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Are you looking for a trustworthy, honest and results focused and ROI driven Search Engine Optimisation Company based in Europe offering you as a seo agency with bespoke search engine optimisation services?

Are you looking for an SEO Agency with arrangements of providing you with multilingual content creation for your online marketing?

Are you looking for an SEO Agency to provide you with next generation link building, authority backlinks from niche domains that deliver fast results?

And ideally you are looking with great pricing structure, invoicing offered and pricing that you normally pay in Asia, Middle and Far East?

If you have answered “yes” to any of your above questions and you are looking for reliable seo partner to outsource your seo campaigns, digital and internet marketing, content creation, link building and web designing and development campaigns then you are on the right page

Draw Pictures Ltd are a SEO Company with over 12  years experience offering customers and agencies with bespoke seo services, services that work, build a buzz, help you get both the results and ROI for your business customers!

If you are looking for a truly experienced search engine optimisation firm, then you are on the right page, make a contact with our SEO Specialists in London and let their working strategies work for you or your customers business! We are so sure to give your business an edge that we promise to provide you seo services for free until we have achieved our goals.

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Draw Pictures Ltd is a London based SEO Consultancy Company offering free advice to businesses from the UK, Europe and abroad. Be it you are looking to learn a thing or share, ask for a suggestion or ask for the price, we would be more than glad to talk to you and answer your questions

We believe in driving our customers an extra mile away for free. As a customer you will be provided with an amazing backup support to remember, we normally return all our calls and emails in matter of just few minutes.

You will always speak to a real seo consultant based in London when you hire our seo consultants. Our web designers and web developers here in London are chatty and love to chat if you have a web design project or just want to ask a question

Give us a call today and let an Experienced SEO Company provide you with the seo service or any other services you require!

Probably the only Honest SEO Company on Internet

Yesterday I have received over 20 calls on my extension (07375 320305 extension: 1) from new businesses from London, Surrey and few from Scotland and Wales. And I must admit 12 of those customers have been recommend by word of mouth or from our customers that have been previously or currently using our seo services

It is great, is not it? Unlike other seo companies our main aim have never been to take on every single project to make a good money out of it but to provide our customers with good price, fast support and above all the service that helps them grow

Many SEO Companies now a day’s speak a lot on how big they are – We are literally very small when it comes to prices and we are big on all our services including backlinks creation, seo and online marketing

I think, the main reason why our customers never leave us (I have not seen any till date) is because we quote realistic prices (much cheaper seo services than any other English seo companies), we return emails and calls in normally just matter of few minutes, our reporting system is designed to provide customers with weekly and monthly reports and also because our seo consultants are more than happy to speak with customers, answer all their questions and even go and visit their offices if need to provide training and support – We do not mind!

I am personally up and running (Open till late like an off licence shop) until late and main reason why I do this is to answer our customers emails, ensure their seo campaigns are going as smooth as we promised, look for something better, make notes and discuss with our seo team next day – and to be honest our seo prices and package plans for search engine optimisation service, web design, backlinks creation and online marketing are what you hardly pay in the UK (We are based in Wimbledon) so if other SEO Companies are just charging higher rates because of their prominent location – That is not an excuse or is it?

There are many innocent seo customers who do not know much about seo and web design and how online marketing works and this is where these dodgy seo companies quote them shocking prices! I wish all seo customers that opt to a seo service should study these 12 key questions to ask your prospective SEO Agency

But again SEO Business has both good and bad reputation, and these bad seo guys should be blamed – Many businesses do not use seo services anymore because they have received a warning or their website have been banned by these “bad seo persons”

If you wish to avoid disappointment, you should local for a SEO Consultant that actually delivers!

If you need help with seo, backlinks or content creation, you can just give me a call and I would be more than glad to answer your questions, I can be reached at

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Good Luck and Power to you and your business!

Proven seo service, Introducing cheap seo service package plans for small businesses

Draw Pictures Ltd (SEO Consultants) – London, UK based SEO Agency is helping businesses succeed online. They have introduced very useful and proven seo service at the prices small and medium businesses can afford.

If you are looking for an honest seo company that provides free seo consultancy and are happy to disclose what they will do to help you get search engine rankings on Google – Then Draw Pictures Ltd.

Please see below some of the results achieved by us

Website URL:            

Target Google domain:

Keywords:   Rankings

Cheap Coach Hire  #1

Coach Hire   #2

Coach Company  #3

Coach Hire London  #1

Coach Companies  #4

Budget Coach Hire  #1

Discount Coach Hire  #2

Ps: An old customer using our seo services, we have been providing seo service to since 2008 till to date – We have ranked hundreds of keywords, has provided proven seo service to their friends, family members and loved one’s and are one of the most experienced transportation seo services firm specialising in seo for taxi, minicab, minibus and coach hire businesses from the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Website URL:

Target Google Domain:

Keywords and their rankings

Cheap Airport Taxi            #1

Cheap Airport Minicab      #1

London Airport Cars         #1

Heathrow Airport Taxi       #3

Gatwick Airport Taxi          #3

Stansted Airport Taxi        #3

Luton Airport Taxi             #3

London Airport Transfers  #9

London Airport Taxi          #11

Ps – This website used to rank nowhere in July. We have started to provide seo service to this customer in July 2015 and have achieved these rankings in some months. We can see over 900% increase in enquires, traffic and overall success online –

What our customers say about our seo services?

* Draw Pictures Ltd are one of the best online marketing agency, they know what they are doing and they have always proved it – John Laws

* Robert and his team are one of the best people in entire SEO Industry! – Adam Milton

* Robert has worked very closely to find out what we are looking for – all the strategies he has built for our business has worked out and I am glad to say, I have found them very hardworking, very polite and very professional as a matter of fact – Renato Hudson  

* I have found Draw Pictures Online in Google when I have been looking for “SEO Service” in my area, I wanted to hire a “Local SEO Company” but their answers to my questions have enabled me to hire their seo service, they are great people with pleasing personalities. – Stevenson

If you would like to see our seo portfolio or seo testimonials, please go to our website

We have introduced a new package for small businesses.

We will write 3 useful how to articles about your business, products or services, articles are sent to you for your review and concerns and approval. These 3 articles will be submitted on 3 quality and clean article sites.

Write 3 newsworthy press releases about your business, products and services, press releases are sent to you for your review and concerns and even approval. These press releases will be then submitted on 3 clean press release sites.

Submit 50 local web directories (we will write unique titles and descriptions for every directory submitted on the web – Our submission team will hand submit all web directories to neat, clean and useful directories with age, page rank and traffic.

Submit  30 Social bookmarking on neat, clean and useful social bookmarking sites with age, page rank and traffic, please note, they write unique titles, description and choose tags for your listing, all hand submitted

Submit 30 local classified ads that accept links, have good traffic, age, domain history, traffic and local search queries on those classified ads websites.

They will write 20 useful reviews about your business written by native English speakers.

They will build 20 niche backlinks with page rank, age, domain history and traffic

6 Documents sharing, sharing your articles and press releases over 6 documents sharing sites

Image Submission, submitting your logo on 10 image submission sites

20 Forum Signatures from niche forums

20 blog comments on niche blogs

10 yahoo questions or answers

10 YouTube video comments on niche movies

6 Link Wheel Backlinks a Month

You get:        200+ backlinks a month from unique and quality domains

You pay:       £400 a month

Reports:        On weekly and monthly basis (we email you report on every Saturday and full and final report on the end of every month.

Invoices:        You receive pro-forma invoice and invoice!

We suggest that you do proper keyword research or ask us to do free keyword research on your behalf. Provide us 10 keywords, we will send you a report about your current rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo, what is your page rank, Alexa Rank and Links in Google before starting your seo campaign.

We send weekly work reports and final report on the end of every month!

We assure you that in next couple of months, you will see a good amount of traffic, enquires increase, page rank and ROI increase, as well as Top Search Engine Rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

If you want to see more rankings we have achieved recently, please get in touch with us on our free phone 07375 320305, via mobile on 07907 004090 or send us an email at and we will be happy to send you rankings of our customers that has not signed “NDA” (Non Disclosure Agreement)

If you are calling for seo from abroad, please call on +44 (0)7375 320305 and speak to our friendly seo consultants based in Wimbledon, London, Great Britain

12 key questions to ask your prospective SEO Consultant

You need to take on an SEO consultant. But how do you choose the best seo person for the job?

Here are our top 12 tips for identifying someone who’ll help give your business better visibility in the search results, drive more potential customers your way and help you maximise sales conversion.

How long have you been working in SEO? Things change incredibly fast online and the marketing world is full of instant experts. Make sure your candidate has the right amount, breadth and depth of experience to merit calling him or herself a consultant. SEO Agencies have existed for more than a decade so find someone with at least a few years’ experience under their belt

Do you have any case studies we can see? Any expert worth their salt will be able to show you at least two solid case studies that demonstrate exactly how they’ve improved other business’s search positions.

If they don’t want to reveal sensitive details about the work they’ve done for clients, ask for an anonymised version with the client name removed. What you need is a logical, clear story where £X has been spent and, as a result, a return on investment of £X has been generated. Nothing fluffy and vague – you need the facts

What about references? Always ask for references and take up at last three of them. If they don’t have three referees, why not?

How current is your SEO knowledge? Google alone releases literally thousands of algorithm updates every year. Some have a powerful impact, most are so subtle you won’t notice them. An expert in the field will be able to talk you through the latest developments fluently, in plain language.

What media do you use? If they only use social media marketing, step away. SEO is a multi-disciplined affair and a good consultant will bring all manner of media into play including on-site SEO, SMM, natural link building and content marketing

Can you explain exactly what you do? Assuming the person you’re talking to has already taken a long, hard look at your website they should be able to give you a broad-brush, easy to understand outline of the techniques they recommend to take your particular site to the next level.

What about on-site SEO? The starting point for SEO excellence is your website and there are probably plenty of relatively simple quick wins that’ll optimise it for search engines, things like SEO-friendly meta data and content mark-up. If all they can talk about is building links, they’re missing a vital trick

What do you need from us? SEO is a two way street and experienced SEO consultants will be happy to provide a list of the things you need to do to meet them half way. If they recommend lots of fresh content, you need to deliver it. If they specify site updates, you need to carry them out in good time, without delay, to their brief

How quickly can you improve our search positions? If the answer is ‘instantly’, be wary… very wary! If they promise you the earth in no time it’s likely they will either resort to old fashioned spammy link building techniques (that’ll inevitably catch up with you one day) or they don’t know what they’re talking about

How will we know you’re succeeding? Find out what methods they’ll be using to measure their work’s effectiveness and how / how often they will pass the information on to you. You need someone meticulous and well organised with a good head for admin

How does your own website rank in the search results? SEO Consultants are busy people but that’s no excuse for letting their business site slide.  If someone’s on the ball with their own site it’s more likely they’ll stay on the ball with yours!

Do you have any non-SEO marketing experience? SEO is one thing, but it isn’t everything. If you can find someone with well-rounded experience that covers more than SEO alone, they’ll prove more valuable than someone whose experience is narrower

It’s also important to get on with the people who support your business’s aims and ambitions. Once you’ve established which prospective consultants have the right professional attributes, it is absolutely fine to make your final decision based on whether or not you think you’ll enjoy working together.

Do you need excellent SEO Consultants in London? If so, feel free to ask us all these questions and more and we’ll provide the answers you need.

SEO consultant a dire need of your web

Today, almost every business is present on Internet that lowers your business costs and increases flexibility. To make your business successful online you need customers like other shop or store. Your online business should not only look eye-catching so that, searchers would browse it and buy, but it should also easily found and accessible by potential visitors.

Exactly here, search engine optimisation consultant plays a key role with his SEO techniques. He knows exactly the responsibilities and tasks of starting the search marketing campaigns initially. He keeps the top level awareness of SEO counting, indexing skill, online sector categorisation, ranking methods, link building strategies, and competitor analysis.

Responsibilities of SEO consultant

SEO consultant works out the keywords or search words and phrases for your brand or business, which match your visitors search patterns. He promotes the organic progression of your web ranking and provides different techniques to help you to further increase your web popularity.

He allows you to keep focused on the important objective of your business, and allow you more ways to reach corporate goals, by taking all the responsibilities of advertising in his own hand.

Benefits of SEO consultant

The SEO consultant can provide you the following benefits:

• He explains you every possible way and process to boost the page ranking of your web in the different search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and others.

• He clears you everything with the reports he submits, in this way, he makes you able to monitor web page progress.

• He saves your efforts and time to increase the rankings of your web pages that result in increased visitors, more hits on your web, more potential clients, and finally higher revenues.

• He maintains the visibility of your website and its pages to a target market that is a great benefit for you.

• He solves all the problems that occur in your Internet marketing strategy.

• He provides faster output in the form of huge traffic through keywords optimisation because he uses them correctly according to the target URL.

• He promotes and focuses your, all the important web pages so that they appear in the SE result pages list when they’re searched.

• He understands exactly what your business and web needs.


SEO of your website cannot happen overnight and once you have achieved the desired rankings it still stays an ongoing process. Because search engines algorithms change regularly and it is the SEO consultant who monitors when this happens.

He makes all the adjustments where necessary. So if you own a business, small or large hiring any skilled SEO Consultant can bring the opportunities which, you mightn’t have imagined before.

Make your website successful by avoiding Search engine optimisation mistakes

Do you own a website? If you have then of course, you want your website stand out from other websites and get it, at the top position on Google. But you are not getting website visitors as per your expectations that are essential for the success of your website and business.

If it sounds like you, then definitely you are making some SEO mistakes.

This article will help you to avoid such mistakes. You must see your search engine optimisation efforts pay you off more effectively and quickly.

Search engine optimisation mistakes

Keyword stuffing and ignorance

Many websites are stuffing content with keywords or search words in order to make their content more attractive to different search engines.

But you should always remember that content is written for the users not for the search engines.

If you pepper your content with stuffing keywords they might make it easy to search engine spider to get indexed your content, but remember that search engine spider will not do business with you.

While building website you usually disregard keyword research. In the result, you build up website with keywords, which nobody searches or sometime you use the most competitive keyword so, you have to wait, for a long time to see, results.

You should visit ‘Keyword tool Google AdWords’ and see how many searchers searched this keyword per month.

Only home page optimisation

Many people concentrate on optimisation of home page of their website.

Right, the home page of the web  is more important for the website visitors but, you should not ignore the other pages of your site. Try to select different keywords for every page of your website.

This will increase your web traffic. If you optimise many pages on the site then, even less competitive and less popular keywords can bring positive affect on your web traffic.

Duplicate or spam Meta descriptions

In the search engines, Meta tags are just like little ads for your website. They convince the searchers that your website is the exactly one that they’re searching for.

You should not stuff the Meta descriptions with many keywords such as, Wales cruises, cruise the Wales, Wales cruise, Wales cruise vacations etc. Would you ever trust such website?

Irrelevant or bad linking Links are very important for your website. However, you should pay attention on quality more than quantity. Many links come from irrelevant or spam blogs, such as, gambling, cloaked text sites. Too many substandard links might remove your website form the search engine results.

Copying the competition

Every industry is different and every website has its own objectives. Of course, for understanding SEO arena you need to study the competition, but a copy of your competitors’ strategy might ruin you. It does not mean, the thing worked for them would also work for you.


Remember one thing SEO is a very long process you cannot see overnight success and always have the latest content on your website.

However as we discussed above, that you have a website and it does not attract many visitors to your website, then there is something wrong, either with your web design, development or the seo side of it.

Before you can think of massive number of visitors, you should better consult about your website strategy with a local seo consultant based in your area, most seo consultants and seo companies offer free seo advice.

Talk to few people and note all points they have suggested, then do the home work and think about it, it is highly suggested that you hire the most trusted and honest seo company, they will then really help, putting your business first!

What exactly is internet marketing and how it helps?

Website may be considered as fertilizer for business, when compared with plants structure. Business can still live without the website, but may not grow well and would probably fail to achieve its goals online. Your business might not be competitive as others do. When you have your own website for your business, you can now freely join the online market to sell your products and services.

As a business owner, what you have learnt from your usual and traditional way of marketing your goods and services might be enough for the online market. You may need to acquire skills by reading more internet marketing blogs for you to learn how to mingle with other business owners in the world of website marketing.

Internet marketing is a wide term which is connected with so many factors that would help your business grows if you apply the strategies correctly.

Part of your internet marketing is having an outstanding and unique web design so that your visitors will always want to come back on your page. Also, it is necessary to have original and informative content for your business web page. Remember, people are looking for contents that are useful to them. Having non-plagiarized blogs is also a part of a good SEO technique for your business site.

You can also have your internet marketing strategy by using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may also acquire services from pay per click, but this one is bit more expensive than SEO.

For you to be able to appreciate the goodness internet marketing can bring you, check out these benefits:

Benefits of internet marketing for the business

The best benefit internet marketing can give to your business is the provision of wider market world. Internet (international network) is used all over the world, so when you have this strategy, your business will become known to the whole world (of course with the help of SEO techniques!)

Internet marketing also allows your business to be more competitive because of the faster and easier transaction it could give you. Better transaction means faster way of getting more customers and income. Also, your data could also be managed by this system.

Internet marketing is absolutely cheaper than typical 24-hour convenient store. Imagine if you would have a store open for 24 hours, you need personnel to take care of it too. While in internet marketing, your shop is open round-the-clock without the need to pay for someone else!

Benefits of internet marketing to your customers

Absolutely, it is not only you who would be benefitted, but also your happy customers too. Here, they can place orders anytime they want without having hard time to travel to your place. They can their purchased good through shipping! Internet marketing also allows them to keep updated for any changes of the price and other information.

It is important to speak to your local seo consultants and ask for free advice and what you should do in order to succeed online. Speaking to your seo consultants or an seo company can help you get an honest advice on how you can conquer the online market.

Becoming successful in internet marketing today

Just like it is in almost all spheres of life especially with innovation, things come and serve their purposes and then phases out. The internet world also experiences a lot of this. The act of internet marketing is one that commands versatility if you must ever get it right.

One advice we are going to offer you here is never to design any of your internet options just for today’s use. We have seen that innovations abhor this especially in your web design options and internet marketing methods.

As digital marketers, seeing and incorporating the future trend in what we do today is something that must not elude us as the markets evolves rapidly.

The next is trying to go a little bit more global than regional. Internet marketing is paying and majority of people either buy from the internet or get the information about what they buy from the internet.

This is the reason why you have to incorporate the language tools especially the translator to make sure there are no limitations to the number of people who have access to your services. With this, you can then taste your audience of international origin and then expand more.

The next option to help you break borders is by using the concept of everywhere commerce especially as it concerns the payments. Making use of master and credit cards might not be the best thing that happens to you as plastic things will soon phase out.

You can go more global by making use of more viable and visual options like PayPal and Google wallet.

Again, you can go a bit local in your adverts that are meant for particular audience. If you have a service for Barcelona, you will be better off if you make it in a way that Barcelona residents who need it will get it easily in the internet through particularized searches.

The use of proximity marketing can also help you a lot. This is done by the use of location detection tools that will allow you know people of particular locations and send them promotion texts that are relevant to their locations.

You can be sure that such advert tools like the television might not give you what you want again. Let your advert get to people on the mobile world.

You can advertise on the Portable tablet screens with emails and blog posts, videos, and then the social media sites. This will definitely sell whatever you have than television and others.

There are number of SEO Consultants that are offering free help and advice in order to help your business grow online. You should looking for an SEO Consultant or a SEO Company in your area and see what they have to offer.

If you do not find them reliable enough, simply send me an email and I will look and advice you on what you should do to take your business to the very next level with the proper use of Social media, digital and internet marketing.

How to choose right keywords for your SEO campaign?

Business and websites are widely used as source of income in our modern period. Competition between websites and businesses are now getting tougher and you, as a business and website owner, need to know the right and effective way of gaining visibility for all the incoming visitors that will provide you a better income.

You must know how to SEO to improve search engine rankings for your site to gain the desired number of visitors that will enter your business world.

As part of your online business marketing, an effective SEO strategy is needed. Keywords are good internet marketing tool for any type of business. Creating a keyword is an important practice in search engine optimizing strategies.

The keywords are taken into account by most of the search engines like Yahoo and Google when ranking websites in their search pages results. The keywords for your SEO campaign should be well-chosen because the algorithms that are being used by search engines are limited to keyword density.

You, as a website owner, should consider important thoughts and suggestions about having keywords which will all contribute to your business’ success.

To start choosing your keywords, begin with having a clear focus and idea of what your business website is all about. You must have a final idea of what products and services your business offers to people and some contest or discounts to promote the name of your business.

When you are stable with that, you can start thinking of what keywords you will choose that will make your business attractive and more searchable. You must choose a keyword that will be effective for a long term.

Avoid choosing keywords that will last for only few weeks. Choose the right keywords that are strong to be able to withstand the high competition in the online business world.

When you already have in mind the keywords you think are right, try to analyze first your competitors’ sites. Visit and check the source codes of your competitors’ sites to know what keywords are often used. Have their ideas, but don’t replicate them. Try to create original and better versions of your competitors’ keywords chosen.

Upon knowing the keywords your competitors’ use, choose the keywords that are less used by them, as long as possible. There are lots of bigger and older websites that might be offering products same to your products, but providing an uncommon and unique keywords for your own product will probably direct visitors on your site with less competitors because of that.

Of course, most importantly, be specific in choosing your keywords. For example, if you sell cakes, try to specify your keyword such as “wedding cakes”, “romantic gifts”, “sweet delicacies” or “romantic dinner meal” instead of having a common “cakes” as your keyword.

Your site really depends on this important campaign so you must spend more time in doing research about this area in your business. Your keywords may be the reason for your business to either succeed or fail. You may always speak with an SEO Company in order to ask them do the keywords research on your behalf, If you wish to save on cost, you may use Google keyword suggestion tool and it is free like most of Google tools. You may estimate keywords traffic and find a lot more about the competition and so on.

Draw Pictures Ltd are seo consultants based in London offering free advice to all UK, European and foreign businesses, offering unique piece of advice and clear cut instructions, why not call, write an email or visit their SEO London office today?

Few more search marketing tips and strategies for beginners

The main objective of search engine marketing is to promote a website with the use of different techniques or strategies. It enhances the website’s presence in search engines that could lead to a higher rank, therefore, increasing website traffic and a greater probability of converting a regular website visitor to a paying customer.

If you opt to hire a search engine marketer, you have to make sure the firm has vast experience in building a website owner’s brand and popularity. A SEO company that offers search engine marketing services should be able to assess and analysis the main criteria or requirement that search engines have to increase ranking.

These Experts in implementing the SEO techniques would ensure the strengthening of the website’s presence and popularity online.

But what are the most common and most effective tips and techniques in search engine marketing?

1. You have to make sure that your sitemap can be easily accessed and organized so that the visitors will stay interested in browsing your website. Navigation of your website can either make or break you and you have to remember that people can be impatient in checking on web pages.

2. You have to assess and apply a seo link building technique on your website. There are a lot of SEO Companies out there that offer link building services. And their expertise will allow you to obtain website traffic.

3. You have to evaluate the good and the bad points in your website. You can assess this by either reading or listening to your visitor’s feedback or get an seo consultants opinion about it. Once you have identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the site, you can make the necessary adjustments and retain the tools that actually work.

4. Make sure that all the Meta tags on all of the web pages are optimized individually.

5. You have to make sure that there are no duplicate content. Content in SEO or internet marketing is a top priority. Without consistently fresh, original and useful ideas that connect with the visitors, the other techniques used under search engine marketing will be futile.

6. You have to check on keyword density and you have to optimize keyword phrases so they can be strategically places in your website. But do not overdo it, over optimization can lead to penalties from search engines.

Hopefully, these tips and techniques will be able to boost your website rankings. To ensure good results and to obtain expert assessment on your online business, you can choose to hire a reputable SEO firm.

Draw Pictures Ltd. can provide you with not only customized SEO package that will be based on your marketing needs and your budget but also good results to help your online business establish a reputation and increase its popularity.