How I can promote my website online for free?

Having your own website, regardless of what purpose you have, is in demand today. It is not so easy to put up your own website. You need time to create it and provide unique designs and contents for it.

When you are done in creating your website, it is time for you to publicize it so that people will know your business.

There are some people who will advise you to pay for online ads and banners to promote your site. But this is an old style and you do not need much of them now. You can have you business website be promoted for free! These are the simple ways on how to promote you web for free:

Hooked up with the best search engine

We all know that the Google is the most famous search engine. Google search engine marketing is free! You can submit your own site to Google, if your domain name is not yet registered on it.

Hooked up with the best directory too!

Dmoz and Yahoo are one of the best popular directories. Just like the first one mentioned above, you may submit your site to Yahoo! to get promotion. This is a free search engine submission that is helpful to your site. But you can have this if your domain name does not exist on this search engine.

Article marketing

Submitting internet marketing articles are also free! You can write an article for about your own web, or any articles that are related to your web then submit them on websites that offer this kind of free service.

This is a mutual relationship because these sites are benefited when you submit your contents to them while you are also benefited by the promotion you can gain from them. Examples of these include Ezine Articles and Hub Pages.

Getting involved in social media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter are very popular. Almost every person has an account on them. It is always free to create an account for this, so you may maximize the benefits of these sites by creating an account for your business websites and have it promoted.

Other creative techniques

Being creative is what you need of doing an business online marketing. Just like running a typical business, your customers are always your dictator of your success. You can help your site be promoted by the help of your customers.

Do everything nice to your customers and they may speak good words about your business. That is a free promotion for your site! You can also make strategies such as doing a discount or contests for your regular customers.

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