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Draw Pictures Ltd are a SEO Company with over 12  years experience offering customers and agencies with bespoke seo services, services that work, build a buzz, help you get both the results and ROI for your business customers!

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Draw Pictures Ltd is a London based SEO Consultancy Company offering free advice to businesses from the UK, Europe and abroad. Be it you are looking to learn a thing or share, ask for a suggestion or ask for the price, we would be more than glad to talk to you and answer your questions

We believe in driving our customers an extra mile away for free. As a customer you will be provided with an amazing backup support to remember, we normally return all our calls and emails in matter of just few minutes.

You will always speak to a real seo consultant based in London when you hire our seo consultants. Our web designers and web developers here in London are chatty and love to chat if you have a web design project or just want to ask a question

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Looking for SEO Specialists? 12 Key questions to ask your seo specialist

12 key questions to ask your prospective SEO SpecialistPlease read and ask these seo questions before you hire an SEO Specialist online in order to avoid disappointment.

There are number of people on internet today which call themselves “SEO Experts” but if you literally check with how old their websites are, most domains have been registered an year or two before, then you ask yourself “Truly an SEO Expert”?

A lot has changed when it comes to seo, Google Panda and Penguin update has pushed those seo experts upside down that have been involved in unethical seo practises, the people that are still ranking on Google today should be truly called “SEO Specialists” but not the one’s which can rank their website on a very low completive and especially on keywords that hardly brings any ROI

I have received a call today from a true SEO Specialist in London that has been doing web designing, development and internet marketing for over a decade now and it was amazing to speak to link minded person, he knows a lot about seo and runs a small seo company in East London

He has contacted me this afternoon and has asked me to prepare a seo quote for one of his customer. He knows us and our customers very well and he has been speaking to few of our clients and has been highly suggested by few of our customers including BM Coaches Ltd in Hayes Middlesex and in London

The keywords are really competitive from media industry and it would require a worth amount of time to rank those keywords, but unlike other seo companies we have worked on keywords like these for an American customer and we know what to do in order to raise their search engine rank and help our “seo agency customer” rank on Google, Bing and even Yahoo!

As an ethical and most trusted seo firm in London for customers from the UK, Europe and abroad, we have always crafted working seo strategies and that is not just all, we have proved to be the best in entire UK SEO Industry as well as seo industries abroad and have been providing our seo services to seo agencies from all around the world.

Sometime new seo agencies that make a contact with us “will you contact my customer directly for one or the other reason” and our answer is “NO”

We are honest people and we practise with what we preach

If you are an SEO Company looking for an experienced seo partner that has the ability to provide you with in house web designing, development, seo copywriting, backlinks creation, creative digital, internet and organic and paid search engine marketing and above all good seo service? Then your search ends right now!

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SEO Tips – 2 Parts

Are you cash-strapped but has basic understanding of web construction, well, now you can improve your website without engaging SEO Specialist.

The following are 10 SEO tips that can steer you towards your goal without bursting your budget:

1. Set you goals

Right from the word go, focus on the type of website you want to be attached to your name.  The following questions can guide you when planning an SEO-standard website:

• How simple or complex do you want your site to be? People love to browse websites that are pleasant to look at and are simple enough to allow them navigate through while spending as little time as possible getting to the content.

As much as possible, concentrate on making the site as user friendly as it can be; It should be picked among the top results by search engines.  This can be made possible by choosing the correct domain name.  The name should be one that can allow you set your keywords in your URL.

2. Think search engines and targeted market

• What is your target market?

This would help you create a niche and stick to it throughout the planning and designing of the website.

• Is it supposed to be flashy with less content or packed with backlinks attached? Flashy sites are good but when overdone can be a little daunting.   3. Tag pages of your website

4. Write concise description tag for each of your web pages.

5. Use of keywords in both title and body.

6. Improve on traffic by installing an easy to use navigation system.

A good navigation system is one based on java script which allows users to follow backlinks to other websites.  You can add a text-link navigation bar at the bottom of the page that helps users find their way

1. Include site maps

Please keep reading as the second part of this post shall be published soon!

Helpful Tips for On Site SEO

One of the Search Optimization techniques is Onsite SEO. This process involves direct control over the content of your site and organizing it in such a way that it would be appealing and user friendly for the web browsers. In other words, it is the process of modifying your website for it to become SEO friendly.

Here are some onsite SEO tips to maximize your website’s potential.

  • If you haven’t set up your website yet, make sure that you choose a domain that is related to the website content. For example, you are creating an online shop of plus size outfits, plus size fashion or plus size accessories, you may want to use a domain, “”


  • You have to make sure that URL of each web page reflect the content of the page, For example the web page contains plus size business suits, the URL should look like this: “ / business-suits.html” That way, it would be easier for other bloggers who want to link on your page to identify what the web page is about just by looking at the URL.


  • Another important element is the page title. Just make sure that the title of the blog or the article should match and should be related to the actual content. You have to be certain that each one has a web title page of its own because if not, search engines will consider the other pages as duplicate.


  • In SEO, content of the site is a top priority. Make sure that the published articles or blogs are original, appealing and useful for the readers. This will earn you loyal web browsers that are easily converted to paying customers. The proper use of H tags and strong text style is a must. SEO Specialists claim that search engines are prioritizing keywords defined by bold tags.


  • There are some debates regarding the use of meta tag. Some believe that search engines do not really prioritize the description meta tag of the site’s web page. Regardless of the arguments about it, we should continue utilizing as search engines use the same site content description listed in search engine rank page.


  • HTML sitemap may be helpful to your visitors to locate the particular information that they are looking for. Furthermore, XML and HTML sitemaps are also very important and helpful for the search engines to “crawl” on your pages of your website


Draw Pictures Ltd provides SEO services for all your internet marketing needs. From assessment to strategies, these experts are highly analytical and consistently delivering great results.

Business SEO

Internet and business have been paired and used hand on hand to achieve a better income. The world is now on its modern era where transactions, such as business and social interactions, are done with the help of new technologies. Online business is much appreciated these days because of its paperless transactions that help minimize environmental problems.

Online business also provides better transactions for its customers. From searching for a certain product or service to payment transaction, a customer can easily purchase an item very fast, and everything may be done online. No matter how good are the products and services your business would have, the visitors and customers still hold a ticket to your success. Customers are the very important players in any market. To have and maintain more visitors and potential buyers, you need to establish an SEO strategy for your business.

SEO is a great technique to make your site be on highest position on search engine rankings which will give your business website more appearances and attractions to customers. This is an important strategy to make your business become more competitive with other business in the online market.

SEO is the most ideal strategy on website marketing. By having an effective and guaranteed SEO campaign, you can promote your business faster and easier, unlike having it done by publishing on newspapers and other print materials. This is also cheaper than paying news ads and media in promoting your business. Also by having a great SEO strategy, your return on investment will become greater and faster, because your chances of having more customers are also bigger.

Professional SEO service providers can be hired to help you maintain a higher rank page on searches while managing other aspects of your business. SEO prices range depending on the type of SEO strategy you want, and depending on what company you would prefer. If your target customers are within your local area, you can hire a local SEO service provider because this would suit your business. When choosing a company to be your SEO Specialist, consider its knowledge and experience it have so you will be assured that your money will be worthy for investing on your business.

Draw Pictures Ltd is one of the best SEO Company that you can hire at reasonable prices. They have numbers of SEO experts that can help you handle your site’s page rank problems and find the best solutions for your business and online marketing needs.

They have been in this industry for several years already and already have proven their expertise in meeting their customers’ needs and have exceeded their satisfaction. Get your business SEO services now with Draw Pictures Ltd and make your business globally competitive.

Social media marketing in UK and Abroad

Advertising began many years ago as this is the only way that you can let other people know about the services or products that you offer. There are many different way that have been used to achieve this one goal. The hindrance that has made many small and medium size companies to shy away these services is the high cost that has been associated with this form of marketing.

The techniques that are used in marketing have been changing as invention of more technology continues to hit the world. However one notable mode of advertising that has been gaining popularity in the past few years is social media marketing. Social media is online portals where people meet to share ideas, meet new friends and also where people meet to discuss issues affecting them.

Ordinarily these sites have a lot of visitors who either come to seek some information or would like to take part in the discussions that are on going. SEO Consultants usually think the use of social media as an advertising avenue is important since the high number of people visiting these sites can be able to see the services or products that you offer.

May be you may not be aware how this works in popularizing a website. This is simple illustration that will give a picture of what happens once you get to use this technique. Every website usually needs high traffic so that it can be able to be ranked in the top pages of search engines. This only happens when there are many people visiting your website so that the search engine can recognize your website. In social media website such as facebook and twitter you can be able to find many people who usually visit these websites so that they can be able to communicate with their friends as well as their family.

These sites can be used to tap the huge number of internet user by placing an ad that can lead the people visiting the sites. A SEO Specialist can be used to come up with a good ad that can make a person want to visit your website so that they can see what is on offer.

Through this technique your website can receive traffic from these quality sites and therefore help your website to gain better rankings on search engines. This is why this technique is important to a lot of SEO services that you find in the internet today.