The Benefits of SEO for UK Businesses

SEO, or search engine optimisation to use its full name, is one of those buzz words among UK businesses that many people know they should be doing but don’t always fully understand why.

Although it can be a slow and steady process, SEO when done properly by SEO companies in the UK is highly beneficial to businesses, as in the digital age more and more people are turning to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in their daily life and to solve their every need. But in the age of internet marketing we are used to everything being far more instant and don’t like the idea of having to invest and wait around for marketing benefits anymore.

But maybe if we knew exactly what the benefits are of SEO services for UK business, we would understand why every business would be foolish to ignore it any longer.

 The Benefits

Global and/or Regional Perspective: By using SEO to target your audience, you can choose to be perceived by a local and/or global audience.

Traffic Targeting: By defining and using keywords which are related to your business and the products and services it offers, you can ensure you are found by the right audience. This helps increase website traffic, which can then be potentially converted into customers.

Increased Visibility: A search engine optimised website will appear higher on search engines, increasing the amount of visibility for your brand and its products and services.

High ROI (Return on Investment): SEO has the potential to bring higher return on investment than any other form of marketing for your business. If done effectively, SEO can increase your volume of sales and profit overall.

Long Term Positioning: With the use of SEO services, a website can gain a high ranked position on search engines, leading to more exposure and clicks. And although using SEO may take longer to get you there than the quick fix that is PPC (pay per click) advertising, once your website gains its position through SEO it will stay there for a long period of time.

Cost-effective: SEO for UK businesses is hailed as being one of the most cost effective methods of marketing, as once the results are achieved you have maximum exposure for your website, producing a high return on investment.

Flexibility: The keywords used, the target audiences that are reached, it is all decided and changeable by you with the help of SEO companies in the UK, which means you can tailor your campaign to your company’s needs. And should those needs change? Then the campaign can change with it.

Measurable results: One of the key benefits of SEO campaigns is the results are measurable. Meaning you can see down to the letter how well they have worked, your return on investment, and how they can be improved or changed for future.

These are just some of the main benefits that SEO services can offer businesses in the UK, the possibilities are endless. All you need is an SEO Company who can help make it happen, and the sky (or the top listings of Google) is the limit.

Cost effective seo outsourcing for offshore seo agencies

Search engine optimisation is vital if you intend to get, focused traffic to your web and attain your intended sales. There is good news for you, many offshore SEO Companies are present that improve your web search engine results page.

Services provided by offshore SEO companies

The offshore SEO outsourcing companies’ experts improve your site rankings. They re-code your web for making it compliant along with W3C standards.

They provide, correct titles, keywords or search words, headers, ALT tags, and Meta tags on your websites. They also provide off-page optimisation techniques, which consist of link building.

They build your web links naturally and gradually. They only use white hat techniques to your website.

Why you need an offshore SEO outsourcing company

There’re many reasons why your web needs the SEO outsourcing companies. Actually, your businesses with the online presence need to empower the websites for increasing their visibility and improve the sales from the online customers.

Today, the Internet is an effective and powerful marketing medium that is helping you to reach the customers across the globe. Therefore, you cannot ignore the massive potential of the Internet. It’s now easy for you to take  the Internet marketing possibilities with the assistance of offshore SEO outsourcing companies.

Benefits of offshore SEO outsourcing companies

Cost-effective and business success

SEO is essential for doing online business. You cannot sell your services and products unless you invest in search engine optimisation. If you hire in-house SEO Experts for your business websites, then the operational cost of your businesses gets increased many fold.

Every business person wants to have the cost-effective and the best SEO techniques. Therefore, the trend of onshore and offshore SEO outsourcing is on the rise.

The benefits of using offshore outsourcing companies are not limited to the rankings of your websites or having the tremendous traffic. These companies boost your businesses and make them more profitable. They attract new customers to your websites. They make you able to compete with the other brands effectively.

For selling products and services your web link must be amongst the first ten pages of the search engine results. You can only achieve this with the assistance of the solid outsourcing search engine optimization companies. They know all the techniques to maximise your outcome.


If you desire to flourish your business, then you should outsource your website SEO task to any expert SEO Outsourcing company, which can help you to run the business efficiently and properly online.

Understanding of Creative web development

Creative web development includes works that make your web attractive and useful. Creativity plays a key role to attract the visitors to the information that are provided on any web.

Applying creativity to your web development as a matter of fact, demands the true understanding of the visitors’ emotional needs, cognitive and perceptual.

Most of the website developers focus on creating attractive design. In this way, they limit creativity to the attractive layout that can only gain attention from the visitors.

They do not understand that actually the visitor duration on the web is more important. It is therefore, you need to have the right comprehension of your target visitors. You in fact need to determine three things:

First: Who the visitors are?

Second: What they’re looking for?

Third: How can you offer relevant information to the related visitors?

Harmonise your ideas with your textual representation

For creative web development, your goal should not be to create custom website only. You should understand your customers’ real business needs.

Creating the online presence, that not only gains attention of your customers but also understanding of the visitors is a big challenge.

The creativity must be the center point of keeping balance between the already known information to the web visitors and the comprehension that you try to lead them.

It is therefore, when you design content for your web; you should take care to harmonies your ideas with your textual representations and try to use the true assistance of supporting graphic element.

Provoking web development, creates online presence

It has been observed that most of the website developers populate the web pages with, graphics, links, and text to fill the space. But you should keep in mind that online communication is a powerful weapon, if you use it properly.

The websites, which are thought provoking, have proven most successful and they create an online presence effectively.

It is the ideas that are the real contributors to your web success and what actually matters is your content quality, copy essence that used and the most of all the methods in which all the information is effectively communicated online.


Since, technology is changing swiftly, the features, which are latest just sometimes ago get overpowered by the new trends. The same situation is in a creative web development industry that is heading toward innovation.

The professionals of this industry customise the services as per your necessities and needs.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a Web Development Company in London that specialises in building user and search engine friendly websites that are visually appealing and provide easy surfing for your readers online, they provide you discount web design and budget web development no matter what sized business you own!

Creative link building strategies essential for the web success

Creative link building is necessary for any website. Building a website is not enough to be successful in the business. You need to fraternise with other people who share your interests. For this purpose, you must be professional and try to incorporate following creative link building strategies.

Contact the web owner or webmaster

For building link, you should contact the web owner or webmaster of your niche. But always stay away from competitors. Try to select those who propose insights on various aspects of your relevant subject matter.

In your email provide all the detail what the website is about for linking. Before linking you should have enough content. Four or five articles are not sufficient. The website with that you will link see the quality and consistency above all else.

Creative work submission

You should submit your creative work to different directories and search engines. It is necessary for you to get your web listed in directories and search engines for link building.

You write articles for the targeted topics for getting attention from people. However, your information must be relevant up-to-date, it should not market the business only.

Your article should capture your voice before submitting. Leave your links everywhere on relevant sites and include your links in auto signature. Publish your feelings and thoughts on specific subjects.

Blogs and websites are the great platforms, which may turn you in the self-made expert. You can only achieve this goal by quality creative link building.

Creative link building search engine optimisation

Creative link building is very important rank driving aspect in the search engine optimisation. On page optimisation, crawling, Sitemaps and indexing issues are not to be abandoned that make your website competitive in the search engine results pages. If, carry out right they can make your rankings high.

However, when we talk about traffic-heavy keywords or search words where you face tough competition, links can only open the doors of the top pages of search engines result for you. That is why; creative link building is considered the critical search engine optimisation task.

Appeal to the people

Creative link building can be more effective if you put in your personal touch in link building and content efforts. Your link requests, blog commenting, and social media input methods that you use for link building can be more and more exciting if you get managed appeal to people. Use titles with conversational tone and as people thinking.


For creative link building you should always provide original, innovative and sleek information that information must be interesting and creative regardless of how ordinary or boring your niche is.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a London based SEO Agency specialising in providing customers with one way link building service that helps their business websites shine and rise online and obtain the top search engine rankings they deserve, other than just that, their Link Building style also helps you increase your online profits, sales and ROI.

Presentable shopping carts, sure business success online

Most of the online businessmen have their online shopping carts in order to present their products as well as sell them online, be it to customers based nation or worldwide.

Customers pay their hard earned money for buying goods and they always expect many things for making their shopping process easy and interesting. Better shopping cart improves your customer experience.

As, the dining experience makes, a seven-star hotel better than a five-star hotel. Nobody wants to go to the place with poor service and bad feel even the food tastes very good, so customer or user experience is vital for the success of business.

The question is, how can you improve user experience on the online shopping cart? There are various shopping cart providers present who offer you solutions to sell stuff online.

However, you should always prefer professional shopping cart because of the following reasons:

Because your business is precious

Many of you want to run online business free, but it is not recommended, because no one wants his or her business to appear cheap. There’re many shopping cart software available that are very cheap or free.

However, they do not provide a real profession business look to their customers. No one would ever want to buy from such shopping carts where they are not sure whether they will get their goods after they pay.

Because shopping cart should look presentable

If you’re running an online business then your online shopping cart should look presentable. Sure you cannot do it on your own and even you get a cheap or free solution, it does not present your shopping cart effectively or attractively. Yes, there are the professional shopping cart companies that create some templates for you.

Since, mostly, online visitors are fascinated by the appearance of  your online shopping cart, they do not hang around for a long time if your shopping cart  doesn’t seem interesting or inviting to them.

Shopping cart builders have many good-looking templates.You can manually change colours or let them change the look and feel as desired by you or by looking at your niche websites and see what they have to offer, always try to get better appearence and look and feel that your competitors, this is a way forward!

Because shopping cart must have powerful features

For running your business successfully, your online shopping cart must be equipped with powerful features. These features include advanced search i.e. giving people option to search with product name, product size, product price, product weight, then you should always give your searchers option to search with high or ow prices, products on sale or products on offer e.g. winter, summer, xmas or new year offers, mobile commerce, bulk products upload, upload to eBay, and Facebook store, proper and easy hosting, integrated payment gateways, best templates.

Remember you should always start your online shopping cart business with the ambition of growth. Your business shouldn’t be sluggish. That is why; your shopping cart must possess these features, which will help you to promote products as well as your store. A true professional can only get you a featured professional shopping cart or you should look for an Ecommerce web design company that builds amazing online shopping carts or web stores.


Professional shopping cart can expand your business effectively. Make sure that it should be comfortable for you to build an online business with the shopping cart.

Draw Pictures Ltd is a London based Web Design Company that provides user and seo friendly eCommerce web shops at highly affordable prices. They provide amazing service at highly affordable prices!

Ways to Enrich Your Business Blog in 2015

When people visit your business blog, either to look for information or contribute to your blog; they expect to find informative information that will compel them to come back for more. When they come back, more and more people will join the blog and that will turn into increased traffic. Isn’t that the objective of every blogger? More traffic means more business and you will be successful.  But how do you ensure that in 2015 you will even have more people coming to your business blog? Here are a few tips:

Quality content –People want to read about quality, informative information. The information has to be credible enough and should not create any small amount of doubt about its content; if that happens then you would be doomed to fail. Research the information properly, authenticate the information and quote all the sources that you got the information from. The content you provide should also be useful to the readers; it should be able to let the readers acquire some knowledge out of it and make informed decisions afterwards.

Building the links within the posts – Try as much as possible to link your blog posts to external links so that the readers can access more information that you cannot put all on your posts. For example you can have a Wikipedia link embedded on your post that directs your readers to particular information on Wikipedia pages. But make sure the external link is providing trustworthy information.

Use creative titles, Videos and Images – The titles you use can compel people to stay longer on your blog post.  They should be creative enough that will make the reader want to read the content. E.g. titles like “8 ways to…” “How to…” ‘’best of…” etc. you can also embed either your own videos giving more insight into the blog or use video sites like “You tube” to have your readers have a visual understanding of what your content is all about. Images can also play a big role in entertaining your readers.

Your posts should be focused – The content you provide should be focused and relevant to the blog. Do not give outdated information. Make sure whatever information you are giving are relevant and current otherwise your readers would go to look for relevant information elsewhere.

Think like a prospective reader or visitor to your website – For you to understand how your reader will react to the blog post, you need to think like them first before posting the information.

With these tips in blogging, you will have a successful 2015 in business.

Draw Pictures Ltd are an SEO Agency based in London helping businesses succeed online, they specialise in digital, internet, search engine and online marketing and optimisation and are helping businesses of all sizes get the best out of their seo and link building expertise, online blogging as well as next level online marketing

Content is really a king

When you have a website, the force behind people visiting it is the content. You might have it high on Search Engine Optimizations and appear first on rankings, but if the content does not compel people to come back or they don’t get what they want, then it’s going to fail.

Whether you are the one who comes up with the content or you hire someone to write the content, it has there to be there.  It has to be compelling, interesting, engaging and targeted to a particular audience of your choice. Different people are always attracted to different kind of information.  What a young man will be looking for in the internet might be different from what an adult will be looking for. The content could even be different for gender.

What men prefer reading or searching on the internet might be different from what women search. So when you are creating content it has to target a specific interest group whether gender based, demographic or age based.

The main aim of quality content is to turn visitors into customers. When you have quality and informative content, the people who visit your site will come back and the traffic will increase as many people continue to visit your site.

But how do these people discover your site? They will search for specific keywords which search engines like Google use to analyze page rankings. That brings us to another point;

Keywords. What is the recommended keyword density for your site to be easily discoverable? Putting too much keywords will end up with your site labeled as a ‘’spam”.

Generally a keyword density of 3-7% will work okay with many search engines. Place your keywords in the beginning of your page and closely together for better results. It will also be an exercise in futility if you have many keywords and less content. At the end of the day it is not the search engine that will convert visitors into customers but your content.

Another aspect that affects page ranking is link building. It is one of the most important processes in search engine optimization.  The more your website is linked to other pages, the higher your page will appear on top of search engines. But that is not enough; the content has to be attractive enough for your page to be able to relate to others.  When linking your pages, make use of the available article directories to post your content.

Draw Pictures Ltd are an SEO and link building agency in London offering seo friendly content writing, product descriptions, web page content and article and press release writing service, their contnet writers actually write useful, well researched content – that sells online!

How to Win Links & Influence Search Engines

We all want our websites to rank on top 10 search engines.  Unfortunately it is not that easy, if it was then the top 10 rankings would be a crowded field! For now to appear within the top of the rankings you would have to work a little bit harder. There are several ways that you can try to build your links to appear on to top rankings. Below are just but a few ways;

Reciprocal Link Building

The most important ways to make reciprocal link building a success are:-

Make your site relevant – People who visit your site should find the site to be interesting. This will ensure repeat visitors and enhance traffic to your site

Page Rankings – Make sure your page is high on search engines ranking. This will mean building less links.

Create links within the content – Such links are given more priority than ones created through directory style links

Number of links per page and positioning – It is more valuable for your link to appear at the top of the page with less links than at the bottom with many links.

How your link building is done – Ensure that your links are related to your website content. This will drive more visitors to your site.

Non-Reciprocal Link Building

Some of the ways non reciprocal link building is done include and is not limited to:- Directory submissions – Submitting your site to directories is the most effective way to build your link. Use popular directories e.g. Yahoo or DMOZ. Some offer free service e.g. DMOZ but are equally effective.

Articles – Write article for blogs, web content, newsletters etc. and you will see traffic flow into your website. Some of the benefits in using articles in link building are;

- The topic that you write about and the link on your site will be directly related hence driving traffic to your site

- You can link your article to more than one site hence enhancing your traffic flow and link build to many sites

- The link will be non-reciprocal -

Quality content – It is important that the content you provide interest the readers. Some people might link to your site simply because they found useful information on your site. That’s why thousands of sites link to Wikipedia hence driving heavy traffic to Wikipedia. Assuming you have a site like Wikipedia then you will be a successful internet blogger!

To successfully influence the search engines and improve your search engine rankings, you would want to use more than one method of link building.

If you are looking for a link building and seo expert, then Draw Pictures Ltd, They are a SEO Company in London, UK.

SEO For The Top 3 Search Engines

Building a site or blog and hosting it online just like that might not do much for your business or social life. If have posted information on your blog, you most definitely want people to access and read it. The only way through which they can get this information is through the use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

It is therefore vital for your site or blog to rank highly on these search tools. In that case therefore, you should make good use of SEO on your site to achieve this benefit. The role of the search engines is to offer the searcher with the information they need.

Let us look at how SEO strategies work for Microsoft Network (MSN)

For the case of SEO for MSN, the site has to be structured in such a manner that it has one distinct theme throughout.  There need also be a variety of inbound links.  The good thing with SEO optimization for MSN today is because MSN is made in such a way that it can credit many inbound links in a shorter period of time.  This therefore means that sites can be ranked highly with much ease with the use of this search tool.

In order to tank best on MSN, you need to create site that is solid sized. If you have a site that is created uniformly, your content is more likely to rank highly.

Search engine optimization for Yahoo

In the first case, just after its inception, yahoo used to operate more or less in the same manner as MSN. However, web use experts say that they are now leaning more towards how Google operates.  In order for your site to rank highly on Yahoo;

• It has to be solid-sized.

• You need to also provide the users with unique content.

• You site also needs to have the right number of links

Even though pagerank is a Google utility, Yahoo also makes use of a page valuing factor.  Even though Yahoo is now putting emphasis on linking. This is however different from the way Google operates.  In order to rank best on the Yahoo platform, you need to make sure that your site is well optimized.

SEO for Google

Most of the searches that are being run on the internet today are performed using the Google tool.  If you are building your site or blog, you need to make sure that you are using SEO best practices.  These practices include; • Unique content

• A large number of incoming links

• A good amount of content

Draw Pictures Ltd are a search engine optimisation agency based in Wimbledon London, ofering search optimisation and marketing service for Google, Yahoo and even Bing, Miva, Baidu and the rest of the search engines! Get the best out of your seo campaign today! Seapk to their SEO Consultants for free and if you need seo service, get it at affordable prices.

Why you should have an online shopping store?

Over the years, we have seen the dramatic increase of online business and online shoppers. And in order to keep up or even exceed the ecommerce competitiveness, an online business owner should not only have a website but also means to make the online shopping experience for their customers convenient and enjoyable

Besides numerous SEO tools that a website owner utilize to improve on their revenue, an online shopping cart is a basic necessity for online shops. An online shopping cart is a kind of software that the website owner can install. Basically it allows the internet shopper to conveniently select and collect the products that he or she wants prior to purchasing and displays the item in the online shopping cart list.

Before purchasing, the shopper can review the products that were selected easily, it will also indicate the total amount of all of the products and directs you on the payment process. Finally, after a successful purchase, a receipt of confirmation will be presented and the shopper will receive delivery confirmation.

There are a couple of ways to obtain an online shopping cart. First, you can purchase the software and install it on your own. Regular maintenance of the software is required if you choose this option. The benefit of having your own online shopping cart is that you have total control of all the marketing processes involved in your website.

Then the next way to get this is to hire an online shopping cart service. You can rent the shopping cart serve from a web design company and they will be responsible for the sales trackers and maintenance and the update of the software. The benefit of hiring a shopping cart service is that you will have more time to focus on the other aspects of your business.

Before getting the online shopping cart software, you need to consider these:

• Invest on good and reasonably priced shopping cart software, a lot of the cheap ones lack shopping options.

• You also have to remember that the kind of shopping cart that purchase should accommodate the number of products that you are selling.

• You have to be careful in checking all the features that are included in the software, because you might be missing an important component of an online shopping cart.

• Finally, you have to be certain that bank account that you use for sales is affiliated with or supported by the shopping cart software that you will purchase.

If you do not have an online shopping cart or if you have one but you need modifications, then Draw Pictures Ltd, they specialist in designing and developing online shopping carts and has been doing for ages, they provide user and seo friendly online shopping cart design service at affordable price.