Positive Google SEO Reviews, how you can get them?

You might be able to easily rank on very long and less competitive keywords using keywords and/or phrases in your content but ranking on competitive keywords as an SEO is what matters the most and that too ethically.

If you are looking forward to work with blue chip or leading companies from the country and abroad you have to show them what you have got – be it your own search engine rankings or your customers, in most customers cases, they would ideally ask, where you personally rank and ask 12 other questions which I have outlined in my previous post that can be seen here 12 Key Questions to ask your prospective Internet Marketing Agency

I have received several feedbacks from customers that have studied the above listed blog post and were sending me “Thanks” message both on my email and on my mobile number +44 (0) 790 700 4090

Anyhow, I was thinking of writing a post on how important Positive Google reviews can be for your own seo and even the most important for your customers SEO

And what you need to do in order to win positive reviews towards your service

1). Be very polite when a customer calls you

2). Answer all their questions in a polite manner

3). Return their phone calls and emails as quickly as you can

4). If a customer ask for a quote and you have made a promise, make sure you send a quote before or sharp on the time promised

5). Provide free consultancy and free help if someone has called you just for a suggestion

6). Go an extra mile to help

7). Do not yawn if someone calls you in mid-night (Be friendly)

8). If you receive an email in the mid-night and if you are still awake, try to send a “confirmation receipt” of their email and you will contact them via email or phone at so and so time

9). Please make sure your pricing and package plans are affordable for all companies, be new start-ups businesses, very small and mid-sized companies and please ensure you have something to offer within their budget range

10). If you do not receive an email in response, just send a simple friendly email asking “Just wondering if you have received a below email – And if there is something you can do – You would love to meet or beat any prices they have received.

11). Make sure they know what they are being charged for and what you would do for this price (Make sure to put the deliverables from your end and highlight it)

12). Submit weekly and monthly work reports and be sure you deliver on or before time when it comes to deadlines.

13). Ask for their concerns for the service you are providing, if it is “seo” then setup a Google analytics account and measure and share the success rate

14). If it is seo, make sure you also target few keywords or search phrases for free for a customer, keywords that would at least help them get better understand your service and receive emails, calls, online general enquires or simply few extra sales a week, this would build their trust towards your service

15). Make sure to send them hints, tips and useful strategies which they can implement with your guidelines on their own (This helps them save money, this helps them better use of their free time and this helps them learn too and market their business as well). Always give a piece of advice via email

16). Call them after a few weeks and find out if they are happy at all so far, in most cases (competitive keywords) its hard to show results to your customers but if you are also active on social media including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on, chances are you should have increased their sale if you know what you are doing, ask for their opinion, any concerns and promise to look in to it, look in to it, and implement things which you think can do better, always tell them what you are doing (maintain a close contact)

17). Be honest, straight forward, realistic and confident and do not get annoyed if they say something which you did not like (They are paying – Customer is a King), they can be stressed if they are not getting any or ROI at all on what they are spending “It’s a normal thing if they tell you, nothing seems to be working out – tell them why and be honest)

18). If there is a something to tell, e.g. rankings increase, search engine rankings decrease, share a good or bad news, They like to listen and how concerned you are with their success and failures. They want to know you are concerned about their business and you will carry out all works to make them even more successful or modify and correct your mistakes (if you have done – any)!

19). Send an Invoice on time, send a payment confirmation and Thank you email everytime you have received a payment, do not send them rude reminders, or send dozens texts to remind them about payments or emails. Your customer know they have to pay, if they are going through hard-times, be patient, they will pay you (once they have money – If they are taking too long, tell them politely that you will be stopping their work if the payment is not made between this and that date), but normally if you have a work contract signed and they know in advance their payment date, chances are, they will make a payment on agreed dates (This matters though from one customer to the other)

20). When you have ethically completed their work on time, ask them to review your service, send you a testimonial and you would love to give their friends, family, colleagues and loved ones a great discount and a special discount if they use your so and so services, and tell them how happy you are to have them as your customer.

Trust these are very little things but have a big impact on business. If a customer reviews your business on Google, and especially on Google+ now, it counts as a vote, if your service is great, chances are they will tell their success story to all their family members, colleagues, loved ones and concerns and mention you over their social networks. If you have helped them with any suggestion, chances are they will still speak about it (if your suggestion was any helpful). Customer support also has a great impact on your seo activity, If you do not know what I mean, simply ask

Keeping your seo customers is not very hard if you know what you are doing.

For example, I have started a one man show company in Pakistan a long time ago, with limited budget I had, I used to work from home in evenings and nights as I was working for a (Textile Machinery Manufacturing Company back then 9/5 job but involves lots of nationwide and foreign travelling), I always cared my customers, There was not a much competition as it is now in those days back in 2000 and 2001 but my good customer support has kept my customers stuck with me in a positive way!

As a London based SEO Company now, and probably one of the best on internet, we ensure our service quality is up to the UK and European quality standards. We facilitate our customers in every possible way and they love to keep using our services

For instance – Dozens of our customers have been with us over 7 years – If you improve your customer support, chances are you can take your SEO business to the very next level and let your customers market your business and help you get more business via word of mouth! Oh and Hey! 85+ of our SEO Business comes from referrals and word of mouth, is not it good? :)

If you are looking for trustworthy SEO Consultants, simply use our below details to contact us and you will see that we practise with what we preach

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