Ethical and effective seo does not still cost much in 2016

I must admit that an SEO Company can play a good and bad role in business success. We have been asked by a Helicopter Hire Company in Cardiff, Wales to send a quote for seo services. Website was amazing and have been done by their in-house web designers and web developers, seo copywriting on the website has been done with audience (and not search engine’s in mind) which I liked the most

Website had all to rank really well on Google, Dmoz listing, Alexa, Yahoo Directory and HotBot and other top directories listings were there, website had a page rank 8 previously and I understand why

The blog was there, presence on social circles and very rich keywords (and easy to remember usernames) for social platforms which were helping in traffic from search engines (organic traffic), I must say they are the innocent people on Planet earth (but again every customer is an innocent customer and you have to provide them information in a simple manner they can understand)

We gone through the ins and outs and submitted a quote, realistic time frame and the time frame we needed to overcome the negative seo that has been done by someone (working on this website)

Their owner has sent me an email “Unbelievable” and I was literally very confused thinking we might have quoted way more than they were expecting. I arranged a call-back later in the day and found, they were paying 80 times more for bad seo than for good SEO (That we said we will do)

She has asked for our own rankings and we were happy to disclose with our own rankings on, plus the rankings we have achieved for companies from Europe from same niche (Hire Business)

But our pricing was still kind of a big question on her mind?

She has asked me to come down and visit her in office over the weekend, we had lunch in Cardiff, which was great – Thank you for that “Sarah” and then I have explained how we calculate the prices, what needs to be done and so on. She told me how happy she was to meet me as everyone else they have called (English SEO Companies) were sending “Unbelievable Prices” – Tens and thousands of pounds for nothing

In order to help her more, I have given her our customers list (the one’s that do not sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement and are happy to share their details), mostly small and mid-sized businesses, this list has the person name, email, phone and address and the best time to reach

I knew she was more than happy to go ahead and use our seo services, as suggested, she has called couple of our customers based in Cardiff, Wales, Edinburgh Scotland as well as in London and other cities and she was surprised she said that everyone had good words for the seo work we do and especially for the price we quote!

She has happily opted to our seo services and the campaign and the keywords we agreed together have been delivered in 4 months time (One of the most competitive in the UK)

You should actually read this if you are planning to hire a search engine optimisation service

12 key questions to ask your prospective Search Engine Optimisation Company

But that is not all.

Ask what are their website rankings, on what keywords, then do the keyword research using Google keyword suggestion tool, also known as (Keyword Tool), find out the competition and number of local searches are there for those keywords and you would be easily measuring the success (Ranking on keywords is one thing, ranking on keywords that help bring Return on investment is quite another).

For example, we rank on below positions on (Seo related keywords only)

Keywords                   Rank               

SEO UK                        #2

SEO                              #9

SEO Companies           #3

SEO Company             #6

SEO Experts                 #5

SEO Service                 #9

SEO Services               #10

Link Building                 #6

UK One Way Links       #6

This is a good start for a less than 9 months old website, No? This website of Draw Pictures Ltd represent UK business alone, we have customers working with us for years and some are working for longer than 5 years, we are proud to be a 12 years old search engine optimisation company that goes beyond in helping your business be found – We are always able to help and we know what exactly will work for your business!

If you are looking for true seo specialists, simply give us a call on our free phone:

From UK:         07375 320305

From Abroad:  +44 (0)7375 320305

Via Email:

We are on YouTube. Why not watch our video on SEO which has been recently uploaded?

Let us help your business get the top search engine rankings and business enquires, online sales increase and reputation it deserves!

Power to you and your business!

SEO Services for SEO Agencies from UK and Europe

Are you looking for a trustworthy, honest and results focused and ROI driven Search Engine Optimisation Company based in Europe offering you as a seo agency with bespoke search engine optimisation services?

Are you looking for an SEO Agency with arrangements of providing you with multilingual content creation for your online marketing?

Are you looking for an SEO Agency to provide you with next generation link building, authority backlinks from niche domains that deliver fast results?

And ideally you are looking with great pricing structure, invoicing offered and pricing that you normally pay in Asia, Middle and Far East?

If you have answered “yes” to any of your above questions and you are looking for reliable seo partner to outsource your seo campaigns, digital and internet marketing, content creation, link building and web designing and development campaigns then you are on the right page

Draw Pictures Ltd are a SEO Company with over 12  years experience offering customers and agencies with bespoke seo services, services that work, build a buzz, help you get both the results and ROI for your business customers!

If you are looking for a truly experienced search engine optimisation firm, then you are on the right page, make a contact with our SEO Specialists in London and let their working strategies work for you or your customers business! We are so sure to give your business an edge that we promise to provide you seo services for free until we have achieved our goals.

Calling from UK? 07375 320305

Calling from abrad? +44 (0)7375 320305

Via email:

Draw Pictures Ltd is a London based SEO Consultancy Company offering free advice to businesses from the UK, Europe and abroad. Be it you are looking to learn a thing or share, ask for a suggestion or ask for the price, we would be more than glad to talk to you and answer your questions

We believe in driving our customers an extra mile away for free. As a customer you will be provided with an amazing backup support to remember, we normally return all our calls and emails in matter of just few minutes.

You will always speak to a real seo consultant based in London when you hire our seo consultants. Our web designers and web developers here in London are chatty and love to chat if you have a web design project or just want to ask a question

Give us a call today and let an Experienced SEO Company provide you with the seo service or any other services you require!

Why I consider spending my lifetime in SEO Business?

I have loved challenges since I was young. And I have found SEO a very challenging business (Especially when you plan to help your customers get website traffic and page rank increase, Results and ROI Driven search engine optimisation and that too on very minimal costs)

I am speaking of those old days back in 2000 whilst I had a P2 computer with a massive monitor. I used to promote businesses with very little knowledge but I must say I have done well as the ROI was massive back in those days.

But I had my day job too which I loved as well (working in textiles), SEO back in 2000 and 2001 in general was a part time thing, I loved it, I learnt a lot about titles, meta tags and keywords and how to place useful listings online in order to achieve business excellence and success online

I have been very busy in life, but SEO was what I have been doing on daily basis. I used to place ads to sell my used items too and I sold things nationwide, I have been working with several European textile companies back then in order to improve their textile machinery sales in Asian and Middle Eastern region and they all said I have done a great job.

This has then somehow helped me look in to it even deeper and then I was planning to start my career as a full time Internet Marketing Agency that delivers! I delivered and I still do

But I must admit, I have never sold a product or a service in a dodgy way, saying something else, selling something different. I think it was great, I never wanted to be an overnight billionaire and this is still the case. If all bills are paid on time, I am more than a happy man and especially when you live in a city like London and a country like United Kingdom (I have lived in Switzerland too – But UK is literally very expensive place to live)

Anyhow, in my seo business, I have worked over 3000 customers and agencies from all over the world. There was a single thing we cared “Be Honest” – We were one of the honest search engine optimisation company that has been honest with their customers, agencies we were/are working with and our employees and perhaps this is the case all European and UK Companies loved to work with us and still do

SEO Business brings many challenges, be it page rank increase, traffic increase, Results and ROI, and I love doing it on daily basis. SEO will be alive at all times. And if you are an honest man and woman, you can earn a good living out of SEO business if you do good work, remain consistent and be honest!

Unlike many other SEO Companies which talk about being in SEO Business for over 36 years. I have been only doing it since 2001 (as a matter of fact). I love to talk to range of people from all around the world which call me to seek advice, if they have a question or if they like a price quote for the seo services and web design they require, did I tell you, we build very user friendly and search engine optimised Ecommerce (online shopping carts) and CMS (Content management systems websites which do great business

And oh, we deliver authority backlinks as well. We are a full seo services and web design agency in London that believes in better that believes in helping their customers than just ripping them off, we were and would be the same trustworthy SEO Company you believed and still do

And we will keep delivering Top Google Results (Search engine rankings) we always did!

If you have a question, suggestion or require a quote I would love to hear from you

Calling from UK for Free Consultancy, please call on: 07375 320305

If you are calling from abroad, call me on +44 (0)7375 320305, Extension 1

If you want to contact me via email, I can be reached at

Or ideally if you want to come over for chat over coffee, you can visit our office:

Thank you for your trust in us for seo services!

Positive Google SEO Reviews, how you can get them?

You might be able to easily rank on very long and less competitive keywords using keywords and/or phrases in your content but ranking on competitive keywords as an SEO is what matters the most and that too ethically.

If you are looking forward to work with blue chip or leading companies from the country and abroad you have to show them what you have got – be it your own search engine rankings or your customers, in most customers cases, they would ideally ask, where you personally rank and ask 12 other questions which I have outlined in my previous post that can be seen here 12 Key Questions to ask your prospective Internet Marketing Agency

I have received several feedbacks from customers that have studied the above listed blog post and were sending me “Thanks” message both on my email and on my mobile number +44 (0) 790 700 4090

Anyhow, I was thinking of writing a post on how important Positive Google reviews can be for your own seo and even the most important for your customers SEO

And what you need to do in order to win positive reviews towards your service

1). Be very polite when a customer calls you

2). Answer all their questions in a polite manner

3). Return their phone calls and emails as quickly as you can

4). If a customer ask for a quote and you have made a promise, make sure you send a quote before or sharp on the time promised

5). Provide free consultancy and free help if someone has called you just for a suggestion

6). Go an extra mile to help

7). Do not yawn if someone calls you in mid-night (Be friendly)

8). If you receive an email in the mid-night and if you are still awake, try to send a “confirmation receipt” of their email and you will contact them via email or phone at so and so time

9). Please make sure your pricing and package plans are affordable for all companies, be new start-ups businesses, very small and mid-sized companies and please ensure you have something to offer within their budget range

10). If you do not receive an email in response, just send a simple friendly email asking “Just wondering if you have received a below email – And if there is something you can do – You would love to meet or beat any prices they have received.

11). Make sure they know what they are being charged for and what you would do for this price (Make sure to put the deliverables from your end and highlight it)

12). Submit weekly and monthly work reports and be sure you deliver on or before time when it comes to deadlines.

13). Ask for their concerns for the service you are providing, if it is “seo” then setup a Google analytics account and measure and share the success rate

14). If it is seo, make sure you also target few keywords or search phrases for free for a customer, keywords that would at least help them get better understand your service and receive emails, calls, online general enquires or simply few extra sales a week, this would build their trust towards your service

15). Make sure to send them hints, tips and useful strategies which they can implement with your guidelines on their own (This helps them save money, this helps them better use of their free time and this helps them learn too and market their business as well). Always give a piece of advice via email

16). Call them after a few weeks and find out if they are happy at all so far, in most cases (competitive keywords) its hard to show results to your customers but if you are also active on social media including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on, chances are you should have increased their sale if you know what you are doing, ask for their opinion, any concerns and promise to look in to it, look in to it, and implement things which you think can do better, always tell them what you are doing (maintain a close contact)

17). Be honest, straight forward, realistic and confident and do not get annoyed if they say something which you did not like (They are paying – Customer is a King), they can be stressed if they are not getting any or ROI at all on what they are spending “It’s a normal thing if they tell you, nothing seems to be working out – tell them why and be honest)

18). If there is a something to tell, e.g. rankings increase, search engine rankings decrease, share a good or bad news, They like to listen and how concerned you are with their success and failures. They want to know you are concerned about their business and you will carry out all works to make them even more successful or modify and correct your mistakes (if you have done – any)!

19). Send an Invoice on time, send a payment confirmation and Thank you email everytime you have received a payment, do not send them rude reminders, or send dozens texts to remind them about payments or emails. Your customer know they have to pay, if they are going through hard-times, be patient, they will pay you (once they have money – If they are taking too long, tell them politely that you will be stopping their work if the payment is not made between this and that date), but normally if you have a work contract signed and they know in advance their payment date, chances are, they will make a payment on agreed dates (This matters though from one customer to the other)

20). When you have ethically completed their work on time, ask them to review your service, send you a testimonial and you would love to give their friends, family, colleagues and loved ones a great discount and a special discount if they use your so and so services, and tell them how happy you are to have them as your customer.

Trust these are very little things but have a big impact on business. If a customer reviews your business on Google, and especially on Google+ now, it counts as a vote, if your service is great, chances are they will tell their success story to all their family members, colleagues, loved ones and concerns and mention you over their social networks. If you have helped them with any suggestion, chances are they will still speak about it (if your suggestion was any helpful). Customer support also has a great impact on your seo activity, If you do not know what I mean, simply ask

Keeping your seo customers is not very hard if you know what you are doing.

For example, I have started a one man show company in Pakistan a long time ago, with limited budget I had, I used to work from home in evenings and nights as I was working for a (Textile Machinery Manufacturing Company back then 9/5 job but involves lots of nationwide and foreign travelling), I always cared my customers, There was not a much competition as it is now in those days back in 2000 and 2001 but my good customer support has kept my customers stuck with me in a positive way!

As a London based SEO Company now, and probably one of the best on internet, we ensure our service quality is up to the UK and European quality standards. We facilitate our customers in every possible way and they love to keep using our services

For instance – Dozens of our customers have been with us over 7 years – If you improve your customer support, chances are you can take your SEO business to the very next level and let your customers market your business and help you get more business via word of mouth! Oh and Hey! 85+ of our SEO Business comes from referrals and word of mouth, is not it good? :)

If you are looking for trustworthy SEO Consultants, simply use our below details to contact us and you will see that we practise with what we preach

Local UK Customers can call us on: 07375 320305

Customers from Abroad: +44 (0)7375 320305

Or via Email:

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Probably the only Honest SEO Company on Internet

Yesterday I have received over 20 calls on my extension (07375 320305 extension: 1) from new businesses from London, Surrey and few from Scotland and Wales. And I must admit 12 of those customers have been recommend by word of mouth or from our customers that have been previously or currently using our seo services

It is great, is not it? Unlike other seo companies our main aim have never been to take on every single project to make a good money out of it but to provide our customers with good price, fast support and above all the service that helps them grow

Many SEO Companies now a day’s speak a lot on how big they are – We are literally very small when it comes to prices and we are big on all our services including backlinks creation, seo and online marketing

I think, the main reason why our customers never leave us (I have not seen any till date) is because we quote realistic prices (much cheaper seo services than any other English seo companies), we return emails and calls in normally just matter of few minutes, our reporting system is designed to provide customers with weekly and monthly reports and also because our seo consultants are more than happy to speak with customers, answer all their questions and even go and visit their offices if need to provide training and support – We do not mind!

I am personally up and running (Open till late like an off licence shop) until late and main reason why I do this is to answer our customers emails, ensure their seo campaigns are going as smooth as we promised, look for something better, make notes and discuss with our seo team next day – and to be honest our seo prices and package plans for search engine optimisation service, web design, backlinks creation and online marketing are what you hardly pay in the UK (We are based in Wimbledon) so if other SEO Companies are just charging higher rates because of their prominent location – That is not an excuse or is it?

There are many innocent seo customers who do not know much about seo and web design and how online marketing works and this is where these dodgy seo companies quote them shocking prices! I wish all seo customers that opt to a seo service should study these 12 key questions to ask your prospective SEO Agency

But again SEO Business has both good and bad reputation, and these bad seo guys should be blamed – Many businesses do not use seo services anymore because they have received a warning or their website have been banned by these “bad seo persons”

If you wish to avoid disappointment, you should local for a SEO Consultant that actually delivers!

If you need help with seo, backlinks or content creation, you can just give me a call and I would be more than glad to answer your questions, I can be reached at

From UK:         07375 320305

From Abroad:  +44 (0)7375 320305

Via Email:

Good Luck and Power to you and your business!

Looking for SEO Specialists? 12 Key questions to ask your seo specialist

12 key questions to ask your prospective SEO SpecialistPlease read and ask these seo questions before you hire an SEO Specialist online in order to avoid disappointment.

There are number of people on internet today which call themselves “SEO Experts” but if you literally check with how old their websites are, most domains have been registered an year or two before, then you ask yourself “Truly an SEO Expert”?

A lot has changed when it comes to seo, Google Panda and Penguin update has pushed those seo experts upside down that have been involved in unethical seo practises, the people that are still ranking on Google today should be truly called “SEO Specialists” but not the one’s which can rank their website on a very low completive and especially on keywords that hardly brings any ROI

I have received a call today from a true SEO Specialist in London that has been doing web designing, development and internet marketing for over a decade now and it was amazing to speak to link minded person, he knows a lot about seo and runs a small seo company in East London

He has contacted me this afternoon and has asked me to prepare a seo quote for one of his customer. He knows us and our customers very well and he has been speaking to few of our clients and has been highly suggested by few of our customers including BM Coaches Ltd in Hayes Middlesex and in London

The keywords are really competitive from media industry and it would require a worth amount of time to rank those keywords, but unlike other seo companies we have worked on keywords like these for an American customer and we know what to do in order to raise their search engine rank and help our “seo agency customer” rank on Google, Bing and even Yahoo!

As an ethical and most trusted seo firm in London for customers from the UK, Europe and abroad, we have always crafted working seo strategies and that is not just all, we have proved to be the best in entire UK SEO Industry as well as seo industries abroad and have been providing our seo services to seo agencies from all around the world.

Sometime new seo agencies that make a contact with us “will you contact my customer directly for one or the other reason” and our answer is “NO”

We are honest people and we practise with what we preach

If you are an SEO Company looking for an experienced seo partner that has the ability to provide you with in house web designing, development, seo copywriting, backlinks creation, creative digital, internet and organic and paid search engine marketing and above all good seo service? Then your search ends right now!

Draw Pictures Ltd can provide you with complete online marketing and seo solutions at highly competitive seo outsourcing prices!

Call on our free phone from UK:   07375 320305

Calling from Abroad? Please call us on +44 (0)7375 320305

Alternatively you can write us an email at or request a call-back or quote via our website form at

Please note, our web design and seo outsourcing customers get highly competitive prices that you normally do not pay anywhere in the UK, Europe, Australia, America and even Canada! If you have received a seo, link building or web design price from elsewhere, we can still beat or match the price

Your full seo services and web design agency is just a call away!

Power to you and your business!

SEO Services reviewed by UK Injury Compensation Claim Company in London

An injury claim company based in North London has been around since 2002 has contacted us in the beginning of 2016 to ask for a web design quote. Team of SEO Consultants has looked around and done the market research, competition analysis and keyword research before providing the web design and development quote as the customer was looking for seo services as well once the website is made online

A quotation for very affordable web design has been emailed and customer was more than happy to move on, our team of experienced wordpress web designers and developers has then made and made it online

We have done the keyword research and planned to rank less competitive or low competition keywords at the first place in order to ensure customer starts to get business from online, an online marketing strategy which includes, seo content creation, social media marketing, organic and paid search marketing, and seo and backlinks creation has been crafted and implemented and the customer has reported numerous business enquires from online, just a week after their website has been made online, they were so happy that they have asked us to design a blog in order to market their business properly

A month after we have designed and developed a blog that provides useful information on how to articles on accident and injury claims, our content writers and team of seo experts is working together in order to write on useful topics and publish them on blog, this includes our activity on social circles, be it, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so forth

A month later before the blog has been designed and developed; we have ranked below keywords on Google UK (Local UK SEO Results):

Injury claim solicitors in north London #6

No win no fee solicitors in north London #9

No win no fee personal injury solicitors in London #18

No win no fee personal injury lawyers in London #15

Personal injury lawyers in north London #13

Trips and slips injury claims #8

No win no fee slips injury claim #7

No win no fee child injury claims #8

No win no fee pedestrian accident claims #3

No win no fee child injury claims #9

No win no fee housing disrepair claims #9

No win no fee sports injury claims #14

No win no fee holiday injury claims #21

No win no fee whiplash claims #29

And now our seo experts are working on range of several other accident and injury claim keywords to provide customer with more search traffic, increase their page rank, search results on Google and give their brand a reputation it deserves including but not limited to improve their ROI.

Review from customer:

Highly experienced team of web designers and website developers at Draw Pictures Ltd are one of the best people I have met in my entire business life, they have truly proved the be the best web designers, developers and seo specialists I have been looking for years! I am more than that glad to recommend their business to anyone looking for web design or seo services! Simply great people to work with

If you are looking for SEO Services or Search engine (seo) friendly web design, development, content writing for your online marketing needs, be it article, press release or blog writing or simply seo copywriting and complete organic and paid search engine marketing, then Draw Pictures Ltd. They are a full service seo and web design agency crafting useful, results and ROI focused creative social media and digital marketing strategies that always work – Probably one of the most experienced Internet Marketing Agency in UK and Europe

If you are looking for highly experienced web designers and team of seo consultants that are there to provide you with on time free seo advice and budget seo services (seo services at your price) than simply make a contact with their team of seo consultants in London – They do not bite when you give them a call!

Call on their free phone from UK:    07375 320305

Or From Abroad: +44 (0)7375 320305

You can also email their team of seo specialists at

Power to you and your business!

SEO Review, Proven SEO Strategy to work for your business

Draw Pictures Ltd (SEO Consultants in London) has been working with Acronis Ltd for a long time and has crafted and established a proven seo strategy that had built a great buzz online. Acronis Ltd has over 175,000 customers in a broad range of industries have chosen Acronis to protect their business continuity in over 120 countries and growing.

Acronis provides an amazing backup and recovery service and they have proved to be the best in entire industry. Our team of seo experts in London have worked very closely with Acronis Ltd and have established an interesting strategy that has ranked Acronis (English, German, Italian, and American website at the top of Google search results – On the first page, we had competition with companies like Symantec and world’s other renowned companies.

Draw Pictures Ltd has proved to be the best multilingual seo company that has proved again to be the best in local search engine optimisation, our team of multilingual content writers, seo specialists and backlinks creation team has worked out on a strategy that has enabled Acronis to be the most searched and studied website in their niche

Some of our rankings for Acronis on include:

Results on Google England

Backup Solutions #3

Backup Software #4

Backup #11 search results for Acronis America

Backup Software #4

Computer Backup Software #10

Backup #12 search results for Acronis Germany

Backup #10

Backup Software #9 search results for Acronis Italia

Backup #10

Backup Software #5

And the list of Google domains and Acronis Search engine rankings goes on!

SEO Review from one of their staff member:

I have been working with your team of seo consultants and I must admit you guys are the best seo agency online, working with you guys was so easy, it was all well planned before hand, keyword research you have done and even the proposal was great, we have achieved the traffic, page rank, search engine rankings and other than just that, brand reputation and online marketing strategy we needed – Life is very good in this part of world! Thumbs up for the good work and we are working soon on other country domains soon and I look forward to talk to your SEO Experts in London or come to see you guys before we start our new campaign! Good job!

There are many seo companies online, and there are few which are doing good seo, crafting the right seo strategies and the one’s that believe in content marketing and marketing mix, we are just like everyone else, we try things and they work out for our customers – be it one or the other niche, we have a story to tell and we can prove to be the best one’s in entire SEO Industry!

If you are looking for results driven and ROI focused seo services or ideally a good seo company that delivers what they promise, then feel free to call us on our free phone from UK07375 320305

or from abroad: +44 (0)7375 320305 or send us an email at – We promise to return your calls or emails as quickly as we can, normally in matter of some minutes!

We promise to help your website (your online marketing weapon) generate business from online and we are so confident to deliver search engine rankings! We just do not promise it, we do it! And that too at the prices you can afford.

Proven seo service, Introducing cheap seo service package plans for small businesses

Draw Pictures Ltd (SEO Consultants) – London, UK based SEO Agency is helping businesses succeed online. They have introduced very useful and proven seo service at the prices small and medium businesses can afford.

If you are looking for an honest seo company that provides free seo consultancy and are happy to disclose what they will do to help you get search engine rankings on Google – Then Draw Pictures Ltd.

Please see below some of the results achieved by us

Website URL:            

Target Google domain:

Keywords:   Rankings

Cheap Coach Hire  #1

Coach Hire   #2

Coach Company  #3

Coach Hire London  #1

Coach Companies  #4

Budget Coach Hire  #1

Discount Coach Hire  #2

Ps: An old customer using our seo services, we have been providing seo service to since 2008 till to date – We have ranked hundreds of keywords, has provided proven seo service to their friends, family members and loved one’s and are one of the most experienced transportation seo services firm specialising in seo for taxi, minicab, minibus and coach hire businesses from the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Website URL:

Target Google Domain:

Keywords and their rankings

Cheap Airport Taxi            #1

Cheap Airport Minicab      #1

London Airport Cars         #1

Heathrow Airport Taxi       #3

Gatwick Airport Taxi          #3

Stansted Airport Taxi        #3

Luton Airport Taxi             #3

London Airport Transfers  #9

London Airport Taxi          #11

Ps – This website used to rank nowhere in July. We have started to provide seo service to this customer in July 2015 and have achieved these rankings in some months. We can see over 900% increase in enquires, traffic and overall success online –

What our customers say about our seo services?

* Draw Pictures Ltd are one of the best online marketing agency, they know what they are doing and they have always proved it – John Laws

* Robert and his team are one of the best people in entire SEO Industry! – Adam Milton

* Robert has worked very closely to find out what we are looking for – all the strategies he has built for our business has worked out and I am glad to say, I have found them very hardworking, very polite and very professional as a matter of fact – Renato Hudson  

* I have found Draw Pictures Online in Google when I have been looking for “SEO Service” in my area, I wanted to hire a “Local SEO Company” but their answers to my questions have enabled me to hire their seo service, they are great people with pleasing personalities. – Stevenson

If you would like to see our seo portfolio or seo testimonials, please go to our website

We have introduced a new package for small businesses.

We will write 3 useful how to articles about your business, products or services, articles are sent to you for your review and concerns and approval. These 3 articles will be submitted on 3 quality and clean article sites.

Write 3 newsworthy press releases about your business, products and services, press releases are sent to you for your review and concerns and even approval. These press releases will be then submitted on 3 clean press release sites.

Submit 50 local web directories (we will write unique titles and descriptions for every directory submitted on the web – Our submission team will hand submit all web directories to neat, clean and useful directories with age, page rank and traffic.

Submit  30 Social bookmarking on neat, clean and useful social bookmarking sites with age, page rank and traffic, please note, they write unique titles, description and choose tags for your listing, all hand submitted

Submit 30 local classified ads that accept links, have good traffic, age, domain history, traffic and local search queries on those classified ads websites.

They will write 20 useful reviews about your business written by native English speakers.

They will build 20 niche backlinks with page rank, age, domain history and traffic

6 Documents sharing, sharing your articles and press releases over 6 documents sharing sites

Image Submission, submitting your logo on 10 image submission sites

20 Forum Signatures from niche forums

20 blog comments on niche blogs

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SEO consultant a dire need of your web

Today, almost every business is present on Internet that lowers your business costs and increases flexibility. To make your business successful online you need customers like other shop or store. Your online business should not only look eye-catching so that, searchers would browse it and buy, but it should also easily found and accessible by potential visitors.

Exactly here, search engine optimisation consultant plays a key role with his SEO techniques. He knows exactly the responsibilities and tasks of starting the search marketing campaigns initially. He keeps the top level awareness of SEO counting, indexing skill, online sector categorisation, ranking methods, link building strategies, and competitor analysis.

Responsibilities of SEO consultant

SEO consultant works out the keywords or search words and phrases for your brand or business, which match your visitors search patterns. He promotes the organic progression of your web ranking and provides different techniques to help you to further increase your web popularity.

He allows you to keep focused on the important objective of your business, and allow you more ways to reach corporate goals, by taking all the responsibilities of advertising in his own hand.

Benefits of SEO consultant

The SEO consultant can provide you the following benefits:

• He explains you every possible way and process to boost the page ranking of your web in the different search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and others.

• He clears you everything with the reports he submits, in this way, he makes you able to monitor web page progress.

• He saves your efforts and time to increase the rankings of your web pages that result in increased visitors, more hits on your web, more potential clients, and finally higher revenues.

• He maintains the visibility of your website and its pages to a target market that is a great benefit for you.

• He solves all the problems that occur in your Internet marketing strategy.

• He provides faster output in the form of huge traffic through keywords optimisation because he uses them correctly according to the target URL.

• He promotes and focuses your, all the important web pages so that they appear in the SE result pages list when they’re searched.

• He understands exactly what your business and web needs.


SEO of your website cannot happen overnight and once you have achieved the desired rankings it still stays an ongoing process. Because search engines algorithms change regularly and it is the SEO consultant who monitors when this happens.

He makes all the adjustments where necessary. So if you own a business, small or large hiring any skilled SEO Consultant can bring the opportunities which, you mightn’t have imagined before.