Google’s New Image Search Could Wound Search Engine Marketing Efforts in 2016

Google revamped their Google Image Search for mobile and tablet in 2015, and the simplified experience was such a big hit that they are bringing it to their desktop Image Search.

This however is not all together good news for search engine marketing as this could make life a whole lot harder when it comes to driving web traffic to company websites.

When Google launched their new Penguin update, which showed preference to sites with multimedia content such as images and video by bringing up these results in normal searches, many digital marketers rejoiced as their search engine marketing efforts appeared to become a whole lot easier.

They got to work on implementing organic SEO tactics based around the multimedia shift, adding and optimising images and video with meta data to their websites.

Now however all that effort could be in vain, as the change to the new Google Image search format implies that the sites hosting the images may see a large reduction in visits, as the new search function allows people to browse and download the images without actually accessing the host site?

Google have counteracted these worries by saying that the change has actually added more new ways to reach the host site which will according to them increase traffic to the site.

The changes they believe will help increase traffic include making the domain name clickable and adding a new button which allows the searcher to visit the site that hosts the image.

This brings the amount of clickable targets for the host site up to four, where as with the old image search there were only two possible ways to access the host’s site.

Google also believe that by no longer loading the website with the image, they will no longer be creating “phantom” visits for websites, something that was one of the most common complaints from websites about the old Google Image search.

“That was causing problems for some webmasters, and so we thought we can do away with that. That’s gone now,” said Google webmaster trend analyst Pierre Far.

There is an option for search engine marketers who do not believe Google’s new image search will help their campaigns, they can block Google from indexing any images on their website.

There is also the option of boosting results through paid search engine marketing and pay per click advertising, as well as plenty of other SEO tactics such as the growing trend of using social media.

And of course, Google may be the world’s biggest search engine in terms of revenue, but from a search engine marketer’s point of view there are always its large scale competitors, Bing, who have yet to cause uproar in the online marketing world.

The 6 Main Questions You Should Ask An SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

Search engine optimisation agencies are hired by you to provide SEO services, but how can you be sure they will deliver?

There have been many complaints by companies in the past of SEO agencies ‘over promising and not being able to deliver’.

It is on some occasions not the agency’s fault as search algorithms may change and successful tactics may no longer works, but you need to be able to trust them to overcome these issues and communicate everything so you aren’t left in the dark and out of pocket.

Here are the six main questions that will help you make the decision of whether an SEO agency is right for your company or not:

1. Can I speak to one of your current customers, in a similarly competitive sector, who has been with you for two or more years?

Many companies will have case studies and recommendations on their website, but you will find speaking with one of their customers directly will give you a better rounded and honest perspective of the agency you want to work with.

If an agency is not excited by this or doesn’t seem able to find someone willing to speak to you then I would take this to be a bad sign and start to look around at other agencies.

2. Can we meet with the entire team who will be working on our account?

Many SEO companies will outsource certain elements of the SEO work, such as link building and content writing, which can lead to a lack of quality control, especially if the content outsources overseas.

It is important to arrange an appointment with the team who would be working on your account, including those working on off page SEO such as content creating and link building, as you want to meet face to face the people responsible for your company’s online reputation.

3. Why do we have to sign up for 12 or 24 months, with no break out clause in the contract?

Because SEO can take time to implement and take effect, and SEO agency may as your to sign a long contract to ensure they have enough time to deliver the promised results.

But realistically you should see some form of positive impact, albeit maybe not the full promised results, within the first 6 months of working with the agency.

If this is not the case then their strategies are not working for you and you would most likely want out of the contract. For this reason, a good agency should have no issues in offering a mutual get out clause in the contract, knowing that they have sound strategies and are confident they can deliver.

 4. Who is the biggest SEO client you have lost in the past 12 months and why?

All SEO agencies will lose clients occasionally, but as a potential new client you want to understand what the circumstances were regarding any clients that have been lost. If the agency is honest and open with their answer, it is a good gauge of their honesty and transparency when working with clients and their confidence in their work to be able to tell you this information.

 5. Can you guarantee our SEO performance?

If an SEO agency are willing to guarantee their performance, then they are likely to over promise and under deliver. A good agency knows there are many variables that are not in the control of the client or themselves, therefore nothing is written in stone where SEO is concerned and any guarantees would not stand up.

6. What do we actually get for our monthly fee?

This question links back to meeting the team. You want to know who is doing what physical work to determine exactly where your monthly fee will be going. If you are happy that the projected outcomes of the work and the amount of work done by the agency are in line with the monthly fee, then all is well.

Ethical Issues Faced By Internet Marketing Companies

In today’s digital based business environment, ethics are important in establishing the reputation of the company. And for an internet marketing company working in an area that is often criticised for its lack of ethics, it is ever more important to get right when working on behalf of clients.

With immoral and illegitimate Internet marketing schemes operating and deceitful tactics being used, marketers must take extra caution when promoting their clients and their products and services on the World Wide Web and ensure they can prove themselves as an agency to be legit among an industry riddled with scams. Here are some of the main ethical issues faced by internet marketers:

Who Can Be Trusted?

Because internet marketing is full of scams and people out to gain sensitive information, it is important that you have clear guidelines and form an agreement with the client to ensure you are both comfortable and trust in each other.

You will after all be in charge of the brand’s online reputation, a big task to be reliant on for. You will then need to ensure you uphold your end of the agreement and carefully gauge any content you put out there on behalf of your client.

A Little Matter of Morals

If you are handling organic and paid internet marketing for a client, as well as maintaining and updating content on the client’s website, you need to consider the privacy and legal implications that go with it.

What you publish for the client reflects on how they are viewed by the rest of the world, and although you do the posting, if they were to be found to have anything illegal or immoral on their website, such as copyrighted images that they do not have permission to use, then it would be the client who it reflects badly on and who would suffer the consequences.

This goes back to the ethical issue of trust, as they are trusting you to uphold the law and make wise moral decisions on their behalf.

Professionalism and Reputation

Because the internet and tools within it such as social media and blogs are used for both personal and online marketing purposes, the two can very easily overlap.

An internet marketing company must consider the implications of everything they write and post online, ensuring all client information is kept separate from other clients and personal aspects of the internet to ensure the client’s reputation and your own reputation is upheld.

Once Published It Remains Forever

When you hit send on that controversial blog post or Tweet, it cannot be undone. Even if you delete the post itself, it remains in cached page archives forever and can easily be pulled up by search engines or websites that specialise in recalling old pages.

Additionally, video and movies, audio and images, any kind of multimedia in various formats will remain and be viewable, which brings about the issue of consent, privacy and safety.

Creative search engine marketing evolving rapidly

SEO (search engine optimization) is a source by which your business with company web can draw the attention of SE crawlers to get your website listed in the top of search engine results.

If you want to draw new customers or boost your sales you need to employ effective strategies for landing on the first ten pages of SE listings. For creative SE marketing, following things are playing very important role.

Creativity is the main thing

Creative SE marketing is the new frontier, which is evolving rapidly. It is therefore, as a business person, you need to change your search engine marketing strategies to meet the new trends of the industry.

Social media forums are great creative SE marketing opportunities, which can boost your company search engine marketing campaigns significantly.

These sites allow you to post useful and relevant content every moment, for your prospects to view. These sites allow website browsers to click on the website of your company directly.

In a result, your web activity level gets increased and you see a corresponding increase in result ranking on big search engines such as  Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.

Quality Content

The standard off-site articles or blogs with relevant keywords and on-site pages are very effective for creative, search engine marketing strategies.

But remember only quality content articles laced with well-researched and limited keywords will bring web brewers and get their attention. They will encourage repeat visits and client conversions.

Google places

As, Internet is leading the world of advertisement, people are struggling hard to get web on big search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. In which Google page ranking is very important that shows searchers that your web is trusted and reliable.

Things such as Google places can help you to get the name of your business out there due to the ease it takes for reaching of your business displayed location. These Google places let you place information like, site URL, Addresses, phone numbers, and city and state zip codes.

These places also allow your customers to place your business reviews for the net to see. But you should be cautious here, because review ability can be useful and harmful sometimes. Google places do not weed out bogus review and delete them. Therefore, you should be cautious of competitors potentially placing bogus one star review.


Since, billion of people, products, services, and businesses related searches, are done by search engines. Therefore, you need to employ creative search engine marketing strategies effectively. Many search engine marketing companies can help you in this connection.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a UK, London based SEO Company specialising in offsite and onsite seo services, user and search engine friendly web designing and development, backlinks and content creation in order to help you get top search engine rankings, profit and roi.

Search engine positioning improves product visibility

It is expected that more development would be seen in the field of SEO, in the near future, and website rankings would not depend only, on the search engines, because marketing would also play a major role in facilitating search engine positioning.

How I can increase my search engine rankings on Google?

SEO ( Search engine optimisation)

SEO has become an essential marketing tool for online ventures. Almost all the businesses depend on low cost search engine optimisation services to drive their sites to the top search engine ranking for better positioning. That brings more viewers to their websites and in the result, generates more revenue.

SEO service puts entrepreneurs in the most strategic position forward of competitors by better positioning, your merchandise and services become more evident than other products.

It increases sales opportunities and draws huge traffic; in a result, returns on your investments get increased. Other than SEO some other  things can improve your SE positioning.

To improve search engine positioning you should concentrate on following things:

Good website construction

Website creation is not all about fun applications and beautiful design. For better positioning, you should concentrate on other things such as:

Good navigation:

For creating a website, which works well, you should think about its structure, because hierarchy of information and structure are the backbone of any well-optimised and highly functional website.

Content design:

As, content is a very important element of your website. It affects the popularity of your website among readers as well as its positioning among SE results. All SEO efforts fail when your website does not contain high quality content.

Optimise visuals:

Other than text optimisation, you should concentrate on the optimisation of videos, multimedia presentation, and photos, because searchers for this kind of content are increasing. The visuals may be a precious asset for having search engine traffic instantly .

ALT tags and Meta tags:

ALT tags are present in the pictures on your site and Meta tags are present in the header of your site.

You should try to learn the method of changing these keywords with the ones, which are relevant to your site. All the search engines consider these two areas.

Link building:

If your website has more links, there will be more chances of higher search engine positioning, because search engines always like link enriched sites.

But you should try to build links with other sites gradually not at once, in this way; these links will look more organic in the search engine and improve your website positioning.

SE positioning company

All these things will definitely improve your website search engine positioning, but also take lots of time and hard work.

There is no guarantee that despite enough knowledge you will do everything right. Any wrong move can drive you to the bottom of Search engine results.

Here, the question arises whether you need SE positioning company or not? It depends on what is the aim of your website. If your website’s purpose is non-commercial then of course you need not but if its purpose is commercial then it is difficult to achieve the goal without Search Engine Positioning Company.

Complete knowledge of search marketing

The search marketing alludes to build a website, which is visible to targeted visitors or traffic to sites that could become good prospects.

Therefore, it is important for your website to be advanced of its competitions in terms of how it feels and looks and what it offers in the world where different people are continuously searching the information online.

It’s a broad term, which covers, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, search engine advertisement and direct navigation.

Its basic objective is to obtain the highest search engine results and it targets sites of huge volume traffic and online communities. Search marketing consists of two broad categories paid, search marketing and organic search marketing.

Organic search marketing

With the help of organic search marketing, you can build a business website, which is relevant to what different search engines need to get top rankings, whenever the prospective customers searching for the services or goods you sell. The methods that are used to reach higher score sites are recognised as SEO (Search engine optimisation).

Paid search marketing

It’s also known as pay-per-click. Clients or advertisers place ads, which appear on search engine results pages. This type of search marketing works on different principles that you place.

When anyone clicks the ads, he/she is taken to your services or sales page. This is cost-effective for small and large business.

You need to know some useful tips for search marketing.

Useful tips for successful search marketing

In the competitive website marketing business, getting listed in directories and promoting services and products on portals are thought as the more practical methods of promoting your sites therefore, they are proven useful sources of getting a solid return on investment (ROI).

The following tips raise you up for search results through the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN:

• Anyone interested in SE marketing knows that website popularity lies in intensive keywords research & analysis. So, while performing keywords research & analysis you should select the relevant keywords.

• For giving you website content more power, you may create link anchored to them.

• You use only quality content for your website. That will affect your website popularity positively.

• Submit your sites to different directories; you will see huge targeted traffic visiting to your website.

• You may select any  search marketing agency for better results.

Search marketing agency

Since, search marketing agency knows well, how to rank well your website, on any search engine. It builds strategies for optimising your business site for the search engine.

It not only prepares strategies for high ranking on different search engines, but it also helps to generate valuable traffic to your website. You should always try to select the search marketing agency that has a good reputation.


The traditional marketing, swiftly being replaced by search marketing. That refers to online marketing, digital marketing or Internet marketing. It promotes your website by increasing its visibility in different search engine result pages.

How I can promote my website online for free?

Having your own website, regardless of what purpose you have, is in demand today. It is not so easy to put up your own website. You need time to create it and provide unique designs and contents for it.

When you are done in creating your website, it is time for you to publicize it so that people will know your business.

There are some people who will advise you to pay for online ads and banners to promote your site. But this is an old style and you do not need much of them now. You can have you business website be promoted for free! These are the simple ways on how to promote you web for free:

Hooked up with the best search engine

We all know that the Google is the most famous search engine. Google search engine marketing is free! You can submit your own site to Google, if your domain name is not yet registered on it.

Hooked up with the best directory too!

Dmoz and Yahoo are one of the best popular directories. Just like the first one mentioned above, you may submit your site to Yahoo! to get promotion. This is a free search engine submission that is helpful to your site. But you can have this if your domain name does not exist on this search engine.

Article marketing

Submitting internet marketing articles are also free! You can write an article for about your own web, or any articles that are related to your web then submit them on websites that offer this kind of free service.

This is a mutual relationship because these sites are benefited when you submit your contents to them while you are also benefited by the promotion you can gain from them. Examples of these include Ezine Articles and Hub Pages.

Getting involved in social media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter are very popular. Almost every person has an account on them. It is always free to create an account for this, so you may maximize the benefits of these sites by creating an account for your business websites and have it promoted.

Other creative techniques

Being creative is what you need of doing an business online marketing. Just like running a typical business, your customers are always your dictator of your success. You can help your site be promoted by the help of your customers.

Do everything nice to your customers and they may speak good words about your business. That is a free promotion for your site! You can also make strategies such as doing a discount or contests for your regular customers.

Effective Search Engine Marketing Promotes Websites and Makes it More Profitable

Search Engine Marketing term is used for website marketing; it might include SEO (Search engine Optimisation. It is a kind of Internet marketing maneuver, which aims to promote the  website by raising its visibility in SERP (search engine result pages) by contextual ad placement and paid user-based inclusion.

When you do, search engine marketing, consistently and correctly, it promotes your business and website, in a result, you get quick and huge, long term traffic to website. However, you also need to create, an efficient marketing strategy and its implementation. How can you do search engine marketing?

You can do SEM by free and paid methods:

Free Method: a Very Popular Method

Search engine optimisation, which includes on & off page optimisation. It also includes many link building methods and social media marketing methods. This is a very popular method. However, it is a very time-consuming method that provides slow results, in a result, your site gets loads of traffic for free if you have optimised the right search terms as I have mentioned in my previous post on how to choose the right search terms for your website optimisation needs.

If you show patience and struggle persistently, you will definitely have some results that will make you able, to create some marketing budget. When you have some money, you can then also spend on paid ads, such as ppc, this method will become a primary marketing method for you.

Paid Advertisements Method: Automates Marketing Efforts

This method includes contextual ad placement, pay per impression, pay per click as well as  other kind of media buys. It automates the whole marketing efforts and makes you free from doing manual tasks like, link building and content creation for promoting your site.

You would  also get extremely high targeted traffic to your website. As a result, you will have more sales and of course, more money for re-investment to grow your business.

Search engine marketing provides you many benefits such as:

• It is cost-effective, because you will be charged when your ads get clicked and any user go to your website. Here, you do not pay, even a single penny. You have to pay only on a result or click on an ad.

• By  SEM technique and method you can target traffic to a website.

• When you get many visitors to your website you have lots of opportunities to transfer your visitors to paying customers. Thus your sales get increased.

• It is used to create PPC advertising, mostly in industrial advertising and marketing communities.

• It is an easy way for looking products and information.

• It is an excellent way for advertisers to find and get potential customers.


You should not always try to get to the top position of search engine, rather than, you should provide readers important information, good advices and good copy. If you provide them these things they will be loyal to you forever, because they will realize that you’re not only trying to sell your service and product but you really want to share services with them.

Can Search Engine Marketing Be An Alternative To SEO?

If you have been desperately trying to get high rankings in Google and other search engines without much success there is always an option to tap on the power of internet through Search engine marketing. So what exactly is it and can it really be an alternative to good old fashioned SEO and its related tactics?

Well you have to admit the fact that maintaining page one search engine rankings is a tough ordeal and in most cases online marketers are spending decent amounts for SEO services. There are many cases where rankings are there in high level till the time you keep on spending good amounts. If spending is what has to be done then why not spend directly on paid search engine marketing and get your ads out there on the first page?

Will search engine marketing work?

Working possibilities of paid search engine marketing services are quite high since you are already there on the high ranks right from day one till the time you have the deal. However, there is no guarantee that traffic will be coming but if you look it in this way, there is no guarantee with Optimization services too. And seriously if you are not getting the sales and revenues even after being there on the top page, you better check out on the kind of website you are having. Problems with web design and other navigation aspects can seriously dent the possibilities of getting successful sales through any of the methods that you may be employing.

What’s the best solution?

It is better to go with an overall comprehensive outlook and take the services of professional search engine marketing companies that will mix both SEO and search marketing so as to get the best results. The best thing is that if there are any flaws regarding web designs and other technical aspects these will be easily removed. You cannot just think that search marketing will be everything that is needed and SEO has gone into the brink of extinction.

You never know which strategy works in best possible manner and it is essential to experiment with possibilities. But before you go all out for paid services, consider a retrospection of website content and make sure that you have a target audience to work upon. Work for people not search engines as this is an age of organic traffic and loyal customers.