Basic knowledge of search engine optimisation for starters

SEO is an organic method of using back links for getting the website to rank higher in the search engine results on Google. However, the use of SEO is not that easy. There are many SEO practices involved.

Search engine training courses are important nowadays, because Google has great influence over the other Internet patterns. If you want to optimise your website, on your own then before you start the procedure, you must have knowledge of  some definitions.

Keywords or search word

Keywords or search words are words or phrases, which you expect that your potential visitors will enter a search engine like Google, so they will see your web in the search results.


Headers are HTML (hypertext markup language) tags, which contain the most important search words or keywords.


Robots are text file. It is usually found on the server, which prevents the search engine to omit the certain secret pages on your website.


It is a technology of Web Pages compression, which reduces your website loading time.


The site map is an XHTML document, which gives information about your website structure to the search engine.

When you optimise your web page do not forget to check the following important points such as:

Domain name

You try to get the name of your domain; it must contain at least one most important keyword.


It is a main ranking factor and very important as well. You should always include main keywords in your title. It should make some sense.


Your website description should be at least 160 characters. It should highlight your website objective in search engine results.

No need of using Java scripts and flash extensively

You should avoid the use of Java scripts and flash extensively. Though, they make your site beautiful, but slow it down. The search engine is not able to see information in the flash so you should avoid it.

Avoid tables and a lot of links from one page

You should avoid tables because of  CSS evolution, you do not need tables anymore. Your website page should be accessible in 1 to 3 clicks therefore; you should avoid a lot of links from one page.

Now your website is uploaded you need to get it noticed. You can achieve this purpose by following steps:

Create a Facebook page

In this way, you can bring your site to people’ notice. Your friends will like webpage and help you to take a start.

Make blogs

You make blogs for your sites and post news and articles there, related to your website. People who will visit these news and articles will also visit your website.


You get a YouTube channel for yourself and upload movies there.

Google Analytics You register your website with Google analytics for checking your web performance, on a daily basis.


You should avoid illegal tricks for SEO purpose. There are a lot of search engine optimisation companies that are helping you suceed online with their incredible seo service. You should look for a reliable SEO Firm and start using Search engine optimisation service, that will definitely help!

Google Guidelines for Ethical SEO

These are the latest Google guideline on Search Engine Optimization.  We all know that violating these guidelines may lead to penalties like suspension of the site or website total ban. That is why it is important to hire a reputable SEO Firm that can guarantee processes that wouldn’t violate any of the search engine’s guideline.

Here are the guidelines that Google released this year in regards to Search Engine Optimization:

1. Google has given a list of tasks that an SEO consultant can provide a website owner such as assessment of the site, technical guidance on website improvement, keyword research, content development, SEO training, management of internet business development campaigns, and expertise in specific market and geographies.

2. Google ensured that they never accept payment from website owners or SEO firms in exchange for better website ranking

3. Google advised that prior to searching for an SEO, the user should be educated about the basics of how search engines work.

4. Google suggested for website owners to hire an SEO company at the beginning of the whole online marketing process as this would ensure that they would be on the same page in terms of keeping the site search engine friendly.

5. Google also indicated a set of questions that a website owner should ask the seo firm prior. Basically, obtaining information about the seo experience, knowledge about webmaster guidelines, turn around time before you expect some positive results, the processes involve with their seo strategies, etc.

6. Google gave a warning on those unethical SEO scammers that give the industry a bad reputation. Google also gave thorough advice and a guideline on how to choose reputable SEO firms which includes:

• Be suspicious of seo companies that send emails out of nowhere.

• No seo firm can guarantee that they can put you on top rank or on Google’s first page

• If the seo marketing service is very vaguer about the processes involve in their techniques, be careful. Most likely, they do black hat practices.

• You should avoid linking to an seo as these are useless practices.

7. Google suggested that users should be careful with seo firms that owns shadow domains, uses doorway pages, those that sell keywords in the address bar, guarantees top ranking, has a lot of aliases, and other black hat practices or those seo firms that over optimize or are invovled in agressive seo marketing.

Being aware of these Google guidelines regarding search engine optimization will hopefully helps the user make better choices in hiring seo firms and companies. Doing “black hat” practices or “scam” methods is not worth losing your website or worse, harming your reputation. While hiring an SEO Service, be careful and be wise

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Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the utilization of the internet related gadgets or devices like mobile phones, web browsers, social networks, etc. to connect to web browsers and customers by advertisements to promote services and products. There are two forms of digital marketing. Push digital marketing involves both the marketer and the customers (web browser). Email and SMS are example of push digital marketing wherein the marketer has to deliver the messages to the users for the message to be received. In Pull digital marketing users have to encounter a specific link to view a specific content. And to attract the customers or users, search engine optimization may be needed. So why is it popular and what are the benefits of digital marketing?

1. Digital Marketing strategies are cost effective. There are a lot of seo firms that offer seo services at very reasonable prices. It’s a great investment considering all the website traffic that it could potentially create to increase profit.

2.  Another benefit of digital marketing is you can reach out to a massive number of users or web browsers at a short period of time. This applies link building as a search engine optimization strategy. When people connect with your content it could go viral, therefore, increasing website traffic and popularity.

3. It’s easy to track the digital media marketing output. Online marketing have high level of measurability.

4. Digital marketing does not require a lot of work compared to traditional marketing. Once you have created a video, an image or an article, depending on how relevant and useful it is, you will be able to connect with a lot of people with just one click. Furthermore, you can hire seo firms to do the work for you.

5. In digital marketing, there is a long time exposure, it is highly possible that you will obtain a long term return on your investment. Using seo improves your site visibility and ranking and once you have established your site’s reputation, it is easy to do a low cost maintenance of your online marketing strategy.

6. Digital marketing can provide specific, useful information and reviews about a particular product. As one of seo strategies, linkable details that are useful and relevant, the web browsers can easily be converted to paying customers.

7. Most of the time, people do not like aggressive and intrusive marketing like traditional methods in marketing. Digital marketing allows users or costumers to be led directly towards the specific products and services that they need.

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How to choose a reliable SEO Firm

Internet is one of the best products of modern technology which has been a part of human lives. Along with the internet comes websites from different part of the world. Websites have existed and grown rapidly for the past decade. Sites are used for many purposes such as business, personal, or social interactions, and have become a good source of income for many people.

To maximize the possibility of the website to become successful, great number of people must be able to land on it. The website must be attractive to researchers or visitors that can be potential buyers for products and services that the site offers. SEO is the one that can help to make this possible.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the technical designing of a website that makes it placed on top of search results in primary search engine websites such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, AOL, Alexa, Miva and even Baidu and so on. This assures having the highest opportunity for the website to be seen and visited. More visitors and more customers would bring greater cash flow coming in.

SEO firms that exist offer SEO services at different price range. It is good to hire services from SEO firms provided that the firm you will be hiring has good reputations to assure you spend your money wisely. This is the most important factor to be considered upon choosing your SEO service provider.  Aside from having great knowledge and expertise on utilizing SEO services, an honest and reliable firm is also good to hire. Valuing their customers is a big factor. Establishing a good relationship between the site owner and the SEO firm would help both of the parties achieve their goal of putting the site on top of the search engine ranks.

The price and quality of service absolutely varies from different SEO firms. If you badly want your site to be popular, you better not consider the price. The price would definitely be replaced as soon as the SEO firm successfully make you on top of the page. Draw Pictures Ltd has all the qualities mentioned.

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