What Type of Blog Will Benefit My Business the Most?

Whenever you are creating blogs either for personal use or for business, there are various approach and options that you can use.  It is important to go for an option that will definitely benefit your business. If you plan your blogs the best way, you will be able to accomplish your mission.  The major objective of any blog is to establish the business as a useful and expert resource.

You can decide that the blogs would reside on your websites or even have their own independent domains.  The good thing about having a blog in your business site is that it communicates directly to the consumer about what your business is all about.  This is therefore a very effective branding platform.  On the other hand, offsite blogs have the benefit of increased freedom.  These blogs might not address your business directly but would still be effective marketing tools.

Blogs can either be unofficial or official

Executive blog

As a business, you can come up with at least two categories of blogs. You can create and executive blog and another insider information blog.  Executive does not in any way relate to the top business managers. It should offer an effective platform for portraying the business as a leader in the industry.  Such a blog should essentially cover issues related to world news and the industry. It should also encompass information that is related to company news and any items of interest that the business is trying to sell.

News blogs and the others

Just as the name suggests, a news blog is used to post information about current news concerning the industry.  You need to try as much as possible and refrain from posting hearsay data on these pages. Only post figures and facts that you and the entire business can closely relate to.  In this way, you would be able to discuss any controversial issues with ease without fears of alienating some of the internet users.  These are very helpful blogs to any business as long as they are not intended to offend any person.


Blogging is important to a wide range of businesses. It can also be largely beneficial to business affiliates.  The types of blogs that have just been discussed above are all relevant to the business world. In as much as many affiliates might want to keep their blogs separate from all other business resources, integrating with their business sites can help a lot in generating useful traffic.

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Tips for Creating SEO Friendly Web Design

Promoting your online business can be challenging, but prior to a lot of seo techniques that you have to focus on, you need to prioritize creating an SEO friendly website. It is the primary tool in showing the details of your products and services.

Having a seo friendly web design on your site will allow you to boost all the other Search engine optimization techniques. So what are the things that you need to consider in creating a seo friendly web design?

1. Primarily, you have to establish what you are aiming for. A lot of online businesses have a clear objective on what their goals are in regards to targeting. The question to ask yourself is, are you targeting a local area, national or international locations? So when designing the layouts and sitemaps, you can begin to create, more over, web pages for content that target these particular keywords based on your research or at least think about where the pages should be placed prior to the launch of the website.

2. You should aim to create a SEO friendly navigation, which means that the search engines should be able to easily follow and read the website through its navigational system. You have to be organized in the internal linking structure which depends on the navigational structure of the site. Another thing about navigational structure is labeling the link clearly; the link should always reflect the content.

3. While images make the website interesting, it could affect the website load time. Make sure that you reduce the file size of the images because users can be very impatient with navigating websites that have sluggish load time, which is never good for search optimisation.

4. Another SEO tool is making sure that Google knows that the website/web page is all about. So the content should consistently be relevant and useful to the user or the web browser. Within the site content, the keyword placement is crucial and here are some of the most effective places to indicate these keywords: Website slogans, title tag, navigation, breadcrumb tails, Meta description and keywords, bullet points, title attribute on links, main website copy, H1 H2 and H3 tags, URLS, internal links, footer links, and folder names.

5. For SEO purposes, sitemaps are created so that the search engines know all about the site’s content. If you increase the site’s exposure to search engines, the greater the possibility that your search engine rank will elevate.

These are just some of the elements that you have to consider when creating a SEO friendly web design. Draw Pictures Ltd – Brighton based SEO Agency in Wimbledon offers are experts when it comes to web design and web development and these experts in creating SEO friendly web designs that guarantee to maximize your online business’ potential.

Why do you need Google SEO friendly web design?

Businesses need websites nowadays to increase the possibility of getting more customers to generate income for the business. In having a website, higher chance of obtaining more visitors will achieve if the site lands on the first page of the search engines. Search engine optimization is the responsible for your site to get you on top of the searches.

SEO is a typical technique that aims to improve your website rankings on search engines such as Google. Having an SEO strategy incorporated into your site will make your site more visible to searchers and potential visitors. Since Google is the most popular search engines in general category used by most people around the globe, it is better to have an SEO to your site that is Google friendly.

The web design of your site must be friendly with Google, as well as other search engines, because this may be the best factor for your business to improve and get the highest promotion it can have. Running a website with your business is a hard task. Creating a web designs and SEO strategy may get you more time.

To avoid being stressed up from doing SEO and web design, hire an SEO Agency to help you design and develop a user and SEO friendly website. This may be more costly, but the investment return on your business will definitely be greater. Hiring a reputable and reliable SEO service provider will have you more time to focus on the other needs of your business.

Besides, an SEO Expert is more knowledgeable in doing this kind of tough work, so chances of getting the desired achievement is utilized, rather than doing an SEO all by yourself which you are not sure if that strategy will work with your own hands. Draw Pictures Ltd can provide all your business and ecommerce web design needs.

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