Looking for SEO Specialists? 12 Key questions to ask your seo specialist

12 key questions to ask your prospective SEO SpecialistPlease read and ask these seo questions before you hire an SEO Specialist online in order to avoid disappointment.

There are number of people on internet today which call themselves “SEO Experts” but if you literally check with how old their websites are, most domains have been registered an year or two before, then you ask yourself “Truly an SEO Expert”?

A lot has changed when it comes to seo, Google Panda and Penguin update has pushed those seo experts upside down that have been involved in unethical seo practises, the people that are still ranking on Google today should be truly called “SEO Specialists” but not the one’s which can rank their website on a very low completive and especially on keywords that hardly brings any ROI

I have received a call today from a true SEO Specialist in London that has been doing web designing, development and internet marketing for over a decade now and it was amazing to speak to link minded person, he knows a lot about seo and runs a small seo company in East London

He has contacted me this afternoon and has asked me to prepare a seo quote for one of his customer. He knows us and our customers very well and he has been speaking to few of our clients and has been highly suggested by few of our customers including BM Coaches Ltd in Hayes Middlesex and Lowfareairportcars.co.uk in London

The keywords are really competitive from media industry and it would require a worth amount of time to rank those keywords, but unlike other seo companies we have worked on keywords like these for an American customer and we know what to do in order to raise their search engine rank and help our “seo agency customer” rank on Google, Bing and even Yahoo!

As an ethical and most trusted seo firm in London for customers from the UK, Europe and abroad, we have always crafted working seo strategies and that is not just all, we have proved to be the best in entire UK SEO Industry as well as seo industries abroad and have been providing our seo services to seo agencies from all around the world.

Sometime new seo agencies that make a contact with us “will you contact my customer directly for one or the other reason” and our answer is “NO”

We are honest people and we practise with what we preach

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