Basic knowledge of search engine optimisation for starters

SEO is an organic method of using back links for getting the website to rank higher in the search engine results on Google. However, the use of SEO is not that easy. There are many SEO practices involved.

Search engine training courses are important nowadays, because Google has great influence over the other Internet patterns. If you want to optimise your website, on your own then before you start the procedure, you must have knowledge of  some definitions.

Keywords or search word

Keywords or search words are words or phrases, which you expect that your potential visitors will enter a search engine like Google, so they will see your web in the search results.


Headers are HTML (hypertext markup language) tags, which contain the most important search words or keywords.


Robots are text file. It is usually found on the server, which prevents the search engine to omit the certain secret pages on your website.


It is a technology of Web Pages compression, which reduces your website loading time.


The site map is an XHTML document, which gives information about your website structure to the search engine.

When you optimise your web page do not forget to check the following important points such as:

Domain name

You try to get the name of your domain; it must contain at least one most important keyword.


It is a main ranking factor and very important as well. You should always include main keywords in your title. It should make some sense.


Your website description should be at least 160 characters. It should highlight your website objective in search engine results.

No need of using Java scripts and flash extensively

You should avoid the use of Java scripts and flash extensively. Though, they make your site beautiful, but slow it down. The search engine is not able to see information in the flash so you should avoid it.

Avoid tables and a lot of links from one page

You should avoid tables because of  CSS evolution, you do not need tables anymore. Your website page should be accessible in 1 to 3 clicks therefore; you should avoid a lot of links from one page.

Now your website is uploaded you need to get it noticed. You can achieve this purpose by following steps:

Create a Facebook page

In this way, you can bring your site to people’ notice. Your friends will like webpage and help you to take a start.

Make blogs

You make blogs for your sites and post news and articles there, related to your website. People who will visit these news and articles will also visit your website.


You get a YouTube channel for yourself and upload movies there.

Google Analytics You register your website with Google analytics for checking your web performance, on a daily basis.


You should avoid illegal tricks for SEO purpose. There are a lot of search engine optimisation companies that are helping you suceed online with their incredible seo service. You should look for a reliable SEO Firm and start using Search engine optimisation service, that will definitely help!

Tips for improving your website search engine positions on Google

Search engine positioning can be simply put as thriving for better results on your website.  Web owners always look forward to their sites standing out from the rest especially in this day and age where cut throat competition exists.

There are thousands of similar websites co-existing and for one to be a cut above the rest, you have to employ tools that will improve on your site and attract as many visitors as is possible. First and foremost, your website has to be user friendly.  No one wants to struggle to find out what you are trying to sell them, try to read through a lot of mumble jumble or squint in a bid to scramble through it all.

The site has to be catchy and be able to be picked up easily by search engines.  Not only that but you should be at the top of the search engine results.  If your page appears at the bottom of the list then the work is cut out for you.  Go through it all and remove any extra spaces in the html code, have long strings of java script in external files.  Your presentation should be simple and easy to understand.

If you have tables in it they should not be too complex or detailed that it takes readers time trying to figure it out.  Alternatively, leave it to the professionals to do this for you.  That’s why they are there anyway. This is why I personally suggest their readers get a professionally designed seo friendly website, they were and are the future when it comes to business success online.

Site search engine positioning can also be achieved through use of backlinks, opt-in-lists and use of sitemaps.  Your pages should be properly referenced and ensure that they are actually included in the search engines.  You can also engage other writers and have them either write for you or you write for them good quality materials that are valuable to your visitors.

Also spend time on blogs and comment regularly to attract traffic.  Request to have your site linked to other web owners to increase visibility and note to include reference sources at the bottom of the articles as a way of directing the readers in search of more information to your site.  You should also endeavor to update information as times are ever changing so are the tastes and preferences of consumers.

To be on top of all others, you have to be abreast with what is new and have this captured in your website.

Other than just that, you need to choose the right keywords for search rankings as well as publish useful content that engages audience, speak loud on social sites as well as an seo strategy in place, link building when it comes to offsite seo, and it is always a great idea to hire a search engine optimisation company that actually offers budget yet powerful seo service.