Responsive web design, your visa to seo and social media marketing buzz

There is a lot going on when it comes to digital marketing and social media marketing, some people are saying, social media marketing signals are far more useful than the link building, while the others are still stuck in meta keywords and page rank, but you will hardly see those so called seo experts talking about creative and responsive web design that is the heart of everything


A lot has been written on this blog about search engine friendly web design however the statements change each time when there is a Google update or new rules are implemented when it comes to online marketing

Someone in the United States of America was earlier talking about ranking any websites that have been affected by Google’s January 2016 update, while others are talking about next level link building from top ranked blogs, fair enough, but what is wrong with those articles, press releases and directory sites which have always worked in previous years?

The answer is very simple – Those website’s that do not accommodate spam, gambling and casino websites and porn and so on still help in your search engine rankings increase, especially traffic but many seo specialists are now talking about Twitter, Google+, YouTube and even Facebook likes,

It is all good but at the same time there is nothing wrong with the link building when it comes to building backlinks in order to help your website visitors find yourself not the search engine’s friend yourself

Looking at the other side of the digital marketing and even social media optimisation strategy, 80% or more websites still lack search engine’s compatibility and there is hardly no or any focus at all,


there are very few online marketing companies that suggest customers to get their websites modified, all they want is money flowing in their bank accounts and they hardly care with what should have been done before starting the seo, social media and online marketing segments of any websites

What is really your point when you wish to spend thousands and millions of pounds to decorate 300 years old house? It is ridiculous, it definitely is, until unless you are not serious about your money and where it is going, those social media marketing and seo companies end up building stupid backlinks and keep sending you reports every-month and you are more than a happy man as they show traffic increase, why do you need the traffic increase if it’s not converting?


A good search engine optimisation company should always check the website compatibility with current search engine algorithms and online marketing strategy and how responsive your website is with today’s trends in mind, online marketing world is constantly changing after Google’ s serious attention towards kicking those which are still using the black hat seo strategies

Most businesses that are affected by this Google’s January 2016 update, they can simply get their website modified and get a responsive website and then write useful and descriptive title tags and that should be it – One of UK’s leading transportation have been effected by this update,


They were more than worried as the SEO Company hardly knew what to do and they end up saying, they cannot optimise their website anymore, but that’s not the solution, you have to find the problem and fix it


We have gone through their entire website and found no seo computability, they are big enough and have thousands people visiting their website but suddenly their website has lost its rankings, like everyone else and a brand-new, responsive website has helped them get their search engine rankings recovered

I am not saying just having a creative and responsive website will help, you have to get the bad-backlinks removed using Google disavow tool (link removal tool) and perform other checks and balances and its all good

Do not get sold if someone is suggesting you to handover your seo campaign to someone really freshy in search engine optimisation and marketing industry based in America or India, find a local seo company, ask questions like, if your website is good at all?

Do not throw your money on those cheeky and dodgy seo specialists which have entered in internet marketing industry for less than 3 years, chances are you would hardly get your search engine rankings recovered


Do not simply work with someone that tells you they have achieved these rankings or that, until unless you speak to their customers, check their own rankings, and find out, if the keywords that are ranking on Google are actually bringing any ROI at all?


You can easily and freely use Google keyword suggestion tool in order to find the rest or simply get in touch with me and I would be happily helping you find out if the seo company you are looking to hire is any good at all?


If your website is hard for your website visitors that is causing the main trouble to your online search engine rankings and conversions and ROI, get it sorted and you are a happy wo/man!

If you need any information or help with your seo and web design, simply use below contact details to reach our seo specialists and they will be more than glad to help you get to know what is causing trouble and that too for free:

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How you can use internet marketing to help grow your business

The internet has become the driving force of marketing for many companies, and although traditional marketing methods will never and should never be replaced, they have somewhat taken a backseat to the phenomenon of digital marketing.

The following are just some of the main ways in which you can utilise the powerful tool that is internet marketing to help grow your business:

The Website

The heart and soul of your company’s online presence should be the website. It is the place where everything will centre back to and it will be the hub of information regarding your brand, products and services.

You don’t have to accept sales transactions online; the need for this will depend on your industry and the services or products you sell. Ensure you have prominent contact details somewhere on the homepage of your site, as people like to know they can contact a real person at some point when dealing with companies online.

Email marketing

Gaining prospective customer emails and current/past customer emails is a great way to keep the sales relationship fresh. There are many ways to gather this, be it from them contacting you with a query, them signing up to an email database to receive a newsletter or offers, gathering business cards at networking events, any way in which they surrender their contact information.

You can send emails regarding current offers, news and updates, etc.

Press releases and Content Marketing

Online press releases work in the same way as print press release would, its emailed to news publications and contains interesting information about your brand that could be considered newsworthy.

However with online press releases you have the freedom to include multimedia attachments in addition to the traditional images. This could include video, audio, and more, and you then send this to online publications.

Content marketing involves writing about your industry rather than your company itself. Popular topics include ‘how to’ articles and informative articles relevant to your products or services.

It is advisable to enlist the services of an internet marketing company regarding the writing of this articles as they will know what is required to create an article made for the internet, and will be able to improve your search engine rankings through SEO in the process.

Market Research

You can also use internet marketing as a means of researching your target markets. Conducting online surveys, making use of your email marketing database to ask for feedback, encourage comments on your website and blog, etc.

Doing market research on the internet can be cost effective and reach a wider audience than traditional market research.

There are many other ways in which internet marketing can help you to grow your business, and for it to be effective it is advisable to enlist professional internet marketing services from companies who have experience and proven track records.

How to achieve top search engine rankings quickly and for free

Yes, there are ways to beat the system and get fast and free high search rankings, through growing low quality links fast and furiously. Through doing this however you would not be practicing ethical SEO, something Google frowns upon, and is not cracking down hard on.

So although it can be done, there are great risks and it isn’t necessarily worth it, as if you get caught by Google the penalties are severe.

If you want to climb the Google ladder and get high search rankings in a slow and steady but ethical way, a way that wins Google’s trust and has ample benefits in the long run, here is how its done:

Quality Link Building

Whereas the unethical SEO way goes down the route of quantity and sacrifices quality, the ethical SEO way does the complete opposite.

Google rewards link building, but people took that the wrong way and for over a decade decided to build thousands of links, regardless of quality, thinking that was what would help them soar to the top SERP (search engine ranking page) and fast.

However what Google actually meant was link building is good when the links are quality, and actually bring something of use to the site.

A link to a badly written article that is purely there for the links is a low quality link.

A link to a well written article on a reputable site that is relevant to the website its linked to is a high quality link. Just having one of these high quality links will get you further with Google than 100 of these low quality links.

Try to aim to build one new quality link a day, and you will be well on your way to the top page of Google in no time!

Content Marketing

Another thing Google praises is content, but again it needs to be of high quality and purposeful. If content is badly written and over optimised, and quite obviously just there for SEO purposes then it will no longer be considered by Google’s search algorithms.

If however the content is useful and interesting, relevant and weighted properly with the right keywords, it will get you far.

Ensure you are posting this content on quality website(s), but beware that the sites are reputable; as if they have a bad reputation with Google they could damage yours.

Social Media Marketing

Social media now also has a good impact on your SEO. Posting regular links to relevant content on social media channels, as well as engaging with your audience will improve your reputation with Google and help you build more links.

So it may take longer than fast and furious link building, but overall slow and steady will always win the race, so get ahead with ethical SEO and watch your website climb the Google ladder.

Calls for CEOs to join social media marketing ranks as 77% of customers say it encourages them to buy

Recent statistics from a survey by have revealed how CEOs and Executives having an active involvement in their company’s social media marketing strategies would influence how both the potential customers and employees view the brand.

77% of people asked said that seeing a CEO using social media or blogging would make them more likely to buy from the company, while 94% also said that the brand’s image would be enhanced in their eyes if the company’s senior executives were also involved in social media.

When it comes to the employees or potential employees of a company, the survey revealed that 82% said they would hold more trust and respect for the company if the leadership team had an active involvement in social media, with 78% saying it leads to better communication.

64% stated that the improved transparency of having the CEO and senior executives on social media gives it higher regard among themselves and potential customers.

For CEOs who are still sceptical about getting involved in their company’s social media optimisation methods, there is much to be benefited from. Peter Aceto, CEO of ING Direct Canada, well known financial services firm told eMarketer in an interview in 2015 that being active on social media is a great way for him to assess both how employees and consumers see and feel about the company and the services and products that it offers.

“We saw it as a competitive advantage for us. There was no science. There was no ROI. We just needed to get going, start to build a community and learn about how we can use it,” says Aceto on the decision to get involved in social media.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Social media optimisation not only gains your brand respect from consumers and employees, it can tie in with your other online marketing strategies too, including your search marketing.

Having an active presence on social media has be proven to improve search optimisation by increasing the amount of pages indexed for your company and its related key words, as well as providing a flow of fresh and high quality content, something Google looks favourable upon since its update to Penguin in 2015.

So for CEOs, being on social media doesn’t just give the customers someone to look up to, it improves employee relations and over all can give online marketing efforts a mighty boost.

Social media marketing: How to build a buzz online

In the age of digital, one thing that seems to have both enchanted and baffled companies the most is social media and how to effectively use it. Social media is one of the top tools that should be in any company’s marketing tool box, and there are plenty of online marketing agencies offering their services in this area.

However, before you take the plunge, here is a guide to how social media can be used to create a buzz online:

Listening Carefully Is Key

Social media is a large conversation, and as with any form on conversation it is wise to listen to what is being discussed before diving in. So before a company starts posting on social media and trying to gain loyal followers and shares, it is imperative that they to listen to what your target audience are buzzing off currently.

There will be similar themes, opinions and tones recurring throughout the buzz, which will give some insight into the target audience and give an advantage. This can be used tailor your company’s social media voice to fit in with that of your target audience.

Be Professional with Personality

The key is in the name ‘social media’. It’s a place where people want to communicate and connect with other people, not brands. However, if your brand is seen to have a personality, it is far more accepted by the community.

Each company needs to find their own individual balance of brand and personality in their social media marketing, and it is advisable to seek the advice of online marketing agencies to help get this right.

Social Media Policies

Due to the fact that when a company posts on social media, they potentially reach millions of people globally, it can only take simple mistakes to severely damage or even completely ruin a reputation.  If a business plans to encourage staff to have input into their social media channels, it is important to set out clear rules and guidelines.

Even if staff aren’t contributing directly to the company social media channels, things posted on their own social media could still impact. This is why you commonly see employees of companies stating that ‘their views are their own’ on personal social media accounts.

Measuring the Buzz

Measuring social media optimisation methods used to create a buzz and the substantial results (such as increased website traffic, etc) achieved from this is the key to the ongoing success of your brand’s social media presence.

By measuring these results you can isolate areas for improvement and aspects that worked well and can be increased or continued and areas that altogether flopped.

You can also look at the elusive results (such as positive associations with the brand, increased awareness, etc.) which cannot be defined or measured but can still be an indicator of how well the campaign has worked.

In summary, social media marketing is a cost effective and beneficial form of digital marketing that must be monitored carefully to ensure the right message is being conveyed.

With the help of online marketing services provided by UK agencies, many companies are able to discover the innumerable pros of having an active presence on social media.

How Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can help your businesses grow

Social media marketing is the latest online marketing strategy to have swept the digital world, and it is ever growing in popularity as it has the power to help businesses grow and connect on a deeper level with consumers.

The following article will assess the ways in which the most popular social media channels, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, can help your business to reach dizzying new heights.


For those who don’t already know, Twitter is what is called a ‘micro-blog’, where people can express their thoughts, feelings, opinions in 140 characters or less, as well as sharing links, videos and images with ‘followers’.

You can follow a wealth of people and they can choose to follow you back, some may not. Only those who follow you will see what you post, and you will be able to see the postings of those you follow.

Businesses find Twitter marketing useful for brand awareness purposes, promoting aspects of their business including blogs and news updates, offers, and more. Others constantly ReTweet people and other companies in the hope for the same in return.

It is important to keep a good balance between the two, as people following your brand will want to find out more about what you are about via your Tweets, but talking constantly about yourself and never ReTweeting anyone will not get you into anyone’s good books either.


Facebook allows you to create a business page on which people can see what you are about, view your postings, post to you, and if they like your brand, they can ‘LIKE’ you by clicking a button. By clicking ‘LIKE’, people are subscribing to your company’s updates.

Much like Twitter, Facebook marketing is about posting updates and news, offers, etc. and generally introducing people to your brand. A good flow of fresh content is always a must if you want to keep appearing in your ‘fans’ news feeds.

The great advantage of Facebook is the level of engagement. People can like, share and comment on your images, videos and updates, and many brands run competitions on Facebook to encourage this. It’s a great tool for gaining recommendations and brand awareness, as well as providing customer service, as it gives the customer a voice and a much more informal direct line to the brand itself.


Google+ is one of the newer up and coming social media channels, only born in 2011 and rising to popularity late in 2015. It is the world’s largest search engine’s bash at a social networking site, and with over 90 million users it is a band wagon well worth jumping on.  Google+ is primarily about sharing content, much in the way Facebook is, however instead of ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ there are ‘circles’, in which you can divide up your connections into business and personal, or potential customers and current customers, or however else you want it, and it isn’t limited to just 2 circles, you can have as many as you like.

The main appeal of Google+ marketing from a business point of view is the search engine optimisation benefits, as Google have recently introduced their “Search Plus Your World” or “Search+” algorithm, which prioritises content posted by and shared with Google+ users when searching.

Optimise your brand publicity with social media marketing

It is very important to market your brand for promoting your online business. SMM (social media marketing) is also an effective way of advertising your brand, but unfortunately it has been ignored largely. Mostly searchers cannot find your business on the Internet easily; therefore, it is essential for you to make it easy for visitors to find your brand from the Internet. It is therefore, you need to optimise your brand publicity with different optimisation methods in which SMM can be very effective for you. You can use the following strategies for social media marketing:

Strategies for social media marketing

It Includes RSS: You can use RSS (really simple syndication) as a strategy for social media marketing. You may put your whole post or blog in the RSS in order to make more readers to read your article. Some people direct their visitors to their sites; however, it is not necessary.

Authorship: Google+ has exposed the potential of boosting the SE results of your business. So you should also look into authorship that is very important aspect in this regard. Remember this strategy could only be effective if carried out it correctly.

Email marketing & twitter: Email marketing and twitter are very effective strategies for social media marketing. You can send email messages and tweets to the millions of people by these methods and promote your brand effectively.

Social media marketing for your brand publicity

Social media marketing is an effective way of advertising in these days. Nothing goes unnoticed in the hands of the social media. Everyone wants to update his or her circle about the daily happenings in the form of chitchats, tweets, comments, then why should your business lag behind. You can also update your business latest tidings to the world.


Social media optimisation or marketing works very effectively and make appearances in the places where the focused groups frequent mainly and what can be better than social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and YouTube? The online marketing experts target these focused groups and make frequent appearances for their sights.

You should be aware that SMO or SMM benefits are different for different business models. Therefore, it is important for you to know which method will be suitable for your business. For effective SMO or SMM strategies for your online business, you should clearly outline social media optimisation goals and learn every free or paid tool to determine your business web popularity metrics, because these important statistics make you able to measure the success of your business web in real-time.


Since, an effective and good social media marketing campaign is as complicated as another adverting campaign. It is therefore, you try to hire any online marketing company for the useful social media marketing campaign for your online business. The company experts can prepare an effective campaign for your business.

Get your Brand identified by website seo and smo service

Branding is an important key for the success of your businesses, without a recognisable and strong brand, it is difficult to make your mark in the most competitive consumer market.

Your brand must be powerful enough, to resound with the viewers when they see your logo or hear your name.

It is only possible with the proper help of the professional branding agencies. Therefore, most of the business owners seek the help of the professional branding agencies.

These agencies provide many services for their marketing and branding success. In which SMO (social media optimisation) service is also included that is very important.

Why social media optimisation service important?

SMO have ability to increase traffic to your brand website. It also leads to improve, search engine optimisation (SEO).

SMO service doesn’t boost your social site presence for your branding only, it is capable to leverage others’ social networks. So, it is essential for you to integrate the SMO service in your brand web and marketing plans.

What does SMO service include?

The social media optimisation service includes the following things:

Forums: Social media optimisation helps you to be a dynamic member of the highly used forums that are relevant to your target market and business.

Blog marketing: It is a very effective method to increase traffic to your brand web. It not only builds your identity online but also gives you a name for the brand.

Article Marketing:  well-written article submission to different social media sites is a very good tool, which increase the value of your brand and drive more visitors to your brand web.

Press release: The creative press releases are powerful method to boost your brand online. You may distribute press releases to different news portals.

Create accounts on social media networking: SMO uses the different social networking platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. These social platforms bring excellent business leads.

Videos optimisation: This is the part of SEO and a great method to increase your online presence as well as all visitors who do not know anything about your services and brand.

What you should do for SMO

For social media optimisation you should try to get a Twitter feed. This keeps your readers attached to your brand web.

You also become the part of Facebook and set up your brand web with Facebook contacts and try to increase visitor count. You also need to make your brand web a centralised hub and put comments, feeds, and reviews by your fans on it.

Finally, you should keep track of your brand web by analytics tool.


SMO service has become the most important for promoting your brand and products.

So seek the right SMO service provider to make your brand web social and highly visited one.

Draw Pictures Ltd is a Brighton, UK based Internet Marketing Company specialising in digital, internet, search and social media marketing and optimisation services, They are a full service web and social media marketing and seo agency, helping your business succeed.

Unlike other seo agencies they start from A and move forward, build a buzz and give your business charm to carry on!

How to SEO guideline for new & small business owners

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a latest technique to make your website page visible in search engine results. The higher, your web pages appear in the search engine results, the more searchers will visit your website. It works on the visitors’ psychology what they look for such as, proper keywords use.

SEO is an industry. It’s a group of companies, individuals, and consultants that take responsibilities of making the whole process on the behalf of their client or web site owners. They use different Internet marketing strategies like HTML, videos, web analysis, management system and other important elements, which can enhance exposure of your website.

If you have small and a new business then you can get benefit by following instruction for basic SEO. However, if you want an efficient SEO strategy then you should consult with any Experienced SEO Company.

Extensive research

When you start new business and build a website for your company or brand publicity, the first thing, you face is the competition. For the SEO of your business website, you should study the websites of other industry competitors and check their link building techniques in order to know what type of keywords they’re using.

You should make a complete list of all the things that they are doing, or not doing and try to do the things they’re not doing. In this way, you will face less competition and your chances of success will grow.

For example, you choose a keyword that is searched by the large number of people and there are fewer competitors for this keyword then the chances of your website visibility may get increased.

Authority figures

Since, search engine ranking is all about authority and relevancy so, the more valuable your website content the more importance your website will get.

For this purpose, blogging is a best way for you. Try to write about your industry related news and solve your customers’ queries. Soon you will notice that you and your web content would be quoted by different blogs and sites.

Interact with people Social media is providing you interaction facilities. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are great sources to reach the people and tell them about your view. These sites provide you SEO advantage too.


You can do SEO on your own or hire a reputed SEO company, but if you’re dealing with extremely competitive industry, then it is recommended you use SEO Services and let your business grow online.

Have genuine guidance for increasing website traffic by easy steps

Web traffic is the real lifeblood of the site, on the Internet. Without traffic, it might not exist for a long time. A massive website traffic is the simplest and quickest source for increasing your profits, sales increase and ROI, because the more users to a website the more sales literally. All the businessmen want to increase web traffic, but few know how to achieve the goal. This article will be beneficial for all businesses. Let’s see how?


Get your website noticed  


SEO plan and strategy help you to get noticed by search engines. You should always try to provide the search engines, the thing they actually want such as, effective search engine friendly content, and implement keywords throughout your website – Make sure you do not spam or you have closed the door to success.


You can also increase your website traffic by well structured web pages and get noticed by nearly all reputed search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing!


Directory Submission

Hand choose those web directories that manually accept quality links, such as Dmoz, Yahoo, AOL and Alexa directory for example. There are tens of thousands of quality web directories online, you should therefore choose the right category for your website, choose in the region you are based in, and fill in the form, if you have submitted useful content, chances are, you will get a good backlink.


Article Writing and Submission

Write useful articles about your niche, please ensure you do not writing marketing articles, write how to tips, when it comes to articles. Please make sure your articles help online audience learn a thing or two, do not put so many links, a link or two will be enough in an article. Please ensure not to publish the article more than once or on more than one article directory.


Newsworthy Press Releases writing and submission

Write newsworthy press releases about your business and publish them on trusted press release sites. Ensure you do not publish your press release on more than one trust press release site online.

Business Listings Creation and Submission

Write useful business listings, hire a content writer if you are too busy and ask him/her to write for example 10 business listings a month, use fresh content, implement long tail keywords, and try to put a link if the business listing website gives you permission to place html links, do not place more than one link, as your business listing will be deleted and will be reported as spam (Most highly trusted business listings sites such as and for example do this)


Join highly trusted, old and highly searched forums

Joining highly trusted, old forums that publish useful questions and answers may really help you promote your business and put it in front of your target audience, join niche / industry related forums, as these will have potential buyers and sellers, be the part of dicussion and speak your mind well, do not start publishing links if you are a have recently signed up, thousands of highly trusted forums would not give you permission to start publishing links straight away. Ensure you be the part first and write ethical questions and aswers. You can hire a content writer that specialises in your niche to write useful questions or answers. An SEO Expert can really get the best out of forum submission.


Join Social Sites and be an active member on those social media sites

There are tens of thousands of social sites that you can join, which have tens of thousands of subscribers, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are one of those main social media sites, join the discussion, speak your mind well, do not publish copied content, interact with readers / publishers online, increase your social circle and if you know the trick on how to promote your business, do it or hire a Social media marketing company from your local area that speaks your language.


Classified Ads Writing and Submission


Write useful content for your classified ads and submit them on highly trusted websites, if they give you permission to put an html link in it, do it, do not repeat your sentences again and again, and write audience friendly content. Do not submit the same ad content everywhere.


Link Wheel Writing and Submission

Before you do link wheel submission, you should first know on how to create a chain of high page rank websites and what to write before you can get the best out of link wheel websites. Read online what is link wheel and how to get linkwheel backlinks, write useful content that helps online audience.


Rss Feeds

If you have a blog on your website, ensure to have active RSS feeds.


Bring back old visitors


You should try to keep visitors coming back to the website. For this purpose you should provide relevant and useful content. You also need to update your site regularly. Search engines always look for relevant content. If you provide appealing and great website, visitors will come back and send other people as well.


Encourage 2 links swap on the website a month


You should contact similar websites and try to swap links with them. Many websites are willing to put links on their websites if you act the same way. Try to provide free of cost content to other websites with a back link. In this way, you will attract more visitors to your web. You should also try to swap links to trade organisations, local directories and other sites and gain traffic from there.


Comment on highly searched blogs ethically


You should comment on blogs it is a free traffic increasing method. However, your comments should not be spam. These comments will delete and you will gain nothing. Always search blogs related to your website topic. After making blogs list, visit them regularly and post comments on them. If you are regular commenters then, they will feature you on a home page. Your comments should be consisting of 4 to 5 sentences and have more thought and insights, related to the issue.


Yahoo Questions and Answers:

There are number of question and answer sites, look for websites that belogn to your target market, and answer questions, win your readers trust and later you will find them buying from you, but you should be an intelligent internet marketer if you wish to get the best out of it or you can hire an Internet Marketing Company to do the job.


Twitter Page Creation

Create a nice, good looking twitter page and link it to your website, be active on Twitter to seek the benefits of it or hire a Social Media Optimisation Company to do the job. You should make sure, you choose your username as your main keyword or at least your Twitter URL has your company name in it. This will then also help you in Google and other search engines, search queries. Ask people their opinion and improve your presence accordingly, build trusted friendships.


Facebook Page Creation

Design and Create a facebook page, ensure to get your keywords in your Facebook page URL as this will help you big time, as people will find highly trusted Facebook pages in Google that have great number of links and people talking about it, be regular and active, ask your friends joining your facebook page, ask your friends, family and colleagues particepate in discussion and help your page grow within their social circles online. Hire a Social Media Marketing Company to do this for you, if you are tight on time.


Google+ Page Creation

Create your Google+ page and ensure to have your company name or your main keyword in the URL, Be regular, active and publish useful hints and tips, strategies, build trusted social circle, and market your products ethically, do not push people, do not insult people online, do not write something which will possibly flood your customers away from you and damage your online reputation.


Creative Youtube Video Channel

Youtube have millions of daily views, people hungry for information, if you can produce useful videos, publish them in youtube, make sure your Title is catchy enough and you have placed your name, phone, email and URL in the video, address if possible, so people can directly contact you if they like your advice, product or information.


Have a blog and publish it at least daily or weekly basis

Having a blog is very important, you should publish useful content on your blog on daily basis and if you do not have time, you can always hire a local content writer write some bog posts for you, you should update your blog at least once a week. You should ensure, your blog have newsletter, social buttons and bookmark us page and Share this URL, so people can leave their contact details, that will help you building a great contacts database, once you have trusted readers, then they will surely encourage their friends, family and colleagues signup for your blog, only if you publish useful content!


Guest Blogging – Write and Publish useful blog posts on free blog sites

Get useful blog posts written and get your blog post published on guest blogs, there are thousands of guest blogging sites, you should short-list those which belong your industry, place a link if you can or your website URL in the end of your blog post, do not try to be over smart and put too many html links, none likes to give away everything for free. DO NOT in any circumstances publish the same blog post on more than one website.


Paid advertising


You can increase web traffic to your websites by paid advertising. You will have to set aside some money for marketing strategy. You may place banners and ads in appropriate places such as, online classifieds, newsletters, ezine. You can also consider per click strategy, in which you only have to pay for such advertisement on results in web traffic.


There are thousands of other ways on how to improve your website traffic, increase your page rank, search engine rankings, Sales and of course ROI, if you know how to do it. If you cannot do it, you should look for an Experienced SEO Company to do online internet marketing for you! Hire people that speak your language, understand your business products and/or services, do not hire a SEO Company too far away from your region, check their experience, speak to their few contacts before you Trust Them!




No step is difficult for you. But always remember you will never achieve the objective overnight. However, if you take the step and stick it, you will definitely get results.

There are some companies that prepare strategies for you to increase web traffic.