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Freelance Social Media Marketing Experts

15 Freelance Social Media Marketing Specialists needed!


UK based Digital Marketing Agency (Draw Pictures Ltd) is looking for 15 freelance social media marketing experts from UK, Europe and abroad with at least 2 years experience in helping businesses be found online


We are ideally looking for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube experts which are experts in building an online buzz and diverting the marketing place to our and our customers business


This is a freelance job and can be done from home or online. This job also gives you the opportunity to work anytime of the day and night and do online marketing and build social media marketing strategies in the language you specialise (be it English or any languages you speak)


We are ideally looking for these 15 freelance social media specialists to work at least 4 hours a day from (Monday to Friday)  and submit the work reports on every Saturday (Mid-day) for all the work that have been done for an on our behalf


We are paying Brighton wage to all the freelancers, be it from the UK and abroad on (Payments made twice a month every 2nd week).


You should send us your CV, Cover letter and your portfolio for us to consider you as a freelance social media optimiser


Please contact HR Department for more information about this job




Email:    jobs@drawpictures.co.uk


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