Common Web Development Mistakes are Costing Companies Revenue

Many businesses over the last few years have taken to the web in the hopes of capturing new markets and not getting left behind as society is depending more and more on all things digital.

But simply having a website is no longer enough to secure customers online, as many businesses are finding they their website is falling victim to more efficient and appealing web designs which are better search engine optimised and more user friendly.

The most common mistake people are making is having a far too complicated website design. With more and more people of all ages and technology knowledge levels joining the masses online

And with attention spans more than halved when it comes to online activities, websites need to be simpler and easier to navigate to prevent them losing customer to better prepared competitors.

Another common complaint among internet users is compatibility. With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being a part of everyday life for many people in the age of digital.

It begs the question why so many websites are still using non-compatible web designs. Many business owners think the website they created years ago will stand up in today’s changing market

But the reality is websites need to be updated and adapted regularly to the advancement of technology and the evolution of the markets to ensure they continue to be a useful strategy for the company.

Many companies believe that having their website look and function in exactly the same way as their successful competitors is the key to retaining old and attracting new customers.

But the reality is that, although looking into what works well for your competitors is a good way to research your market’s needs, your website needs to be unique in its own right if you want to attract attention of new potential customers.

Ask your web developers to take a look at your competitor’s website and highlight what you like about it, and then allow them to create a design unique to your brand’s own message and personality while incorporating the aspects that worked well.

A fatal mistake make by businesses is assuming that once a website is made then people will come to it without any prompt.

There are billions of websites out there and search engines return results of thousands if not millions of website links for searches, so don’t just assume that people will find yours.

Talk to your web development company about how search engine optimised your website is, and what can be done to make it more SEO friendly. This will help your website to be found, if used in conjunction with other internet marketing tactics.

SEO Is On The Rise Again As Stats Reveal It’s Responsible for 40% Revenue Increase For Companies

Statistics released by Marking Sherpa have revealed that the search engine optimisation and its counterparts are responsible for increasing revenue for companies by a staggering 40%, while pay per click (PPC) advertising is falling fast, with stats indicating 70% of internet search engine users will only click on organic search results, avoiding paid ads altogether.

The results also indicate that content marketing is the way forward for SEO, as distribution led to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic for companies.

It also indicates that companies with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than companies with just a website.

This in conjunction with Google’s latest Penguin update, which favours high quality content as a priority when ranking, are just some of the reasons why content marketing is becoming a vital aspect of SEO services, and by the end of 2016 is thought to be the number one way to increase search engine page rankings.

SEO is not only effective in gaining traffic to a website and increasing revenue, its cost effective. Stats now show that inbound leads including clicks from a search engine results cost a company 61% less than outbound leads such as telesales.

And the leads gained from search engine optimisation have a close rate of 14.6% in comparison with outbound leads which have a mere 1.7% close rate.

According to a study by Search Engine Journal, the amount of online experiences beginning with a search using a search engine is 93%.

The first place a person will go when they want or need to purchase something, find out about something or locate something is the internet, and a search engine.

Search engines facilitate solutions to everyone’s needs and have become a part of everyday life because of this.

So if a company is not found on a search engine’s first few pages it is likely they will be overlooked entirely, no matter how strong their offline marketing campaigns are.

SEO is the future of marketing, and there is a growing need to either keep up with the changing and evolving world of digital or suffer the consequences of a society that is fast moving on and taking no prisoners.