Web design mistakes that every web developer should avoid

Web design involves designing, updating and maintaining of websites. The Internet has brought revolution in the online business. Online footprint has become a strong desire of every company nowadays and website is a good platform to show skills and business. It increases the interest of potential customers.

While using the Internet, you might have noticed that some websites are not attractive. Yes, a quality and attractive web design is not difficult. Your website must be user friendly. A poorly designed website drives visitors away very quickly. Therefore, you should always avoid the below mentioned mistakes:

Avoid poor navigation otherwise visitors will leave the website

When you design a website, you should avoid poor navigation. Usually when visitors cannot get around your website easily, they just leave it and try to find another website. If you provide good navigation then visitors will stay on your site longer. So always provide simple and effective navigation in your web design.

Do not make visitors wonder

You should not wonder your website visitors when they land your web. Every page on your website should make feel visitors that they’re really on your website. Especially, it becomes more essential when visitors directly land on pages instead of home page of the web. You also need to make sure that every  page of your website links back to home pages also.

Avoid Long Pages

When you design any web site you should avoid long scrolling pages, because the majority of the users does not want to scroll unless they do not sure anything better be there. It is better for you to split the pages. If splitting is not possible then you should provide the option of content and navigation at the top .It will make navigation very easy through the entire page, regardless of long pages.

Avoid slow downloading

As you know users want to have information very quickly. If your site takes a long downloading time it will cost you heavily. Your website visitors just leave it and switch to any other site to meet their requirements. That is why you should focus on high-speed downloading while designing your website. You can get this objective by reducing the sizes of image files and limiting their numbers, on every page of your website.

Avoid too many ads

Keep in mind, the visitors never come to websites for ads. Though ads are great sources of earning money, but they can distract visitors. Sure, you add some ads but the main focus should be on web design not only ads. Always try to keep balance between content and ads on your web pages.

Avoid outdated information

Last but not least, you should avoid outdated information on your websites, because visitors always want the latest information. When you design website try to include latest content on its pages.


There are a lot of web design companies, which have experts who know exactly how an effective and attractive web can be designed. They can really help you to promote business by these well-designed websites.

SEO friendly web design provides visibility & customer base

Well designed website useful for marketing

The internet has changed this whole world into a global village. Now you can interact with people around the globe. Every businessman wants online presence for his or her products or services. A well designed website is a useful tool for advertising and marketing products and services. Once individuals used to design the website on their own, by the help of software. Now a big revolution has changed the whole scenario.

Web design copy provides innovative solutions

If you want to attract a big mass web traffic to your web and convert  them into  your potential clients, then you need a well designed SEO friendly site designed by the professions for the success of your business.

Nowadays many web design companies provide innovative solutions for your web design, such companies provide other services such as, logo design, online marketing solutions, graphic designs, and search engine optimisation. You should choose such company that’s proficient in SEO. The reason is, a web combined with efficient search engine optimisation provides a huge customer base and great visibility of your website.

Why I need Search engine optimisation?

The question is here, If you have a well designed website then why I need SEO Service? The answer is, a hidden or lonely websites cannot help you. SEO helps you to have good ranking in search engine result pages. You can only be able to understand it thoroughly, when you have sufficient knowledge how search engine ranking websites and how you can get the best out of top search engine rankings.

Search engine procedure

Web design involves some factors to index WebPages such as, keywords, programming language, and inbound links. Search engine algorithms use some rules to filter data. The search robots and crawlers collect the data. The crawlers visit your websites and analyse the content for ranking purpose. If your website is new and keeps user-friendly program code, then they will place them in a higher ranking position.

Title tag optimisation, Meta editing, and source coding of integrated are also included in SEO services. These factors place your website in the top ranking positions, in this way; users find them swiftly by entering appropriate keywords.

SEO experts work on incoming links

Search engine optimisation friendly web designing service  providers builds up unique and new web content. Their experts update the content in order to provide substantial and latest information. Incoming links are also important to index the websites, therefore SEO experts work on this aspect as well.

These SEO services provide appropriate headings with bold texts. If a website page has, bold text and caption, for the most important content and information in normal font, you can find the handy information at just a single glance. CSS helps the web designers in HTML codes and styling tags.


Getting an SEO friendly website, designed by any SEO Company is definitely a right step towards creating the a website for the promotion of your business.

Web design, do you know everything about web design?

Web design is a general term that describes any of the tasks that are involved in the creation of a web page. One site consists of one or many pages. It presents information by using various technologies and links that are called hyperlinks. The presentations and back-end are two aspects of every web that are found on the net. The presentation is for users’ interactions and back-end is information for browsers.

Web design is the big means to find leads and it helps your business grow online. Only a good quality web design could boom, your business on the Internet.

What good web design should involve?

Good web design is not all about, appearance and functionality. It should cater the needs of an organization, business and group that the web is bbuilt for. The focus on needs is very important for a website. If it is a business website it should provide all information about business. However, whatever, the purpose and focus of the websites you must be completely clear about it, for achieving good web design.

Languages used in web design

There aer many languages used in web design, such as HTML, XHTML, PHP, asp.net, Joomla and so on and on. HTML tells browsers how to present all the informations. The web designer uses both languages to tell browsers how web pages should appear. There are many factors of  HTML. All the browsers do not interpret HTML; it can appear differently, in any other browser.

Some more languages for web design are PHP, ASP and ColdFusion. Macromedia Flash is also used in web designing  and it is very popular language among the web designers.

SEO web design

It’s a combination of SEO and web designing. You should choose an SEO Company, which has experience in SEO and web design. A skilled SEO helps a business flourish by delivering targeted customers, identifying new markets and search trends. When you combine the two disciplines, of course, you get a web designer that can make a good looking website which is optimised to generate the best search engine results.

How to learn web design

The industry of web designing is a thriving career field. If you intend to enter this field, as a professional, then you should pay attention to computer-based modern technologies to learn. Many vocational college proffer programs, which provide training to start entry-level careers. This training gives you the knowledge for designing  user-friendly websites.

Principles of web design

• Before starting web design plan out everything

• Define the key objective of the website

• Proper use of HTML and CSS

• Loading  time should be less

• Navigation should be easy.

If you are not capable to design web then hire some experienced web designer.


The designing of a web page is very remarkable. Web designers offer HTML and graphics services. They make visually focused pages for you. They simplify the languages of the web design. Web design is an easy method of advertising and broadcasting information. One example is (company name) that creates personal and professional websites. It provides reasonably priced web design and development.

What is an SEO friendly website?

Most businesses, as well as organizations and institutions, have now their own websites. Typically, the purpose of having website is to provide better promotion and transaction.

Your website, mostly for your business, is nothing, if people will not see it. Having a catchy web page design and quality contents in your site is not enough for you to succeed because the people who will visit and buy on your online business are the ones who dictate whether your business will succeed or not.

Your money invested in putting up your site will be wasted if no one will be able to land on your web page, thus no one will be able to buy the products and services your business is offering. People must see your website so they can have business transactions with. SEO is the best answer to your problem.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a way of creating techniques into your site to gain more traffic and provide higher rank, which will probably attract more visitors. You can study by yourself and learn how to search engine optimization or you may hire an expert SEO Company to this tough task for you.

Although, these SEO providers can give you proper services and search engine optimization consulting, you also need to understand how things work so you would not be cheated by the SEO you will hire (This may sometimes happen when you choose the wrong one).  To have an SEO-friendly website, consider these following:

Maintaining creative designs and up-to-date contents on your blogs

Creative designs are eye-catching to most people especially for the savvy shoppers. Having and maintaining beautiful site will make them stay on your site. Images are big help too. Quality and original contents issues are also important. It is essential to have an informative, updated and useful to the readers. They must also be original and plagiarized-free. And most importantly, your contents must be relevant to the business you have.

Keywords selection and placement

Keyword is another important technical issue. Your keyword must be unique and relevant to your business for it to become SEO friendly. Choose keywords that are friendly and polite to the searchers so that they may find your site when they type the keyword in the search engine domains.

Google Panda and Penguin friendly

This is the latest thing that needs to be considered in optimizing you site. All sites must be affected by this new updates if they have bad SEO habits.

Why do you need Google SEO friendly web design?

Businesses need websites nowadays to increase the possibility of getting more customers to generate income for the business. In having a website, higher chance of obtaining more visitors will achieve if the site lands on the first page of the search engines. Search engine optimization is the responsible for your site to get you on top of the searches.

SEO is a typical technique that aims to improve your website rankings on search engines such as Google. Having an SEO strategy incorporated into your site will make your site more visible to searchers and potential visitors. Since Google is the most popular search engines in general category used by most people around the globe, it is better to have an SEO to your site that is Google friendly.

The web design of your site must be friendly with Google, as well as other search engines, because this may be the best factor for your business to improve and get the highest promotion it can have. Running a website with your business is a hard task. Creating a web designs and SEO strategy may get you more time.

To avoid being stressed up from doing SEO and web design, hire an SEO Agency to help you design and develop a user and SEO friendly website. This may be more costly, but the investment return on your business will definitely be greater. Hiring a reputable and reliable SEO service provider will have you more time to focus on the other needs of your business.

Besides, an SEO Expert is more knowledgeable in doing this kind of tough work, so chances of getting the desired achievement is utilized, rather than doing an SEO all by yourself which you are not sure if that strategy will work with your own hands. Draw Pictures Ltd can provide all your business and ecommerce web design needs.

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