SEO Is On The Rise Again As Stats Reveal It’s Responsible for 40% Revenue Increase For Companies

Statistics released by Marking Sherpa have revealed that the search engine optimisation and its counterparts are responsible for increasing revenue for companies by a staggering 40%, while pay per click (PPC) advertising is falling fast, with stats indicating 70% of internet search engine users will only click on organic search results, avoiding paid ads altogether.

The results also indicate that content marketing is the way forward for SEO, as distribution led to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic for companies.

It also indicates that companies with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than companies with just a website.

This in conjunction with Google’s latest Penguin update, which favours high quality content as a priority when ranking, are just some of the reasons why content marketing is becoming a vital aspect of SEO services, and by the end of 2016 is thought to be the number one way to increase search engine page rankings.

SEO is not only effective in gaining traffic to a website and increasing revenue, its cost effective. Stats now show that inbound leads including clicks from a search engine results cost a company 61% less than outbound leads such as telesales.

And the leads gained from search engine optimisation have a close rate of 14.6% in comparison with outbound leads which have a mere 1.7% close rate.

According to a study by Search Engine Journal, the amount of online experiences beginning with a search using a search engine is 93%.

The first place a person will go when they want or need to purchase something, find out about something or locate something is the internet, and a search engine.

Search engines facilitate solutions to everyone’s needs and have become a part of everyday life because of this.

So if a company is not found on a search engine’s first few pages it is likely they will be overlooked entirely, no matter how strong their offline marketing campaigns are.

SEO is the future of marketing, and there is a growing need to either keep up with the changing and evolving world of digital or suffer the consequences of a society that is fast moving on and taking no prisoners.

The 6 Main Questions You Should Ask An SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

Search engine optimisation agencies are hired by you to provide SEO services, but how can you be sure they will deliver?

There have been many complaints by companies in the past of SEO agencies ‘over promising and not being able to deliver’.

It is on some occasions not the agency’s fault as search algorithms may change and successful tactics may no longer works, but you need to be able to trust them to overcome these issues and communicate everything so you aren’t left in the dark and out of pocket.

Here are the six main questions that will help you make the decision of whether an SEO agency is right for your company or not:

1. Can I speak to one of your current customers, in a similarly competitive sector, who has been with you for two or more years?

Many companies will have case studies and recommendations on their website, but you will find speaking with one of their customers directly will give you a better rounded and honest perspective of the agency you want to work with.

If an agency is not excited by this or doesn’t seem able to find someone willing to speak to you then I would take this to be a bad sign and start to look around at other agencies.

2. Can we meet with the entire team who will be working on our account?

Many SEO companies will outsource certain elements of the SEO work, such as link building and content writing, which can lead to a lack of quality control, especially if the content outsources overseas.

It is important to arrange an appointment with the team who would be working on your account, including those working on off page SEO such as content creating and link building, as you want to meet face to face the people responsible for your company’s online reputation.

3. Why do we have to sign up for 12 or 24 months, with no break out clause in the contract?

Because SEO can take time to implement and take effect, and SEO agency may as your to sign a long contract to ensure they have enough time to deliver the promised results.

But realistically you should see some form of positive impact, albeit maybe not the full promised results, within the first 6 months of working with the agency.

If this is not the case then their strategies are not working for you and you would most likely want out of the contract. For this reason, a good agency should have no issues in offering a mutual get out clause in the contract, knowing that they have sound strategies and are confident they can deliver.

 4. Who is the biggest SEO client you have lost in the past 12 months and why?

All SEO agencies will lose clients occasionally, but as a potential new client you want to understand what the circumstances were regarding any clients that have been lost. If the agency is honest and open with their answer, it is a good gauge of their honesty and transparency when working with clients and their confidence in their work to be able to tell you this information.

 5. Can you guarantee our SEO performance?

If an SEO agency are willing to guarantee their performance, then they are likely to over promise and under deliver. A good agency knows there are many variables that are not in the control of the client or themselves, therefore nothing is written in stone where SEO is concerned and any guarantees would not stand up.

6. What do we actually get for our monthly fee?

This question links back to meeting the team. You want to know who is doing what physical work to determine exactly where your monthly fee will be going. If you are happy that the projected outcomes of the work and the amount of work done by the agency are in line with the monthly fee, then all is well.

Back link building service get comprehensive knowledge

Search engines use different ways to determine which pages should be displayed first in the search engine results. Many webmasters and bloggers focus on increasing rankings on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and several other search engines that exist online.

However, improving the rankings of page is not something that anyone can do just in a day. It needs lots of work. Mostly it is believed that search engine page rankings depend on a lot of back links pointing to the site.

Increase page rankings by backlinks building service

You should use page rank checker or Google Toolbar to see what your page ranking is. You submit your web to SE directories for getting inbound links and having your pages indexed quickly.

You also try to get incoming link from high quality web in your niche. You can improve your web ranking by obtaining backlink to your web from authoritative sites.

It is always good to have more links to your web from relevant sources for higher page rankings. When you get the requests for links, do not forget to check before linking back.

You should use accurate keywords on your web pages. Try to join social media sites, check coding errors and do not forget to use search engines optimisation techniques.

Get more RSS ( Really simple syndication) subscribers by backlinks building service

Most bloggers face difficulty getting RSS subscribers. RSS subscribers are necessary for bloggers and web owners, because they bring more visitors and increase sales.

Whenever visitors sign up for RSS feeds, they get notifications when you publish new articles or update your site.

Offer free objects to your subscribers. Try to take in a link to the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed in email signature and also create a landing page and do not forget to link it to other pages of your website. Optimise your site for SE and begin the link building campaign.

Decrease bounce rate of blogs by backlinks building service

Bounce rate shows the person’s number who visit your web page and leave it at once. So, when you build a blog or a site you should always optimise your web pages for SE and getting targeted traffic.

You may decrease the bounce rate by using relevant keywords that match your website content, analyze your traffic, do not interrupt your web user experience, improve load times, have accessible navigation,


The backlinks building service providers can help you properly to improve your web page ranking and get effective back links to your sites. They can provide, you RSS subscribers that  bring a lot of visitors to your website and they can decrease your blogs bounce rate, boost traffic, convert viewers into clients and use advanced strategies.

Draw Pictures Ltd is an Internet Marketing Company in Brighton that offers backlink and seo service in order to help you get top search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as build your potential social media marketing platforms, increase your brand awareness, rankings and ROI.

How to SEO guideline for new & small business owners

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a latest technique to make your website page visible in search engine results. The higher, your web pages appear in the search engine results, the more searchers will visit your website. It works on the visitors’ psychology what they look for such as, proper keywords use.

SEO is an industry. It’s a group of companies, individuals, and consultants that take responsibilities of making the whole process on the behalf of their client or web site owners. They use different Internet marketing strategies like HTML, videos, web analysis, management system and other important elements, which can enhance exposure of your website.

If you have small and a new business then you can get benefit by following instruction for basic SEO. However, if you want an efficient SEO strategy then you should consult with any Experienced SEO Company.

Extensive research

When you start new business and build a website for your company or brand publicity, the first thing, you face is the competition. For the SEO of your business website, you should study the websites of other industry competitors and check their link building techniques in order to know what type of keywords they’re using.

You should make a complete list of all the things that they are doing, or not doing and try to do the things they’re not doing. In this way, you will face less competition and your chances of success will grow.

For example, you choose a keyword that is searched by the large number of people and there are fewer competitors for this keyword then the chances of your website visibility may get increased.

Authority figures

Since, search engine ranking is all about authority and relevancy so, the more valuable your website content the more importance your website will get.

For this purpose, blogging is a best way for you. Try to write about your industry related news and solve your customers’ queries. Soon you will notice that you and your web content would be quoted by different blogs and sites.

Interact with people Social media is providing you interaction facilities. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are great sources to reach the people and tell them about your view. These sites provide you SEO advantage too.


You can do SEO on your own or hire a reputed SEO company, but if you’re dealing with extremely competitive industry, then it is recommended you use SEO Services and let your business grow online.

Why and how you should buy website traffic have complete awareness

Website traffic is really a root of your online business success; it plays an important role in making or breaking your online business. Building up a massive traffic to your site can do amazing things for you, for example promote higher-paying advertisements, and increase sales conversion and international recognition.

Why you need buy website traffic?

For immediate page rank increase

Getting your website ranking high on any search engine will result in more traffic. By spending a little amount, you can purchase a package of web traffic for specific visitors. Once these visitors start exploding then your website start having a good blast at getting the search engine traffic boost.

Search engine optimisation includes link building, advertisements and promotion, in order to have traffic flow. However, traffic also plays its own part to boost page rankings. Search engines list a website page, which has many visitors; therefore, a rapid stream of buying traffic may get your website listed up, on search engines in less time.

For getting targeted traffic

There is a big difference between traffic and targeted traffic. Targeted traffic takes place when visitors that view your website are interested in your products, services and content that you offer on your website, they are not random mouse-clickers who only stumble on any website to see something completely irrelevant.

You can find long-term visitors or potential customers by targeted traffic. Many traffic-selling agencies use a PPC method where people pay a nominal price to view website, which are related to their interests.

For increasing revenue from advertising

Pay-per-click advertisement method has been experienced in every corner and niche of the Internet now a days. If you own a website or blog, you can also bring steady monthly income in exchange. Increasing users to your website will give you revenue-share advertising companies. They pay for every click.

By creating well-researched content, including precise keywords density, and getting simple and easy traffic to online domain, you can set up an ideal online environment to generate handsome income through advertisement placement on your page.

How to buy site traffic

Offer free of cost sample and discounts

If you have launched a new service or product, then you can buy traffic by giving free of cost samples and discounts to first few clients. This must attract more visitors to your site and when these offers finish you will see an increase in your sales revenues. Hence, it would be easy for you to maintain the traffic as compared to, you do nothing for increasing awareness on your traffic flow, when you launch the new product.

Have a blog

Another method to buy traffic is that you have a blog, which relates to your services and products on different websites. You should prefer social websites, because visitors usually discuss problems on the forums.


Buying  a web traffic is an effective method of gaining access to a better market share. There are many companies that provide different ways of buying web traffic.

If you are looking for unique traffic to your website, then it is highly suggested that you get in touch with a well known seo firm that may increase your website traffic, page rank, sales and ROI increase.

There are number of SEO Companies out there which charge affordable price for performing several tasks on your behalf, if you have hired a great seo firm, chances are, you will achieve what you deserve and desire.

Important WordPress SEO plugins that automate onpage and offpage SEO tasks

WordPress is a powerful web design tool for your website building. It has developed into functional CMS (content management system) which is user-friendly, flexible than any other CMS.

It is customiseable. There are many themes and plugins present that allow you to build a site with any specific features that you want.

By these themes and plugins you can create a simple blog and fully functional website with shopping cart for selling services and products.

That is not even all; you may also create community portals and membership sites with wordpress.

The best thing about WordPress SEO plugins is that they automate onsite seo and offsite seo tasks. Through plugins you get your website indexed in Google swiftly.

Since, the search engine optimisation process is, establish to run automatically, each page of your website is entirely optimised for getting the best placement, in any search engine.

Here, in this article, I shall tell you about important plugins. Let’s start!

Important WordPress SEO plugins are following:

Ultimate Plugin: Encourages organic link building

This plugin lets you manage Meta tags for your posts, keywords, titles, pages and description. It removes duplicate content applying canonical URLs.

You can also set up nofollow or noindex tag for individual posts or pages that is very useful when you intend to republish any article or have page, which you want don’t want to index by search engines.

It  allows you to add a text box at your post and pages bottom, with the link details. That encourages organic link building from web visitors.

PubSubHubBub plugin: Content gets indexed within minutes

Its responsibility is to  get your website content indexed swiftly. Its subscribe and publish protocol is an addition to the Atom and RSS.

Google Alerts and reader, FriendFeed and some others are using this protocol currently. The main features of this plugin are that new content gets indexed within minutes.

Google XML Sitemaps plugin: Runs in the background automatically

This plugin builds XML- Sitemap for the website and submit it automatically to a search engine. When you add latest content or change it then it re-submits the updated Sitemap.

Once you have configured and installed this plugin, it runs in the background automatically and you don’t need to worry again.

W3 total cache plugin: Improves load time

As, load times and speed of your page influence your search engine placements so, you should improve your site performance. This plugin allows your website elements to be stored to the cache files.

In this way, they don’t have to download with every page your web traffic visits. This improves loading time of your pages.

SEO smart links: Get better SERP

Internal links are very  good for on-page search engine optimisation. When you set up an anchor text link to your keyword and point this to important pages in your web page content then you may get better SERP to those pages.

It’s a method to tell any search engine, which keyword you want for the ranking of those pages.


By these plugins your website can have better chances of success. Draw Pictures Ltd is a UK based Web Design Company that design and develops user and search engine friendly websites, they build affordable yet powerful wordpress cms online shopping stores, content management systems and corporate and personal web pages.

SEO Marketing strategies for business

SEO is very important for successful business. If you have your own website and you want to earn money and flourish your business with that website, then you must have knowledge about search engine optimisation.

Marketing is also essential for your business. If you wish to make a successful and prosperous business then you will have to market your products and services well, or else you would not succeed in a very busy online market.

As a businessman you must be aware that good and efficient marketing is a necessary part of the efficient online marketing strategy.

Therefore, SEO marketing is a good strategy for you if you not only want to make your website good but also a profitable one. SEO marketing strategy places your site in a positive position by different strategies.

Before doing SEO marketing you should understand what your clients are searching for whenever they find your web.

How can you do this?

Check the Statistics

First of all, you should check your website statistics and try to figure out, what kind of keywords or search words or phrases people mostly use to search your business.

You can check this through web analytics tools and channels access that are present in your dashboard. If you find it too technical then it is recommended you to hire some SEO Marketing Experts to get the job done.

Try to find out the usefulness of existing keywords

You should keep in your mind that until the visitors know your business or product name they cannot  search  you in the vast sea of prospective competitors. You will have to put your business or brand, in front of customers.

So, assess whether the existing phrases or keywords are useful to your potential clients, who have no idea about your business services and products. If these keywords are handy, then short list these phrases and keywords which produce good results, if they aren’t helpful then re-think about them.

Find the most searched keywords globally and Locally

Research the keywords that, users find for searching similar services and products. You may use Google keyword tool that is free of cost. By this tool you can get local and worldwide search results about any keyword.

All the results appear in a below pane and competition are shown by ‘high’ and ‘low’. After doing this research you can find quality and well-researched keyword for your website.


SEO marketing strategy assists you to stay focused on your objectives. Hope now you are able to understand SEO Marketing. So, now you may start search engine optimisation marketing strategy for getting more traffic and ranking to your website.

If you are unsure on how to search engine market your business online, then let an SEO Company get the job done for you, be it onsite and offsite website analysis, finding the right keywords for your business, building the backlinks, or brand awareness via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Youtube channels, An SEO Company can always put your business first which definitely helps in increasing your sales and ROI.

Basic knowledge of search engine optimisation for starters

SEO is an organic method of using back links for getting the website to rank higher in the search engine results on Google. However, the use of SEO is not that easy. There are many SEO practices involved.

Search engine training courses are important nowadays, because Google has great influence over the other Internet patterns. If you want to optimise your website, on your own then before you start the procedure, you must have knowledge of  some definitions.

Keywords or search word

Keywords or search words are words or phrases, which you expect that your potential visitors will enter a search engine like Google, so they will see your web in the search results.


Headers are HTML (hypertext markup language) tags, which contain the most important search words or keywords.


Robots are text file. It is usually found on the server, which prevents the search engine to omit the certain secret pages on your website.


It is a technology of Web Pages compression, which reduces your website loading time.


The site map is an XHTML document, which gives information about your website structure to the search engine.

When you optimise your web page do not forget to check the following important points such as:

Domain name

You try to get the name of your domain; it must contain at least one most important keyword.


It is a main ranking factor and very important as well. You should always include main keywords in your title. It should make some sense.


Your website description should be at least 160 characters. It should highlight your website objective in search engine results.

No need of using Java scripts and flash extensively

You should avoid the use of Java scripts and flash extensively. Though, they make your site beautiful, but slow it down. The search engine is not able to see information in the flash so you should avoid it.

Avoid tables and a lot of links from one page

You should avoid tables because of  CSS evolution, you do not need tables anymore. Your website page should be accessible in 1 to 3 clicks therefore; you should avoid a lot of links from one page.

Now your website is uploaded you need to get it noticed. You can achieve this purpose by following steps:

Create a Facebook page

In this way, you can bring your site to people’ notice. Your friends will like webpage and help you to take a start.

Make blogs

You make blogs for your sites and post news and articles there, related to your website. People who will visit these news and articles will also visit your website.


You get a YouTube channel for yourself and upload movies there.

Google Analytics You register your website with Google analytics for checking your web performance, on a daily basis.


You should avoid illegal tricks for SEO purpose. There are a lot of search engine optimisation companies that are helping you suceed online with their incredible seo service. You should look for a reliable SEO Firm and start using Search engine optimisation service, that will definitely help!

Very effective tools for link building for your website

At present age, many people are taking interest in making and launching their own websites. For getting more traffic, every web owner needs to build links with other websites. Link building is such a strategy that helps you to build quality back links to your site. It’s a simple job that allows better visibility to your website.

You can also join forums, blogs, and niches to create links in those pages. When visitors will be opening those pages they will click your created and posted links then they will be sent to your, page. In a result, you will get more traffic to your web. In this article, you will learn some effective tools for building links to your site.

Social media link building

You can build links to your site, with social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn. These sites let you build up profile where you may insert information about yourself and your company together with the  link to your own website.

Link building from collaborators

If your website gives information about other collaborative websites then you should use all linking potential.  If you have a widget or RSS feed on your website, which has excellent value to visitors, such can be picked from your web and displayed on other websites, with a backlink to your site.

Blog link building

You can also build back links to your web by creating blogs for your company. If you use relevant and useful content and you share different industry news then you will attract many links. Try to refer other bloggers into your content as well as links to some other blog in your industry.

Content is very important for a blog, so create content, which visitors want to read. If they find the desired and reliable content they will come to your website again and again.

Link building from press release

If you have started your new business recently or you have launched a new service or product then press release is an effective tool for announcing your news. There’re some press release services available and offer free service for the first time.

Link building with directories and organisations If you have other professional organisations and associations, related to your industry then check whether, they possess online directory with link to member sites. You should also check LCC (local chambers of commerce) businesses, organisations and request them for links, too.


As you all know the Internet is evolving swiftly. There are many methods for link building. You should look other websites and try to find out what they possess and how they working. You also look at your own business and think about some other methods to develop links.

In case, it seems difficult then there are several online consulting agencies that can help you with link building, brand casting and search engine optimisation. You should look for a reliable local SEO Company that can help increase your backlinks, page traffic, and search rankings