Experienced web designers can increase ecommerce websites conversion ratio

When your sales are low then you need to think two things one extra time and second money.

You can use this extra time to identify and make better the areas of your website that are not giving a good performance, to build enchanting and new online marketing campaigns, and enhance your social interactions.

As far as money is concerned, it would guarantee you these plans were carried out properly.

If you think you can manage all this by yourself then you need to change your mentality. It is a thing that would not happen overnight, it takes talented and professional people who turn your desired results into reality.

eCommerce web designers are also included in these talented and professional people who can help you to achieve the goal.

How they achieve the purpose?

First: They design eCommerce website professionally

eCommerce has turned into a big economic activity around the globe. That engages you in online business.

Since, many people shop online now, so eCommerce websites are taking the lead in online business. The professional eCommerce web designers design the websites with special features for encouraging the visitors to purchase products and services and stay for a long time on the website so they spend more.

These features include a business feel, look, reflect the philosophy and vision of the business, professional design, organised layout, proper navigation, carry market friendly contest, user friendly interface, and simple checkout and simple shopping cart.

They integrate such eCommerce websites with the professional gateways to ensure hassle free and smooth online payment.

Second: Create well-organised online business

As, first eCommerce web designers create websites with specific features and bring traffic to your websites by these features. But bring visitors to a website is just the beginning of the whole process. The real effort and pain are to convert the visitors into paying customers.

The professional eCommerce web designers maximize all the factors that provide a steady income generation and fast return on investment (ROI).

They increase the usefulness of your website. For instance, they incorporate the emotional importance into the images that increase the conversion rate speed.

Draw Pictures Ltd are an experienced web design agency based in London, UK helping businesses succeed on social, mobile and in search engines, they provide effective web design service that actually helps you increase your conversion rate online.


Designing an eCommerce website is a professional task. It is not the task of lay designers. Only talented eCommerce web designers can increase conversion ratios. So, if you intend to begin a new eCommerce campaign then you should take the services of skilled and talented eCommerce web designers that can attract prospective customers and bring significant conversion.

Why is brand marketing important?

Brand marketing has become an important need for your business. The number of Internet users is increasing rapidly who visit search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., regularly for all kind of needs and for gaining knowledge on different subjects.

Therefore, it is necessary for your business to keep a considerable presence in the website world. Thus the trend of brand marketing comes into the picture and it is very necessary.

How necessary brand marketing is actually for your business?

Brand marketing is such a method by which your company or brand can build  the presence and reputation among potential customers. A brand, which defines your company, generally consists of a logo, symbol, and name.

Building a brand reputation

The name and logo may be a major part of building any brand, but it is the reputation of your company that is actually important for your brand.

It is necessary for you to provide a place for your clients to find out, each and every information, about your brand and ask questions and place comments.

It is your brand website that tells about your company and products. It also provides your customers a platform for communication. For good company reputation you should offer efficient customer service that is very important.

Importance of good customer service

Today, the internet has provided many places for net surfers, to talk about unpleasant experiences with different companies.

For keeping your brand reputation positive, you always need to respond these bad reviews. You may use Google alerts that inform you very quickly when your brand will be mentioned, online.

You can reach out to your clients online and solve your customers’ complaints and win their loyalty.

Building customers’ loyalty

Besides positive reputation of your company, brand marketing should encourage customers’ loyalty. By providing the customers a brand representing like a logo and symbol that reminds the positive emotional reactions, the customers will probably select that company or brand again at the time of buying.

Marketing the brand is a method, for keeping your brand in the peoples’ mind. Your brand logo must be on marketing blogs and websites. A website design is a key part of your brand marketing; it should always reflect the taste of targeted visitors.

Brand marketing managers

Brand marketing is a very competitive field and brand marketing managers do a lot for pulling traffic to your brand name and promoting your business. They use different techniques such as, search engine optimisation.

They also do research that involves, build a strategy, look into your websites and business competitors, find highly searched keywords, post links to other websites, submit blogs, gather the feedback etc.

Draw Pictures Ltd, A London based Brand Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimisation Company helps your brand stand ahead than other businesses competing with you, their digital and brand marketing service has helped tens of thousands of businesses from the UK and Abroad.


When you market your brand online, actually you sell yourself and mention your business simultaneously. So, it is necessary to become a trustworthy person in your customers’ eyes. When they will trust you then buy your brand. Remember it is necessary for sales, a good relationship and respect within your social circles.

Search engine positioning improves product visibility

It is expected that more development would be seen in the field of SEO, in the near future, and website rankings would not depend only, on the search engines, because marketing would also play a major role in facilitating search engine positioning.

How I can increase my search engine rankings on Google?

SEO ( Search engine optimisation)

SEO has become an essential marketing tool for online ventures. Almost all the businesses depend on low cost search engine optimisation services to drive their sites to the top search engine ranking for better positioning. That brings more viewers to their websites and in the result, generates more revenue.

SEO service puts entrepreneurs in the most strategic position forward of competitors by better positioning, your merchandise and services become more evident than other products.

It increases sales opportunities and draws huge traffic; in a result, returns on your investments get increased. Other than SEO some other  things can improve your SE positioning.

To improve search engine positioning you should concentrate on following things:

Good website construction

Website creation is not all about fun applications and beautiful design. For better positioning, you should concentrate on other things such as:

Good navigation:

For creating a website, which works well, you should think about its structure, because hierarchy of information and structure are the backbone of any well-optimised and highly functional website.

Content design:

As, content is a very important element of your website. It affects the popularity of your website among readers as well as its positioning among SE results. All SEO efforts fail when your website does not contain high quality content.

Optimise visuals:

Other than text optimisation, you should concentrate on the optimisation of videos, multimedia presentation, and photos, because searchers for this kind of content are increasing. The visuals may be a precious asset for having search engine traffic instantly .

ALT tags and Meta tags:

ALT tags are present in the pictures on your site and Meta tags are present in the header of your site.

You should try to learn the method of changing these keywords with the ones, which are relevant to your site. All the search engines consider these two areas.

Link building:

If your website has more links, there will be more chances of higher search engine positioning, because search engines always like link enriched sites.

But you should try to build links with other sites gradually not at once, in this way; these links will look more organic in the search engine and improve your website positioning.

SE positioning company

All these things will definitely improve your website search engine positioning, but also take lots of time and hard work.

There is no guarantee that despite enough knowledge you will do everything right. Any wrong move can drive you to the bottom of Search engine results.

Here, the question arises whether you need SE positioning company or not? It depends on what is the aim of your website. If your website’s purpose is non-commercial then of course you need not but if its purpose is commercial then it is difficult to achieve the goal without Search Engine Positioning Company.

Complete knowledge of search marketing

The search marketing alludes to build a website, which is visible to targeted visitors or traffic to sites that could become good prospects.

Therefore, it is important for your website to be advanced of its competitions in terms of how it feels and looks and what it offers in the world where different people are continuously searching the information online.

It’s a broad term, which covers, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, search engine advertisement and direct navigation.

Its basic objective is to obtain the highest search engine results and it targets sites of huge volume traffic and online communities. Search marketing consists of two broad categories paid, search marketing and organic search marketing.

Organic search marketing

With the help of organic search marketing, you can build a business website, which is relevant to what different search engines need to get top rankings, whenever the prospective customers searching for the services or goods you sell. The methods that are used to reach higher score sites are recognised as SEO (Search engine optimisation).

Paid search marketing

It’s also known as pay-per-click. Clients or advertisers place ads, which appear on search engine results pages. This type of search marketing works on different principles that you place.

When anyone clicks the ads, he/she is taken to your services or sales page. This is cost-effective for small and large business.

You need to know some useful tips for search marketing.

Useful tips for successful search marketing

In the competitive website marketing business, getting listed in directories and promoting services and products on portals are thought as the more practical methods of promoting your sites therefore, they are proven useful sources of getting a solid return on investment (ROI).

The following tips raise you up for search results through the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN:

• Anyone interested in SE marketing knows that website popularity lies in intensive keywords research & analysis. So, while performing keywords research & analysis you should select the relevant keywords.

• For giving you website content more power, you may create link anchored to them.

• You use only quality content for your website. That will affect your website popularity positively.

• Submit your sites to different directories; you will see huge targeted traffic visiting to your website.

• You may select any  search marketing agency for better results.

Search marketing agency

Since, search marketing agency knows well, how to rank well your website, on any search engine. It builds strategies for optimising your business site for the search engine.

It not only prepares strategies for high ranking on different search engines, but it also helps to generate valuable traffic to your website. You should always try to select the search marketing agency that has a good reputation.


The traditional marketing, swiftly being replaced by search marketing. That refers to online marketing, digital marketing or Internet marketing. It promotes your website by increasing its visibility in different search engine result pages.

Internet marketing strategies boost business visibility

When you want to grow your business, the first important thing that you need to consider is, Internet marketing strategies. Whether you are running company or home based business, internet marketing strategies are important for your clientele base. Unfortunately, the majority of business people have no understanding of it.

There are many things to consider such as, well-mannered back end presentation, means you should have respectable and trusted website, which can keep clients engaged and provide them the desired information.

There are many amazing websites but no traffic to them. Therefore, you need to develop internet marketing strategies. Here are some tips, how can you achieve the goal?

Website internet marketing strategy

Your business always benefits from a well performed internet marketing strategy. An effective and efficient online marketing strategy boosts your business visibility; attract more traffic, and sales. However, you need good knowledge and experience.

A good start is, you look for advice and help from professionals. In case, you are newbie to internet marketing, they will facilitate setting you on a right track. You cannot successfully market online without a website.

So, it must represent the true picture of your business. It should be easy to navigate, well-organised, and attractive. The content should be useful and clear to potential clients.

SEO and PPC internet marketing strategy

Search engine optimisation and PPC internet marketing strategies are a typical synergy in an online traffic generation. An effective SEO may be a cheap method to generate massive traffic, but you need time to implement.

On the other hand, PPC is a source of swift traffic.

However, the most distinctive combined internet strategy is to start with a strong pay-per-click ad campaign and slowly level it back when you achieve SEO grip with target phrases and keywords.

Remember, SEO and PPC internet marketing could  only be beneficial and successful when you use correct phrases and keywords.

Direct traffic internet marketing strategy

Direct traffic is considered high quality traffic. The direct traffic means people who visited a site and came back again just because, they remembered its name and they put it in favorites.

Sometime customers revisit the site because search engine displays the name of site that trigger a positive response. When direct traffic increases then your brand becomes more valuable.

Email internet marketing strategy

Email Marketing is an important marketing strategy, because of text messaging and spammers. People still like to read emails, especially the decision makers in businesses.


Internet marketing strategies require a lot of effort and planning. You should keep in mind the profit, revenue, and the audience, while developing these strategies.

On the other hand, You should either hire an Internet marketing expert to join your business team or if it sounds too much work to train and pay higher wages, then it is highly suggested that you hire an Internet Marketing Company


Tips to drive huge traffic to website

Website traffic is very essential for a successful business. So, In this article, you would know how to get huge and swift traffic by following a few very easy steps.

Article marketing: Old but effective technique

Article marketing is a best method to drive huge traffic to website. Though, it is an old technique but still very effective. You just write articles and submit to article directories such as, ArticleBase, EzineArticles, Buzzle, GoArticles, and SearchWarp.

You can find top article directories by searching Article Directory List. You can also submit your site on Web 2.0  such as, HubPages, Zimbio, Squidoo and Gather.

Article marketing, becomes more powerful and effective when you publish your exclusive articles to owners of newsletters and bloggers. So, take a start to syndicate your articles, submit them to guest post and write for online newsletters.

Viral eBooks: Convert eBooks to exe file and submit online

You bundle your all the articles together and make a viral eBook. Free eBook is a best way to build traffic online. You can also build a mailing list with it. You may submit PDF eBooks to Butterfly Reports, FreeIQ, Yudu, Issuu, Calameo, DocStoc, eSnips, and Scribd.

You convert your eBook to exe file and submit it to different directories online. For converting eBooks you can also use WebsiteZip Packer software.

Blogging: Get traffic from famous Search engines

It is a great method to know your web readers. It also plays a big role to get valuable traffic from search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. You can post articles to Blogs Carnivals that are a set of blog on specific subjects.

This method provides an opportunity to share your blog on other blogs. By participating in such  blog carnivals you not only generate additional traffic, but you also get quality backlinks. For submitting articles to the blog carnival, just go to Blog Carnivals and Blog communities Publishing Magazine.

Ustream.tv: Provide feedback from the chat room

It allows you to build your own television station on your website. It is a lot better than  TV. You experience live interaction, while broadcasting your video and get feedback from chat room live. It provides your business, a real human face .It is very effective, because people always like to interact with people for buying, not impersonal companies. Video Marketing: Get huge traffic from search engines

Video sites have become highly trafficked sites. A simple video may drive huge traffic to your site even. You can make video with PowerPoint presentations with audio. After creating video you can submit it, video submission sites and have traffic from different search engines.

Social bookmarking: Get links & extra traffic

Social bookmarking allows you to save and organise bookmarks to the public site, tag them with the keyword, share with other people and browse what other people have bookmarked. You may submit your blog to social bookmarking websites; it is an easy way to get links and extra traffic into your blog.

If you are too busy doing other things in business, then it is suggested that you hire ethical yet effective SEO Service in order to stay ahead on social sites and search engines.

Effective and instant techniques to improve website traffic

Before, you look for techniques to improve your website traffic, make sure first that your website is set up properly, so that traffic could discover you. For this purpose, your website must be optimised. SEO is an effective method to get the different SE engines to like your web.

If search engines such as, if Google and Yahoo like your website they will rank it high in search results and high rankings means more traffic to any website. In this article, I shall tell you some effective and instant techniques to improve site traffic. Let’s start!

Use SEO technique to improve your website traffic

If you’re using a non – SEO technique to improve your website traffic then this tip will definitely improve your website traffic. SEO concepts are simple but their practice is a little complicated. SEO basically consists of two elements such as, keyword optimisation and back links. If you’re not using these elements then there is no chance to improve traffic.

Keyword optimisation

Since, search engines find out how relevant your websites are in the search, based on keywords, which you use in the content. If you use the keywords, which you anticipate visitors will use for finding you in the exact places on your website with appropriate frequency then it is a good initiate to improve web traffic.


Backlinks are very important for search engine optimisation. The search engine uses backlinks to find out how popular your website is? Backlinks means links from other websites. When search engines realise that other popular websites are linking to your website then they reward you by lifting your web in the search rankings.

There are several methods for linking such as web directory submission, social bookmarking etc. You can also hire a professional SEO expert to get the job done, efficiently and effectively.

Improve website traffic with web 2.0

Besides SEO, there are various methods available to improve your site traffic, Web 2.0 is also included in them. This technique promotes your website through links on social websites such as, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc.

Web 2.0 and social sites networking combination are becoming the most visited one. Millions of people connect here with one another and share interests and make recommendations for services and products. These sites enable you to hit directly into your target market.

Try to match and mix different website traffic techniques

You should also look at other web traffic generating techniques and try to assess whether they can help you to improve traffic to your web and get you improved credibility and profits.


You can learn the process of improving your website traffic by many ways, on your own and hire an SEO Company to do this for you or you can also buy some software that can really assist you with this aspect.

Why and how you should buy website traffic have complete awareness

Website traffic is really a root of your online business success; it plays an important role in making or breaking your online business. Building up a massive traffic to your site can do amazing things for you, for example promote higher-paying advertisements, and increase sales conversion and international recognition.

Why you need buy website traffic?

For immediate page rank increase

Getting your website ranking high on any search engine will result in more traffic. By spending a little amount, you can purchase a package of web traffic for specific visitors. Once these visitors start exploding then your website start having a good blast at getting the search engine traffic boost.

Search engine optimisation includes link building, advertisements and promotion, in order to have traffic flow. However, traffic also plays its own part to boost page rankings. Search engines list a website page, which has many visitors; therefore, a rapid stream of buying traffic may get your website listed up, on search engines in less time.

For getting targeted traffic

There is a big difference between traffic and targeted traffic. Targeted traffic takes place when visitors that view your website are interested in your products, services and content that you offer on your website, they are not random mouse-clickers who only stumble on any website to see something completely irrelevant.

You can find long-term visitors or potential customers by targeted traffic. Many traffic-selling agencies use a PPC method where people pay a nominal price to view website, which are related to their interests.

For increasing revenue from advertising

Pay-per-click advertisement method has been experienced in every corner and niche of the Internet now a days. If you own a website or blog, you can also bring steady monthly income in exchange. Increasing users to your website will give you revenue-share advertising companies. They pay for every click.

By creating well-researched content, including precise keywords density, and getting simple and easy traffic to online domain, you can set up an ideal online environment to generate handsome income through advertisement placement on your page.

How to buy site traffic

Offer free of cost sample and discounts

If you have launched a new service or product, then you can buy traffic by giving free of cost samples and discounts to first few clients. This must attract more visitors to your site and when these offers finish you will see an increase in your sales revenues. Hence, it would be easy for you to maintain the traffic as compared to, you do nothing for increasing awareness on your traffic flow, when you launch the new product.

Have a blog

Another method to buy traffic is that you have a blog, which relates to your services and products on different websites. You should prefer social websites, because visitors usually discuss problems on the forums.


Buying  a web traffic is an effective method of gaining access to a better market share. There are many companies that provide different ways of buying web traffic.

If you are looking for unique traffic to your website, then it is highly suggested that you get in touch with a well known seo firm that may increase your website traffic, page rank, sales and ROI increase.

There are number of SEO Companies out there which charge affordable price for performing several tasks on your behalf, if you have hired a great seo firm, chances are, you will achieve what you deserve and desire.

Ways to check website traffic very simple but necessary to keep track

Website traffic is data that is received and sent by the visitors to the website. It’s a huge portion of internet traffic that is determined through visitor numbers and pages they visited. Everyone who owns a website, wants to keep a complete analysation of his or her website.

If you have a website then you would also want to know how many visitors are visiting your website daily, weekly, monthly and so on. You might also be interested to know whether you are having visitors by referring traffic or by direct traffic.

The checking of website traffic is very simple but many of you do not know on how to check it. Whether you have a business website, blog website or fun website. Therefore, you need to know the whole process of website checking. In this article, I shall guide you how can you check website traffic?

First step: To start checking website traffic you have to be online. You will get your website running. You should have some knowledge about computer code and HTML editor. If you do not know anything about them then you spare some time to get some knowledge about them, because that’s the basis of the website.

Second step: Now, your website is running, how would you check its traffic? Here, you need a Google account if you did not create a Google account yet, then create it right now and visit google.com/analytics. You will  give some detail regarding yourself and your website here.

Third step: When you are finished with filling details then you will create a new profile. Here, you will tell about the desired domain that you want to add for tracking. After filling these details, you will be given a ‘computer code’, which you will put on your website. Google uses this computer code to check the website traffic.

Fourth step: Now, you will open your website in choosing HTML editor. You will see your site in a “source” mode. You will see your site in raw HTML format. If you scroll down to the page bottom, then you will have a chance to see a penultimate line reading the script. You will enter analytics code, before the line and, save the page. After this you have to upload it to FTP client and that’s it.

Important note: One more thing you need to know that Google take some days for the registration of the code.


By following these steps you can check your website traffic and see how the traffic of your website is going on and view all the web traffic visited your website. You can  see ‘top traffic country’ means from where visitors are coming mostly.

Please note, there are number of other ways to check website traffic that we will dicuss in coming posts, you can also use awstats, web stats and several other tools, however Google Traffic Checker remains the best and is highly suggested.

If you are missing the website traffic you should actually get, then it is highly suggested that you stay in contact with an SEO Company that provides ethical seo services and web site seo optimisation. This then may help your website grow your business online

There are number of SEO Companies which provide complete analysis about where your website lack, current traffic statistics, backlinks authority and so on.

You should select an honest yet Trusted SEO Company for your online marketing in order to succeed. Before you hire a Search Engine Optimisation Compay, I will suggest that you check their Social Media Performance, do not hire an SEO Company that have poor or no presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social platforms.

Easy ways to improve your website traffic

Every business, whether it is small or big try to earn money online, by selling products or services. Now a days some large businesses have made a separate internet marketing department for promoting their websites online.

Many search engine optimisation professionals offer seo services to attract website traffic. However, there are some free methods also available that you can use to promote your website and business onine such as:

Join the blogsphere: Post comments on blogs

You study the market thoroughly and find some blogs, which are related to business subjects. Post relevant comments, but always avoid using generality, because visitors will assume these are spam comments, there are freelancers, individuals and even seo companies that spam on blogs, which is nor good for those website owners, neither for search engines.

For posting comments, you should choose small, medium and large blogs which let you publish your website too, make sure you do not spam else it would not help, both in rankings and traffic increase.

You should try to stay relevant, professional and sure, you can disagree but be polite. You can include your website links there if visitors find your comments relevant and interesting then, they might click on your website URL.

Guest posting and social media: Create entertaining and funny contest

Social media provides you forums for posting blogs free of cost. You spend some time to learn business promotion by social media. You create useful, entertaining, and funny contest to share. If you cannot write yourself then you can outsource the writing job with a nominal cost.

Though it is suggested that you hire a local content writer that knows what your target audience is looking online, knows on how to use Google keyword suggestion tool and have great knowledge about keywords weight and density.

Social networking allows you to share your links with other websites in barter arrangements. You can also post videos on YouTube that will give you extraordinary linkage and exposure opportunities.

Classified websites: Post free listings

Some classified websites provide opportunities for free posting. If you want to sell products and services then  free classified websites attain millions of visitors. Many sites provide you sections where you may post free listings such as, Classifedads.com, facebook.com etc.

Article marketing: Direct link to your website

You can write and post informative and interesting articles to different directories free of cost. Your articles are directly linked to your websites.

Such as, ezinearticles.com, and goarticles.com allow you to post the articles link back to your sites. The keywords you use in these articles help  you to improve the rankings, which search engines like, Google and Yahoo give businesses in general searches.

Classic press releases

By such classic press releases the visitors of your websites come to know about your business performance. You can promote your latest services and products by these press releases. You can  find out  how to write a press release with the online press release format. These releases go to different online magazines, bloggers, news organisations, and search engines.


Remember creative strategies always help you find methods to drive traffic without any cost. So concentrate on resolving customer problems, help visitors reach their objective and help them learn.

If you do not have time and knowledge on how to promote your business online, looking for an SEO Company that actually delivers results, is based in your town and focuses on ethical yet effective online marketing, which is the way forward to succeed online.