Ethical and effective seo does not still cost much in 2016

I must admit that an SEO Company can play a good and bad role in business success. We have been asked by a Helicopter Hire Company in Cardiff, Wales to send a quote for seo services. Website was amazing and have been done by their in-house web designers and web developers, seo copywriting on the website has been done with audience (and not search engine’s in mind) which I liked the most

Website had all to rank really well on Google, Dmoz listing, Alexa, Yahoo Directory and HotBot and other top directories listings were there, website had a page rank 8 previously and I understand why

The blog was there, presence on social circles and very rich keywords (and easy to remember usernames) for social platforms which were helping in traffic from search engines (organic traffic), I must say they are the innocent people on Planet earth (but again every customer is an innocent customer and you have to provide them information in a simple manner they can understand)

We gone through the ins and outs and submitted a quote, realistic time frame and the time frame we needed to overcome the negative seo that has been done by someone (working on this website)

Their owner has sent me an email “Unbelievable” and I was literally very confused thinking we might have quoted way more than they were expecting. I arranged a call-back later in the day and found, they were paying 80 times more for bad seo than for good SEO (That we said we will do)

She has asked for our own rankings and we were happy to disclose with our own rankings on, plus the rankings we have achieved for companies from Europe from same niche (Hire Business)

But our pricing was still kind of a big question on her mind?

She has asked me to come down and visit her in office over the weekend, we had lunch in Cardiff, which was great – Thank you for that “Sarah” and then I have explained how we calculate the prices, what needs to be done and so on. She told me how happy she was to meet me as everyone else they have called (English SEO Companies) were sending “Unbelievable Prices” – Tens and thousands of pounds for nothing

In order to help her more, I have given her our customers list (the one’s that do not sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement and are happy to share their details), mostly small and mid-sized businesses, this list has the person name, email, phone and address and the best time to reach

I knew she was more than happy to go ahead and use our seo services, as suggested, she has called couple of our customers based in Cardiff, Wales, Edinburgh Scotland as well as in London and other cities and she was surprised she said that everyone had good words for the seo work we do and especially for the price we quote!

She has happily opted to our seo services and the campaign and the keywords we agreed together have been delivered in 4 months time (One of the most competitive in the UK)

You should actually read this if you are planning to hire a search engine optimisation service

12 key questions to ask your prospective Search Engine Optimisation Company

But that is not all.

Ask what are their website rankings, on what keywords, then do the keyword research using Google keyword suggestion tool, also known as (Keyword Tool), find out the competition and number of local searches are there for those keywords and you would be easily measuring the success (Ranking on keywords is one thing, ranking on keywords that help bring Return on investment is quite another).

For example, we rank on below positions on (Seo related keywords only)

Keywords                   Rank               

SEO UK                        #2

SEO                              #9

SEO Companies           #3

SEO Company             #6

SEO Experts                 #5

SEO Service                 #9

SEO Services               #10

Link Building                 #6

UK One Way Links       #6

This is a good start for a less than 9 months old website, No? This website of Draw Pictures Ltd represent UK business alone, we have customers working with us for years and some are working for longer than 5 years, we are proud to be a 12 years old search engine optimisation company that goes beyond in helping your business be found – We are always able to help and we know what exactly will work for your business!

If you are looking for true seo specialists, simply give us a call on our free phone:

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We are on YouTube. Why not watch our video on SEO which has been recently uploaded?

Let us help your business get the top search engine rankings and business enquires, online sales increase and reputation it deserves!

Power to you and your business!

Why I consider spending my lifetime in SEO Business?

I have loved challenges since I was young. And I have found SEO a very challenging business (Especially when you plan to help your customers get website traffic and page rank increase, Results and ROI Driven search engine optimisation and that too on very minimal costs)

I am speaking of those old days back in 2000 whilst I had a P2 computer with a massive monitor. I used to promote businesses with very little knowledge but I must say I have done well as the ROI was massive back in those days.

But I had my day job too which I loved as well (working in textiles), SEO back in 2000 and 2001 in general was a part time thing, I loved it, I learnt a lot about titles, meta tags and keywords and how to place useful listings online in order to achieve business excellence and success online

I have been very busy in life, but SEO was what I have been doing on daily basis. I used to place ads to sell my used items too and I sold things nationwide, I have been working with several European textile companies back then in order to improve their textile machinery sales in Asian and Middle Eastern region and they all said I have done a great job.

This has then somehow helped me look in to it even deeper and then I was planning to start my career as a full time Internet Marketing Agency that delivers! I delivered and I still do

But I must admit, I have never sold a product or a service in a dodgy way, saying something else, selling something different. I think it was great, I never wanted to be an overnight billionaire and this is still the case. If all bills are paid on time, I am more than a happy man and especially when you live in a city like London and a country like United Kingdom (I have lived in Switzerland too – But UK is literally very expensive place to live)

Anyhow, in my seo business, I have worked over 3000 customers and agencies from all over the world. There was a single thing we cared “Be Honest” – We were one of the honest search engine optimisation company that has been honest with their customers, agencies we were/are working with and our employees and perhaps this is the case all European and UK Companies loved to work with us and still do

SEO Business brings many challenges, be it page rank increase, traffic increase, Results and ROI, and I love doing it on daily basis. SEO will be alive at all times. And if you are an honest man and woman, you can earn a good living out of SEO business if you do good work, remain consistent and be honest!

Unlike many other SEO Companies which talk about being in SEO Business for over 36 years. I have been only doing it since 2001 (as a matter of fact). I love to talk to range of people from all around the world which call me to seek advice, if they have a question or if they like a price quote for the seo services and web design they require, did I tell you, we build very user friendly and search engine optimised Ecommerce (online shopping carts) and CMS (Content management systems websites which do great business

And oh, we deliver authority backlinks as well. We are a full seo services and web design agency in London that believes in better that believes in helping their customers than just ripping them off, we were and would be the same trustworthy SEO Company you believed and still do

And we will keep delivering Top Google Results (Search engine rankings) we always did!

If you have a question, suggestion or require a quote I would love to hear from you

Calling from UK for Free Consultancy, please call on: 07375 320305

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List building services create reasons to purchase your products

All the business persons involved in Internet marketing know that for selling products and services they need hundred and thousands of people. But when they start a business they might face, short of leads in the marketing arsenal. That is when they need list building service.

The list building services are like the clubs; all the people who want to market their products to all other people, join these clubs and get and send emails to other members.

However, you need to get the help of list building services for quick results.

List building services may help you professionally

As a business person some of you might be aware that you need, list building to secure client retention for your website. But unfortunately, most of you have no idea how to build lists and you might not have enough time for list building strategies.

Some of you even do not see any need to hire someone to perform this list building task to you.

The fact is if, as a business person you only pay attention to other important aspects of your businesses and allow the professional list building services to do this important task for you, then it must be very beneficial for your business.

Here’re some reasons, why these list building services could work in joint venture into the benefit of the business or web owner on-line.

Why should customers buy?

It is common in the sales for you that as the salesperson you should present the call to action. Buyers always need the reasons, why they should purchase the products or services before they pay.

As an online business or website owner you should not only pay attention to shove your products and services down your customers’ throats. You should also present the reasons, why they should purchase. In this connection, list building services may help you effectively.

List building services perform the following things for your business promotion:

They create reasons to purchase your products and service through many products like, eBooks, reports, and newsletters. They offer these things as free of cost in exchange for the persons offering their email addresses.

In this way, they provide opportunities for you to create the strong relationship with the customers on your opt in lists.

The purpose of these lists is to have leads for services, sales, products and specials. Thus list building services benefit your business and business websites. They not only build these lists for you but they also try, their best you have good relationships with the listed people.


So, the list building services not only reach out to your prospects to tell them about your products and services but also guide them why they should purchase your products.

The buyers have usually questions what is in it to them. They are the list building services who take, time to explain them what is in it actually for them. In this way, customers more apt, to purchase your products, and services.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a London based SEO Company that helps businesses succeed online, they provide user and search engine friendly web designing service to help your business build a brand and build trust it deserves online, they also provide SEO Services to help your business be found online on Search  engines, social platforms and even mobile devices.

Business SEO

Internet and business have been paired and used hand on hand to achieve a better income. The world is now on its modern era where transactions, such as business and social interactions, are done with the help of new technologies. Online business is much appreciated these days because of its paperless transactions that help minimize environmental problems.

Online business also provides better transactions for its customers. From searching for a certain product or service to payment transaction, a customer can easily purchase an item very fast, and everything may be done online. No matter how good are the products and services your business would have, the visitors and customers still hold a ticket to your success. Customers are the very important players in any market. To have and maintain more visitors and potential buyers, you need to establish an SEO strategy for your business.

SEO is a great technique to make your site be on highest position on search engine rankings which will give your business website more appearances and attractions to customers. This is an important strategy to make your business become more competitive with other business in the online market.

SEO is the most ideal strategy on website marketing. By having an effective and guaranteed SEO campaign, you can promote your business faster and easier, unlike having it done by publishing on newspapers and other print materials. This is also cheaper than paying news ads and media in promoting your business. Also by having a great SEO strategy, your return on investment will become greater and faster, because your chances of having more customers are also bigger.

Professional SEO service providers can be hired to help you maintain a higher rank page on searches while managing other aspects of your business. SEO prices range depending on the type of SEO strategy you want, and depending on what company you would prefer. If your target customers are within your local area, you can hire a local SEO service provider because this would suit your business. When choosing a company to be your SEO Specialist, consider its knowledge and experience it have so you will be assured that your money will be worthy for investing on your business.

Draw Pictures Ltd is one of the best SEO Company that you can hire at reasonable prices. They have numbers of SEO experts that can help you handle your site’s page rank problems and find the best solutions for your business and online marketing needs.

They have been in this industry for several years already and already have proven their expertise in meeting their customers’ needs and have exceeded their satisfaction. Get your business SEO services now with Draw Pictures Ltd and make your business globally competitive.