CMS tool. Earlier, for building website, you need lots of efforts & hard work, but CMS web design has made this task easy.

CMS web advantages

CMS web design need of bloggers

Today, in the dynamic online world, only having an ordinary or simple looking blog or website is not sufficient. To compete with speedy business environment, your website must be up-to-date; it should reflect a lucid image of business.

Your web must be able to inform your clients about latest news, your specialties, services or products. Here is, good news for you, CMS web design makes all these challenges easy for you.

It has become the best choice of website owners and bloggers. You can install it on the servers with the assistance of web designers. With a little training, you can update your web by self.

CMS web helps your business

Content manage system helps you to promote business, by giving you cost-effective Internet marketing tools. There’re many marketing plugins that help you to promote your services and products.

These CMS web design come with search engines optimisation plugins and features, which put it above all the other platforms in the form of SEO, means CMS web performs better and have better exposure in SE.

Your business needs a strong presence on SERPs and CMS web make it easy, because of many features. So CMS web design is a perfect choice for your business, because it allows your business to meet latest marketing challenges and relations with your customers. This of course, results in improved sales and turnover.

CMS web design user Search Engines & SEO friendly

CMS web design is user-friendly that allows you, web publication, and content management. You do not need any technical knowledge. It is also SEO-friendly with a lot of plugins that manage web SEO.

Cautious approach to CMS web design

SEO is a very important factor of your website. If you own a magnificent website, but there is no traffic, then it is useless, because nobody can see it. It is very important to know about CMS perfectly. You should be able to handle the SEO related functions in your CMS, because a wrong CMS may damage your search engine optimisation.


With CMS web design you may take your business at the highest level of  success. You can hire any web developer and get customised CMS web design for your business.

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Important WordPress SEO plugins that automate onpage and offpage SEO tasks

WordPress is a powerful web design tool for your website building. It has developed into functional CMS (content management system) which is user-friendly, flexible than any other CMS.

It is customiseable. There are many themes and plugins present that allow you to build a site with any specific features that you want.

By these themes and plugins you can create a simple blog and fully functional website with shopping cart for selling services and products.

That is not even all; you may also create community portals and membership sites with wordpress.

The best thing about WordPress SEO plugins is that they automate onsite seo and offsite seo tasks. Through plugins you get your website indexed in Google swiftly.

Since, the search engine optimisation process is, establish to run automatically, each page of your website is entirely optimised for getting the best placement, in any search engine.

Here, in this article, I shall tell you about important plugins. Let’s start!

Important WordPress SEO plugins are following:

Ultimate Plugin: Encourages organic link building

This plugin lets you manage Meta tags for your posts, keywords, titles, pages and description. It removes duplicate content applying canonical URLs.

You can also set up nofollow or noindex tag for individual posts or pages that is very useful when you intend to republish any article or have page, which you want don’t want to index by search engines.

It  allows you to add a text box at your post and pages bottom, with the link details. That encourages organic link building from web visitors.

PubSubHubBub plugin: Content gets indexed within minutes

Its responsibility is to  get your website content indexed swiftly. Its subscribe and publish protocol is an addition to the Atom and RSS.

Google Alerts and reader, FriendFeed and some others are using this protocol currently. The main features of this plugin are that new content gets indexed within minutes.

Google XML Sitemaps plugin: Runs in the background automatically

This plugin builds XML- Sitemap for the website and submit it automatically to a search engine. When you add latest content or change it then it re-submits the updated Sitemap.

Once you have configured and installed this plugin, it runs in the background automatically and you don’t need to worry again.

W3 total cache plugin: Improves load time

As, load times and speed of your page influence your search engine placements so, you should improve your site performance. This plugin allows your website elements to be stored to the cache files.

In this way, they don’t have to download with every page your web traffic visits. This improves loading time of your pages.

SEO smart links: Get better SERP

Internal links are very  good for on-page search engine optimisation. When you set up an anchor text link to your keyword and point this to important pages in your web page content then you may get better SERP to those pages.

It’s a method to tell any search engine, which keyword you want for the ranking of those pages.


By these plugins your website can have better chances of success. Draw Pictures Ltd is a UK based Web Design Company that design and develops user and search engine friendly websites, they build affordable yet powerful wordpress cms online shopping stores, content management systems and corporate and personal web pages.

Pros and Cons of Web Content Management System

A web content management system or WCMS is a computer program or a software system that makes users to create a website and maintain, edit or modify its content with ease. The processes involved in WCMS can be managed automatically or manually

There are 3 kinds of WCMS – Online processing, offline processing and hybrid systems. Online processing is a kind of WCMS that utilize templates on command. HTML can be created when a user reaches the page or directed from a website cache. It has the capacity to sustain add ons and allow massive capabilities such as contact management, forums, photo galleries, wiki, web stores, etc. and these are also known as widgets, nodes, modules, or add ons.

Offline processing is a kind of WCMS allows processing of all templates and content prior to creating the web pages. It doesn’t need a server to utilize the templates at a specific time and they may continue to show as a tool in time design. Finally, Hybrid systems has both the features of online and offline processing.

What are the pros and cons of using web content management system?


Depending on the size of the subscription, WCMS can be affordable. Some systems can even be obtained for free. But you have to know at least the basics of the program to be able to utilize the system.  The user will be able to customize the web page easily. The codes are less confusing and there is a default layout for the pages with the same design and theme. It is user friendly especially for beginners.   It is designed for people who are not technically equipped in designing a web. Although it can still take much of your time, the navigation is simple and is easy to maintain.


On a larger scale, the usage of the software might require preparation or training, certifications and thorough implementation. Depending on the extent of the project, its highly probable that its best to hire a web development company that offer service to create and maintain your website.   Buying the software is affordable but subscription to this computer program can be costly. The software can compromise the latency of the computer if the hardware is not up to date.

If you don’t have the time and patience to work on a computer program like web content management system, you can always choose to hire a professional web designer and web developer.

Fortunately, there are great online companies such as Draw Pictures Ltd that offering content management system design, development, modification and management for great prices you can afford. They are based in Wimbledon, Brighton, UK.