Google Penguin penalises websites for ‘aggressive’ link building

When the Google Penguin update went live, webmasters and marketers were left confused as to why their search rankings had taken a turn for the worst almost overnight.

This was due to Google beginning their clamp down on ‘bad’ link building and rewarding those who took the original message on board and used it wisely.

In the 1990s Google announced that back links to a website would count as a ‘vote’ for the credibility of the site or particular page in question and its content, stating each vote would help to bring a website or page closer to their desired search engine page rankings.

However, people soon began to find shortcuts to ‘cheat’ the system by setting up websites and posting low quality content on there just for the purpose of the link it contained.

Through this they gained thousands of links in short periods of time, sacrificing all quality for sheer quantity in their race to the top ranks.

This ‘bad’ link building has been practiced for the best part of a decade, until Google has finally begun to crack down on the culprits and reward those who chose not to abuse the system.

Now Google say they will only consider ‘good’ links to websites with credibility and high quality content as valid, and any sites seen to be using ‘aggressive’ link building tactics will be punished.

Google’s Vice President Amit Singhai has said that Google are hoping that punishing aggressive link building and rewarding those who use authority link building will help to level the playing field once again, which in turn will help Google to improve their search experience and deliver more relevant and worthwhile results, rather than the “cross our fingers and hope there’s a Web page out there with the answer” solution that seems to be the current case for most search engines.

Due to the punishments now being handed out, many internet marketers and webmasters who took shortcuts in previous years are being forced to pay for their links to be removed from the low quality websites rather than pay for them to appear.

It could be said that karma has finally reached the world of SEO, and as Google’s search bots become more human and ethical than ever, link building companies are being forced to consider the ethics of their past, present and future SEO tactics.

Why you should keep an eye on your seo and backlinks on at least weekly basis?

I hardly check our Google rankings, at least I do not and there are number of reasons including “I do not have time” but this is not an excuse, I should check rankings of our own website and see where it ranks.

But I have been so busy in customer’s website optimisation that I hardly had a chance to look in to it

I have been previously blogging about Google Update January 2016 and have uploaded few videos about what an seo consultant can do and 12 key questions to ask your seo consultant but other than just that I have been hardly blogging and was looking in to different ways to repair search engine rankings and online brand reputation of those companies that have been affected by Google Update recently made live by Google (Call it refresh or whatever you call it but it was one of the most important update made by Google in the last 10 years

Anyhow, whilst checking for ranking for one of our keyword “link building” which was previously on page number 1 and #3 to be very precise on and also “seo” which was previously #8 on I have found these keywords below 5th page, I should have thought about the Google 2016 update and its effects on us but rather than blaming Google I looked in to what happened “from the date when the rankings were there and when the rankings were not there” and what I found was just amazing!

Someone has placed over 10 links on some gambling and porn sites and I have found our home page linking to it, which was just great? But why someone would do it?

I have been able to find out when the domain have been placed/linked there, with what anchor texts and if you look in to what I have been looking, it is pretty simple to find that Google should have considered it as a paid link or a link that is not relevant which had affected our website rankings, which I find fair

But I do not blame Google for what they do, I have never done that, I understand how good they are and as they are helping those which do good work and the rest we get free (I am often said someone that just praise a lot when it comes to Google but I am just realistic).

Anyhow, I am looking in to these backlinks and I have sent an email to the webmaster requesting the link removal to be done as soon as possible and I have been told, It would not happen as the domain is live (expires)

Okay! I have chatted with that guy on Skype (I was able to find their phone number, address in India, as well as the name in Skype profile and I was told, someone has paid this guy.

I am not leaving this matter and I plan to look in to it, I am using Google tool to remove these links of no value (disavow link tool), but at the same time, I am involving law firm and police and also reporting this to Google.

I am aware of the fact that we would get our rankings where they were as the good work pays, but I am going to find out the person that has asked this guy to place our links on those sites, looks like fun? Yes it is

I will keep you guys posted about it soon, I am planning to go on holidays soon and before I go on holidays I am meeting a content writer in Leeds and I might go to Wales/Cardiff to see a transportation customer, the weekend seems to be really busy but let’s see how it goes

I will be next blogging about Google disavow link tool which you can use via webmaster tools, the real benefits of this link removal tool for small and large businesses, it is a really effective tool which makes webmasters and brands safe from bad link building strategy as well as bad seo practises, I will be also writing about bad links and good links discovery as well as you can learn a lot when it comes to search engine optimisation by leading brands and by looking at their seo and link building strategies and what they are doing. Too Hard? Not, its very easy!

How to win Google’s trust in your link building profile

Google’s latest Penguin update means many changes are needed to be made to way we gain the trust of the search engine.

Not only do we need to ensure that we are partaking in quality link building but we must now also be wary of the rate at which we increase our links and the reputation of the publications and authors publishing our links.

Quality Not Quantity

No longer does the quantity of links, regardless of quality, that you have on your site and linking back to your site have an advantageous effect on your search engine page rankings.

In fact, it has quite the opposite, as Google are now cracking down on sites with too many poor quality back links and links on their site, penalising and punishing as they go.

So one way to ensure you earn Google’s trust is to ensure all links on your site and all backlinks on other sites are high quality.

More Haste, Less Speed

No longer is doubling and tripling the number of links you have and trying to keep up with competitors numbers an issue for websites. Google are now looking out for those who are building links at a realistic rate, and whose links are high quality.

Those who are increasing the number of links at a ridiculous rate will sooner or later get caught out by Google, and in the end slow and steady will always win the race and Google’s trust where SEO and link building is concerned.

Appeal to Google’s Human Side

AuthorRank is being referred to as Google’s human side, as it is a system designed and integrated by Google as a way to consider more than the cold hard statistics when it comes to search.

Anyone can write babble and stick in relevant key words in any subject field that is why Google wanted to find a way to separate the nonsense from the credible information.

The best way they could find to do this was to develop a system that would take into consideration the author/publication by which the content was posted, and how many followers they have on social networks, how much and how often content is shared, the amount of acknowledgement they get (in terms of social signs such as Likes, +1s, ReTweets, reblogs, etc.) and how people react to their content.

The best way to make use of AuthorRank is to have a Google+ profile, and ensure you are posting quality content to there and other linked social sites regularly.

Is slow and steady seo and link building the way forward?

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation) and link building, there is a constant debate as to whether slow and steady or fast and furious is the best approach. As the saying famously goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

This will always be the case with SEO and link building, because this is the best way to build quality sites and links rather than sacrificing this in favour of sheer quantity. Here are just a few of the main reasons why slow and steady is the way forward for quality SEO and link building services:

Google Penalises Speed

Due to the not so ethical SEO and link building strategy used not so long ago, and unfortunately still used today, by marketers involving implementing thousands of poor quality backlinks in an attempt to speedily increase website search engine rankings, Google are now wary of speedy growth in links. And rightly so.

Due to this, it is advisable to focus on not the quantity of links but the quality, and try to increase your number of links by no more than around 5% or 10% month to month.

Your competitors may have 100,000 links and you may only have 2,000, but don’t be tempted to hurry to catch up. Chances are most of their links will not be quality anyway.

For example, if my competition on average has over 100,000 links when I only have 1000, my first instinct maybe to build links really fast and catch up. In an ideally world, that would work, but it isn’t the case with Google.

Quality over Quantity

Aiming to have a specific number of links on a website will no longer help. As mentioned before, quantity and speed are two things Google are no longer happy about and are cracking down on sites with these attributes.

Ethical link building and quality content is the way forward for SEO. It isn’t about the number of keywords or links anymore. It’s about the quality of the links built and how well written the wording on the site is, so the best aim to have is to ensure all links and content are relevant and of a high quality rather than in high quantities.

A Link a Day Keeps Google at Bay

The best advice anyone has ever given me regarding SEO and link building services? Aim to add one high quality link per day, no more, no less. This will give you a small and realistic goal to work towards, and your rankings will improve far faster than if you added 50 poor quality links in one day.

Good Link Building Vs Bad links, The Pros and Cons of Link Building

The most important factor in any search algorithms’ deciding process was originally thought to be the amount of backlinks a site had, causing webmasters to spend the best part of a decade gaining as many as possible, not really considering where they were coming from.

But it brought about questionable results, as it turned out when Google introduced the idea of back links in 1998, what they had in mind was backlinks stemming from high quality sites.

However people tried to exploit the system by creating entire websites with content published simply for the links it contained, with no real purpose or quality, and thus corrupting the original idea of backlink creation.

Google have now began to crack down on this however, so it’s time to start investing in some good backlinks and how to beat the bad.

The Pros of Link Building Services

Back links are still one of the most important factors in Google’s judgement process and although you may still be up against thousands of bad backlinks still out there, Google is cracking down fast and investing in good link building now will help you get a better foothold for the future.

Using a link building agency is the best way to ensure you do things properly and avoid getting punished by Google. It will also ensure that your links are quality rather than in large quantities, and are in keeping with the current Google algorithms, and when Google make changes as they often do, you know your links can keep up as the agency will know exactly what to do to keep you on top.

One or two quality, varied back links on your page is worth over 100 of the bad backlinks under Google’s new rulings, which is good for people who are serious about increasing rankings and not taking shortcuts.

The Cons of back linking

Due to Google trying to fight bad back linking it is hard not to get caught in the crossfire, as many quality links are being subjected to extreme scrutiny and are failing to stand up despite being thought to be quality.

Using back linking services such as no-follow links, used by blogs and forums to encourage discussion but without attracting spam, are unfortunately not good for SEO purposes as Google now overlooks backlinks that are not do-follow links.

Using do-follow links which are recognised by Google as backlinks, quality or not, can often attract spam. This will harm a website’s rankings if the spam comments or content is low quality, despite you not placing it there yourself.

Link building outsourcing companies services and benefits

Link building is considered an important component of successful search engine optimisation strategy. It is the most effective way of getting high ranking in the different search engines.

It is a process of generating inbound links, which direct to your website from any other party website. It could be done through reciprocal links. Link building outsourcing companies provide you the following services:

Directory submission: It is a difficult task and may take a lot of your time if you perform it yourself. You can save your time to outsource it to any link building outsourcing companies. The staff of these companies is capable to submit your web to famous directories.

Video submission: These companies also submit your videos to build links for your site .You can prepare your videos yourself or take the outsourcing companies’ service to make it.

Guest blogging: These companies’ staff search blogs, which allow guest posting for you. They find famous sites, which are relevant to your niche and build links to your website.

Off-page content submission: These outsourcing companies provide these services to cater the demands in the markets. Good outsourced staff usually submits your content to different article directories. They link back this content to your web.

Benefits of link building outsourcing companies

In any complete search engine optimisation strategy 20 percent of the search engine optimisation  is based on off page optimisation and 80 percent is off page optimisation. Since link building is, research based task so, it is the best solution for you to leave it to the qualified link building experts.

There are many link building outsourcing companies that outsource links throughout the world via Internet. If you take the services of outsourcing company’s experts your cost reduces about 60% as compared to, in-house link building expert.

The professionals of these companies take the full responsibilities of quality links and timely delivery. You can maintain constant contact with the professionals of link building companies via telephone, email, chat and latest project management systems.

You do not need to worry about the expenses of administrative support, workspace, and office infrastructure. You only pay the professionals that you hire from these link building outsourcing companies for your links requirements.


As link building is very time-taking activity it is best for you to outsource this whole process to any link building company that can even provide you this service offshore.

Creative link building strategies essential for the web success

Creative link building is necessary for any website. Building a website is not enough to be successful in the business. You need to fraternise with other people who share your interests. For this purpose, you must be professional and try to incorporate following creative link building strategies.

Contact the web owner or webmaster

For building link, you should contact the web owner or webmaster of your niche. But always stay away from competitors. Try to select those who propose insights on various aspects of your relevant subject matter.

In your email provide all the detail what the website is about for linking. Before linking you should have enough content. Four or five articles are not sufficient. The website with that you will link see the quality and consistency above all else.

Creative work submission

You should submit your creative work to different directories and search engines. It is necessary for you to get your web listed in directories and search engines for link building.

You write articles for the targeted topics for getting attention from people. However, your information must be relevant up-to-date, it should not market the business only.

Your article should capture your voice before submitting. Leave your links everywhere on relevant sites and include your links in auto signature. Publish your feelings and thoughts on specific subjects.

Blogs and websites are the great platforms, which may turn you in the self-made expert. You can only achieve this goal by quality creative link building.

Creative link building search engine optimisation

Creative link building is very important rank driving aspect in the search engine optimisation. On page optimisation, crawling, Sitemaps and indexing issues are not to be abandoned that make your website competitive in the search engine results pages. If, carry out right they can make your rankings high.

However, when we talk about traffic-heavy keywords or search words where you face tough competition, links can only open the doors of the top pages of search engines result for you. That is why; creative link building is considered the critical search engine optimisation task.

Appeal to the people

Creative link building can be more effective if you put in your personal touch in link building and content efforts. Your link requests, blog commenting, and social media input methods that you use for link building can be more and more exciting if you get managed appeal to people. Use titles with conversational tone and as people thinking.


For creative link building you should always provide original, innovative and sleek information that information must be interesting and creative regardless of how ordinary or boring your niche is.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a London based SEO Agency specialising in providing customers with one way link building service that helps their business websites shine and rise online and obtain the top search engine rankings they deserve, other than just that, their Link Building style also helps you increase your online profits, sales and ROI.

Back link building service get comprehensive knowledge

Search engines use different ways to determine which pages should be displayed first in the search engine results. Many webmasters and bloggers focus on increasing rankings on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and several other search engines that exist online.

However, improving the rankings of page is not something that anyone can do just in a day. It needs lots of work. Mostly it is believed that search engine page rankings depend on a lot of back links pointing to the site.

Increase page rankings by backlinks building service

You should use page rank checker or Google Toolbar to see what your page ranking is. You submit your web to SE directories for getting inbound links and having your pages indexed quickly.

You also try to get incoming link from high quality web in your niche. You can improve your web ranking by obtaining backlink to your web from authoritative sites.

It is always good to have more links to your web from relevant sources for higher page rankings. When you get the requests for links, do not forget to check before linking back.

You should use accurate keywords on your web pages. Try to join social media sites, check coding errors and do not forget to use search engines optimisation techniques.

Get more RSS ( Really simple syndication) subscribers by backlinks building service

Most bloggers face difficulty getting RSS subscribers. RSS subscribers are necessary for bloggers and web owners, because they bring more visitors and increase sales.

Whenever visitors sign up for RSS feeds, they get notifications when you publish new articles or update your site.

Offer free objects to your subscribers. Try to take in a link to the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed in email signature and also create a landing page and do not forget to link it to other pages of your website. Optimise your site for SE and begin the link building campaign.

Decrease bounce rate of blogs by backlinks building service

Bounce rate shows the person’s number who visit your web page and leave it at once. So, when you build a blog or a site you should always optimise your web pages for SE and getting targeted traffic.

You may decrease the bounce rate by using relevant keywords that match your website content, analyze your traffic, do not interrupt your web user experience, improve load times, have accessible navigation,


The backlinks building service providers can help you properly to improve your web page ranking and get effective back links to your sites. They can provide, you RSS subscribers that  bring a lot of visitors to your website and they can decrease your blogs bounce rate, boost traffic, convert viewers into clients and use advanced strategies.

Draw Pictures Ltd is an Internet Marketing Company in London that offers backlink and seo service in order to help you get top search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as build your potential social media marketing platforms, increase your brand awareness, rankings and ROI.

Link building services best solutions for Internet marketing

Because of extensive reach, now Internet is a very popular and powerful marketing platform. Almost, all the businesses across the world have their websites to market services and products.

However, just creating a web is not enough many other online marketing solutions are also important for the website to achieve it, best reach.

Online companies provide you these marketing solutions. These companies offer SEO & link building services for higher ranking of your website in SE results page. When you seek SEO solutions, then link building emerges as an effective and powerful strategy of SEO.

These link building services companies are responsible for all search engine optimisation activities on your websites. They create social bookmarks, build profiles and create directory listings. They create stable backlinks in the top ranked SE results page websites in a form of a press release, blog, and articles.

They also place, the backlinks & deep links in the ideal location for the website spiders for finding them. They target the utmost exposure of your web to the spiders, for raising its SERP ranking. They also make sure that your sites are running smoothly.

Importance of link building services at present age?

Since, online business popularity has increased many fold, competitions have become extensive in the industry, so you need to begin your marketing campaigns a higher level.

Link building services help to increase web visibility as well as they make sure that traffic going via the website is also converted into sales. So we can say there is great importance of these link services in these days but, many businessmen still do not grasp their importance.

Do you need link building services?

Link building service providers are the know-how friends about your website. They are the handiest tools to make your website profitable. They get different kinds of links from different sources and forward you some reports.

They generate traffic to your website and help you get high rankings for increased profitability and productivity so, when you run the online business, you always need to hire professional link building services, because various search engines recognise the sites with the kind of links they build.

Actually, if your website has the best back links, it will get top rankings than a website with weak back links. Thus, getting the link services makes your web more visible, for the top rankings and progressive against relevant competitors.


Link building services actually, play a vital role to determine how long you can stay in online business. If your website keeps poor or bad backlinks, then it will be at risk of losing.

In some cases, low ranking might be the cause of permanent exclusion from top SE engines. So, spare some time for finding reliable and trusted link building service and extend the life span of your online business.

Link building services essential particularly for new websites

If you are a serious search engine marketer then the use of these link services is necessary for you, because there is no substitute for you, in tough search engine marketing climate. You cannot achieve higher rankings in any search engine, and a large amount of money or success without these services.

They locate profitable and safe link partners for you. They also locate more partners; maintain links in order to see, they keep an eye on other link partners may remove your backlinks without any prior notice.

They also check that your links do not violate the terms of Google. These link building services manage this whole process and make you able to concentrate on your business and enhance returns on investment.

Link building services for new website

Generate and maximise flows

If you have built a new website then link building services could help you to boost your search engine traffic and create a great business identity online.

Everyone wants to obtain the maximum visitors to a newly built website to get optimum publicity. These services allow the visitors to find what they’re looking for.

When you launch your new website, there are no viewers or visitors at all. You need to attract some visitors to your website. But how? You can achieve this purpose easily with the assistance of link building consultants or companies doing link building.

When these services get indexed your website with the famous search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., then you see flows of visitors to your newly built website. They also help you, maximise this flow.

Link your website with other sites

If you, ever overused or misused link building, be cautious again because, almost, all the famous search engines are capable to recognise it. Your link building accurately works when it is performed with due consideration.

This link building service help your site to get enormous visitors within short span of time.

They link your website with other popular websites particularly social bookmarking sites, web directories, classified ad sites, articles and press release sites, forums, blogs, link wheel, document sharing sites, rss feed sites, xml submission websites and so forth. They also submit your web links to directories to raise your page.

Raise your page

Since, your website is a sacred and precious possession for you and you always wish to see it thriving day by day and rank it high.  If visitors search any information and despite of having strong content, your website does not appear then, it’s a huge loss for your business and company. So, promotion is a key factor.

There are many ways to promote your website but the most effective and best method is, building useful links and more important creating useful content for your readers.

These services are able to remove your headache. They link your website to the host sites. When someone visits these host sites he or she will also find your web link on the host site and his or her queries force him to click your website. In this way, they raise your page and add new visitors to it.


For successful link building of your website always hire a reputed link building company that is renowned for building authority backlinks to your website.