Ethical Issues Faced By Internet Marketing Companies

In today’s digital based business environment, ethics are important in establishing the reputation of the company. And for an internet marketing company working in an area that is often criticised for its lack of ethics, it is ever more important to get right when working on behalf of clients.

With immoral and illegitimate Internet marketing schemes operating and deceitful tactics being used, marketers must take extra caution when promoting their clients and their products and services on the World Wide Web and ensure they can prove themselves as an agency to be legit among an industry riddled with scams. Here are some of the main ethical issues faced by internet marketers:

Who Can Be Trusted?

Because internet marketing is full of scams and people out to gain sensitive information, it is important that you have clear guidelines and form an agreement with the client to ensure you are both comfortable and trust in each other.

You will after all be in charge of the brand’s online reputation, a big task to be reliant on for. You will then need to ensure you uphold your end of the agreement and carefully gauge any content you put out there on behalf of your client.

A Little Matter of Morals

If you are handling organic and paid internet marketing for a client, as well as maintaining and updating content on the client’s website, you need to consider the privacy and legal implications that go with it.

What you publish for the client reflects on how they are viewed by the rest of the world, and although you do the posting, if they were to be found to have anything illegal or immoral on their website, such as copyrighted images that they do not have permission to use, then it would be the client who it reflects badly on and who would suffer the consequences.

This goes back to the ethical issue of trust, as they are trusting you to uphold the law and make wise moral decisions on their behalf.

Professionalism and Reputation

Because the internet and tools within it such as social media and blogs are used for both personal and online marketing purposes, the two can very easily overlap.

An internet marketing company must consider the implications of everything they write and post online, ensuring all client information is kept separate from other clients and personal aspects of the internet to ensure the client’s reputation and your own reputation is upheld.

Once Published It Remains Forever

When you hit send on that controversial blog post or Tweet, it cannot be undone. Even if you delete the post itself, it remains in cached page archives forever and can easily be pulled up by search engines or websites that specialise in recalling old pages.

Additionally, video and movies, audio and images, any kind of multimedia in various formats will remain and be viewable, which brings about the issue of consent, privacy and safety.

Positive Google SEO Reviews, how you can get them?

You might be able to easily rank on very long and less competitive keywords using keywords and/or phrases in your content but ranking on competitive keywords as an SEO is what matters the most and that too ethically.

If you are looking forward to work with blue chip or leading companies from the country and abroad you have to show them what you have got – be it your own search engine rankings or your customers, in most customers cases, they would ideally ask, where you personally rank and ask 12 other questions which I have outlined in my previous post that can be seen here 12 Key Questions to ask your prospective Internet Marketing Agency

I have received several feedbacks from customers that have studied the above listed blog post and were sending me “Thanks” message both on my email and on my mobile number +44 (0) 790 700 4090

Anyhow, I was thinking of writing a post on how important Positive Google reviews can be for your own seo and even the most important for your customers SEO

And what you need to do in order to win positive reviews towards your service

1). Be very polite when a customer calls you

2). Answer all their questions in a polite manner

3). Return their phone calls and emails as quickly as you can

4). If a customer ask for a quote and you have made a promise, make sure you send a quote before or sharp on the time promised

5). Provide free consultancy and free help if someone has called you just for a suggestion

6). Go an extra mile to help

7). Do not yawn if someone calls you in mid-night (Be friendly)

8). If you receive an email in the mid-night and if you are still awake, try to send a “confirmation receipt” of their email and you will contact them via email or phone at so and so time

9). Please make sure your pricing and package plans are affordable for all companies, be new start-ups businesses, very small and mid-sized companies and please ensure you have something to offer within their budget range

10). If you do not receive an email in response, just send a simple friendly email asking “Just wondering if you have received a below email – And if there is something you can do – You would love to meet or beat any prices they have received.

11). Make sure they know what they are being charged for and what you would do for this price (Make sure to put the deliverables from your end and highlight it)

12). Submit weekly and monthly work reports and be sure you deliver on or before time when it comes to deadlines.

13). Ask for their concerns for the service you are providing, if it is “seo” then setup a Google analytics account and measure and share the success rate

14). If it is seo, make sure you also target few keywords or search phrases for free for a customer, keywords that would at least help them get better understand your service and receive emails, calls, online general enquires or simply few extra sales a week, this would build their trust towards your service

15). Make sure to send them hints, tips and useful strategies which they can implement with your guidelines on their own (This helps them save money, this helps them better use of their free time and this helps them learn too and market their business as well). Always give a piece of advice via email

16). Call them after a few weeks and find out if they are happy at all so far, in most cases (competitive keywords) its hard to show results to your customers but if you are also active on social media including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on, chances are you should have increased their sale if you know what you are doing, ask for their opinion, any concerns and promise to look in to it, look in to it, and implement things which you think can do better, always tell them what you are doing (maintain a close contact)

17). Be honest, straight forward, realistic and confident and do not get annoyed if they say something which you did not like (They are paying – Customer is a King), they can be stressed if they are not getting any or ROI at all on what they are spending “It’s a normal thing if they tell you, nothing seems to be working out – tell them why and be honest)

18). If there is a something to tell, e.g. rankings increase, search engine rankings decrease, share a good or bad news, They like to listen and how concerned you are with their success and failures. They want to know you are concerned about their business and you will carry out all works to make them even more successful or modify and correct your mistakes (if you have done – any)!

19). Send an Invoice on time, send a payment confirmation and Thank you email everytime you have received a payment, do not send them rude reminders, or send dozens texts to remind them about payments or emails. Your customer know they have to pay, if they are going through hard-times, be patient, they will pay you (once they have money – If they are taking too long, tell them politely that you will be stopping their work if the payment is not made between this and that date), but normally if you have a work contract signed and they know in advance their payment date, chances are, they will make a payment on agreed dates (This matters though from one customer to the other)

20). When you have ethically completed their work on time, ask them to review your service, send you a testimonial and you would love to give their friends, family, colleagues and loved ones a great discount and a special discount if they use your so and so services, and tell them how happy you are to have them as your customer.

Trust these are very little things but have a big impact on business. If a customer reviews your business on Google, and especially on Google+ now, it counts as a vote, if your service is great, chances are they will tell their success story to all their family members, colleagues, loved ones and concerns and mention you over their social networks. If you have helped them with any suggestion, chances are they will still speak about it (if your suggestion was any helpful). Customer support also has a great impact on your seo activity, If you do not know what I mean, simply ask

Keeping your seo customers is not very hard if you know what you are doing.

For example, I have started a one man show company in Pakistan a long time ago, with limited budget I had, I used to work from home in evenings and nights as I was working for a (Textile Machinery Manufacturing Company back then 9/5 job but involves lots of nationwide and foreign travelling), I always cared my customers, There was not a much competition as it is now in those days back in 2000 and 2001 but my good customer support has kept my customers stuck with me in a positive way!

As a London based SEO Company now, and probably one of the best on internet, we ensure our service quality is up to the UK and European quality standards. We facilitate our customers in every possible way and they love to keep using our services

For instance – Dozens of our customers have been with us over 7 years – If you improve your customer support, chances are you can take your SEO business to the very next level and let your customers market your business and help you get more business via word of mouth! Oh and Hey! 85+ of our SEO Business comes from referrals and word of mouth, is not it good? :)

If you are looking for trustworthy SEO Consultants, simply use our below details to contact us and you will see that we practise with what we preach

Local UK Customers can call us on: 07375 320305

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Get complete knowledge about Internet marketing website

For making your Internet marketing web successful, you need many other things besides advertising. Since competition among the Internet marketers is very high and you can only succeed if you set your web apart from the other competitors. If you really want to achieve this thing, then you will have to use handy net marketing tools and think about some important aspects about your Internet marketing web.

Important aspects need to consider

Web design: The first aspect, you need to consider is, web appeal and overall design. Your Internet marketing web should be easily navigable because visitors will not stay longer on your website if it is not comfortable to use. Try to make your site different from other sites. It must be well presented and clear.

Keywords or search words: The Keywords greatly affects the SEO. Therefore, you should not use wrong keywords or search words on your net marketing web because they will put negative effect on your success.

Directory listings: You need to submit your Internet marketing site to the directories, for higher ranking. But these directories must be reliable.

Update content: The great design of your website is not sufficient to make it successful. Your web should contain relevant and informative content. This will tempt your web readers and lead it to a big success in the terms of traffic and sales. You should update the content on the regular basis.

If you consider all these above mentioned aspects carefully for your net marketing website, then your web can provide you many benefits.

Benefits of Internet marketing website

No need of huge funds: Marketing may be very costly particularly when you use many resources in the marketing strategies. However, Internet marketing web doesn’t need huge funds. Because no expenditures for things such as transport expenses for marketing the products or goods, newspaper and television marketing, and budget for billboard. Internet marketing web costs you only when you hire SE marketing company for higher ranking.

No need of different websites: You can get all the target marketing groups by Internet marketing websites. Your business’s net marketing web attracts lots of investors and fellow business people. If you own shopping or social network website, it can attract buyers and youth. You can create an Internet marketing web in such a way that it may reach visitors of all age groups and kinds. In this way, you do not need to create various websites for various target groups.


A search engine internet marketing company expert can help you set such a web up for you. Since, many visitors are on the net, so your Internet marketing site must be accessible to all of them.

Online marketing companies the solution of your business worries

Technology always plays a key role in the procedure of getting any business well known. The use of the Internet has been a key factor in the latest online marketing strategy. Online marketing means the promotion of services and products on the Internet. It is much cheaper and very effective.

The procedure of online marketing was made very easy with the help of online marketing company. Now, business persons have no problems to apply online marketing in every kind of businesses. Because online marketing companies perform all the tasks of having their personal and own online marketing program. You can easily afford to hire such companies’ services.

Online marketing companies the solution of your business worries

If you are tired and sick of your present online marketing program, which is not giving you the desired results, then it is right time to get the benefit of the offers of online marketing agencies. These companies can be very helpful in making your businesses the best in your field.

If you have no idea how to build your own business website, if you are not capable to give traffic boost to your site, if you own a web, but have no skill to develop your website on your own, if you do not know how to insert content on your site, if you have no proficiency to maintain your web traffic, then you need not to worry because there’re a lot of marketing companies present that are capable to do all these tasks for you. They use different business models for this purpose.

Business models used by marketing companies

Appeal to particular interest

Online marketing companies primarily target particular interest or behavior instead of broad demographic in this  model. They screen their focus market according to gender, age, location or geographical and other information. With this business model they help you to determine target market and get them within a short time period.

Niche marketing

In the niche marketing, online marketing companies lay extra emphasis on the website and destination, which visitors can access whenever they need to find or know particular product or service.

Geo-targeting Online marketing companies use Geo-location software for determining the website visitor’s location. Since, the Internet is found everywhere so location is its disadvantage. This business model can solve location problem.


It is very important to have really the good and effective marketing systems for your businesses, the systems that can take your businesses to the top level. So, give your businesses what they need and then expect the profits to come. You should Remember only skilled online marketing companies can give you effective online marketing programs.

Get your Brand identified by website seo and smo service

Branding is an important key for the success of your businesses, without a recognisable and strong brand, it is difficult to make your mark in the most competitive consumer market.

Your brand must be powerful enough, to resound with the viewers when they see your logo or hear your name.

It is only possible with the proper help of the professional branding agencies. Therefore, most of the business owners seek the help of the professional branding agencies.

These agencies provide many services for their marketing and branding success. In which SMO (social media optimisation) service is also included that is very important.

Why social media optimisation service important?

SMO have ability to increase traffic to your brand website. It also leads to improve, search engine optimisation (SEO).

SMO service doesn’t boost your social site presence for your branding only, it is capable to leverage others’ social networks. So, it is essential for you to integrate the SMO service in your brand web and marketing plans.

What does SMO service include?

The social media optimisation service includes the following things:

Forums: Social media optimisation helps you to be a dynamic member of the highly used forums that are relevant to your target market and business.

Blog marketing: It is a very effective method to increase traffic to your brand web. It not only builds your identity online but also gives you a name for the brand.

Article Marketing:  well-written article submission to different social media sites is a very good tool, which increase the value of your brand and drive more visitors to your brand web.

Press release: The creative press releases are powerful method to boost your brand online. You may distribute press releases to different news portals.

Create accounts on social media networking: SMO uses the different social networking platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. These social platforms bring excellent business leads.

Videos optimisation: This is the part of SEO and a great method to increase your online presence as well as all visitors who do not know anything about your services and brand.

What you should do for SMO

For social media optimisation you should try to get a Twitter feed. This keeps your readers attached to your brand web.

You also become the part of Facebook and set up your brand web with Facebook contacts and try to increase visitor count. You also need to make your brand web a centralised hub and put comments, feeds, and reviews by your fans on it.

Finally, you should keep track of your brand web by analytics tool.


SMO service has become the most important for promoting your brand and products.

So seek the right SMO service provider to make your brand web social and highly visited one.

Draw Pictures Ltd is a London, UK based Internet Marketing Company specialising in digital, internet, search and social media marketing and optimisation services, They are a full service web and social media marketing and seo agency, helping your business succeed.

Unlike other seo agencies they start from A and move forward, build a buzz and give your business charm to carry on!

Common & uncommon features of affiliate & PPC marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming popular as an effective term of eCommerce strategy. More and more people are enjoying better financial freedom through this scheme. If you take this term of marketing seriously, then it can become a way of getting regular income online.

As an online business person almost all of you have your own websites where you market your products. You usually promote your products and services that you desire to sell online through information-rich content to your potential clients that are related to your services and products.

The problem starts when you have no products or services to sell, but there is a good opportunity for you, in the form of affiliate program. By joining this affiliate marketing program you may begin your own business online.

The affiliate marketing program allows you to sell the services or products of other people and in a result you get the commission.

PPC marketing

PPC ( pay-per-click) is an advertising method, which is used to attract traffic by using related keywords to the ads, which are shown on the websites. Your advertiser pays only when his or her ads are clicked.

Common & uncommon features of both

Affiliate marketing, sometimes gets confused with a PPC scheme. As a term of online advertisement, the commission you can get from showing the PPC ads to your web is based on the clicks by rate scheme. You make money when your visitor clicks on the ads on PPC that are displayed on your site.

Common things

Website to display

Both PPC marketing and affiliate marketing are common in the sense somehow that you need to have your own website for displaying and promoting your advertisements for both marketing campaigns.

For becoming an affiliate and PPC marketer, intensive research is required for the proper target keywords to attract traffic to your website. You also need to learn the configuration and creation of ads,

Uncommon things

However, there are some difference between them. The firms own the affiliate marketing that contract different affiliates to help create leads on services and products. You may use email marketing strategy, PPC and SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies to increase sales. PPC keyword research needs to attract better targeted marketing results as per search terms relevant to your ads.

PPC marketing concept incorporated to affiliate marketing

As PPC marketing concept has incorporated into an affiliate marketing scheme, which increases the affiliate marketers’ uniqueness and creativity for writing or creating quality PPC ads. Here are some suggestions that you should consider while writing quality ads for your website:

• Your ads must directly focus on your target audience and market. • Your ads should promote the advantageous features of the products. • There should not be spelling and grammar mistakes in your ads. • Your ad text must be easy and straightforward.


You can contact internet marketing companies and webmaster who can provide various affiliate products and design for your web.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a UK based most renowned Internet Marketing Company specialising in affiliate, ppc and seo marketing, giving your business an edge to stay ahead online!

Promote affiliate marketing with your own website

If you intend to begin an Internet business and you have no products or services to sell, then you consider affiliate marketing. The big advantage of affiliate marketing, you may make extra income even from your own home.

In the affiliate marketing there are three parties involved, first advertiser, second publisher and third buyer. The advertiser is a company or person that owns the product, such as videos, eBook, equipment, membership, coaching, and service to sell online. The publisher, who promotes the products and services of the advertiser. And the buyer, who uses search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., to buy products and services online.

Affiliate marketing with own website

You can select affiliate marketing as a method of earning extra money. It allows you to start a business without having your own product. The affiliate advertisers provide you the publicity material that you need to promote their products.

Some advertisers also give you, affiliate website for promoting the products or services, but it is highly recommended you to have your own website to generate traffic. If you have your own website it will make you able to offer your products and services in your own way and words, that will make the pre-selling more effective. For successful affiliate marketing your own website gives you remarkable results.

How does affiliate marketing work on your own website?

When you build your affiliate marketing website and have products or services from your adviser the process of affiliate marketing gets started.

When any buyer, who is finding a product like “weight loss pills, for example,” comes to your website, there will be a place on your website where you would use “click here” officiate code (links) to divert the puncher to the main website of the advertiser.

When this buyer will purchase, then your affiliate code tells the adviser, where this lead is coming from, thus, this sale would be credited towards you and you will have handsome commission to lead the purchaser to an adviser.

Affiliate marketing webs that convert well

The following affiliate marketing websites can convert well:

Product specific: This type of website concentrates on only single product. Its content will be all about that particular product. This kind of web converts well, because it targets the visitors who are willing to purchase this specific product.

Problem specific: Such website solves the problems and helps visitors for making the right choice, the sales increase if purchaser benefits from the reviews and content.

Group specific: This website is for the group of specific people who have common problems and they require solutions to their problems. By this website you can make sales from various products or services instead of one.


The process of affiliate marketing with your own website is very simple. You just bring the purchasers and get money for your work. So making cold calls, or knocking on different kind of peoples’ doors, you just take the services of any web design company for building your affiliate marketing web and attract traffic to your site, invite visitors for “clicking here” and you take them where their desired products or services are available on the advertiser’ main site.

Draw Pictures Ltd is a London based Internet Marketing Company specialising in digital and internet marketing with over 11 years experience in building user and search engine friendly websites, helping your business succeed with affiliate and search engine marketing.

All about list building become a favorite joint venture partner

If you are doing online business and Internet marketing, then you might know how important is, list building of the leads and names of the people who take interest in your niche. If you have a big budget, then you can pay for mailing lists and lead generation. If you have a small budget, then you can do list building on your own.

Why you need own list building?

It has been noticed that the people who succeeded online, had their own list. With your list, you can eliminate the advertising costs of your business. You may promote your business, any time with zero cost. If you are serious about making money online or building online business, then you need list building that may mean affiliate marketing your own products or something else.

When you have your own list, then you become a favorite joint venture partner. Almost all the top marketers come to knock your door. They want to get your audience. Sure, you must feel good.

What you need list building for?

For building a list, you require a squeeze page, auto-responder, some valuable thing, email messages, excellent products and services to promote your list, targeted traffic etc.

How can you build a list?

For a successful Internet business you have to build the list of most targeted leads. You build an authority site or branded website where you display information about business, services and products. You also provide fresh and reliable content.

When visitors will start visiting your website, then try to capture their email addresses and start to build lists. For this purpose you apply, opt-in box or web form on your website.

Naturally most people do not like giving out their email addresses, so you offer them something in return like subscription to the newsletter or free give away.

When visitors opt-in, then you begin to build good relationship with them and give them valuable and relative information. Another way of list building is you generate the squeeze pages for your offer. The visitors will give you details for receiving that offer.

You can also use social media for list building. Share your content and information on social media that you develop on your web.

The videos are very effective ways to deliver messages and building relationship with your potential customers.

If they take interest in your business or service they will definitely opt-in. If they do not take interest they will not opt-in, but at least you will be able to build a high quality list.


If you have not built your list yet, then it is the right time to begin. Always try to develop a relationship and trust for a profitable online business. Draw Pictures Ltd is an Internet Marketing Company based in London that specialises in helping businesses succeed online.

Talk to one of their internet marketing expert in order to know what they can do in order to help your business be found online.

Internet marketing SEO gives prospects to enhance sales

When you market your website, actually you tell the world, who you’re, what you’re offering and how unique you are?

Website marketing requires some specific steps that need to follow carefully. Internet marketing SEO is part art and part science. It is a procedure of improving the relevancy and quality of a website and optimise the content for matching what the Internet surfers are searching.

It is a cost-effective form of marketing. SEO process includes making changes to your web for improving its placement in the search engine.

Internet marketing SEO gives your business the highest probabilities and prospects to enhance your sales.

Internet marketing and SEO strategies

There is great excitement and joy when you build and run your first personal or business website. However, that joy starts disappearing when you realise that only you, your parents, your friends and few viewers are visiting it.

The internet has become the first choice of people for getting information and spending leisure time. By the following Internet marketing SEO strategies, you can get more website hits and more traffic:

- First, you should know, what the goals of your business, website, advertising and marketing are, and then you select the website optimisation strategies that can be best for achieving the goals.

- Having completed Internet marketing campaigns and website optimisation, you should measure and track your conversions rates and results.

- Test your niche market and modify when it is necessary. If some marketing strategies are not working well, then try to find another one.

Internet marketing & SEO companies deliver traffic & conversion

Without traffic, having a site is useless. For marketing and promoting your website, it is essential for you to have the assistance of genuine Internet marketing or SEO Sompanies.

These companies provide a collection of various solutions and services for getting objective and more clients of the website. They not only deliver traffic but also ensure a significant conversion rate.

For this purpose they use many tools such as:

- Now a days, there are many websites present on the Internet. Almost all the private businesses and companies are turning to the internet to boost sales; it is not an easy task. So, you need to hire Internet marketing or SEO experts. First of all, they try to find out what your prospects would look for.

- They generate the proper keywords for your products.

- They create effective back links to your web and add them to other sites.


If you wish to turn your website into a big source of earning money, then consult with an Internet Marketing Company that can turn your dreams into reality.

Internet marketing strategies boost business visibility

When you want to grow your business, the first important thing that you need to consider is, Internet marketing strategies. Whether you are running company or home based business, internet marketing strategies are important for your clientele base. Unfortunately, the majority of business people have no understanding of it.

There are many things to consider such as, well-mannered back end presentation, means you should have respectable and trusted website, which can keep clients engaged and provide them the desired information.

There are many amazing websites but no traffic to them. Therefore, you need to develop internet marketing strategies. Here are some tips, how can you achieve the goal?

Website internet marketing strategy

Your business always benefits from a well performed internet marketing strategy. An effective and efficient online marketing strategy boosts your business visibility; attract more traffic, and sales. However, you need good knowledge and experience.

A good start is, you look for advice and help from professionals. In case, you are newbie to internet marketing, they will facilitate setting you on a right track. You cannot successfully market online without a website.

So, it must represent the true picture of your business. It should be easy to navigate, well-organised, and attractive. The content should be useful and clear to potential clients.

SEO and PPC internet marketing strategy

Search engine optimisation and PPC internet marketing strategies are a typical synergy in an online traffic generation. An effective SEO may be a cheap method to generate massive traffic, but you need time to implement.

On the other hand, PPC is a source of swift traffic.

However, the most distinctive combined internet strategy is to start with a strong pay-per-click ad campaign and slowly level it back when you achieve SEO grip with target phrases and keywords.

Remember, SEO and PPC internet marketing could  only be beneficial and successful when you use correct phrases and keywords.

Direct traffic internet marketing strategy

Direct traffic is considered high quality traffic. The direct traffic means people who visited a site and came back again just because, they remembered its name and they put it in favorites.

Sometime customers revisit the site because search engine displays the name of site that trigger a positive response. When direct traffic increases then your brand becomes more valuable.

Email internet marketing strategy

Email Marketing is an important marketing strategy, because of text messaging and spammers. People still like to read emails, especially the decision makers in businesses.


Internet marketing strategies require a lot of effort and planning. You should keep in mind the profit, revenue, and the audience, while developing these strategies.

On the other hand, You should either hire an Internet marketing expert to join your business team or if it sounds too much work to train and pay higher wages, then it is highly suggested that you hire an Internet Marketing Company