The Impact of Digital Marketing on Your Business

In the age of digital it is imperative that businesses, no matter how ‘traditional’ they may be, start to consider their online presence if they don’t want to lose valuable customers in the long run. The internet is fast becoming the go to for our every want and need, and if businesses don’t keep up with that they will get left behind as other businesses draw in their customers online.

But the digital marketing shouldn’t only be seen as a must have to prevent losing customers, it is a new and exciting place to explore and expand your business, reaching entire new markets and using new tools to give your business a depth like never before.

With the help of professionals in the form of digital marketing companies your business could soar to new heights. Here are just some of the many ways digital marketing could impact on your business:

Increased Exposure

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to increase exposure for your business. Using various channels such as social media and blogs, search engines, online directories and many more you can get your company name out there to audiences you never would have reached before, both locally and globally.

For example, if you posted a blog post that was seen by 20 people on a social networking site, and each person enjoys this and decides to share it with their 100 connections, who share it with 100 more, your blog post on your company blog has potentially been seen by 200,000 people.

Better ROI

Digital marketing will bring a far better return on investment for business than many traditional methods, due to the cost effectiveness of the digital methods used.

Social media can be run for very little cost and allows you to connect and potentially impact on millions of internet users every day.

Advertising online is far cheaper than in print. Having a large and commanding advert in a newspaper or phone directory would cost a bomb and potential customers would have to pick up the phone to ask you more about your services and products.

Online however you can place ads and links in online directories for next to nothing, some are even free and direct customers to a wealth of information about your company, much faster and easier than having to call to ask.

Takes the Pressure Off

Because digital marketing is a new and quite specialised area, many companies feel they benefit from bringing in digital marketing companies who can either help with creating and implementing a strategy or taking the workload altogether.

This takes the pressure off you and your team so you can focus on other areas of the business while knowledgeable specialists an agency provide digital marketing services that ensure your company is ahead of the game.

It Sticks Around

Everything your company posts onto the internet whether it be via a blog, social network or directory, it will remain searchable and viewable for years. So on one hand, you much be careful that what you are putting on is well thought out and displays your company in a good light.

And on the other hand, it is advantageous for exposure purposes as the more information you post in relation to your brand, the larger your online presence becomes over time.

There are many more ways in which digital marketing could impact on your company, all of which reinforce why a large proportion of UK companies have already taken to the internet with the help of digital marketing companies in the UK. The question is, will you?

Why I consider spending my lifetime in SEO Business?

I have loved challenges since I was young. And I have found SEO a very challenging business (Especially when you plan to help your customers get website traffic and page rank increase, Results and ROI Driven search engine optimisation and that too on very minimal costs)

I am speaking of those old days back in 2000 whilst I had a P2 computer with a massive monitor. I used to promote businesses with very little knowledge but I must say I have done well as the ROI was massive back in those days.

But I had my day job too which I loved as well (working in textiles), SEO back in 2000 and 2001 in general was a part time thing, I loved it, I learnt a lot about titles, meta tags and keywords and how to place useful listings online in order to achieve business excellence and success online

I have been very busy in life, but SEO was what I have been doing on daily basis. I used to place ads to sell my used items too and I sold things nationwide, I have been working with several European textile companies back then in order to improve their textile machinery sales in Asian and Middle Eastern region and they all said I have done a great job.

This has then somehow helped me look in to it even deeper and then I was planning to start my career as a full time Internet Marketing Agency that delivers! I delivered and I still do

But I must admit, I have never sold a product or a service in a dodgy way, saying something else, selling something different. I think it was great, I never wanted to be an overnight billionaire and this is still the case. If all bills are paid on time, I am more than a happy man and especially when you live in a city like London and a country like United Kingdom (I have lived in Switzerland too – But UK is literally very expensive place to live)

Anyhow, in my seo business, I have worked over 3000 customers and agencies from all over the world. There was a single thing we cared “Be Honest” – We were one of the honest search engine optimisation company that has been honest with their customers, agencies we were/are working with and our employees and perhaps this is the case all European and UK Companies loved to work with us and still do

SEO Business brings many challenges, be it page rank increase, traffic increase, Results and ROI, and I love doing it on daily basis. SEO will be alive at all times. And if you are an honest man and woman, you can earn a good living out of SEO business if you do good work, remain consistent and be honest!

Unlike many other SEO Companies which talk about being in SEO Business for over 36 years. I have been only doing it since 2001 (as a matter of fact). I love to talk to range of people from all around the world which call me to seek advice, if they have a question or if they like a price quote for the seo services and web design they require, did I tell you, we build very user friendly and search engine optimised Ecommerce (online shopping carts) and CMS (Content management systems websites which do great business

And oh, we deliver authority backlinks as well. We are a full seo services and web design agency in London that believes in better that believes in helping their customers than just ripping them off, we were and would be the same trustworthy SEO Company you believed and still do

And we will keep delivering Top Google Results (Search engine rankings) we always did!

If you have a question, suggestion or require a quote I would love to hear from you

Calling from UK for Free Consultancy, please call on: 07375 320305

If you are calling from abroad, call me on +44 (0)7375 320305, Extension 1

If you want to contact me via email, I can be reached at

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Thank you for your trust in us for seo services!

SEO Marketing strategies for business

SEO is very important for successful business. If you have your own website and you want to earn money and flourish your business with that website, then you must have knowledge about search engine optimisation.

Marketing is also essential for your business. If you wish to make a successful and prosperous business then you will have to market your products and services well, or else you would not succeed in a very busy online market.

As a businessman you must be aware that good and efficient marketing is a necessary part of the efficient online marketing strategy.

Therefore, SEO marketing is a good strategy for you if you not only want to make your website good but also a profitable one. SEO marketing strategy places your site in a positive position by different strategies.

Before doing SEO marketing you should understand what your clients are searching for whenever they find your web.

How can you do this?

Check the Statistics

First of all, you should check your website statistics and try to figure out, what kind of keywords or search words or phrases people mostly use to search your business.

You can check this through web analytics tools and channels access that are present in your dashboard. If you find it too technical then it is recommended you to hire some SEO Marketing Experts to get the job done.

Try to find out the usefulness of existing keywords

You should keep in your mind that until the visitors know your business or product name they cannot  search  you in the vast sea of prospective competitors. You will have to put your business or brand, in front of customers.

So, assess whether the existing phrases or keywords are useful to your potential clients, who have no idea about your business services and products. If these keywords are handy, then short list these phrases and keywords which produce good results, if they aren’t helpful then re-think about them.

Find the most searched keywords globally and Locally

Research the keywords that, users find for searching similar services and products. You may use Google keyword tool that is free of cost. By this tool you can get local and worldwide search results about any keyword.

All the results appear in a below pane and competition are shown by ‘high’ and ‘low’. After doing this research you can find quality and well-researched keyword for your website.


SEO marketing strategy assists you to stay focused on your objectives. Hope now you are able to understand SEO Marketing. So, now you may start search engine optimisation marketing strategy for getting more traffic and ranking to your website.

If you are unsure on how to search engine market your business online, then let an SEO Company get the job done for you, be it onsite and offsite website analysis, finding the right keywords for your business, building the backlinks, or brand awareness via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Youtube channels, An SEO Company can always put your business first which definitely helps in increasing your sales and ROI.

Google Guidelines for Ethical SEO

These are the latest Google guideline on Search Engine Optimization.  We all know that violating these guidelines may lead to penalties like suspension of the site or website total ban. That is why it is important to hire a reputable SEO Firm that can guarantee processes that wouldn’t violate any of the search engine’s guideline.

Here are the guidelines that Google released this year in regards to Search Engine Optimization:

1. Google has given a list of tasks that an SEO consultant can provide a website owner such as assessment of the site, technical guidance on website improvement, keyword research, content development, SEO training, management of internet business development campaigns, and expertise in specific market and geographies.

2. Google ensured that they never accept payment from website owners or SEO firms in exchange for better website ranking

3. Google advised that prior to searching for an SEO, the user should be educated about the basics of how search engines work.

4. Google suggested for website owners to hire an SEO company at the beginning of the whole online marketing process as this would ensure that they would be on the same page in terms of keeping the site search engine friendly.

5. Google also indicated a set of questions that a website owner should ask the seo firm prior. Basically, obtaining information about the seo experience, knowledge about webmaster guidelines, turn around time before you expect some positive results, the processes involve with their seo strategies, etc.

6. Google gave a warning on those unethical SEO scammers that give the industry a bad reputation. Google also gave thorough advice and a guideline on how to choose reputable SEO firms which includes:

• Be suspicious of seo companies that send emails out of nowhere.

• No seo firm can guarantee that they can put you on top rank or on Google’s first page

• If the seo marketing service is very vaguer about the processes involve in their techniques, be careful. Most likely, they do black hat practices.

• You should avoid linking to an seo as these are useless practices.

7. Google suggested that users should be careful with seo firms that owns shadow domains, uses doorway pages, those that sell keywords in the address bar, guarantees top ranking, has a lot of aliases, and other black hat practices or those seo firms that over optimize or are invovled in agressive seo marketing.

Being aware of these Google guidelines regarding search engine optimization will hopefully helps the user make better choices in hiring seo firms and companies. Doing “black hat” practices or “scam” methods is not worth losing your website or worse, harming your reputation. While hiring an SEO Service, be careful and be wise

Draw Pictures Ltd are a team of seo experts based in Wimbledon, London with years of expertise and sound knowledge on how to best optimise your website, they design and develop seo and link building strategy that work for most businesses, they tirelessly work to get you there and were always able to divert the market to your business.

Looking for Safe and Reliable SEO Service?

The world of SEO has been hit off this past months because of the latest update of Google. Numerous sites in most parts of the world, like the United Kingdom, have dropped their places in Google rankings after the search engine released its “Panda” and “Penguin” updates. The Google and Panda are both algorithm changes that both aim to provide better and fair ranking of different websites on Google searches.

Google Panda focused on eliminating websites that have low-quality and spammed contents that try to appear and top in search ranking results. The most affected sites of the Panda update were sites that host news, blogs and article contents that are poor in quality. These sites had their search marketing strategies focused on the quantity of contents, without giving justice to their quality, to provide greater traffic for the site. This Panda update also aim to prioritize high-quality contents to get on the ranking.

Google Penguin engaged on eliminating websites that practice SEO strategies and internet marketing techniques that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines to make their site be on top of Google ranks. These sites have web marketing strategies that try to control search ranks by over optimising both on-site and off-site SEO.

Websites that were affected by these Google updates have poor or bad marketing SEO strategies. To avoid this, your site contents must all be unique, original and useful for the visitors and the links you build are based on the quality contents your site have. If you are a website owner who does not want your site to be affected by these Google updates, hire a safe and reliable SEO service provider that is Google Panda and Penguin friendly.

Their SEO internet marketing strategy must be not oppose any rules in Google Webmaster Guidelines to avoid being kicked off on the search engine ranks. The SEO marketing advice that will give you must be an honest tips, suggestions and strategies. SEO service is essential for your online marketing needs. UK based businesses have been affected by these Google updates because of poor SEO strategies they had. If you have a UK based business, it is better for you to hire a Local SEO Company for your quality SEO Marketing services.

Draw Pictures Ltd is a local SEO Agency that provides full web services in optimising search engine and link building strategies. They have a team of internet marketing experts that have been providing services in online marketing UK loved for many years. They always aim to provide customers with quality, safe and reliable SEO strategies, unlike other agencies that provide online marketing services that can be easily eliminated by Google Panda and Penguin updates. Draw Pictures Ltd has different packages with affordable prices that will surely support you website.