Mobile seo optimised website design increases online sales

What is a mobile website?

A website that’s accessible on your mobile phone or tablet is called mobile website. Mobile website is becoming a top priority for your businesses around the globe looking at the mobile population worldwide.

There are about 6 billion people using mobile, across the world and approximately 1.2 billion users browse the Internet from mobiles.

Mobile users can read blog posts, check emails, find business location and perform financing from their cell or tablets. This has led the website designers to develop mobile websites. The mobile website is different from common website. This website can be customised in content and appearance that is specially designed for your mobile.

So there is a dire need to make your web mobile compatible for increasing sales.

How to make  your website mobile compatible?

For making your website mobile compatible you need to do the following things:

Mobile Sub-Domain: First, you create a Sub-Domain for mobile. It is not right to serve the mobile and desktop users on the same site. So create a separate Sub-Domain and install the detection script and redirection script on the desktop version for making sure that your mobile users are sent automatically to your mobile website.

Smart navigation: You should create the smart navigation. Mean you generate unobtrusive and clean navigation for your mobile web keeping in view all the practical implication for the mobile users. You should offer your visitors clear and distinct methods to get your essential content.

Concise content: You should ensure your content is concise and clear. Try to grab your readers’ attention from your, unique, informative and original content.

Avoid Flash and JavaScript: You should avoid Flash and JavaScript, because all mobiles cannot support these technologies. Use HTML for your mobile site. That will work good with it.

How does mobile website work?

When users visit your websites on the mobiles, the websites run the programs to detect whether the websites are being looked on the mobiles, tablets and computer or not.

If these programs detect that, mobiles are being used, they will redirect the users, to the “mobiles versions” of the website before getting the full version websites, in this way, the users have the advantage of browsing the mobile-friendly versions of your websites.

Most of the mobile websites allow users switching between the mobile versions and the full website versions on their discretion.

Why do you need mobile website?

Mobile website increases sales for your business. As I mentioned earlier, about 1.2 billion Internet users, use mobile for searching. You can check the number of users who search your web by mobile through Google Analytics. You would see the number of users are increasing swiftly who use mobile for looking at your website.

Who can create mobile website?

You may contact your web designers for building a mobile website. With a small price, they can drive more clients to your business by creating a mobile site for you.


Whether you accept or not, the reality is, the majority of the visitors are gaining access to, website by mobile, and as a marketer you need to adapt this technology.

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Website templates simple solution for individual and professional businesses

What are website templates?

Website templates are useful and exclusive design of websites that are made by experts and professionals including some animations and images. The high-priced web designers build a high quality website for your online presence with a guarantee. Website templates can serve the same purpose.

You can get low-priced website templates built by professional web designers that can give you semi-professional look that suits your business well. These website templates are developed for individuals and professionals who need just the simple solutions.

You can add your own content and images to your site. You can find both low-priced and high-priced website templates. You may also have your personal site set up just in a few days. You can buy such templates from any web design company.

Why you should use web templates?

Now a days, many individuals and companies are buying website templates from web design companies, because of the following reasons:

Save your precious time and money

By the help of ready-made web templates, you can build your personal website in a very short time. For this purpose, first of all, you need a platform such as Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and WordPress for your website. Then you will make a decision about templates for your selected platform.

You can buy attractive, functional and fully designed templates from web design companies at a very affordable price. If you have no knowledge about CSS and HTML and you need to change your website template, then these companies will also provide services that are mostly free. Thus you can save your precious time and money.

Well-coded and SEO friendly

These website templates are extremely well-coded. If you  have no idea how to write code, but you need to make some changes to your website. There is good news for you that these templates come with the latest coding methods. Therefore, no need to worry at all.

These templates are SEO friendly that allows you to gain higher ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. and can get organic traffic that boosts your sales eventually.

How can you select website templates?

When you want a good quality but low cost website, then websites templates may be right choice. You should consider following things while selecting these templates:

First, clear goal: you determine the clear goal like, what kind of website is required; e-commerce or informative website, would blogging be done, seek the answers to the questions.

Second, designer’s choice: You should select the professional web designer to make the process easy. Your designer must be skilled and patient to complete your templates.

Third, layout selection: Since, website templates are available in different layout applications, for completing the designing task efficiently. Your selected layout must be suitable for your desired website.

Fourth, price: Price is a very important factor while selecting website templates. Try browsing the website templates providing company that can provide you desired templates at affordable prices.

Beneficial tips for web design make web a successful sales tool

Today, In the rapidly changing business world, a website has become an essential and a front face of any company. Many companies know that an attractive and effective web design would promote their client base and overall sales.

Visitors like to go the websites, which are more user-friendly and appealing as compared to outdated and dull non seo friendly websites. So you should try to make an attractive and effective website. By the following useful web design tips, a web design may be used as a successful sales tool for the promotion of your business.

Keep your web design simple

Your web design should be like that every visitor to your website be able to know the actual content purpose of the site. You can only achieve this purpose if you ensure that your web design is simple and organised in every possible way.

You should not try to overburden visitors by including excessive small text and too much information. Clear and simple navigation system and signposting will support your visitors and develop their experience that can eventually result in extended stays and definitely more contacts.

Use professional looking colour scheme

The common colour scheme of web design is a single colour with black, white & shades of grey. Some web designers get colours from company logo. With the consistent colour scheme visitors have a robust experience that maintains the appearance of your website

Keep the navigation system transparent

If your site has much content split into different categories, then you should design that site with transparent and clear navigation. You should also try to add some comprehensive Sitemaps. Make your visitors to gain access, for the content of the web, in just a few clicks. You can display navigation system at the bottom or in the sidebar of the website.

Use high quality videos and images

You should use the highest resolution videos and images of best quality. Sometime many loaded graphics are used in web design that can divert the visitors from the relevant information of your web page and increase the loading time.

Use high quality unique and informative content

Once you become successful to design, a sharp good looking, organised and professional website, then you should pay attention to your content. The content must be snappy and coherent, keywords optimised, and of course unique.


For making your website visually appealing and attractive for the clients, you should acquire the services of a trustworthy and professional web design company. Professional guidance from the efficient web design company may bring surprising and positive result. Though web design seems easy but it includes many efforts for achieving desired results.

Web design mistakes that every web developer should avoid

Web design involves designing, updating and maintaining of websites. The Internet has brought revolution in the online business. Online footprint has become a strong desire of every company nowadays and website is a good platform to show skills and business. It increases the interest of potential customers.

While using the Internet, you might have noticed that some websites are not attractive. Yes, a quality and attractive web design is not difficult. Your website must be user friendly. A poorly designed website drives visitors away very quickly. Therefore, you should always avoid the below mentioned mistakes:

Avoid poor navigation otherwise visitors will leave the website

When you design a website, you should avoid poor navigation. Usually when visitors cannot get around your website easily, they just leave it and try to find another website. If you provide good navigation then visitors will stay on your site longer. So always provide simple and effective navigation in your web design.

Do not make visitors wonder

You should not wonder your website visitors when they land your web. Every page on your website should make feel visitors that they’re really on your website. Especially, it becomes more essential when visitors directly land on pages instead of home page of the web. You also need to make sure that every  page of your website links back to home pages also.

Avoid Long Pages

When you design any web site you should avoid long scrolling pages, because the majority of the users does not want to scroll unless they do not sure anything better be there. It is better for you to split the pages. If splitting is not possible then you should provide the option of content and navigation at the top .It will make navigation very easy through the entire page, regardless of long pages.

Avoid slow downloading

As you know users want to have information very quickly. If your site takes a long downloading time it will cost you heavily. Your website visitors just leave it and switch to any other site to meet their requirements. That is why you should focus on high-speed downloading while designing your website. You can get this objective by reducing the sizes of image files and limiting their numbers, on every page of your website.

Avoid too many ads

Keep in mind, the visitors never come to websites for ads. Though ads are great sources of earning money, but they can distract visitors. Sure, you add some ads but the main focus should be on web design not only ads. Always try to keep balance between content and ads on your web pages.

Avoid outdated information

Last but not least, you should avoid outdated information on your websites, because visitors always want the latest information. When you design website try to include latest content on its pages.


There are a lot of web design companies, which have experts who know exactly how an effective and attractive web can be designed. They can really help you to promote business by these well-designed websites.

SEO Friendly CMS Web Design can seriously help

Time is changing rapidly, so technologies and requirements of daily life are also changing swiftly. People are involved in different money making activities, therefore online business-oriented activities are increasing at a fast pace. The internet has made it possible to earn money sitting at your own home. Many business practices are based on websites so; we see great demand of web design.

Web design involves many optimisation strategies and techniques. CMS (content management system) is also an SEO friendly web design techniques. This technique is provided by web designers which actually know how seo works as well. In this article, you will learn why you should have an SEO friendly CMS.

SEO friendly CMS techniques

There are many content management systems available on the Internet now such as, Type Pad and WordPress which have received massive popularity. These web designing techniques has received popularity due to many themes and plugins, which are developed in the platforms that help business website to turn into a search engine friendly web and reach at the top position of search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others.

These content management system techniques are being used by many companies for web design. These techniques not only optimise their online business websites but also develop sites that are having higher visibility for many search engines.

Search engine friendly CMS techniques for online business & websites

In these days, many search engine optimisation companies as well as search engine friendly CMS (content management system) providers are present. They make well designed sites for your online business. With these powerful CMS techniques your business stays ahead of all your competitors in the rankings of search engines. In this way, the profit of your online business becomes higher.

Advantages of Search engine friendly CMS techniques for websites

There are many advantages of content management system techniques for your web design, websites and SEO friendly CMS such as:

  • Your business websites will get visibility in reputed search engines like, Google, yahoo, Bing, and others.
  • Your websites will reach at the top position of search engine result.
  • It will always stay ahead.
  • You will have the best SEO content management system, which supports the newest analytical tools.


Start using these useful search engines friendly CMS techniques for your web design for a successful online business. The task of web design is technical, so professional web developers and web designers are inevitable for its creation and online functioning.

SEO friendly web design provides visibility & customer base

Well designed website useful for marketing

The internet has changed this whole world into a global village. Now you can interact with people around the globe. Every businessman wants online presence for his or her products or services. A well designed website is a useful tool for advertising and marketing products and services. Once individuals used to design the website on their own, by the help of software. Now a big revolution has changed the whole scenario.

Web design copy provides innovative solutions

If you want to attract a big mass web traffic to your web and convert  them into  your potential clients, then you need a well designed SEO friendly site designed by the professions for the success of your business.

Nowadays many web design companies provide innovative solutions for your web design, such companies provide other services such as, logo design, online marketing solutions, graphic designs, and search engine optimisation. You should choose such company that’s proficient in SEO. The reason is, a web combined with efficient search engine optimisation provides a huge customer base and great visibility of your website.

Why I need Search engine optimisation?

The question is here, If you have a well designed website then why I need SEO Service? The answer is, a hidden or lonely websites cannot help you. SEO helps you to have good ranking in search engine result pages. You can only be able to understand it thoroughly, when you have sufficient knowledge how search engine ranking websites and how you can get the best out of top search engine rankings.

Search engine procedure

Web design involves some factors to index WebPages such as, keywords, programming language, and inbound links. Search engine algorithms use some rules to filter data. The search robots and crawlers collect the data. The crawlers visit your websites and analyse the content for ranking purpose. If your website is new and keeps user-friendly program code, then they will place them in a higher ranking position.

Title tag optimisation, Meta editing, and source coding of integrated are also included in SEO services. These factors place your website in the top ranking positions, in this way; users find them swiftly by entering appropriate keywords.

SEO experts work on incoming links

Search engine optimisation friendly web designing service  providers builds up unique and new web content. Their experts update the content in order to provide substantial and latest information. Incoming links are also important to index the websites, therefore SEO experts work on this aspect as well.

These SEO services provide appropriate headings with bold texts. If a website page has, bold text and caption, for the most important content and information in normal font, you can find the handy information at just a single glance. CSS helps the web designers in HTML codes and styling tags.


Getting an SEO friendly website, designed by any SEO Company is definitely a right step towards creating the a website for the promotion of your business.

Website speed optimisation is definitely the right solution

The website is an important aspect of any online business. A well constructed website not only serves as a company introduction platform but also improves their profit and image. There are many factors which need to consider, before taking start with website construction such as, logo, colour scheme, layout, content and of course the most important, website speed .

Viewers are less patient

Web site applications should be user friendly, easy to navigate, low downloading time, and provide clear and reliable information. When the viewers access any website, usually, they have a little patience and attention; therefore, your website should be efficient and provide the information, which the viewers are looking for. Exactly, here, you need website speed optimisation to speed up a website.

Website speed optimisation: Job of Professionals

Website speed is equally important for the success of your site besides traffic drive, page ranking and search engine rankings.  So, it must be efficient and fast. Website speed optimisation is a job that you should leave to the professionals. Because these experienced professionals use result-oriented and efficient techniques and tools to test the performance of your website.

Since, a website is an important point of communication with potential customers.The professionals add a user friendly feature to improve the impression of your website on the market. The professional web designers or search engine optimisation companies reduces the site loading time and makes it, the best choice for online visitors.

Google follows speed optimisation

Google, a famous search engine follows a certain process for ranking your website. Speed optimisation is also included in it. Google is focusing on introducing different interactive like firebug and Firefox to improve the website downloading speed more efficiently.

Website speed optimisation charges

The charges of speed optimisation companies vary across the industry. You can get a price estimate from different sources and compare these prices for getting the best deals.

No alteration while speeding up websites

If you do not want to modify the feel and look of your site while optimising its speed of loading. You no need to be concerned at all, because experts of website speed optimisation companies do not make any modification or alteration in the existing web structure, layout, and content.

Hence, your company brand value remains maintained. You can also check the speed score of your website by users’ experiences and testimonials.


Increasing website speed is a way forward, a dream for motivated online marketers as, a lot of website optimisation company can make your dream a possibility. You only need to search a reputed and reliable one.

Proper Web development makes your websites better than before

Proper Web development makes the websites better. This work involves many things like, server configuration, template modification, and content improvement.

Nevertheless when we talk about  web designers, it is all about coding and scripting. Web designers start building websites of basic text and become able to build advanced applications and extensions. Even, web development takes them to make social networking websites such as, Facebook and Twitter.

Main purpose of web development

The major purpose of web development is to make the website really great. What is great website? The site, able to provide all information about the visitors need, easy to surf and able to appear on the very first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines.

If you want to be successful in online business then web development is essential for you. If you are running an online business then your web should be informative, beneficial, beautiful and able to draw visitors to itself. Big online businesses have many web developers for different jobs. Some beautify the designs, some at administrative positions, and some perform hosting. However for small business a sole developer performs multiple tasks.

Languages for web development

If you want to plunge, in the industry of web design then you should be expert in HTML, XML, CSS and some other languages. These languages are very important for web development and they use some different grammar.

Tools for web development

The latest web developer has many tools to develop the web. Here, I will mention a few:

Firebug: Let you see http requests

It is a very important extension of Firefox. CSS and Ajax might be fun, whenever you utilise  Firebug. It lets you watch http requests. Its salient feature is, page loading time statistic that allows developer to locate exactly what is making load time lag and sort out the correct things to get the site humming.

HTML Validator: Tells about errors in code

It is also a handy tool. If you want to sure that pages are HTML and CSS, Validator is becoming important in this connection. A Validator appears in the status bar and tells about errors in code.

SVN: Keeps track of all changes

Sometime you change any file and all of a sudden, something of it, stops working and you do not know what you did, in this situation, you become frustrated. But no more frustration, there is an SVN tool available for solving your problem. SVN keeps track of all the changes and permits you to keep track of code. When anything happens, you may easily find, the cause of the problem.


In today’s world, many web development companies are present in the field. Web development is significant and necessary. In case, you have no skill and idea how make a better website for your business then take the services of any reputable web development company.

Essentials of internet marketing

The internet is never limited in what it offers to the people of the world. Since the process of digitization which the internet world is at its helm is very overriding or even encompassing, it is now becoming a lifestyle and therefore taking a greater part of the life of man.

Sequel to this, we now notice that everything we do in life now has a digital better to it. The internet is a complete market or even an economy on its own with a lot of buyers and sellers. The internet marketing buyers and sellers are not quarantined to one aspect of buying and selling.

They offer both the online and live buying and selling. When I say this, I am referring to the fact that both live and solid products are marketed in the internet alongside online and web services and products.

Internet marketing involves three main types of people. They are the set that provides the essential services needed for this market for the owners of the market. This involves the web designers and developers, the content writers and web hosts etc.

The second category involves the set of people that are involved in the selling of the services to people that needs them through the services rendered by the designers, and hosts.

This includes the website owners, business owners and outsourcers etc. The next is the set that buys these services and therefore are the consumers of the end products.

If you fall into any of these, you can make use of these internet marketing tools to get the best, they are Search engine optimization which allows you get your company found and used on the web.

Competitive analysis will research and discover ways you can boost traffic to your site. Keyword strategy will help you map out the best keywords to generate the best of services for you website.

Content development will see the best contents created for you to turn your visitors into regular customers.

Onsite and offsite optimisation will develop very good HTML address and code for your website and eventually bring crawlers to your website through this and they will evaluate your site and enhance your being ranked on your chosen keywords.

Link building especially back links will go a long way to make you visible and ranked on the search engines by directing customers to your website thorough the bigger and highly ranked websites.

Local SEO will also help you with some geographical advantages.

You will get the best from your internet life if you make use of these in your web design.

Professionally Designed Website and Internet Marketing

A number of things need to be put into consideration if you want to succeed in your online marketing effort. The number one thing among them all has to do with your website. You may never be able to go far in your internet business if the website is not properly designed. Check below to understand how important your website is to your internet success.

If you are an online marketer and you are still using a free website, then you are not ready for serious business. For one, visitors will never take you serious. They will never want to do business on a site hosted for free; they may actually distrust you and the things you have to offer on such a site.  A professionally designed paid site is therefore the way to go.

The website needs to be professionally designed to make it yield something tangible in the long run. Practically everyone buying things online prefers to do business on a professionally designed website instead of a site full of color patches. It may be somewhat costly to get a professionally designed website. But it actually pays off in the long run.

Your website is exactly like your offline office. The posh and professional look of your office goes a long way to determine how a prospective client will view your business.  Normally, everyone feels easy to do business with a company having a highly attractive office building in comparison with a company having a derelict building. Your clients would want your building to look completely official as this tends to promote reliability in their minds.

The description given above also applies to your online business. The look of your website determines if a client will be willing to do business with you. “First impression lasts longer”. That saying rings true here also. Your website gives the visitor his or her first impression about your business. That first impression can lead to a long lasting business relationship if handled carefully.

No one will do business on a site that cannot be trusted. But the looks of your site can determine if you are the trustworthy type or not. Many web surfers are always in haste when they are searching for information online. On the average, visitors spend only about 30 seconds on any website. If you want them to stay longer on your site and probably patronize what you have to offer on the site, your website needs to be magnetic enough to make them want more.

If you are looking for a seo friendly website design, you should always look for a reliable and full service seo agency that actually designs better websites than just normal web designers and developers.