Home based online jobs for social media marketing experts from UK, Europe and abroad

Just an update for my friends, family and colleagues and even loved ones and mates on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ and YouTube with the new job’s on board with us. We are looking for social media marketing and optimisation experts from the UK, Europe and abroad be the part of Draw Pictures Ltd (UK’s bespoke digital marketing services boutique) in Wimbledon, London

If you specialise in social media marketing and are looking for an online or home based job, then do send us your requested CV, Cover letter and experience (portfolio) documents as soon as you can

You are more than welcome to recommend these jobs to your friends, family and even loved ones as well as to your social circles on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even YouTube and so on

The job URL can be found here “Freelance Social Media Marketing Jobs

Good Luck Guys!

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