Why my website receives no visitors at all?

You now have your new website for your small business. You have invested a big amount of your money to build it. You have hired services from a web design agency to create beautiful and eye catching layouts and themes for your business website. You also have your products ready for anyone who wants to buy from your online store.

Everything is ready (you think), but you are wondering why there is no one finding your site over the web (aside from your family and friends). Absolutely you lack strategies in promoting your website that is why no other people land on your site. Your site seems invisible to the people who might be your buyer.

You may like to check these following reasons why your website receives no visitors at all.

Because you have no effective SEO for your site

SEO is an effective way of providing more traffic for your sites and allows you to have more visitors coming in. SEO is a long process and may take up lots of your time. This is the perfect time for you to seek help from an expert to provide you search engine optimisation service for your site to make it visible on search pages.

SEO has many techniques that may be implemented to your site by an expert provider.

This could be the most effective way of gaining more visitors.

Because you never use social media networks

Creating an account in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are all free. Why don’t you sign up for your business? These sites have already stable status with millions of visitors each day. Imagine how many people might see your business if you promote it on these social media site!

Because you never posts on forums

There are so many existing websites that offer users the chance to have discussion on any topics. You can join the discussions that have topic relevant with your site content and carefully share you site to them. Be very careful in sharing this one. You must be able to capture the attention of the reader to make them visit your site.

Because you may lack other marketing strategies that are very helpful

You may also be creative in your marketing styles. You may give incentives for the buyers that purchased a product or service from your business like giving them discounts when they buy again from your online store. This will make them feel that you appreciate them as your customer and would surely love to buy again from you especially if you have satisfied them.

It is always a great ideal to speak to your local seo consultant and ask his/her opinion about your website – this is an important step towards having a well visited website, see what they think and how they can help.

You might also ask for their advice not just about the web design / front end but also if your website is missing on and offsite seo part as well and ask what they can do and for how much and what can you expect out of their service?

You might like to read another article on how to hire an seo company I have published last week, as this will at least give you information on what to ask an SEO Company and how to get to know if they are actually professional seo service provider.?

Stay tuned – Power and peace!

Why you should not hire an Indian SEO Company?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very vital process that your business website really needs. It is a long and hard process before you achieve the top rank on every search engine pages like Google and Yahoo and so on.

Often times, website owners hire professional SEO Service provider for their business. It is better, which already proven by many business owners, to hire those who are working on your local area or country. If you are working in the United Kingdom, you must hire a UK search engine optimization company to meet your desired result.

It is commonly suggested on most blogs about SEO companies’ reviews to avoid hiring an Indian SEO Expert for some reasons. It is clear that most Indian SEO Service providers use mass submissions over the web that creates duplicate content and web pages and there are also stories about SEO India that they have been implementing blackhat techniques when it comes to seo.

There are both good and bad seo providers in India, but some factors are to be considered which give them the reason to be not worthy to be hired.

An Indian SEO Company cannot understand an English business well.

Communication is the main key in all types of transactions. We all know that Indians do not speak English when they are born. They may have studied and learnt the language, but it would still be better to hire a native speaker so both of you could understand each other clearer.

An Indian SEO Company does not understand British culture well.

Since they were not born and bred in the United Kingdom, they do not know the exact culture British people have. They may have read some books about that, but again, it would still be better to hire someone who has the same culture as yours.

An Indian SEO Expert might not meet you at your desired time of the day.

United Kingdom and India has different time zones. There is about five-hour gap between these two countries. Do not expect an Indian SEO expert to work for you during 9 o’clock in the evening on your clock because that someone is sleeping at 3 o’clock in the morning on their clock! And probably, don’t expect an Indian to meet you personally!

An Indian SEO provider has little knowledge and experience in mingling with local internet marketing trends and the reasons is, many newbies in seo industry only believe mass submission over the web and even doing the blackhat seo will get them there – which is a lame practise.

Absolutely, Indian SEO expert do not have the enough experience on mingling with other English website owners. They must be familiar with the business trends on the internet by reading many blogs and books. But it would be finer if you would be hiring someone who has reached the traditional market and experienced transacting with fellow business people in the UK.

Many Indian seo companies spam over the blogs which has previously caused pain for a local English business from Ireland, that bloke has to explain all in court and pay the damages – other than just that he has been also banned from Google for 2 years in a row

At the same time, a SEO Company in India have no idea the kind of law we have here in the UK/Europe or anywhere in the English speaking countries

Plus, they do not know what customers demand and what they want as most of these Indian SEO Companies are based in India and do not normally exhibit their seo business int he UK or any other English speaking countries.

Say – the most important factors are language, time zone, and the law, but again, there are some great seo companies from India too, which know a lot about seo and has been providing great seo outsourcing service, but again, if you are an innocent customer, a startup business in the UK or Europe, it is suggested that you hire a local seo expert instead.

- This is my own opinion -

Are you in search of an honest SEO Expert?

Search engine marketing jobs are growing bigger along with the increasing numbers of websites. Due to this trend, it would be harder now to find the righteous one. Mostly, as part of business ethics, it is good to have honesty at all times in transacting a business.

Professional search engine optimization provider will make your site become more progressive but finding an honest SEO Expert would be crucial because there will be lot of them claim the title.

To prove whether the SEO you will hire implements honest SEO service, consider the following questions. The answers to these questions should all be YES if he is really an honest SEO Expert.

Is this SEO provider using white hat SEO technique?

White hat SEO may also be considered as honest or ethical SEO. This is an SEO strategy that focuses on providing useful and relevant content for searchers, rather than just doing tactics to make the website be on top of the search engines. In this technique, the human is their main audience, not just the Google or any search engines.

Is this SEO Company already provided services to other sites and made it successfully?

It is good to view feedback of the past clients of the SEO expert that you will hire soon. If this company provided its client an honest SEO service, all of their feedback would absolutely be positive and friendly on the company’s side. If they were honest with their past clients, you can be somehow sure that you will receive this honest treatment too. You can see other website owners’ reviews about the SEO agencies they had worked with on some blogs and forum, which are commonly open to all users.

Will I learn more from him about how SEO techniques and online marketing works for my business?

An honest SEO expert should always be transparent on everything regarding your website business. He must always give you updates on what your business achieved, how many visitors it gained and what place it has landed on search engine rank page. He must also show you his plans and strategies that will be implanted on your site, and how long would that be. It would also be better if he can patiently explain to you every technical detail that you might not know.

Will this SEO provider create the technique on my site within specific time frame?

Most importantly, an honest SEO provider will NOT tell you that he can make your site be on top rank for just an overnight workout! He must be lying! Normally, especially for new websites, it would take few months of SEO workout before the site reach the top position in any search rank.

How exactly SEO helps in my business success online?

Internet is widely used as source of information in today’s world. A good website should provide quality and useful content so that people will like to come back on their pages.

Most people who search on the internet commonly click on the first few websites that rank on the search engine page results.

Basically, if you own a website, you need to get in that top spot position so that these people will be clicking and visiting your site. Your unique and creative web design is not enough to attract visit. You also need to have an SEO strategy for your site so they can see your web page.

To clarify it, web design and SEO are two different things, but both are very helpful on the success of your online business.

Web designing is a way of creating and implementing great designs and quality contents for your site so that it would be useful for those who will visit the page.

SEO is the process you need to create in your web so that your site would get promotion. Experts’ marketing tips commonly suggest that SEO is the best road you can take in the success journey of your online business.

Doing SEO is a bit hard and you need an expert to that. The search engine optimization cost is not that expensive but the return of investment will be faster if you hire the right provider.

Probably, you are not yet completely decide on implementing an SEO for your site. You may read the following to learn how exactly SEO helps you in your business success online.

SEO is free!

The best things in life are free. SEO is definitely free to be implemented on your site. What you need to pay is for the service packages of the SEO consultant that you will hire.

Better and cheaper promotion for your business

You know that paying for advertisement in newspaper is expensive. Having a website with good SEO strategy is cheaper and probably more effective. People will see your business easier if they are on top search results, rather than when your business is just on the newspaper which would take some days to be noticed by some people.

The return on investment is really quick!

The cost you pay for your SEO Consultant will surely returned to you after you gained many visitors and buyers because of the help of SEO.

Do I really need SEO service in order to succeed online?

Search engine optimization is a vital technique for any website. SEO is your gateway to success, if only you do it correctly. You need to learn so many things about this thing for you to implement it effectively to your site. First, let us review what SEO is.

SEO is a very common process used by almost every website to gain publicity. This is a good technique in promoting your site and making it on the top place in any search engine ranking, more likely to be in Google. This will make you gain more traffic so that your site will be more visible to searchers that would be your visitors and potential buyers in your web business.

More than a million numbers of websites are already in the internet nowadays and they are also using SEO in making their online website work. These websites are your business competitors. Commonly, most searchers are more likely to select the company or website that they see on the first page of search rankings. This is why you need to implement an SEO campaign for your site. You might be losing millions of potential customers when you do not land on the first page of Google because of your poor SEO strategy.

You can do SEO alone but keep in mind that this is not an easy task. You might be thinking that this is just an easy process that can be done over few days. If you want to succeed in your online business, you probably should hire a search engine optimization consultant that will do all the SEO works for your site.

To make it clearer on why your need their services, these SEO Companies are like doctors when you get sick. You can take your medicine without doctors’ prescriptions, but you are not sure if you would be cured. Here in online business, SEO expert acts like your doctor for your search engine optimizing. They are already expert in this field and can give you guaranteed SEO services that your site needs.

Just like doctors, they have already acquired the skills needed in planning, building and maintaining your top spot rank. All the techniques they have known for years will be effectively implemented on your site. Like doctors again, good SEO agencies would not just provide you the SEO Services and take your money then go away after all were done. They can give you internet marketing coaching to help you doing your online business plans as well.

The reasons why SEO is extremely vital for your Blog

Now a days, the internet has taken over real activity. The internet has created a platform where many people meet and discuss or transact their deals without travelling to the each other’s place or destination. One of the most affected by this improvement and advancement in technology is the business field. Many people across the world meet and transact through the internet. For this reason, the Search Engine Optimization is extremely crucial when it comes to the business fields.

SEO enables the visibility of every business website or web page in the search engine. Therefore, the person can be sure of driving tons of traffic towards his or her business website. Moreover, it improves people’s blogs or websites for a long time and thus attracting many people. The method is proven to effective over the others. This is so since it can drive triple the number of the other methods.

There are truly many benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of such action taking place. First is creating a greater opportunity for people to earn a lot of cash. The conversion rate of people or visitors from the search engine is greater than any other source that can drive traffic. It can work mightily conveniently for affiliate or PPC campaigns which uses search engine as a source of its traffic.

SEO application adds value to blog or website. With such application used on blog, one can be sure of having extremely active readers and permanent traffic on his or her website. Moreover, it guides search engines and visitors towards the blog. This enables the website to improve its credibility and thus ranked higher than the competitors. Readers will be addicted to articles and may subscribe to the RSS feed in order for them to wait for the articles. This also creates the earning capacity of that given website owner.

The application enables the person website to acquire a keyword research magic. This application can enable the person website to withstand all its competitors since there are particularly many websites bearing the same information. Here, the person can establish keywords that are unique and easily found. Through this way, massive numbers of visitors are received.

The SEO competition has increased over the years, and thus many companies are developing and upgrading their websites to maintain the competition. People across the world can manage their SEO effectively to improve the traffic rate of the website, most of them hire seo companies which are expert in their field in order to get the best out of their search engine optimisation campaign.

7 often missed seo opportunities

1. Good website content – This is vital for a search engine to be able to rank you at the top of the results page.  Endeavour to use key words and phrases relevant to the topic at hand.  These keywords when properly placed are easily picked by the various search engines thereby increasing traffic to your site.

2. The written words – Nothing beats a concise, properly articulated article.  When clients and potential clients visit a website, they expect to get information that has solutions to their queries or clearly spells out the information or data they require to satisfy their needs.  Your website can offer this service but only if it is professionally done.  Images should be used to supplement the words and not take over completely otherwise your website may look like a children’s picture book.

3. Headings and Sub Headings – Headings can be compared to landmarks on a map.  From a glance one can map out the direction and also know exactly where they are.  When applied on websites, the headings and sub-headings make the work of visitors a bit more pleasant than when the document is one long common block of words.  They can readily summarize the content of the article by skimming through hence save time.  The headings and subheadings are also valuable when it comes to search engines.  To maximize visibility, keywords and phrases should not only appear in the headings, subheadings but also in the text of the body.

4. Avoid using same tags – Your title tags should be distinct and a value-add to your site.  They should not be repeated throughout the site.  That is tantamount to throwing an opportunity to showcase what else can be of importance to the readers.

5. Company Advertisements – It is tempting to use your company’s name on every title as a way of free promotion of the company.  Though this is not such a bad idea, it can be a little off-putting for visitors to your site.  Be precise, have your keyword on the titles instead to increase visibility.

6. Search engine friendly links – The link structures in your website should be friendly for the search engines to maximize the benefits of these web tools.

7. Use of anchor texts – Take the opportunity to capture descriptive words in the clickable parts of a site text link.  It also gives a preview of the contents of the web page to both users and search engines.

If you do not know how to do this, let an SEO Company handle the rest for you!

Tips for improving your website search engine positions on Google

Search engine positioning can be simply put as thriving for better results on your website.  Web owners always look forward to their sites standing out from the rest especially in this day and age where cut throat competition exists.

There are thousands of similar websites co-existing and for one to be a cut above the rest, you have to employ tools that will improve on your site and attract as many visitors as is possible. First and foremost, your website has to be user friendly.  No one wants to struggle to find out what you are trying to sell them, try to read through a lot of mumble jumble or squint in a bid to scramble through it all.

The site has to be catchy and be able to be picked up easily by search engines.  Not only that but you should be at the top of the search engine results.  If your page appears at the bottom of the list then the work is cut out for you.  Go through it all and remove any extra spaces in the html code, have long strings of java script in external files.  Your presentation should be simple and easy to understand.

If you have tables in it they should not be too complex or detailed that it takes readers time trying to figure it out.  Alternatively, leave it to the professionals to do this for you.  That’s why they are there anyway. This is why I personally suggest their readers get a professionally designed seo friendly website, they were and are the future when it comes to business success online.

Site search engine positioning can also be achieved through use of backlinks, opt-in-lists and use of sitemaps.  Your pages should be properly referenced and ensure that they are actually included in the search engines.  You can also engage other writers and have them either write for you or you write for them good quality materials that are valuable to your visitors.

Also spend time on blogs and comment regularly to attract traffic.  Request to have your site linked to other web owners to increase visibility and note to include reference sources at the bottom of the articles as a way of directing the readers in search of more information to your site.  You should also endeavor to update information as times are ever changing so are the tastes and preferences of consumers.

To be on top of all others, you have to be abreast with what is new and have this captured in your website.

Other than just that, you need to choose the right keywords for search rankings as well as publish useful content that engages audience, speak loud on social sites as well as an seo strategy in place, link building when it comes to offsite seo, and it is always a great idea to hire a search engine optimisation company that actually offers budget yet powerful seo service.

Professionally Designed Website and Internet Marketing

A number of things need to be put into consideration if you want to succeed in your online marketing effort. The number one thing among them all has to do with your website. You may never be able to go far in your internet business if the website is not properly designed. Check below to understand how important your website is to your internet success.

If you are an online marketer and you are still using a free website, then you are not ready for serious business. For one, visitors will never take you serious. They will never want to do business on a site hosted for free; they may actually distrust you and the things you have to offer on such a site.  A professionally designed paid site is therefore the way to go.

The website needs to be professionally designed to make it yield something tangible in the long run. Practically everyone buying things online prefers to do business on a professionally designed website instead of a site full of color patches. It may be somewhat costly to get a professionally designed website. But it actually pays off in the long run.

Your website is exactly like your offline office. The posh and professional look of your office goes a long way to determine how a prospective client will view your business.  Normally, everyone feels easy to do business with a company having a highly attractive office building in comparison with a company having a derelict building. Your clients would want your building to look completely official as this tends to promote reliability in their minds.

The description given above also applies to your online business. The look of your website determines if a client will be willing to do business with you. “First impression lasts longer”. That saying rings true here also. Your website gives the visitor his or her first impression about your business. That first impression can lead to a long lasting business relationship if handled carefully.

No one will do business on a site that cannot be trusted. But the looks of your site can determine if you are the trustworthy type or not. Many web surfers are always in haste when they are searching for information online. On the average, visitors spend only about 30 seconds on any website. If you want them to stay longer on your site and probably patronize what you have to offer on the site, your website needs to be magnetic enough to make them want more.

If you are looking for a seo friendly website design, you should always look for a reliable and full service seo agency that actually designs better websites than just normal web designers and developers.

Reciprocal Link Building

Reciprocal linking can be said to be networking within the World Wide Web.  The web owners link their sites to other web owners’ sites thus creating a mesh.  How can reciprocal linking be ranked in terms of success? Unfortunately, the answer is not highly.  This form of linking has created lots of hues and cries from users who feel they are not adding a lot of value.

Not only are we receiving unsolicited mails (spams) but lots of pop-ups posted as links on the websites which does not ease the problem.  The worst are links that can hardly be closed or moved.  They appear in the middle of the text yet they direct you to a site that has no relation to what you are reading or searching for whatsoever.  They are time wasters and actually reduce the effectiveness of the site you are interested in.

If you are like me, you close the site and move on to another hoping that you will find a site addressing what you are looking for and is also clear of the unnecessary links or pop-ups.  And that is how not to lose a visitor or potential client especially if your main purpose was to increase traffic to your website!

All is not lost though, because on the flip side the reciprocal link building gives visitors an opportunity to navigate through other sites that they would normally not have known about or taken time to peruse.  If properly used, this kind of linkage can be a source of traffic to the various sites.

They only have to be done in a more efficient and effective manner that does not arm twist visitors to use them but have them as an offer to a treat which can in turn entice visitors to your site.  You should have links of highly rated or requested articles, which give the visitors answers to their questions, information on how to do things and general information that sit well with your target group, on your site or other web owner’s sites.

You can also engage in discussion forums that relate to your niche and comment on alerts leaving your links in search sites and not forgetting to make use of the resource links.  This is helpful as a source of reciprocal linking but with a purpose and actually the users will appreciate this as opposed to being bombarded with spams.

I personally do not suggest link exchange, never did since my 11 years career. And I always suggest going for organic fresh useful links, they may come from trusted and respected web directories, articles and press release sites, social bookmarking and social sites that include, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, I personally also use, web 2.0 and 3.0 links, links from forum discussions by opening a thread and asking your question or simply replying to a question and leaving good hints and foot prints and then leaving a link in signatures, commenting on trusted and high traffic blogs, classifieds, and so on and so on

I have been running a successful SEO Company for around 11 years in total and have been doing link building for the same time, If you require an honest advice, you may always reach me on +44 790 700 4090 or always email at sales@drawpictures.co.uk – If you require SEO and Link Building service, I do it at affordable prices.