Helpful Tips for On Site SEO

One of the Search Optimization techniques is Onsite SEO. This process involves direct control over the content of your site and organizing it in such a way that it would be appealing and user friendly for the web browsers. In other words, it is the process of modifying your website for it to become SEO friendly.

Here are some onsite SEO tips to maximize your website’s potential.

  • If you haven’t set up your website yet, make sure that you choose a domain that is related to the website content. For example, you are creating an online shop of plus size outfits, plus size fashion or plus size accessories, you may want to use a domain, “”


  • You have to make sure that URL of each web page reflect the content of the page, For example the web page contains plus size business suits, the URL should look like this: “ / business-suits.html” That way, it would be easier for other bloggers who want to link on your page to identify what the web page is about just by looking at the URL.


  • Another important element is the page title. Just make sure that the title of the blog or the article should match and should be related to the actual content. You have to be certain that each one has a web title page of its own because if not, search engines will consider the other pages as duplicate.


  • In SEO, content of the site is a top priority. Make sure that the published articles or blogs are original, appealing and useful for the readers. This will earn you loyal web browsers that are easily converted to paying customers. The proper use of H tags and strong text style is a must. SEO Specialists claim that search engines are prioritizing keywords defined by bold tags.


  • There are some debates regarding the use of meta tag. Some believe that search engines do not really prioritize the description meta tag of the site’s web page. Regardless of the arguments about it, we should continue utilizing as search engines use the same site content description listed in search engine rank page.


  • HTML sitemap may be helpful to your visitors to locate the particular information that they are looking for. Furthermore, XML and HTML sitemaps are also very important and helpful for the search engines to “crawl” on your pages of your website


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