Why I consider spending my lifetime in SEO Business?

I have loved challenges since I was young. And I have found SEO a very challenging business (Especially when you plan to help your customers get website traffic and page rank increase, Results and ROI Driven search engine optimisation and that too on very minimal costs)

I am speaking of those old days back in 2000 whilst I had a P2 computer with a massive monitor. I used to promote businesses with very little knowledge but I must say I have done well as the ROI was massive back in those days.

But I had my day job too which I loved as well (working in textiles), SEO back in 2000 and 2001 in general was a part time thing, I loved it, I learnt a lot about titles, meta tags and keywords and how to place useful listings online in order to achieve business excellence and success online

I have been very busy in life, but SEO was what I have been doing on daily basis. I used to place ads to sell my used items too and I sold things nationwide, I have been working with several European textile companies back then in order to improve their textile machinery sales in Asian and Middle Eastern region and they all said I have done a great job.

This has then somehow helped me look in to it even deeper and then I was planning to start my career as a full time Internet Marketing Agency that delivers! I delivered and I still do

But I must admit, I have never sold a product or a service in a dodgy way, saying something else, selling something different. I think it was great, I never wanted to be an overnight billionaire and this is still the case. If all bills are paid on time, I am more than a happy man and especially when you live in a city like London and a country like United Kingdom (I have lived in Switzerland too – But UK is literally very expensive place to live)

Anyhow, in my seo business, I have worked over 3000 customers and agencies from all over the world. There was a single thing we cared “Be Honest” – We were one of the honest search engine optimisation company that has been honest with their customers, agencies we were/are working with and our employees and perhaps this is the case all European and UK Companies loved to work with us and still do

SEO Business brings many challenges, be it page rank increase, traffic increase, Results and ROI, and I love doing it on daily basis. SEO will be alive at all times. And if you are an honest man and woman, you can earn a good living out of SEO business if you do good work, remain consistent and be honest!

Unlike many other SEO Companies which talk about being in SEO Business for over 36 years. I have been only doing it since 2001 (as a matter of fact). I love to talk to range of people from all around the world which call me to seek advice, if they have a question or if they like a price quote for the seo services and web design they require, did I tell you, we build very user friendly and search engine optimised Ecommerce (online shopping carts) and CMS (Content management systems websites which do great business

And oh, we deliver authority backlinks as well. We are a full seo services and web design agency in London that believes in better that believes in helping their customers than just ripping them off, we were and would be the same trustworthy SEO Company you believed and still do

And we will keep delivering Top Google Results (Search engine rankings) we always did!

If you have a question, suggestion or require a quote I would love to hear from you

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