Common Web Development Mistakes are Costing Companies Revenue

Many businesses over the last few years have taken to the web in the hopes of capturing new markets and not getting left behind as society is depending more and more on all things digital.

But simply having a website is no longer enough to secure customers online, as many businesses are finding they their website is falling victim to more efficient and appealing web designs which are better search engine optimised and more user friendly.

The most common mistake people are making is having a far too complicated website design. With more and more people of all ages and technology knowledge levels joining the masses online

And with attention spans more than halved when it comes to online activities, websites need to be simpler and easier to navigate to prevent them losing customer to better prepared competitors.

Another common complaint among internet users is compatibility. With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being a part of everyday life for many people in the age of digital.

It begs the question why so many websites are still using non-compatible web designs. Many business owners think the website they created years ago will stand up in today’s changing market

But the reality is websites need to be updated and adapted regularly to the advancement of technology and the evolution of the markets to ensure they continue to be a useful strategy for the company.

Many companies believe that having their website look and function in exactly the same way as their successful competitors is the key to retaining old and attracting new customers.

But the reality is that, although looking into what works well for your competitors is a good way to research your market’s needs, your website needs to be unique in its own right if you want to attract attention of new potential customers.

Ask your web developers to take a look at your competitor’s website and highlight what you like about it, and then allow them to create a design unique to your brand’s own message and personality while incorporating the aspects that worked well.

A fatal mistake make by businesses is assuming that once a website is made then people will come to it without any prompt.

There are billions of websites out there and search engines return results of thousands if not millions of website links for searches, so don’t just assume that people will find yours.

Talk to your web development company about how search engine optimised your website is, and what can be done to make it more SEO friendly. This will help your website to be found, if used in conjunction with other internet marketing tactics.

Finding good bespoke SEO services that will increase popularity of your websites

There are many benefits that come with SEO services especially to businesses that conduct their services online.  The term bespoke SEO services stand for customized internet marketing techniques that are carried out specifically to meet unique needs of a business. This is done to popularize a website of such a business and increase its page ranking in search engines. There are many good companies that offer these services in the internet today.

When looking for SEO, UK is a good place where you can find high quality services that may fit to the specific needs of your company. You can find these companies through simple research on the internet. There are many companies that offer these services in this part of the world. However, there are certain things that you should know regarding hiring SEO services, UK companies should be selected carefully so to avoid disappointment in provision of these services.

There are several things that you should look at when selecting a SEO company. You have to use the following tips so that you find the best company that can offer top notch services. The first thing that you should consider is professionalism of the company. This can be gauged through accessing the quality of services as well as the competency of the coders. The firm has to be well organized and have the capacity to meet the marketing needs of your website.

You also have to ensure that the firm that you hire has the experience of offering bespoke SEO services specifically meant for your business. You can tell the experience of a company through the number of websites that it has optimized. When looking for UK SEO companies you also have to check on the reputation of the firm that you hire. This can be done through reading past reviews that have been left by the previous clients of the firm.

This will help you establish whether the firm is reliable or not based on what the other clients have experienced in services rendered by the firm. Those are some of the few tips that you should use when selecting SEO Companies, UK is indeed a place where you will find the right services for your need. What is important is to find a company that has the capacity to make all this possible. And this includes qualified and experienced professionals who will know exactly the best technique that your business needs to be popular.

The top web development companies in the UK

The top web development companies in the UK

Designing a website is no easy task if you undertake it yourself, and with the amount of resources that you will require to get the job done, it would probably be a wise idea to hand over the reins to experienced professionals within the region of operation. For example, if you are looking to create a website in the United Kingdom, there are a number of different web development companies in UK which can help you in designing your website and even provide hosting for it. A good web development company in UK would provide you with efficient development, designing and support services, all at a convenient price which matches your budget. However, do not expect any over the top miracles when it comes to pricing, because the prices are significantly varied from company to company.

From the various different web development companies in UK, we have chosen some of the top companies that can cater to your development requests and create some of the best pages for your site. Here is the crème de la crème of web development companies in the UK:

- Draw Pictures Ltd are a Wimbledon, London based web design and web development company that specialising in providing user and search engine friendly websites, they are an award winning web design and seo agency that has been rated one of the best web design agency for providing with impressive websites, shopping carts, content management systems etc that are very much seo friendly, and help you attain top search engine rankings in Google and other search engines! Along with awesome services, their pricing structure is simply great for all sized businesses and their their of customer support executives are always willing to advice, answer your emails and even return your calls, if you are therefore looking for a web design agency that provide you with optimised websites, then Draw Pictures Ltd

-  The UK Web Design Company was set up in London in 2003, and has since then gone on from strength to strength in order to become one of the United Kingdom’s top websites to date. At the moment, the UK Web Design Company has well over a thousand clients, making it one of the largest companies to be providing web development services. Despite their extensive clientele, the company provides custom tailored packages to their customers, showing their dedication towards their clients.

- Red Fern is a company that is currently based in Manchester, and provides a range of different services, starting from web development, hosting as well as search engine optimization and internet marketing services.

- Bond Media is a web development company UK that is renowned for providing website designing and development services throughout London. With a range of different services being provided by the firm, along with their relatively lowered prices, it has managed to gain a significant list of customers.

There are many other websites development companies that are operating within the UK, but whenever you choose one to get your website developed, make sure that it is located near your area, because frequent support might be necessary till the website gets up and running in the first few months.

The PPC Industry how does it work?

The PPC industry is one of the best marketing options available to people who are interested in getting their website marketed and earning more money off it. Increasing traffic is the aim of every webmaster, and they try to make use of a variety of different methods in order to achieve their aim. One of them is the use of pay per click campaigns, also known as PPC. However, if you decide to delve in to the PPC industry in order to increase returns on your website, the first thing that you need to have a clear idea of is your keyword research. Keyword research is extremely important because otherwise, you will be marketing your website to those who are not really interested in using it at all. Here’s how the basic concept of the PPC campaign works:

You choose a basic list of keywords that apply to the niche that you are operating in. Make sure that you choose keywords that are used most commonly by many people, because it is important to be able to show your website to as many people as possible. Then, after you have chosen the set of keywords that you will use, you can apply for the PPC campaign to various popular search engines such as Google. Google SEO services will overlook your website before allowing you to initiate your PPC campaign.  Then, after getting accepted, your websites will show up as ‘sponsored results’ when someone makes use of a keyword that you have selected for your page. Some keywords are often sold, or a bidding war is ensued in order to determine which of the websites will show up on top, or some of the keywords are also available at a flat rate.

There are various search engine optimization companies that can provide complete optimization for your website, including the entry in to the PPC industry. These websites provide packages of keywords that can be used by clients in order to market their website. If a keyword is not available, the company can even get it for you, albeit at a higher rate. The PPC industry is a highly beneficial option for those websites that are looking to stake a claim in a niche and create their own space. Google SEO is important, as it helps your website in meeting the standards of the top search engine in the world. You can easily get SEO Google services from various SEO companies.

The best link building companies in the UK

The best link building companies in the UK

If you reside in the United Kingdom and own a website, making it popular can be a daunting task when you think about the variety of different other websites that are operating within this area. The UK is one of the largest regions in the world that is active on the internet, and each day, hundreds of different websites are opened and hosted online. Making your way to the top in any niche is a difficult task, and if you wish to accomplish it, you will need to employ a variety of different techniques which can help you in separating yourself from the pack. One of them is link building.

Link building services are provided by various SEO and link building companies. A link building Service Company usually offers various different packages that can be availed by customers with varying budgets. Everyone generally wants to hire the best link building company for their services, but due to the lack of budgets, most people are unable to hire top notch services just at the beginning. For starters, the idea of finding the best link building companies is a pretty farfetched one, because these are elements that you will learn with time and experience. However, here are a few companies within the UK that provide top notch link building services for their customers:

Draw Pictures Ltd is UK’s  one of the most recommended link building company that covers the customers from the rest of the UK, Europe and worldwide and has been implementing link building strategies that has always work, other than just that, their team of link building experts are always few steps ahead than other link building companies and offer on time and in budget link building service, they are based in Wimbledon, London, and cover the whole England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and even the Europe and International markets!

- Bronco Limited is one of the top search engine optimization firms within the UK, and has been providing a range of different optimization services (including link building) to customers for over several years, making them one of the oldest businesses in the field.

- SEO MicroSitez is a very popular company that provides a range of different search engine optimization services, one of which is link building. The company has received rave reviews for their thorough work and their professional dealership, making it highly popular amongst starters. However, being a popular company means that the rates you will find here aren’t always going to be to your liking, so new starters might have to look elsewhere.

- Link Building London is a region specific link building website, which, as the name suggests, provides link building services within the city of London and adjoining areas. If you have started an online business in this city, hiring their services is a great idea, because most of the packages are well set out for starters and are generally affordable.