Ethical Issues Faced By Internet Marketing Companies

In today’s digital based business environment, ethics are important in establishing the reputation of the company. And for an internet marketing company working in an area that is often criticised for its lack of ethics, it is ever more important to get right when working on behalf of clients.

With immoral and illegitimate Internet marketing schemes operating and deceitful tactics being used, marketers must take extra caution when promoting their clients and their products and services on the World Wide Web and ensure they can prove themselves as an agency to be legit among an industry riddled with scams. Here are some of the main ethical issues faced by internet marketers:

Who Can Be Trusted?

Because internet marketing is full of scams and people out to gain sensitive information, it is important that you have clear guidelines and form an agreement with the client to ensure you are both comfortable and trust in each other.

You will after all be in charge of the brand’s online reputation, a big task to be reliant on for. You will then need to ensure you uphold your end of the agreement and carefully gauge any content you put out there on behalf of your client.

A Little Matter of Morals

If you are handling organic and paid internet marketing for a client, as well as maintaining and updating content on the client’s website, you need to consider the privacy and legal implications that go with it.

What you publish for the client reflects on how they are viewed by the rest of the world, and although you do the posting, if they were to be found to have anything illegal or immoral on their website, such as copyrighted images that they do not have permission to use, then it would be the client who it reflects badly on and who would suffer the consequences.

This goes back to the ethical issue of trust, as they are trusting you to uphold the law and make wise moral decisions on their behalf.

Professionalism and Reputation

Because the internet and tools within it such as social media and blogs are used for both personal and online marketing purposes, the two can very easily overlap.

An internet marketing company must consider the implications of everything they write and post online, ensuring all client information is kept separate from other clients and personal aspects of the internet to ensure the client’s reputation and your own reputation is upheld.

Once Published It Remains Forever

When you hit send on that controversial blog post or Tweet, it cannot be undone. Even if you delete the post itself, it remains in cached page archives forever and can easily be pulled up by search engines or websites that specialise in recalling old pages.

Additionally, video and movies, audio and images, any kind of multimedia in various formats will remain and be viewable, which brings about the issue of consent, privacy and safety.

Ethical and effective seo does not still cost much in 2016

I must admit that an SEO Company can play a good and bad role in business success. We have been asked by a Helicopter Hire Company in Cardiff, Wales to send a quote for seo services. Website was amazing and have been done by their in-house web designers and web developers, seo copywriting on the website has been done with audience (and not search engine’s in mind) which I liked the most

Website had all to rank really well on Google, Dmoz listing, Alexa, Yahoo Directory and HotBot and other top directories listings were there, website had a page rank 8 previously and I understand why

The blog was there, presence on social circles and very rich keywords (and easy to remember usernames) for social platforms which were helping in traffic from search engines (organic traffic), I must say they are the innocent people on Planet earth (but again every customer is an innocent customer and you have to provide them information in a simple manner they can understand)

We gone through the ins and outs and submitted a quote, realistic time frame and the time frame we needed to overcome the negative seo that has been done by someone (working on this website)

Their owner has sent me an email “Unbelievable” and I was literally very confused thinking we might have quoted way more than they were expecting. I arranged a call-back later in the day and found, they were paying 80 times more for bad seo than for good SEO (That we said we will do)

She has asked for our own rankings and we were happy to disclose with our own rankings on, plus the rankings we have achieved for companies from Europe from same niche (Hire Business)

But our pricing was still kind of a big question on her mind?

She has asked me to come down and visit her in office over the weekend, we had lunch in Cardiff, which was great – Thank you for that “Sarah” and then I have explained how we calculate the prices, what needs to be done and so on. She told me how happy she was to meet me as everyone else they have called (English SEO Companies) were sending “Unbelievable Prices” – Tens and thousands of pounds for nothing

In order to help her more, I have given her our customers list (the one’s that do not sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement and are happy to share their details), mostly small and mid-sized businesses, this list has the person name, email, phone and address and the best time to reach

I knew she was more than happy to go ahead and use our seo services, as suggested, she has called couple of our customers based in Cardiff, Wales, Edinburgh Scotland as well as in London and other cities and she was surprised she said that everyone had good words for the seo work we do and especially for the price we quote!

She has happily opted to our seo services and the campaign and the keywords we agreed together have been delivered in 4 months time (One of the most competitive in the UK)

You should actually read this if you are planning to hire a search engine optimisation service

12 key questions to ask your prospective Search Engine Optimisation Company

But that is not all.

Ask what are their website rankings, on what keywords, then do the keyword research using Google keyword suggestion tool, also known as (Keyword Tool), find out the competition and number of local searches are there for those keywords and you would be easily measuring the success (Ranking on keywords is one thing, ranking on keywords that help bring Return on investment is quite another).

For example, we rank on below positions on (Seo related keywords only)

Keywords                   Rank               

SEO UK                        #2

SEO                              #9

SEO Companies           #3

SEO Company             #6

SEO Experts                 #5

SEO Service                 #9

SEO Services               #10

Link Building                 #6

UK One Way Links       #6

This is a good start for a less than 9 months old website, No? This website of Draw Pictures Ltd represent UK business alone, we have customers working with us for years and some are working for longer than 5 years, we are proud to be a 12 years old search engine optimisation company that goes beyond in helping your business be found – We are always able to help and we know what exactly will work for your business!

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Power to you and your business!

5 Good Backlinks Vs 500 authority but Paid backlinks

I was up until 3am last night. I have been looking in to something and I think, I now have a reason to write this blog post for all my lovely readers from all over the world and Thank you for dozens feedbacks I have received for my previous post

I have been very happy with a Scotland based SEO Company in Glasgow was doing pretty well for keywords like “SEO UK” – “SEO Company” – “SEO Companies” and also “SEO Services” and it was more than just great for a website just 6 months old. I have looked in to the work they have been doing and found that the main resources they were relying on seo was directory and article writing and submission

Fair enough for a start. This company has achieved top 3 and #1 rankings on the above keywords which were more than great for the work they have done and I am sure they must have received several genuine business leads too. But curiosity is a bad thing

2 Months after this SEO Company in Scotland is nearly nowhere. I have looked in to it last night and found a mass amount of backlinks from niche websites, websites ranging from PR1 to PR7, placing links on their home pages and that too at a very good position where Google is normally going to give you a great vote – Not!

Well this SEO Company in Scotland is quite big and has offices in Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom as well as in Dubai (mass link building offices perhaps?), I do not know, I have gone through finding the reality and what I have found was amazing – No shocking!

They have acquired over 500 niche backlinks from very trusted websites, and ideally I can see (paid backlinks). These websites keep getting indexed on regular basis, and what people think, Google counts it as a vote when a good clean useful website is linking to you but it also gives you a vote when they are so many (500) votes every month. You are not and you are not too or and Aljazeera as well

Well, anyhow this big seo company is nowhere and cannot be seen, then in order to improve their positions, they have started building many mini websites all on the same IP, Man, if you seriously have to trick Google, at least make sense, No?

Well my suggestion and as Matt Cutts Said: do not get involved in bad link building practises. I know Google has introduced a tool to help you get rid of backlinks but this leading SEO Company with offices in all prime locations from Asia to Middle and Far East and from there to Europe, America, Canada and Australia probably do not know how to use this tool in order to help get rid of those bad links. You guys were doing pretty well, why acquire those stupid backlinks? Cannot understand

Now this SEO Firm with offices everywhere is not ranking in first 20 pages of Google, be it,, and so on

If you are thinking of buying or selling links in 2016, you are a very brave man or woman. Rather than having thousands and thousands layers of backlinks, attract 5 links, win them, and you are doing really well online!

I work for Draw Pictures Ltd and I must admit we believe in neat and clean stuff, be it link building or seo in general.

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Are you in search of an honest SEO Expert?

Search engine marketing jobs are growing bigger along with the increasing numbers of websites. Due to this trend, it would be harder now to find the righteous one. Mostly, as part of business ethics, it is good to have honesty at all times in transacting a business.

Professional search engine optimization provider will make your site become more progressive but finding an honest SEO Expert would be crucial because there will be lot of them claim the title.

To prove whether the SEO you will hire implements honest SEO service, consider the following questions. The answers to these questions should all be YES if he is really an honest SEO Expert.

Is this SEO provider using white hat SEO technique?

White hat SEO may also be considered as honest or ethical SEO. This is an SEO strategy that focuses on providing useful and relevant content for searchers, rather than just doing tactics to make the website be on top of the search engines. In this technique, the human is their main audience, not just the Google or any search engines.

Is this SEO Company already provided services to other sites and made it successfully?

It is good to view feedback of the past clients of the SEO expert that you will hire soon. If this company provided its client an honest SEO service, all of their feedback would absolutely be positive and friendly on the company’s side. If they were honest with their past clients, you can be somehow sure that you will receive this honest treatment too. You can see other website owners’ reviews about the SEO agencies they had worked with on some blogs and forum, which are commonly open to all users.

Will I learn more from him about how SEO techniques and online marketing works for my business?

An honest SEO expert should always be transparent on everything regarding your website business. He must always give you updates on what your business achieved, how many visitors it gained and what place it has landed on search engine rank page. He must also show you his plans and strategies that will be implanted on your site, and how long would that be. It would also be better if he can patiently explain to you every technical detail that you might not know.

Will this SEO provider create the technique on my site within specific time frame?

Most importantly, an honest SEO provider will NOT tell you that he can make your site be on top rank for just an overnight workout! He must be lying! Normally, especially for new websites, it would take few months of SEO workout before the site reach the top position in any search rank.

How to Avoid Google Panda and Penguin Penalties?

As a web browser, doesn’t it annoy you when you see a web page that is completely filled with advertisement that you’re having difficulty in finding the anticipated content?

On the other hand if you’re on the other side of the coin, someone who uses seo or search engine optimization to increase site traffic, sometimes, unintentionally, you may go beyond what is acceptable when it comes to search optimization. Here’s is quick guide to avoid Google Panda and Penguin Penalties:

1. Avoid Excessive Keyword Repetition – Prior to the new webmaster’s guidelines, ranking is based on the number of keywords mentioned and because of this practice; Google has changed their system in determining which websites deserve to be on top.

2. Avoid Links Spam – Link building is a search optimization tool that can also be misused. The importance of backlinks is certainly undeniable but obtaining a lot of backlinks from websites that are blacklisted can cause penalties.

3. Malware and Virus – Google is definitely always on a look out for websites that are infected with virus or malware. So having spam or bot scripts can alert Google and penalize your website.

4. Copied or Duplicate Content – It is a golden rule in SEO that content is the no. 1 priority. You have to consistently strive to create original, fresh and relevant content. Based on Google’s definition of “duplicate”, there are similar texts on different pages within the same website or on a sister site. You can expect a decrease on your website rank if you choose to duplicate your content.

5. Hidden Text and Doorway Page – Hidden text are those that you cannot see on the website (the words or phrases are the same color as the website page’s background) but it contained in the HTML source attempting to deceive the search engines that the web page is completely filled with keywords. Doorways page is similar to hidden texts. It is a kind of scam wherein there is a page especially for the search engines and is insignificant to human but is utilized to obtain high ranking in search engines and to deceive web browsers to visit their sites. If you are going to hire seo services, make sure that they don’t have any history of “black hat” or any over optimization practices as it may harm your website.

6. Concentrate on User Experience – You have to focus on how to delight your readers or visitors, not the search engines. If you please the users, Google will definitely notice.  Because web browsers find keyword spamming annoying. Although keyword is important as an seo tool, you have to find the balance in eliciting interest while making an effort to obtain a higher rank in search engines.

You should always looking for a safe seo service or look for a reliable seo agency, Draw Pictures Ltd are SEO Consultants based in Wimbledon offering quality seo, link building and web design service that puts your business ahead!

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Google Guidelines for Ethical SEO

These are the latest Google guideline on Search Engine Optimization.  We all know that violating these guidelines may lead to penalties like suspension of the site or website total ban. That is why it is important to hire a reputable SEO Firm that can guarantee processes that wouldn’t violate any of the search engine’s guideline.

Here are the guidelines that Google released this year in regards to Search Engine Optimization:

1. Google has given a list of tasks that an SEO consultant can provide a website owner such as assessment of the site, technical guidance on website improvement, keyword research, content development, SEO training, management of internet business development campaigns, and expertise in specific market and geographies.

2. Google ensured that they never accept payment from website owners or SEO firms in exchange for better website ranking

3. Google advised that prior to searching for an SEO, the user should be educated about the basics of how search engines work.

4. Google suggested for website owners to hire an SEO company at the beginning of the whole online marketing process as this would ensure that they would be on the same page in terms of keeping the site search engine friendly.

5. Google also indicated a set of questions that a website owner should ask the seo firm prior. Basically, obtaining information about the seo experience, knowledge about webmaster guidelines, turn around time before you expect some positive results, the processes involve with their seo strategies, etc.

6. Google gave a warning on those unethical SEO scammers that give the industry a bad reputation. Google also gave thorough advice and a guideline on how to choose reputable SEO firms which includes:

• Be suspicious of seo companies that send emails out of nowhere.

• No seo firm can guarantee that they can put you on top rank or on Google’s first page

• If the seo marketing service is very vaguer about the processes involve in their techniques, be careful. Most likely, they do black hat practices.

• You should avoid linking to an seo as these are useless practices.

7. Google suggested that users should be careful with seo firms that owns shadow domains, uses doorway pages, those that sell keywords in the address bar, guarantees top ranking, has a lot of aliases, and other black hat practices or those seo firms that over optimize or are invovled in agressive seo marketing.

Being aware of these Google guidelines regarding search engine optimization will hopefully helps the user make better choices in hiring seo firms and companies. Doing “black hat” practices or “scam” methods is not worth losing your website or worse, harming your reputation. While hiring an SEO Service, be careful and be wise

Draw Pictures Ltd are a team of seo experts based in Wimbledon, London with years of expertise and sound knowledge on how to best optimise your website, they design and develop seo and link building strategy that work for most businesses, they tirelessly work to get you there and were always able to divert the market to your business.