PPC outshines SEO in testing

Regardless of digital marketing team size, pay per click and search engine optimisation campaigns working together can result in the best project. When these two terms work together they provide more opportunities to get more insightful and informative data rather than working separately. They have one common thing that is:

Common keyword researches

Key phrase research is the common key between both PPC and SEO terms. Both PPC and SEO teams perform keyphrase research as an initial step of any new marketing campaign that is the foundation of search marketing strategy. These keyword researches let you match the related key phrases, which users search for finding desired content on your website.

PPC keyphrase research may consist of thousands of keyphrases while search engine optimisation research may include two hundred or more keyphrases depending on any project size. PPC keywords are usually used to create the best ad copy and SEO keywords are employed in Meta data, on page content and link building.

Increase traffic without increasing PPC budget

You can analyse pay-per-click search query data for discovering the terms, which are driving lots of paid traffic. Search engine optimisation team can concentrate on these keywords for integrating them in the optimised content. In this way, your traffic will increase definitely, and you do not need to increase your PPC budget. In some areas PPC outshines SEO – really well and it has always worked out for the customers I personally work with.

PPC outshines SEO in testing

You can get the best result with both PPC and SEO; both are important but in one area PPC outshines SEO that is testing. All the tests that are performed, whether they are in terms of preferred keyphrase, design, and achieved results are highly beneficial for both teams.

Why SEO & PPC campaigns should run together?

Most of the people have questions whether SEO & PPC campaigns should run side-by-side. The answer is yes, because Google has said on record that running a pay-per-click ad with an organic listing may be very useful. Google also revealed in a study that how the organic clicks number change whenever PPC ads are there and when they’re paused or turned off.

It was also found that about 89 percent ads were incremental; it means that all the visits to a site of advertiser would not have happened without the advertising campaigns. You can check  impact of running PPC & SEO campaigns together on your site by value-per-click calculation for defining the investment level.


Many people do not realise that PPC and SEO are essential to each other but, the reality is SEO is not considered complete without PPC. If, as a marketer you insist on only doing SEO then you are missing a lot (This is my personal opinion though).

Both teams can work together in an agency or house but, one thing is very important while working together is, share insights. If you always share insights you would never miss any opportunity and you can also avoid duplicate work

Relation between PPC ad campaign and SEO Company

As a busy businessman, you are well aware that you need hard work, dedication, and of course  successful marketing plans, be successful in business. The success always comes through effective advertisements.

PPC advertising is also an effective tool to promote business. It has taken the place of an effective online advertising tool. It is a fast and effective method that gets noticed your products or services on the Internet. Its ad campaign provides immediate results.

What is difficult about a PPC ad campaign?

Unskillful bid cost you many fold

If you ever got a chance to work on PPC advertisements, on your own, then you must be aware of the challenges that one has to face such as, targeting the effective and ideal keyword, managing budgets to keep corresponding to your initial marketing objectives.

The entire PPC program may be extensive and time-consuming. It might be difficult for you to select higher ranking keywords and drive more conversions. One unskillful bid for  pay-per-click ad campaign may cost many fold than your competitors.

Navigation programs

You always need the ads, which deliver results to you. These ads must be effective, well-placed, and well-written. Navigation programs such as, Google AdWords might be complicated. You have sufficient budget to protect your business. That’s why it is a right decision to let any skilled and reputed search engine optimisation company that manages your PPC program.

Role of SEO Company

Sound marketing strategy

Many SEO Companies manage PPC ad campaigns and create PPC strategies for your services and products. By these strategies you can link to more conversions that will lead to more sales eventually. It is their sound marketing strategy for your PPC advertising campaign.

Give more attention

PPC advertising needs lots of attention and time, so you need SEO company, which experts devote themselves to your PPC advertising  campaign and truly make it work.

Identify and resolve the problems of the already running campaign

SEO companies have professionals who find target generic keywords, as per your business requirements. If you have already PPC ad campaign that is not performing well then they do following things for you:

  • They identify the problems and make essential changes for helping you to have higher returns on your investment.
  • They rewrite ads and drive more traffic to a web.
  • They redesign ads campaign and perform some experiments to examine the results.
  • They select the right keywords and sometime even bid on these keywords.
  • They conduct keywords analysis periodically.


A good SEO Company manages PPC ad campaign that increases your sales and ROI (Return on investment) by converting PPCs to sales. That is why you should try to search the good one.

Get comprehensive knowledge about PPC an effective marketing tool

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model that reduces your business marketing budget and increases its effectiveness. PPC are ads that you see on websites they are shown as text or visual ads. PPC Company matches the most recognised keywords in PPC campaign and spread throughout the Internet for advertising.

Procedure of PPC

Business deal among marketer search engine and publishers

When your ads appear on a page they are called impressions. Earlier, these impressions were shown at a flat rate, but in the PPC method, they are shown free, you pay when any user clicks on the ad.

The website that subscribes PPC advertising would show the ads when a search word or keyword matches the advertisers’ keyword lists. Now, you as a marketer will enter a business deal with search engine and Internet publishers. You will agree to any price that you pay for clicks. It is called CPC (cost per click).

PPC advertising cost: Determines visibility of company ads

PPC advertising cost varies, on the basis of size and plan of any company budget. The PPC company matches the marketing budget of any company with the proper cost-per-click. If a company has a large budget definitely, it will choose a high PPC cost and a company with low budget will prefer low PPC cost. PPC cost determines the visibility of company ads on the Internet. If the cost is higher your company ads will emerge on the enormous traffic website.

Why PPC used by advertisers

PPC is used by the more advertisers because it is very easy online advertising method. All the advertisers have better control on ads plans with it. Advertisers also get feedback about their business performance, in an effective and better way.

Which sites host PPC?

It depends on the nature of your advertisement and business. Your business will determine for itself which ones to make the investment. However, you should consider the more popular ones like, social networking sites.

PPC marketing via search engines usually gets more traffic than via websites. However, search engines cannot precisely place your ads on their home pages or on each search result page. When online ads pop up is determined by keywords that are entered the search engines.

Use tracking software

It is right, PPC campaign results are fast, but you may lose a big amount rapidly, if you do not pay proper attention. You should utilise the tracking software, which is provided by PPC ad provider companies. Otherwise you will burn your cash quickly.


Though, it is easy to set up a PPC ad campaign, but in my opinion, you should take assistance of those professionals who have an extensive understanding and knowledge of PPC, because without special training, you might face financial disaster.

Choosing SEO or PPC for your web life

As we already know that when you come to the online and digital World Wide Web, you cannot mention anything without talking about the websites which are the very driving force for the web.

Of course it is these sites that fill the World Wide Web and information on anything is upon them. When you then talk about the websites which is the driving seat of the web, you must talk about the content, and this is where the SEO and PPC world comes in.

Websites are not just designed and left on their own, they are complete and serious business and information tools that are meant to give some specific information to the world on a lot of topics. It can be an advert platform for your goods and services.

You can even use them for the proper marketing of your goods or services or for some fun seeking exercise. Now, if these are really the need for websites, then the way and form you do this is important, because this is what determines whether you finally achieve the publicity you want to achieve with these websites, and this you can only achieve with the content of the sites.

The two main ways of designing and putting content in these sites is by the use of the SEO and PPC contents. For a clearer view about this, the SEO or search engine optimised content writing involves the act of developing web contents with the use of keywords and other elements, then creating your website and then submitting them there.

Now, when people make searches on Google and other search engines and the keywords they type in the search bar is related to what you have in your site, your contents will pop up. The remuneration that comes to Google directly also gets to you in some way as they are an avenue to selling your site.

PPC involves designing your websites with contents that will involve people who visit them coming directly to these sites either through adverts in other sites or through direct search.

But here, people or visitors access your sites and the information contained therein with the use of credit cards and many other payment options to make prepayments before they can access what you have in your site.

Meanwhile SEO and PPC contents have their pros and cons. The process of developing and maintaining these two different web ranking and access options differs, with that of the PPC being more difficult and costlier than that of the SEO.

All these when considered informs the position of your choice if you want to make use of any of them for your businesses. You have to first consider the cost, as the cost of both developing and maintaining the PPC will be higher than that of SEO and you are at the risk of losing much if this collapses.

The PPC will give you greater traffic and eventually more pay in the short term while that of the SEO comes in a gradual way.

Difference between SEO and PPC?

Today in this modern period, internet marketing business is now on the hot spot. Probably, most of the businesses today of any types and sizes have already built their websites, or planning to create one. Website is a great way of marketing all your products and services being offered. Here, you can put brochures, order form and suggestion box. But, no matter how your website may look so perfectly built, if you fail to attract customers, your website together with your business will surely suffer.

In promoting your website to gain visitors, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) strategies are important. These would be the best internet marketing tools your website could ever have if you manage to use them properly. Both of these strategies are valuable and helpful in providing you higher search engine rankings and more numbers of visitors but somehow, they differ from each others.

SEO and PPC works in a different manner. SEO focuses on the content and structure of the website, and creates keywords that must be unique and valuable to enable high rank in Google search ranks and other search engines. SEO also utilizes the quality and the quantity if links that are coming into your site. On the other hand, the PPC focuses on creating advertisements by building set of keywords to be used as links that would return to the site.

These two strategies have different time frames in terms of building and their effectiveness. SEO takes longer process in creating and establishing the technique in your website while in PPC, it takes lesser time to create and it will make more visitors in faster way. However, SEO that is established has longer validity and effectiveness. Meaning, even you stop doing the SEO, your site may be able to continue its high rank result in the searches, but you must be aware of changes in algorithm of the search engines that may affect the SEO strategy of your site.

While in PPC, when you stop working on it, your visibility automatically stops. Therefore, SEO is applicable for businesses that seek longer visibility, while PPC is appropriate for businesses that are seasonal or have new products to be launched.

Cost of investment of these strategies differs too. We all know that search engine optimization price is free, if you do it yourself; you are only paying for the services of your SEO Company you hire. In PPC, you need to pay the website or search engines that you you are advertising your business on, every time someone clicks your ads.

SEO and PPC are both helpful in gaining visitors and customers but in different ways. The best way for you to see whether SEO or PPC suits your business is to use and test them both, anyway your investment will help you in the long run of your business.

Using PPC To Maximize Your Search Engine Positioning and ROI

There are many businesses operating on the internet today. Each of these businesses is looking for some form of publicity.  That is why most of them are looking for various strategies that they can use in order to boost their rankings on natural search engine operations.  Search engine rankings are however not very significant.  The visitors that they draw and the resultant growth in business are the most notable benefits.  This is why PPC engines and especially secondary ones are considered as great tools for developing useful online campaign strategies.   This is intended to boost the over return on investment for your business.

Keywords and search terms

The use of proper keywords is one of the most important ingredients of a productive site. Users would use these terms so as to search for the content that is available on your site.  Online tools such as WordTracker might not offer you the best keywords which can elevate your rankings or boost your business ROI.  You need to understand the fact that search positioning is not about generating adequate traffic but rather money. In as much as increased traffic can mean higher income for your business, it is important to understand the kind of keywords that can help you to generate high rates.  This should be the baseline for your SEO campaigns.

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Consider the content that you are offering your audience

Pay Per Click (PPC) also marries with the kind of content that is posted on your site. Internet surfers would not be interested in clicking through your site if the content that is posted there is not useful to them. In that case therefore, you need to carry out thorough audience analysis. You need to also take time and understand what kind of people you are communicating to. This will help you to incline and adjust yourself best to offer only information that is useful and makes sense to the readers.


In as much as generation of site traffic is tied to site hits, sites that get more visitors are more likely to generate more ROI.  However, the use of PPC should not just be restricted to generation of income. After getting the right number of people to click through your site and products, you need to also convince them to buy your products or services.  PPC is a good place to start from if you are testing your online presence. You can also use these as an ideal platform for the generation of revenue and leads.


Pay Per Click and its Benefits

PPC or Pay per Click is also knows as cost per click is a kind of online advertising that functions to increase traffic on websites. Basically, the advertisers pay the website owner each time the advertisement is clicked by users or visitors.

Advertisers bid on keywords applicable and relevant to their target audience. Website owners usually price a fixed amount per click and the pay per click ads are presented on the websites or search engine seo results with content that is connected or related that have permitted to show the advertisements.

What are the benefits of PPC or Pay per Click advertising?

You can obtain faster results. PPC can cause instantaneous traffic to your web page or website. After setting up your account, you may immediately observe the results. With pay per click advertisement, you can also obtain high ranking instantly as paid rankings.

• PPC is easy to track and it is flexible. You just have to make sure that keywords are tracked consistently and you can easily modify, add or delete to get these pay per click ads function at a maximum level and bring constant traffic on your website.

• PPC is more affordable than other Advertising Media. You can set your own budget, there is an initial charge for setting up an account but following that, you only have to pay each time a user clicks on your advertisement.

• Your ad will reach massive number of users. Search engines like Google or Yahoo claims to cater to 80% of the online users all over the world. Placing a pay per click advertisement on a good ranking content on these engines will certainly improve your popularity to a larger number of audience.

• PPC is perfect for Short Term Marketing Campaigns as it lets the advertiser to alter the copy of the advertisements with the change of keyword.

Pay per click and the usual SEO techniques do not cancel each other out. In fact, a combination of these methods will surely take you to a higher rank in search engines.

You have to keep in mind that on internet marketing, being highly visible on search engine results is the most crucial element in attracting web browsers that can be converted to paying customers.

Obtaining a high rank on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) along with keywords that are related to your business is the most effective way to gain popularity and maintaining visibility online.

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The PPC Industry how does it work?

The PPC industry is one of the best marketing options available to people who are interested in getting their website marketed and earning more money off it. Increasing traffic is the aim of every webmaster, and they try to make use of a variety of different methods in order to achieve their aim. One of them is the use of pay per click campaigns, also known as PPC. However, if you decide to delve in to the PPC industry in order to increase returns on your website, the first thing that you need to have a clear idea of is your keyword research. Keyword research is extremely important because otherwise, you will be marketing your website to those who are not really interested in using it at all. Here’s how the basic concept of the PPC campaign works:

You choose a basic list of keywords that apply to the niche that you are operating in. Make sure that you choose keywords that are used most commonly by many people, because it is important to be able to show your website to as many people as possible. Then, after you have chosen the set of keywords that you will use, you can apply for the PPC campaign to various popular search engines such as Google. Google SEO services will overlook your website before allowing you to initiate your PPC campaign.  Then, after getting accepted, your websites will show up as ‘sponsored results’ when someone makes use of a keyword that you have selected for your page. Some keywords are often sold, or a bidding war is ensued in order to determine which of the websites will show up on top, or some of the keywords are also available at a flat rate.

There are various search engine optimization companies that can provide complete optimization for your website, including the entry in to the PPC industry. These websites provide packages of keywords that can be used by clients in order to market their website. If a keyword is not available, the company can even get it for you, albeit at a higher rate. The PPC industry is a highly beneficial option for those websites that are looking to stake a claim in a niche and create their own space. Google SEO is important, as it helps your website in meeting the standards of the top search engine in the world. You can easily get SEO Google services from various SEO companies.