Promote affiliate marketing with your own website

If you intend to begin an Internet business and you have no products or services to sell, then you consider affiliate marketing. The big advantage of affiliate marketing, you may make extra income even from your own home.

In the affiliate marketing there are three parties involved, first advertiser, second publisher and third buyer. The advertiser is a company or person that owns the product, such as videos, eBook, equipment, membership, coaching, and service to sell online. The publisher, who promotes the products and services of the advertiser. And the buyer, who uses search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., to buy products and services online.

Affiliate marketing with own website

You can select affiliate marketing as a method of earning extra money. It allows you to start a business without having your own product. The affiliate advertisers provide you the publicity material that you need to promote their products.

Some advertisers also give you, affiliate website for promoting the products or services, but it is highly recommended you to have your own website to generate traffic. If you have your own website it will make you able to offer your products and services in your own way and words, that will make the pre-selling more effective. For successful affiliate marketing your own website gives you remarkable results.

How does affiliate marketing work on your own website?

When you build your affiliate marketing website and have products or services from your adviser the process of affiliate marketing gets started.

When any buyer, who is finding a product like “weight loss pills, for example,” comes to your website, there will be a place on your website where you would use “click here” officiate code (links) to divert the puncher to the main website of the advertiser.

When this buyer will purchase, then your affiliate code tells the adviser, where this lead is coming from, thus, this sale would be credited towards you and you will have handsome commission to lead the purchaser to an adviser.

Affiliate marketing webs that convert well

The following affiliate marketing websites can convert well:

Product specific: This type of website concentrates on only single product. Its content will be all about that particular product. This kind of web converts well, because it targets the visitors who are willing to purchase this specific product.

Problem specific: Such website solves the problems and helps visitors for making the right choice, the sales increase if purchaser benefits from the reviews and content.

Group specific: This website is for the group of specific people who have common problems and they require solutions to their problems. By this website you can make sales from various products or services instead of one.


The process of affiliate marketing with your own website is very simple. You just bring the purchasers and get money for your work. So making cold calls, or knocking on different kind of peoples’ doors, you just take the services of any web design company for building your affiliate marketing web and attract traffic to your site, invite visitors for “clicking here” and you take them where their desired products or services are available on the advertiser’ main site.

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All about list building become a favorite joint venture partner

If you are doing online business and Internet marketing, then you might know how important is, list building of the leads and names of the people who take interest in your niche. If you have a big budget, then you can pay for mailing lists and lead generation. If you have a small budget, then you can do list building on your own.

Why you need own list building?

It has been noticed that the people who succeeded online, had their own list. With your list, you can eliminate the advertising costs of your business. You may promote your business, any time with zero cost. If you are serious about making money online or building online business, then you need list building that may mean affiliate marketing your own products or something else.

When you have your own list, then you become a favorite joint venture partner. Almost all the top marketers come to knock your door. They want to get your audience. Sure, you must feel good.

What you need list building for?

For building a list, you require a squeeze page, auto-responder, some valuable thing, email messages, excellent products and services to promote your list, targeted traffic etc.

How can you build a list?

For a successful Internet business you have to build the list of most targeted leads. You build an authority site or branded website where you display information about business, services and products. You also provide fresh and reliable content.

When visitors will start visiting your website, then try to capture their email addresses and start to build lists. For this purpose you apply, opt-in box or web form on your website.

Naturally most people do not like giving out their email addresses, so you offer them something in return like subscription to the newsletter or free give away.

When visitors opt-in, then you begin to build good relationship with them and give them valuable and relative information. Another way of list building is you generate the squeeze pages for your offer. The visitors will give you details for receiving that offer.

You can also use social media for list building. Share your content and information on social media that you develop on your web.

The videos are very effective ways to deliver messages and building relationship with your potential customers.

If they take interest in your business or service they will definitely opt-in. If they do not take interest they will not opt-in, but at least you will be able to build a high quality list.


If you have not built your list yet, then it is the right time to begin. Always try to develop a relationship and trust for a profitable online business. Draw Pictures Ltd is an Internet Marketing Company based in London that specialises in helping businesses succeed online.

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Internet Marketing, An act of promoting services and products using Internet

Internet Marketing is very extensive, term which covers lots of areas. All the marketing  areas that are used to market, services or products, on the Internet is called Internet marketing. It works on two aspects, paid and unpaid/organic.

Paid Internet Marketing

The paid resources on Internet marketing are the Yahoo, Bing ads, Google AdWords, Linkedln, Search engine ads, Facebook social media ads and Twitter.

Unpaid Internet Marketing

The unpaid Internet marketing includes social media and search engine optimisation. However, search engine optimisation, is most affordable for Internet marketing.

You need to understand some useful Internet marketing related concepts like:

Search Engine Optimisation: Promotes Website

SEO makes your website search engine friendly and increases visibility of your website on the search engine as well. You should select an SEO Expert who can promote your site by choosing appropriate keywords, related to business. Once you get listed your website on Yahoo or Google, it starts having traffic and RO1 and  your business sales start to increase.

Social Media Optimisation: Find Site by Social Media

SMO makes your website social media friendly. The users can find your website through social media. If you desire to make your website more visible in social media such as, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Linkedln and MySpace, then you should increase presence on all these platforms.

Search Engine Marketing: Utilise Paid advertising Channels

SEM, it utilises paid search advertising channels such as, Facebook ads, MySpace ads, Linkedln ads, Bing ads, Twitter ads and Digg promoted story etc.

Email Marketing: Sell Products Commercially

Email marketing is also a kind of Internet marketing. You may use email marketing for selling your products commercially as an affiliate or vender. It is very useful for people who are running online businesses.

Affiliate Internet Marketing: Useful for Beginner Marketers

Affiliate Internet marketing is a type of Internet marketing promotes services and products that you don’t own. When you send traffic to merchants’ product and as a result, any sales occur, then you will be paid. This kind  of marketing is useful for intermediate and beginner marketers. You do not need to create, own products and learn about Internet marketing areas like, product delivery, writing webcopy, recruiting affiliates and technical support.

Video Internet Marketing: Advertise Services Products

It is very popular in these days. You can advertise your services and products by producing useful videos.

Internet Marketing Learing Involves

Internet marketing, learning involves following things:

• Take notes whatever you want to market

• Review these notes on regular basis

• Put your applications in regular practice

• Record and review actions

• Do adjustment if needed and apply again


When you are done with creating your products you need to present, these products to the public. Sure, Internet marketing is really a best tool for this purpose, because it is able to promote, your offers, business, services and websites.

Why do you need a website?

Internet is a good blessing of modernity. It provides us faster communications and better information. Internet marketing resources are widely used by people for different purposes. Websites provide so many benefits to mankind. Any type of person has the right to own a website. Here are some common reasons why you need to have your own website:

Business promotion purposes

We are now living in the paperless world and owning a website is the “in” thing today especially for business transactions. With the use of your website, you can display and show your products to people that will soon buy them. Services you are offering are also better to be promoted using website because here, you describe and show off what your expertise are. Website also allows you to mingle with other businesses and internet marketing agencies that are complimentary with your business so both of you will be benefitted.

Selling and shopping

Website provides faster purchasing transaction because in just one click, the shopper can see your online store, and can buy them easily. Payment can also be done online with the help of websites such as PayPal and Moneybookers etc, which have international currencies for all the people around the world. Shipping services are also available depending on the area of both producer and consumer. Introduction to wider world

Most people are using internet. When you have your website, you have the great opportunity of meeting new people in all the areas of the world you want. Regardless of your purpose, may it be business, organizational or personal; you can come across the shore without travelling.

Websites help mankind bind and you can be connected with this bind if you also have your own website too.

Greener and cleaner world

All internet transactions and affiliate marketing activities are all paperless. In this way, human is helping the environment. We all know that papers come from tree barks. When less paper will be used, imagine the trees that would be saved that will definitely give us greener and cleaner surroundings.

Promoting organizations

All organizations need promotions to help them achieve their campaigns and goal. Even the charity institutions need websites so that people will know their advocacy. People that have the heart to give them support can be gained when they have their own website.

Promote someone

This is applicable for celebrities that need publicity to become successful in their show business careers. Probably, fans are the one who build websites for their idols. This way they have the chance to mingle with people who also love their idols too.

Express own ideas

Personal blogs are helpful for you. If you don’t want a business or organization, you can build a personal website wherein you can just express and share your feelings to the world.

These are just few reasons why you need websites. You can shine brighter if you have one!

However I will be writing few useful posts on how to hire a great web design agency in my coming posts and might share few great web design companies that provide value for your money when it comes to an seo friendly web design.

Stay tuned! I will be also publishing my thoughts over twitter, facebook and even Google+ all week, this week as always!

Is your business using the cheapest form of marketing i.e. Internet Marketing?

Nowadays, the internet has taken over everything. Many people across the world prefer using the internet in almost every field. Online creates a platform for all businesses in the world. Moreover, the internet has created a market place for both buyers and sellers. However, internet marketing has gained popularity and fame over the years.

This means that online advertising has turned out to be more effective and efficient than any other form of marketing. Internet marketing is also known as online marketing, webvertising, e-marketing and web marketing. All the internet advertising tools fall under this category, and thus internet marketing carries all the necessary methods. These methods comprise of the digital, search marketing, SEO, and other tools.

Internet marketing ties together the technical and creative facets of the internet such as design, development, sales and advertising. Besides, the marketing tools are widely divided into several classes. They include display advertising, which involves the use of web banners or ads placed on the third-party. A business using this tool creates blogs that drive enormous traffic to the respective websites. Additionally, the website is mainly used to make consumers aware of certain product’s existence. Other tools are the search engine marketing (SEM) which seeks to promote individuals and business websites. This may be achieved by increasing the perceptibility in the Search engine result pages. One may be required to pay some fee to the host whereas others offer a free hosting service for all the websites.

Another tool is the social media marketing that involves attaining the required traffic or attention from the clients. One can use social media sites such as the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and other possible media and the best one Google+. This is regarded as the cheapest and an excellent way of driving massive traffics to the relevant websites. Email marketing may be referred as one of the best and effective internet marketing.

Here, the sender can directly send messages to groups of people using electronic mails. Through sending messages to the people, one can attract large capacities of clients.

Referral marketing is mainly offered as a method of promoting items or services to all the new and prospect buyers. Here, the marketer can use voice to capture the attention of the consumers. Affiliate marketing is another form of internet marketing that deals with reward people who refer others to the program. Mostly affiliate marketing takes place through the internet. Other forms of internet advertising may comprise of the video and inbound marketing which serves the same purpose.

If you need someone else to do all the tasks described above, then you must hire an SEO Company that is a full service web and internet marketing agency.

What Type of Blog Will Benefit My Business the Most?

Whenever you are creating blogs either for personal use or for business, there are various approach and options that you can use.  It is important to go for an option that will definitely benefit your business. If you plan your blogs the best way, you will be able to accomplish your mission.  The major objective of any blog is to establish the business as a useful and expert resource.

You can decide that the blogs would reside on your websites or even have their own independent domains.  The good thing about having a blog in your business site is that it communicates directly to the consumer about what your business is all about.  This is therefore a very effective branding platform.  On the other hand, offsite blogs have the benefit of increased freedom.  These blogs might not address your business directly but would still be effective marketing tools.

Blogs can either be unofficial or official

Executive blog

As a business, you can come up with at least two categories of blogs. You can create and executive blog and another insider information blog.  Executive does not in any way relate to the top business managers. It should offer an effective platform for portraying the business as a leader in the industry.  Such a blog should essentially cover issues related to world news and the industry. It should also encompass information that is related to company news and any items of interest that the business is trying to sell.

News blogs and the others

Just as the name suggests, a news blog is used to post information about current news concerning the industry.  You need to try as much as possible and refrain from posting hearsay data on these pages. Only post figures and facts that you and the entire business can closely relate to.  In this way, you would be able to discuss any controversial issues with ease without fears of alienating some of the internet users.  These are very helpful blogs to any business as long as they are not intended to offend any person.


Blogging is important to a wide range of businesses. It can also be largely beneficial to business affiliates.  The types of blogs that have just been discussed above are all relevant to the business world. In as much as many affiliates might want to keep their blogs separate from all other business resources, integrating with their business sites can help a lot in generating useful traffic.

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