Common & uncommon features of affiliate & PPC marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming popular as an effective term of eCommerce strategy. More and more people are enjoying better financial freedom through this scheme. If you take this term of marketing seriously, then it can become a way of getting regular income online.

As an online business person almost all of you have your own websites where you market your products. You usually promote your products and services that you desire to sell online through information-rich content to your potential clients that are related to your services and products.

The problem starts when you have no products or services to sell, but there is a good opportunity for you, in the form of affiliate program. By joining this affiliate marketing program you may begin your own business online.

The affiliate marketing program allows you to sell the services or products of other people and in a result you get the commission.

PPC marketing

PPC ( pay-per-click) is an advertising method, which is used to attract traffic by using related keywords to the ads, which are shown on the websites. Your advertiser pays only when his or her ads are clicked.

Common & uncommon features of both

Affiliate marketing, sometimes gets confused with a PPC scheme. As a term of online advertisement, the commission you can get from showing the PPC ads to your web is based on the clicks by rate scheme. You make money when your visitor clicks on the ads on PPC that are displayed on your site.

Common things

Website to display

Both PPC marketing and affiliate marketing are common in the sense somehow that you need to have your own website for displaying and promoting your advertisements for both marketing campaigns.

For becoming an affiliate and PPC marketer, intensive research is required for the proper target keywords to attract traffic to your website. You also need to learn the configuration and creation of ads,

Uncommon things

However, there are some difference between them. The firms own the affiliate marketing that contract different affiliates to help create leads on services and products. You may use email marketing strategy, PPC and SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies to increase sales. PPC keyword research needs to attract better targeted marketing results as per search terms relevant to your ads.

PPC marketing concept incorporated to affiliate marketing

As PPC marketing concept has incorporated into an affiliate marketing scheme, which increases the affiliate marketers’ uniqueness and creativity for writing or creating quality PPC ads. Here are some suggestions that you should consider while writing quality ads for your website:

• Your ads must directly focus on your target audience and market. • Your ads should promote the advantageous features of the products. • There should not be spelling and grammar mistakes in your ads. • Your ad text must be easy and straightforward.


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Promote affiliate marketing with your own website

If you intend to begin an Internet business and you have no products or services to sell, then you consider affiliate marketing. The big advantage of affiliate marketing, you may make extra income even from your own home.

In the affiliate marketing there are three parties involved, first advertiser, second publisher and third buyer. The advertiser is a company or person that owns the product, such as videos, eBook, equipment, membership, coaching, and service to sell online. The publisher, who promotes the products and services of the advertiser. And the buyer, who uses search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., to buy products and services online.

Affiliate marketing with own website

You can select affiliate marketing as a method of earning extra money. It allows you to start a business without having your own product. The affiliate advertisers provide you the publicity material that you need to promote their products.

Some advertisers also give you, affiliate website for promoting the products or services, but it is highly recommended you to have your own website to generate traffic. If you have your own website it will make you able to offer your products and services in your own way and words, that will make the pre-selling more effective. For successful affiliate marketing your own website gives you remarkable results.

How does affiliate marketing work on your own website?

When you build your affiliate marketing website and have products or services from your adviser the process of affiliate marketing gets started.

When any buyer, who is finding a product like “weight loss pills, for example,” comes to your website, there will be a place on your website where you would use “click here” officiate code (links) to divert the puncher to the main website of the advertiser.

When this buyer will purchase, then your affiliate code tells the adviser, where this lead is coming from, thus, this sale would be credited towards you and you will have handsome commission to lead the purchaser to an adviser.

Affiliate marketing webs that convert well

The following affiliate marketing websites can convert well:

Product specific: This type of website concentrates on only single product. Its content will be all about that particular product. This kind of web converts well, because it targets the visitors who are willing to purchase this specific product.

Problem specific: Such website solves the problems and helps visitors for making the right choice, the sales increase if purchaser benefits from the reviews and content.

Group specific: This website is for the group of specific people who have common problems and they require solutions to their problems. By this website you can make sales from various products or services instead of one.


The process of affiliate marketing with your own website is very simple. You just bring the purchasers and get money for your work. So making cold calls, or knocking on different kind of peoples’ doors, you just take the services of any web design company for building your affiliate marketing web and attract traffic to your site, invite visitors for “clicking here” and you take them where their desired products or services are available on the advertiser’ main site.

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