Responsive web design, your visa to seo and social media marketing buzz

There is a lot going on when it comes to digital marketing and social media marketing, some people are saying, social media marketing signals are far more useful than the link building, while the others are still stuck in meta keywords and page rank, but you will hardly see those so called seo experts talking about creative and responsive web design that is the heart of everything


A lot has been written on this blog about search engine friendly web design however the statements change each time when there is a Google update or new rules are implemented when it comes to online marketing

Someone in the United States of America was earlier talking about ranking any websites that have been affected by Google’s January 2016 update, while others are talking about next level link building from top ranked blogs, fair enough, but what is wrong with those articles, press releases and directory sites which have always worked in previous years?

The answer is very simple – Those website’s that do not accommodate spam, gambling and casino websites and porn and so on still help in your search engine rankings increase, especially traffic but many seo specialists are now talking about Twitter, Google+, YouTube and even Facebook likes,

It is all good but at the same time there is nothing wrong with the link building when it comes to building backlinks in order to help your website visitors find yourself not the search engine’s friend yourself

Looking at the other side of the digital marketing and even social media optimisation strategy, 80% or more websites still lack search engine’s compatibility and there is hardly no or any focus at all,


there are very few online marketing companies that suggest customers to get their websites modified, all they want is money flowing in their bank accounts and they hardly care with what should have been done before starting the seo, social media and online marketing segments of any websites

What is really your point when you wish to spend thousands and millions of pounds to decorate 300 years old house? It is ridiculous, it definitely is, until unless you are not serious about your money and where it is going, those social media marketing and seo companies end up building stupid backlinks and keep sending you reports every-month and you are more than a happy man as they show traffic increase, why do you need the traffic increase if it’s not converting?


A good search engine optimisation company should always check the website compatibility with current search engine algorithms and online marketing strategy and how responsive your website is with today’s trends in mind, online marketing world is constantly changing after Google’ s serious attention towards kicking those which are still using the black hat seo strategies

Most businesses that are affected by this Google’s January 2016 update, they can simply get their website modified and get a responsive website and then write useful and descriptive title tags and that should be it – One of UK’s leading transportation have been effected by this update,


They were more than worried as the SEO Company hardly knew what to do and they end up saying, they cannot optimise their website anymore, but that’s not the solution, you have to find the problem and fix it


We have gone through their entire website and found no seo computability, they are big enough and have thousands people visiting their website but suddenly their website has lost its rankings, like everyone else and a brand-new, responsive website has helped them get their search engine rankings recovered

I am not saying just having a creative and responsive website will help, you have to get the bad-backlinks removed using Google disavow tool (link removal tool) and perform other checks and balances and its all good

Do not get sold if someone is suggesting you to handover your seo campaign to someone really freshy in search engine optimisation and marketing industry based in America or India, find a local seo company, ask questions like, if your website is good at all?

Do not throw your money on those cheeky and dodgy seo specialists which have entered in internet marketing industry for less than 3 years, chances are you would hardly get your search engine rankings recovered


Do not simply work with someone that tells you they have achieved these rankings or that, until unless you speak to their customers, check their own rankings, and find out, if the keywords that are ranking on Google are actually bringing any ROI at all?


You can easily and freely use Google keyword suggestion tool in order to find the rest or simply get in touch with me and I would be happily helping you find out if the seo company you are looking to hire is any good at all?


If your website is hard for your website visitors that is causing the main trouble to your online search engine rankings and conversions and ROI, get it sorted and you are a happy wo/man!

If you need any information or help with your seo and web design, simply use below contact details to reach our seo specialists and they will be more than glad to help you get to know what is causing trouble and that too for free:

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How you can use internet marketing to help grow your business

The internet has become the driving force of marketing for many companies, and although traditional marketing methods will never and should never be replaced, they have somewhat taken a backseat to the phenomenon of digital marketing.

The following are just some of the main ways in which you can utilise the powerful tool that is internet marketing to help grow your business:

The Website

The heart and soul of your company’s online presence should be the website. It is the place where everything will centre back to and it will be the hub of information regarding your brand, products and services.

You don’t have to accept sales transactions online; the need for this will depend on your industry and the services or products you sell. Ensure you have prominent contact details somewhere on the homepage of your site, as people like to know they can contact a real person at some point when dealing with companies online.

Email marketing

Gaining prospective customer emails and current/past customer emails is a great way to keep the sales relationship fresh. There are many ways to gather this, be it from them contacting you with a query, them signing up to an email database to receive a newsletter or offers, gathering business cards at networking events, any way in which they surrender their contact information.

You can send emails regarding current offers, news and updates, etc.

Press releases and Content Marketing

Online press releases work in the same way as print press release would, its emailed to news publications and contains interesting information about your brand that could be considered newsworthy.

However with online press releases you have the freedom to include multimedia attachments in addition to the traditional images. This could include video, audio, and more, and you then send this to online publications.

Content marketing involves writing about your industry rather than your company itself. Popular topics include ‘how to’ articles and informative articles relevant to your products or services.

It is advisable to enlist the services of an internet marketing company regarding the writing of this articles as they will know what is required to create an article made for the internet, and will be able to improve your search engine rankings through SEO in the process.

Market Research

You can also use internet marketing as a means of researching your target markets. Conducting online surveys, making use of your email marketing database to ask for feedback, encourage comments on your website and blog, etc.

Doing market research on the internet can be cost effective and reach a wider audience than traditional market research.

There are many other ways in which internet marketing can help you to grow your business, and for it to be effective it is advisable to enlist professional internet marketing services from companies who have experience and proven track records.

Inbound digital marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound, so why are CEO’s still sceptical about the switch to digital?

A study by Hubspot has brought to light interesting facts about the world of digital marketing that CEOs are still sceptic about, including the fact that an inbound lead from the internet, such as a search engine result, costs the company a staggering 62% less than a traditional outbound lead gained from telesales or print advertising.

It reveals far more interesting and thought provoking facts for those who are unsure of digital marketing, referring to it as ‘just a trend’.

The amount of companies who believe Facebook and other social media plays a crucial role in their marketing strategies has risen by 83% over the past 2 years, and continues to rise as social media grows in popularity with businesses.

The reason social media is playing such a large role is due to the fact that the majority of society, regardless of age or occupation, use social media in their everyday lives, meaning companies can reach millions of people at once with just one post, aiding in increasing brand awareness and inbound leads with little to no cost compared with traditional marketing methods.

Another good reason for companies to go digital is the fact that 78% of consumers who use the internet are conducting product research and price comparisons online.

Companies are picking up on this and replacing business cards and flyers with the online equivalent, Google.

Getting your website into a high rank on Google is the best way to gain leads online, and as with social media optimisation, it is far more cost effective than traditional methods.

Just because a company has already adopted digital as an inevitable part of the future of marketing, doesn’t mean they have it all right yet or that they have discovered all there is to internet markeing.

57% of companies report having acquired custom through their blog and content marketing strategy, and companies that blog get 55% more traffic than those that don’t blog.

High quality and engaging content sells and helps improves a website’s visibility to search engines, with little to no cost.

Many companies are forgetting or ignoring the fact that mobiles and tablets are growing in popularity and are frequently being utilised for browsing.

78% of people check their email messages or browse the internet on a mobile or tablet, so internet marketing tactics need to be optimised for this. And the emails not only need to be optimised, they need to be engaging.

91% of those who subscribe to a website’s email newsletter or database unsubscribe due to uninteresting or irrelevant content.

There is much more to come from digital marketing in the future, as 2016 is set to be a great year if the previous stats are anything to go by.

With the help of internet marketing services many companies can and already benefiting from society’s inevitable gravitation towards all things digital.

Google’s New Image Search Could Wound Search Engine Marketing Efforts in 2016

Google revamped their Google Image Search for mobile and tablet in 2015, and the simplified experience was such a big hit that they are bringing it to their desktop Image Search.

This however is not all together good news for search engine marketing as this could make life a whole lot harder when it comes to driving web traffic to company websites.

When Google launched their new Penguin update, which showed preference to sites with multimedia content such as images and video by bringing up these results in normal searches, many digital marketers rejoiced as their search engine marketing efforts appeared to become a whole lot easier.

They got to work on implementing organic SEO tactics based around the multimedia shift, adding and optimising images and video with meta data to their websites.

Now however all that effort could be in vain, as the change to the new Google Image search format implies that the sites hosting the images may see a large reduction in visits, as the new search function allows people to browse and download the images without actually accessing the host site?

Google have counteracted these worries by saying that the change has actually added more new ways to reach the host site which will according to them increase traffic to the site.

The changes they believe will help increase traffic include making the domain name clickable and adding a new button which allows the searcher to visit the site that hosts the image.

This brings the amount of clickable targets for the host site up to four, where as with the old image search there were only two possible ways to access the host’s site.

Google also believe that by no longer loading the website with the image, they will no longer be creating “phantom” visits for websites, something that was one of the most common complaints from websites about the old Google Image search.

“That was causing problems for some webmasters, and so we thought we can do away with that. That’s gone now,” said Google webmaster trend analyst Pierre Far.

There is an option for search engine marketers who do not believe Google’s new image search will help their campaigns, they can block Google from indexing any images on their website.

There is also the option of boosting results through paid search engine marketing and pay per click advertising, as well as plenty of other SEO tactics such as the growing trend of using social media.

And of course, Google may be the world’s biggest search engine in terms of revenue, but from a search engine marketer’s point of view there are always its large scale competitors, Bing, who have yet to cause uproar in the online marketing world.

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Your Business

In the age of digital it is imperative that businesses, no matter how ‘traditional’ they may be, start to consider their online presence if they don’t want to lose valuable customers in the long run. The internet is fast becoming the go to for our every want and need, and if businesses don’t keep up with that they will get left behind as other businesses draw in their customers online.

But the digital marketing shouldn’t only be seen as a must have to prevent losing customers, it is a new and exciting place to explore and expand your business, reaching entire new markets and using new tools to give your business a depth like never before.

With the help of professionals in the form of digital marketing companies your business could soar to new heights. Here are just some of the many ways digital marketing could impact on your business:

Increased Exposure

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to increase exposure for your business. Using various channels such as social media and blogs, search engines, online directories and many more you can get your company name out there to audiences you never would have reached before, both locally and globally.

For example, if you posted a blog post that was seen by 20 people on a social networking site, and each person enjoys this and decides to share it with their 100 connections, who share it with 100 more, your blog post on your company blog has potentially been seen by 200,000 people.

Better ROI

Digital marketing will bring a far better return on investment for business than many traditional methods, due to the cost effectiveness of the digital methods used.

Social media can be run for very little cost and allows you to connect and potentially impact on millions of internet users every day.

Advertising online is far cheaper than in print. Having a large and commanding advert in a newspaper or phone directory would cost a bomb and potential customers would have to pick up the phone to ask you more about your services and products.

Online however you can place ads and links in online directories for next to nothing, some are even free and direct customers to a wealth of information about your company, much faster and easier than having to call to ask.

Takes the Pressure Off

Because digital marketing is a new and quite specialised area, many companies feel they benefit from bringing in digital marketing companies who can either help with creating and implementing a strategy or taking the workload altogether.

This takes the pressure off you and your team so you can focus on other areas of the business while knowledgeable specialists an agency provide digital marketing services that ensure your company is ahead of the game.

It Sticks Around

Everything your company posts onto the internet whether it be via a blog, social network or directory, it will remain searchable and viewable for years. So on one hand, you much be careful that what you are putting on is well thought out and displays your company in a good light.

And on the other hand, it is advantageous for exposure purposes as the more information you post in relation to your brand, the larger your online presence becomes over time.

There are many more ways in which digital marketing could impact on your company, all of which reinforce why a large proportion of UK companies have already taken to the internet with the help of digital marketing companies in the UK. The question is, will you?

PPC outshines SEO in testing

Regardless of digital marketing team size, pay per click and search engine optimisation campaigns working together can result in the best project. When these two terms work together they provide more opportunities to get more insightful and informative data rather than working separately. They have one common thing that is:

Common keyword researches

Key phrase research is the common key between both PPC and SEO terms. Both PPC and SEO teams perform keyphrase research as an initial step of any new marketing campaign that is the foundation of search marketing strategy. These keyword researches let you match the related key phrases, which users search for finding desired content on your website.

PPC keyphrase research may consist of thousands of keyphrases while search engine optimisation research may include two hundred or more keyphrases depending on any project size. PPC keywords are usually used to create the best ad copy and SEO keywords are employed in Meta data, on page content and link building.

Increase traffic without increasing PPC budget

You can analyse pay-per-click search query data for discovering the terms, which are driving lots of paid traffic. Search engine optimisation team can concentrate on these keywords for integrating them in the optimised content. In this way, your traffic will increase definitely, and you do not need to increase your PPC budget. In some areas PPC outshines SEO – really well and it has always worked out for the customers I personally work with.

PPC outshines SEO in testing

You can get the best result with both PPC and SEO; both are important but in one area PPC outshines SEO that is testing. All the tests that are performed, whether they are in terms of preferred keyphrase, design, and achieved results are highly beneficial for both teams.

Why SEO & PPC campaigns should run together?

Most of the people have questions whether SEO & PPC campaigns should run side-by-side. The answer is yes, because Google has said on record that running a pay-per-click ad with an organic listing may be very useful. Google also revealed in a study that how the organic clicks number change whenever PPC ads are there and when they’re paused or turned off.

It was also found that about 89 percent ads were incremental; it means that all the visits to a site of advertiser would not have happened without the advertising campaigns. You can check  impact of running PPC & SEO campaigns together on your site by value-per-click calculation for defining the investment level.


Many people do not realise that PPC and SEO are essential to each other but, the reality is SEO is not considered complete without PPC. If, as a marketer you insist on only doing SEO then you are missing a lot (This is my personal opinion though).

Both teams can work together in an agency or house but, one thing is very important while working together is, share insights. If you always share insights you would never miss any opportunity and you can also avoid duplicate work

Digital marketing media dynamic source of marketing

In digital marketing media, data is used in the digital format for broadcasting information and building your brand among the focused audience. The data includes, graphics, video, audio, text, and combination of all.

Now a days, in the Internet world, digital marketing media strategies have developed into a dynamic source of marketing your products and services. Before implementing these strategies, you need to understand a few fundamentals.

Audio visual elements: Grab users’ attention

You incorporate digital media elements into the existing way of website marketing campaigns such as; you introduce audio visual displays of advertisements or information that makes for the interactive promotion.

You can grab the attention of users buy animations and web effects and by the combination of sound and images. However, they must be associated with your brand name or product.

Viral marketing: Getting popularity

The combination of web videos and websites can be another effective approach for digital marketing media. It is just like interactive advertising.

Studies have proven that video draws high clicks and video’s popularity is increasing, because majority of users search them and like to share with others.

Video introduction: Recommend trustworthiness of web

Text has been a conservative way of introducing your company website. Today WorldWideWeb (www) offers you vast scope for innovation and creativity.

Therefore, now you may have the video introduction for your websites. But, you should not only focus on videos and approving text must be on your website for the users who might not like the video. Three to four minute video can recommend trustworthiness of your web.

Reorganised text: Accurate and updated content necessary

Though the text is a conservative form of marketing your website but, it is still effective and your communication campaign does not complete without it.

So, always try to enhance the readability and quality of your web content. Always offer accurate and updated content on your website.

Importance of digital marketing media has made you able to market your products across the world. You can have SMS by cell phones, audio and video broadcast, websites, blogs, feeds, RSS, podcasts, outdoor digital displays with it.

Its importance has proven itself over the time and it has become a necessary part of your business because of fast source of transferring information.


Today, every business or company is using digital marketing media, because it allows you, huge scope for effective marketing and promotion.

It is automated procedure you can even reach globally with less manpower. But it would be yielding and advantageous for you if you plan it sensibly and carefully and present it to focused customers.

There are many internet marketing companies available who make strategies for you by using impressive text, audio visual and graphics to attract potential customers to your targeted goals.

Why is brand marketing important?

Brand marketing has become an important need for your business. The number of Internet users is increasing rapidly who visit search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., regularly for all kind of needs and for gaining knowledge on different subjects.

Therefore, it is necessary for your business to keep a considerable presence in the website world. Thus the trend of brand marketing comes into the picture and it is very necessary.

How necessary brand marketing is actually for your business?

Brand marketing is such a method by which your company or brand can build  the presence and reputation among potential customers. A brand, which defines your company, generally consists of a logo, symbol, and name.

Building a brand reputation

The name and logo may be a major part of building any brand, but it is the reputation of your company that is actually important for your brand.

It is necessary for you to provide a place for your clients to find out, each and every information, about your brand and ask questions and place comments.

It is your brand website that tells about your company and products. It also provides your customers a platform for communication. For good company reputation you should offer efficient customer service that is very important.

Importance of good customer service

Today, the internet has provided many places for net surfers, to talk about unpleasant experiences with different companies.

For keeping your brand reputation positive, you always need to respond these bad reviews. You may use Google alerts that inform you very quickly when your brand will be mentioned, online.

You can reach out to your clients online and solve your customers’ complaints and win their loyalty.

Building customers’ loyalty

Besides positive reputation of your company, brand marketing should encourage customers’ loyalty. By providing the customers a brand representing like a logo and symbol that reminds the positive emotional reactions, the customers will probably select that company or brand again at the time of buying.

Marketing the brand is a method, for keeping your brand in the peoples’ mind. Your brand logo must be on marketing blogs and websites. A website design is a key part of your brand marketing; it should always reflect the taste of targeted visitors.

Brand marketing managers

Brand marketing is a very competitive field and brand marketing managers do a lot for pulling traffic to your brand name and promoting your business. They use different techniques such as, search engine optimisation.

They also do research that involves, build a strategy, look into your websites and business competitors, find highly searched keywords, post links to other websites, submit blogs, gather the feedback etc.

Draw Pictures Ltd, A Brighton based Brand Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimisation Company helps your brand stand ahead than other businesses competing with you, their digital and brand marketing service has helped tens of thousands of businesses from the UK and Abroad.


When you market your brand online, actually you sell yourself and mention your business simultaneously. So, it is necessary to become a trustworthy person in your customers’ eyes. When they will trust you then buy your brand. Remember it is necessary for sales, a good relationship and respect within your social circles.

SEO Marketing strategies for business

SEO is very important for successful business. If you have your own website and you want to earn money and flourish your business with that website, then you must have knowledge about search engine optimisation.

Marketing is also essential for your business. If you wish to make a successful and prosperous business then you will have to market your products and services well, or else you would not succeed in a very busy online market.

As a businessman you must be aware that good and efficient marketing is a necessary part of the efficient online marketing strategy.

Therefore, SEO marketing is a good strategy for you if you not only want to make your website good but also a profitable one. SEO marketing strategy places your site in a positive position by different strategies.

Before doing SEO marketing you should understand what your clients are searching for whenever they find your web.

How can you do this?

Check the Statistics

First of all, you should check your website statistics and try to figure out, what kind of keywords or search words or phrases people mostly use to search your business.

You can check this through web analytics tools and channels access that are present in your dashboard. If you find it too technical then it is recommended you to hire some SEO Marketing Experts to get the job done.

Try to find out the usefulness of existing keywords

You should keep in your mind that until the visitors know your business or product name they cannot  search  you in the vast sea of prospective competitors. You will have to put your business or brand, in front of customers.

So, assess whether the existing phrases or keywords are useful to your potential clients, who have no idea about your business services and products. If these keywords are handy, then short list these phrases and keywords which produce good results, if they aren’t helpful then re-think about them.

Find the most searched keywords globally and Locally

Research the keywords that, users find for searching similar services and products. You may use Google keyword tool that is free of cost. By this tool you can get local and worldwide search results about any keyword.

All the results appear in a below pane and competition are shown by ‘high’ and ‘low’. After doing this research you can find quality and well-researched keyword for your website.


SEO marketing strategy assists you to stay focused on your objectives. Hope now you are able to understand SEO Marketing. So, now you may start search engine optimisation marketing strategy for getting more traffic and ranking to your website.

If you are unsure on how to search engine market your business online, then let an SEO Company get the job done for you, be it onsite and offsite website analysis, finding the right keywords for your business, building the backlinks, or brand awareness via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Youtube channels, An SEO Company can always put your business first which definitely helps in increasing your sales and ROI.

Digital Marketing Reinforces Your Website Presence and Improves Business

If you are the owner of any business, it is necessary for you, to know about digital marketing, because, without being online, your business is missing, mass of advertising, marketing and success. If you run a business and you have no blog, website, and social media platform, then definitely, you are ignoring to market yourself. Therefore, it is important for you to build a website for yourself and reinforce its presence by digital marketing.

Digital marketing, makes you able to have interaction, with the customers and users directly, rather than displayed ads (Display Advertisements). It is a modern engagement technique that is a very effective method for developing customer loyalty. It is very cost-efficient, way of marketing than traditional ways. It is considered a cheap and effective method of marketing now a days.

Digital Marketing Works on following principles:

Push Digital Marketing: Pushes Advertising Informations Directly to Customers

This sort of digital marketing pushes the whole advertising informations directly to customers. The marketers usually do, push marketing, by SMS, RSS, and emails. It exactly targets the customers or receivers with personalised messages.  It uses very powerful means. You can easily monitor, track and measure the efficiency of the market and/or your campaign.

Pull Digital Marketing: Gathers Clients

The main objective of pull digital marketing is, it gathers clients toward you. In this process, the individual is forced by communication to visit your business or make a call for action. Website, web page, and any Internet based medium are the examples of such marketing. However, this means cannot be tracked and personalised easily, but it’s still powerful and effective, indeed.

Digital Marketing Cost Efficient Method

Digital Marketing is cheaper form of marketing; therefore it is considered a cost-efficient method. If you adopt the traditional ways, even a small ad in any newspaper costs you many pounds, whereas digital marketing costs you less and gives effective performance.

Develop Very  Effective Digital Marketing

You can develop effective digital marketing by following tips:

• You should do market research, which tells you about product demand, competition and which platform is suitable for your product. Linkedln is more suitable than twitter and Facebook in a way or the other, depending your target niche.

• Advertise or market your product. Publicise it widely, and tell people about your existence.

• Try to create awareness among the masses, because realisation is, must for purchase cycle. We have to provide people awareness about their needs for a specific product.

• You should lead the generation by forums and discussions. Maybe someone is searching for services and product and wants to ask questions online.

• You should provide excellent customer services to your customers. Your existing clients will recommend you to other so, you will also get new clients by word of mouth marketing which is one of the best form of marketing since earlier days of marketing campaigns.


Search engine optimisation is a very effective tactic of digital marketing.