SEO Friendly CMS Web Design can seriously help

Time is changing rapidly, so technologies and requirements of daily life are also changing swiftly. People are involved in different money making activities, therefore online business-oriented activities are increasing at a fast pace. The internet has made it possible to earn money sitting at your own home. Many business practices are based on websites so; we see great demand of web design.

Web design involves many optimisation strategies and techniques. CMS (content management system) is also an SEO friendly web design techniques. This technique is provided by web designers which actually know how seo works as well. In this article, you will learn why you should have an SEO friendly CMS.

SEO friendly CMS techniques

There are many content management systems available on the Internet now such as, Type Pad and WordPress which have received massive popularity. These web designing techniques has received popularity due to many themes and plugins, which are developed in the platforms that help business website to turn into a search engine friendly web and reach at the top position of search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others.

These content management system techniques are being used by many companies for web design. These techniques not only optimise their online business websites but also develop sites that are having higher visibility for many search engines.

Search engine friendly CMS techniques for online business & websites

In these days, many search engine optimisation companies as well as search engine friendly CMS (content management system) providers are present. They make well designed sites for your online business. With these powerful CMS techniques your business stays ahead of all your competitors in the rankings of search engines. In this way, the profit of your online business becomes higher.

Advantages of Search engine friendly CMS techniques for websites

There are many advantages of content management system techniques for your web design, websites and SEO friendly CMS such as:

  • Your business websites will get visibility in reputed search engines like, Google, yahoo, Bing, and others.
  • Your websites will reach at the top position of search engine result.
  • It will always stay ahead.
  • You will have the best SEO content management system, which supports the newest analytical tools.


Start using these useful search engines friendly CMS techniques for your web design for a successful online business. The task of web design is technical, so professional web developers and web designers are inevitable for its creation and online functioning.

SEO friendly web design provides visibility & customer base

Well designed website useful for marketing

The internet has changed this whole world into a global village. Now you can interact with people around the globe. Every businessman wants online presence for his or her products or services. A well designed website is a useful tool for advertising and marketing products and services. Once individuals used to design the website on their own, by the help of software. Now a big revolution has changed the whole scenario.

Web design copy provides innovative solutions

If you want to attract a big mass web traffic to your web and convert  them into  your potential clients, then you need a well designed SEO friendly site designed by the professions for the success of your business.

Nowadays many web design companies provide innovative solutions for your web design, such companies provide other services such as, logo design, online marketing solutions, graphic designs, and search engine optimisation. You should choose such company that’s proficient in SEO. The reason is, a web combined with efficient search engine optimisation provides a huge customer base and great visibility of your website.

Why I need Search engine optimisation?

The question is here, If you have a well designed website then why I need SEO Service? The answer is, a hidden or lonely websites cannot help you. SEO helps you to have good ranking in search engine result pages. You can only be able to understand it thoroughly, when you have sufficient knowledge how search engine ranking websites and how you can get the best out of top search engine rankings.

Search engine procedure

Web design involves some factors to index WebPages such as, keywords, programming language, and inbound links. Search engine algorithms use some rules to filter data. The search robots and crawlers collect the data. The crawlers visit your websites and analyse the content for ranking purpose. If your website is new and keeps user-friendly program code, then they will place them in a higher ranking position.

Title tag optimisation, Meta editing, and source coding of integrated are also included in SEO services. These factors place your website in the top ranking positions, in this way; users find them swiftly by entering appropriate keywords.

SEO experts work on incoming links

Search engine optimisation friendly web designing service  providers builds up unique and new web content. Their experts update the content in order to provide substantial and latest information. Incoming links are also important to index the websites, therefore SEO experts work on this aspect as well.

These SEO services provide appropriate headings with bold texts. If a website page has, bold text and caption, for the most important content and information in normal font, you can find the handy information at just a single glance. CSS helps the web designers in HTML codes and styling tags.


Getting an SEO friendly website, designed by any SEO Company is definitely a right step towards creating the a website for the promotion of your business.

Why do you need an SEO friendly website?

You already have your website for business now. Everything is ready. The graphic designs are all creative and catchy. The content is well-written, original, and informative.

But you have no visitors. Everything will be of no use if no one can see your website. No one can land on your page to buy your products and services if they are not able to find you on search engines like Google. The answer to your problem is  an seo friendly website and search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a good technique that is implemented on your site to make it increase on top search engine rankings. There are so many SEO strategies now days that exist. But make sure that you adopt SEO techniques that are friendly to all search engine algorithms and page rankings especially with Google, since Google is the most popular search engine domain used by most people all around the globe.

Your website design must be friendly with these search engines so that you would not have any problem in getting on the top ranks. Remember that you are the one who needs something more from these search engines than they need from you. They still have the guts to kick you out on their pages if you are not doing well or if you violate any of their rules. If you maintain an SEO friendly web page, you will have more chance having promotion on their pages. This is your ultimate goal when you establish an SEO strategy to your site.

If your SEO is bad, your website would not get high rank in the searches and might be banned by Google as well, with the use the Google Penguin and Panda, their new algorithm updates.

Creating and maintaining an SEO friendly web page is too stressful and may take up more of your time. You will need to spend additional time in studying how to create SEO strategy effectively by taking up some search engine optimization courses. Definitely a business owner like you has so much works that need your attention. In doing the SEO for your site, you can hire an SEO Company that can help you out.

Make sure that the SEO agency you will choose for your business can provide you satisfaction so that your time would not be wasted. There are number of seo companies out there that will offer you low cost SEO services, but the big question is, are they reliable? Choose the SEO Company that already have good reputation and already made other sites number one in search engines like Google.

Why do you need a website?

Internet is a good blessing of modernity. It provides us faster communications and better information. Internet marketing resources are widely used by people for different purposes. Websites provide so many benefits to mankind. Any type of person has the right to own a website. Here are some common reasons why you need to have your own website:

Business promotion purposes

We are now living in the paperless world and owning a website is the “in” thing today especially for business transactions. With the use of your website, you can display and show your products to people that will soon buy them. Services you are offering are also better to be promoted using website because here, you describe and show off what your expertise are. Website also allows you to mingle with other businesses and internet marketing agencies that are complimentary with your business so both of you will be benefitted.

Selling and shopping

Website provides faster purchasing transaction because in just one click, the shopper can see your online store, and can buy them easily. Payment can also be done online with the help of websites such as PayPal and Moneybookers etc, which have international currencies for all the people around the world. Shipping services are also available depending on the area of both producer and consumer. Introduction to wider world

Most people are using internet. When you have your website, you have the great opportunity of meeting new people in all the areas of the world you want. Regardless of your purpose, may it be business, organizational or personal; you can come across the shore without travelling.

Websites help mankind bind and you can be connected with this bind if you also have your own website too.

Greener and cleaner world

All internet transactions and affiliate marketing activities are all paperless. In this way, human is helping the environment. We all know that papers come from tree barks. When less paper will be used, imagine the trees that would be saved that will definitely give us greener and cleaner surroundings.

Promoting organizations

All organizations need promotions to help them achieve their campaigns and goal. Even the charity institutions need websites so that people will know their advocacy. People that have the heart to give them support can be gained when they have their own website.

Promote someone

This is applicable for celebrities that need publicity to become successful in their show business careers. Probably, fans are the one who build websites for their idols. This way they have the chance to mingle with people who also love their idols too.

Express own ideas

Personal blogs are helpful for you. If you don’t want a business or organization, you can build a personal website wherein you can just express and share your feelings to the world.

These are just few reasons why you need websites. You can shine brighter if you have one!

However I will be writing few useful posts on how to hire a great web design agency in my coming posts and might share few great web design companies that provide value for your money when it comes to an seo friendly web design.

Stay tuned! I will be also publishing my thoughts over twitter, facebook and even Google+ all week, this week as always!

Website design and selecting the right web design company

Has several years passed by without you designing your website? Many individuals and businesses usually forget that upgrading their website on a regular basis. This makes the specific site to be outdated and thus makes the business to lose to its competitors who have quality designed website. Moreover, those websites with excellent layout and navigation tend to attract many customers.

What many businesses do not comprehend is the fact that a well maintained website enables the business to provide exceptionally informative details to all customers. Also, maintaining the business website regularly has many benefits that are enjoyed by both parties involved. Therefore, a website that carries all the features that are appealing to their viewers are always maintained at a constant or regular basis. Nevertheless, an individual or a business should have an extremely experienced expert to handle all the maintenance service and adjustments. People across the world like to view attractive graphics and colors.

A proper web design should be carried out by a highly reputable and reliable company. Not only will a well-designed website portrays current update but also reduce the competency level of other businesses towards. Before the process is executed, some things need to be put into consideration. These things may comprise of the budget and time frame needed to complete the web design process. Moreover, the person needs determine whether he or she will be using original content and pictures in creating the website.

Finding the best company to handle the task may be somehow tricky. Therefore, one needs to make the right decision via the help of the experts. There are some things need to be considered before hiring the company. The cost charged by the web design company should be reasonable and affordable to all businesses. Even though, the cost should be cheap, the level of quality of the task performed must be high.

The web design company staff must be reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, the reputation of the company should be excellent. Through these facts, one can sure of having the best services delivered to him or her. The staff members of that given company should be well equipped with all the necessary information and techniques. This enables the workers to deliver the services and thus leaves the client satisfied.

People across the world can obtain these services at any time of the day or night. In order for the person to determine the experience of the company, he or she should analyses the portfolio of that specific web design company.


How to improve your search engine rankings?

Lots of things need to be considered if you are to rank at the top on search engines. Search engines put a number of things into consideration before they rank you higher in their result pages. This write up will open your eyes to some of those things.

Your web design is vital

The looks and design of your site is principal to how you are ranked by search engines. The search engines consider how you place your first line of copy. This and other important things need to be considered for your site to be search engine friendly. If you are having such a problem, check out how things had been arranged on your site and carry out the necessary correction .You do not need to fret over things if you do not know how to design a search engine friendly website. Consult your search engine optimizer to help get things done when it comes to an seo friendly web design.

How do you place your keywords?

The positioning of your keywords in the content also determines how you are picked up by search engines.  Very importantly, the keywords should appear in the first and last paragraphs of your content. It should also appear in the title. They should be placed strategically in other parts of the content to ensure easy indexing by search engines.

Sitemap is helpful

If you have more than one page on your website, it is important to create a site map for all the pages. The sitemap ensures that search engines are able to index every page on your website.  Text link navigation system too can be very helpful in this regard.

How much external links are available?

The number of external sites linking up with your site also determines how popular your site is on search engines, search engines like Google consider those sites with quality backlinks as a vote, above other sites that have no external link. If your site is linked with other reputable sites, you stand a very good chance of making it to the top on search engines.  Your search engine optimiser and your promotional team can help out on this.

What are the present day workings of search engines?

In order to keep up with the pace of traffic generation, you need to be up to date as regards new improvements and developments on search engines. Things that were acceptable yesterday may be outdated today. The best way to get that highly desired top ranking is to do things according to present day dictates of these search engines.

There are number of SEO Companies which are helping businesses succeed online with the power of digital, internet, social media, internet and search marketing, if you cannot do everything alone, it is best to hire a SEO Company, be it for web design, development and even when it comes to building backlinks, online reputation management and so on.

How to choose a right web designer?

In Online Marketing one of the key tools in SEO is having a pleasant and effective site web design. In web designing, there are a few processes involved: First, creating the web layout, navigation and how the web pages will cross link with each other. Then, there’s a creation of code to make the website function.

Next, graphics are created, consisting colors, page layout, text location. Hiring a company that offers the web design services is a smart idea especially if you are a beginner but what are the things that you have to consider prior to hiring a web designer?

Here are some of the key points:

o A web designer should have a solid portfolio – In any kind of service, you always hire the one with years of experience. You may want to look for feedback from the web designer’s previous and current customers and absorb what they have to say about the outcome of the service. You might like to speak to with one of his/her customer and find out what is written on the portfolio is actually true?

o A web designer should have marketing in mind when creating a web design – A web designer may be the best in graphics or computer programming but if he or she is not equipped with web design driven by strategies then all will be futile. A good SEO web designer will have expertise on the placement of texts, seo friendly navigation, etc. and should be able to explain why these are all important to enhance your online presence. Again – There is a difference when it comes to normal web designers and designers that are equipped with seo skills – hire someone that knows what is search engine optimisation and how he/she may design and develop a website that is completely seo friendly.

o You may want to check on the credentials (education) of the web designer as the exceptional ones are comfortable in all technicalities in creating the best web design.

o Go to your potential web designer’s website and check if his or her own site is pleasant to look at, easy to navigate and accessible to all the needed information about the services offered. Most likely, the designer’s website would be a reflection of their work.

o A web designer should have knowledge on seo techniques because as we all know, the competition is getting stiffer in online industries. Being familiar in how to increase website traffic is a great foundation for a web designer so that he can apply the seo tools while designing your website.

o Choose a web designer who is personable in answering all of your queries and comfortable to work with. You want to be working with someone who doesn’t only provide great seo friendly web design suggestions but also someone who is open to suggestions and critiques and is ready to take on a great challenge.

There are a lot of web designers who can offer the service but there are only a few that can maximize your online presence. Draw Pictures Ltd. employs group of web designers that are highly qualified and equipped with the latest SEO techniques to help you with your online marketing needs.

Tips for Creating SEO Friendly Web Design

Promoting your online business can be challenging, but prior to a lot of seo techniques that you have to focus on, you need to prioritize creating an SEO friendly website. It is the primary tool in showing the details of your products and services.

Having a seo friendly web design on your site will allow you to boost all the other Search engine optimization techniques. So what are the things that you need to consider in creating a seo friendly web design?

1. Primarily, you have to establish what you are aiming for. A lot of online businesses have a clear objective on what their goals are in regards to targeting. The question to ask yourself is, are you targeting a local area, national or international locations? So when designing the layouts and sitemaps, you can begin to create, more over, web pages for content that target these particular keywords based on your research or at least think about where the pages should be placed prior to the launch of the website.

2. You should aim to create a SEO friendly navigation, which means that the search engines should be able to easily follow and read the website through its navigational system. You have to be organized in the internal linking structure which depends on the navigational structure of the site. Another thing about navigational structure is labeling the link clearly; the link should always reflect the content.

3. While images make the website interesting, it could affect the website load time. Make sure that you reduce the file size of the images because users can be very impatient with navigating websites that have sluggish load time, which is never good for search optimisation.

4. Another SEO tool is making sure that Google knows that the website/web page is all about. So the content should consistently be relevant and useful to the user or the web browser. Within the site content, the keyword placement is crucial and here are some of the most effective places to indicate these keywords: Website slogans, title tag, navigation, breadcrumb tails, Meta description and keywords, bullet points, title attribute on links, main website copy, H1 H2 and H3 tags, URLS, internal links, footer links, and folder names.

5. For SEO purposes, sitemaps are created so that the search engines know all about the site’s content. If you increase the site’s exposure to search engines, the greater the possibility that your search engine rank will elevate.

These are just some of the elements that you have to consider when creating a SEO friendly web design. Draw Pictures Ltd – Brighton based SEO Agency in Wimbledon offers are experts when it comes to web design and web development and these experts in creating SEO friendly web designs that guarantee to maximize your online business’ potential.

Why your Business need a website?

Nowadays, online businesses are so competitive and everyday, there are new techniques or strategies that may help boost your industry. But one of the most basic things that you need to have when you want to pursue an online business is creating a website. Think about this: there are millions of people who go online everyday purchasing all kinds of products and services so you should at least be able to establish your presence online.

Besides having a website, there are other ways to promote your business and the most popular strategy is the use of search engine optimization. There are SEO Service providers that ensure high traffic on your website and increase your ranking on search engines. But let’s go back to identifying the reasons why your business, huge or small, needs a website

 A website serves as the main platform to promote the products or services that you offer online and it reaches a massive amount of web browsers, therefore, increasing your chance of making more profit. If you combine your website with SEO tools, success will be inevitable.

 All your other competitors have a website, so it’s high time to keep up with them and step up your tools and techniques on internet marketing.

 Online business is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Even when you are not online, visitors and potential clients can still visit your website and check the products and services that you offer.

 To reach targeted audience, you need to make you online business more visible to web browsers. Again, SEO techniques can help you with this but search optimization is futile if there’s no website content to promote.

 Through your website, you will be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your online business because you have the chance to directly communicate with the visitors and paying customers. Usually, an online business site has a feedback section and whatever the comments are will give you an idea on what to maintain or to change on your presentation, delivery of products and services.

 Because of its convenience and accessibility, your target audience are most likely looking for your product or service online, and if you do not have a website, then you lose these target audience.

 Creating a website is the best way to provide your potential clients details of your products and services, with answers to frequently asked questions. You can post images, and videos along with the product and service information to attract more users or to convince them more that your products and services are the best.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a Brighton based web design agency that designs and developers user and seo friendly websites that help businesses grow online, with their deep years of knowledge and expertise in seo industry, makes them one of the best web design and seo agency that builds really useful websites that do great business online

If you need a website or you have one but it is not helping you get enough customers from online, then its the best time to communicate with them, they are free to consult, offer free advice and even if you use their service, its safe and reliable plus cost efficent! Give them a call today or visit their SEO Brighton office in Wimbledon, UK.

Key Components of a Web Design

Before trying all seo techniques, you have to pay attention to your website. Is your web design user friendly? Does it provide the user all the information needed to convert them to a paying customer? These are just some of the questions to consider. And to help you further, here are the key components in creating or improving your site’s web design.

Appealing Graphic Design

A website that has an appealing graphic design wouldn’t mind staying longer to continue browsing. If you want people to take your website seriously, you should avoid designs with poor quality and designs that look amateurish and cheap. SEO Link Building would be futile if your website is distasteful.

Easy Browsing or Navigation

An organized, simplified, and easy navigation is the best way to go. People easily lose interest in websites that are confusing and disorganized. Make sure that your website has navigation bar or list of labels indicating categories that will help the user find what they’re looking as fast as possible. Navigation made simple would benefit a broader range of users. You have to remember that not all people are experts in using the computer and browsing the internet. SEO tools will be more effective if the website is easy and fun to browse.

Consistency in Branding

One of the things that will be helpful with seo strategies is consistency in branding. If your firm has logo, it has to be included in the web design and should be consistently visible on certain portions of the site. This will help in the recognition or the recall of the products or services that you offer.

Site Content

No matter how much effort you put in seo link building, if the content of your website is irrelevant or if it doesn’t elicit a reaction from the users, everything will be useless. Make sure that the content is also readable and organized. A lot of people prefer to read short and direct to the point articles as opposed to long and tedious ones. A lot of people aren’t aware that indicating important information on certain areas of the website can enhance seo or search engine optimization. If you include significant company related keywords, search engines are able to get to your website easily, therefore, improving your site’s visibility.

In online marketing, first impression on websites is everything. The first look on your site can make or break the visitor’s perception of the products or services that you offer regardless if you are utilizing seo tools and strategies. Remember, the more pleasant and user-friendly your website is, the more visitors and buyers you will attract.

If you are looking for an experienced web design company that provides Google and seo friendly web design and development at affordable prices, then you should start and finish with Draw Pictures Ltd. They are a Brighton based SEO Agency designing and developing next generation yet useful websites.