Why you need an experienced content writer in 2016

2016 is set to be the year of content marketing, as high quality content because the new key to SEO, gaining Google’s trust and climbing the search engine rankings pages.

And the best way to ensure you gain quality content is to hire a professional and experience SEO copywriter, or if your need is large then a team of content writers.

The Content

The content on your website homepage and other pages, as well as on your blog if you have one, is not just there to fill some space and make the place look pretty as many people assume. It in fact serves several far greater purposes.

Not only does it give your brand a voice and a personality when visitors come to your site looking to learn more, but it also sells your brand values and if written well can be the tipping point between visitor and customer.

It can also instil loyalty in visitors if they like what they read about the brand, so it is important that it is written in a persuasive and engaging manner.

It is also of course a tool for SEO, as Google’s new Penguin update is now valuing quality content more than ever in its searches.

However, over optimised and poorly written (bad grammar and spelling) content will lose your credibility with both site visitors and Google.

Therefore hiring professional experienced content writers is a must to avoid this.

Signs of Experience in an SEO Writer

Anyone can SAY they have plenty of experience, but the proof is in the writing. That is why when hiring a content writer it is advisable to ask for a paid test piece from candidates that seem to have what you are looking for on paper.

If the content writer say they can have it to you in the next couple of hours, I would be wary, unless they are of course experts in the field they are being asked to write about, which is rare but does happen.

Signs of a good content writer are the amount of time they say it will take them to produce it, and the research they put in.

They should not only take time to research and get to know your brand, but also the field in which you operate, even looking at your competitors.

They should then be able to create a piece custom written for you that conveys your brand message and values, engages the readers and is SEO optimised to the right weight, not over or under.

If all the signs are there in the test piece, you can trust them to write well for your company in future, but if they aren’t, then you just pay them for the piece and move on.

You may have lost money on the piece, but you save thousands overall by not posting bad content on your site.

Web creativity imperative for online sales

Today, the internet has given buyers, access to services and products across the world, but many businesses still view it as a secondary sales environment, one that value is second-rate to, and their in-store environment.

However, only search engine marketing consultants help them to correct their miss-conception.

Successful businesses today have their own websites, web presence, articles and videos that develop their presence online. For online sales you need many things, but the web creativity is the imperative one.

Build sales friendly website for online sales

When your business web lacks require visitors or aesthetic appeal to take many steps for buying, then it’s not sales friendly. Whenever you find your web in this state that means your web needs proper web development strategies for boosting online transactions.

You rebuild your web and apply the accurate structure, content, aesthetics, and optimisation measures and increase its traffic.

You can make your web sales friendly by the following tips:

You should void indistinct contact forms: you require visitors’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses, but most of the web contact forms use the comment box for having more information.

They sometimes leave you wondering, which action the prospects want you to take, call or email for information. Instead of it add ”How may we help you” and list the particular options.

Make quotations efficient: You should provide a separate quotation form on your website. You must provide relevant information to your prospects for converting them customers.

Create an auto-responder count: Your web has a default message “confirmation”, which responds automatically when people send email.

Customise it to educate customers, tell them how you’re unique, and what benefits you provide. As, this is a direct communication from your side so make it count.

Publish FAQ on your web: This will provide a medium to answer the questions that your prospects have, about the services or products. This would also reduce unnecessary calls and emails.

Increase online sales by increasing refined traffic to your web

Online sales occur with the site. Increasing the hits that your website gets is an integral part of boosting sales conversion, but you should not limit yourself up to this point.

For driving web traffic you should try to attract, refined traffic. You can achieve this type of traffic by adapting, targeted keywords strategies.

When your web content contains keywords, which are utilised by search engine users for searching what your website offers, the outcome is refined website traffic.


If you want to boost online sales, then online marketing can be beneficial for your company. First you consult any web design company for building sales friendly website and then you contact any search engine marketing, consulting agency that provides online sales consulting services.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a London, UK based SEO Company that specialises in helping businesses succeed by providing them creative web design that is online sales friendly, they design and develop websites with seo in mind, they also provide content creation service with search engines in mind.

Why do I need SEO friendly content?

Websites are widely used to be the source of information. It is not an easy job to run and maintain a website now in these days because there are lots of competitors all over the world. SEO is a good technique for any website to gain more visitors and buyers.

But this is not enough for your business growth. Being on the top rank is useless if people do not find your content helpful for them.

To achieve the full success of your business website, you need to have good and SEO friendly content too. Link building and creating quality content for your site will be the best search engine optimization tools for your website.

Your site needs also have graphical designs that are appealing to the audience. You can leave that to a professional web design company and focus on making content for your business. You may do the content writing by yourself, since you are the owner, you probably must know everything about your business. Or you may also outsource someone to make quality blog posts for your site.

There are four main reasons why you should have SEO friendly content for your site.

To gain loyal visitors that will love to come back on your site

Google is not totally your boss. You may land on the first page of Google and other search engines, and have lots of visitors for site, but do you think they will come back to your site if the content you have provided is not useful? Absolutely no! Happy customers always want to get back on your site whenever they need information.

To maintain a positive feedback from readers

When the readers are happy with the information you have provided them, they will surely make good comments about them. They might share your site with people they know that they think needs your services too. They may also give you positive reviews and post them on forums and blogs. You can gain a good promotion of your site for free when you satisfy readers with your quality content!

To be the favoured by readers and be on their top rank choices

If your content have helped them, they would surely choose to visit your site again whenever they need information about relevant topics your site provides. If they liked your content, they may not search on Google anymore, but will go directly to your site!

To boost your business income!

When the above statements happen, absolutely your business profits will increase! Always remember that serving your customers right will make your business grow well.

There are number of content writers that write useful, well researched and compelling content that actually sells. Local for a local content writer in your area in order to let your content written by an expert!

Stay tuned and peace and power!

What exactly is SEO friendly content writing?

Always bear in mind that your main purpose of running a website is to provide information. Whatever type of website you have, you are responsible to create a useful content and an appealing corporate web design.

Probably when you learn SEO techniques, you would have known that your site needs to have as many visitors as it can, so this strategy is being created on it. But an SEO campaign without quality web content would offer you just a short period of success. You may have a good SEO technique that make your site be on the top spot, but you might just get a one-time visitor. The bottom line is that SEO campaign and web contents work together for your site’s success.

Well-written contents and an effective link building will be the best SEO tools you could ever use for your site. What you have to do now is to leave the SEO strategy to the expert you hire, and focus on having an SEO friendly content for your site. These are the common strategies on how to make friendly contents for your site.

Research before you write

This is the most important and the most crucial step in creating contents. Before you write something, you need to focus and research by reading more and more as you can about the trending topics over the net that may be the topic of your contents too. You can also browse forums and look for searchers’ unanswered questions. You may create your contents about that query. When you do that, you already have a person that will surely appreciate your content.

Create content that is relevant

Make sure that your content is relevant and appropriate for the products or services you offer, not just doing the content that are popular topics.

Make your content informative yet interesting to read Provide your readers information but make it in a creative way to avoid boredom from them. Say, your site sell health products, you can create content that just have light product descriptions rather than having lots of scientific and medical terms that only doctors can relate.

Use heart winning titles

Use titles that will capture the attention of readers and will make them read your whole article. But remember that the title must be relevant to the content.

Leave a final impact for the reader

There are lots of artistic ways on how to give a final blow for the content you have. You may leave a question to them like “Now you know how cigarettes can kill you. Will you light another one again tonight?”

This is a tough part for you content creation. This is the part where you can gain the loyalty of your readers.

There are number of seo companies that actually provide search engine and audience friendly content writing service you should look for a local seo company in your area in order to ask their advice or strategies on how they create contents and there are number of questions you can ask an seo company in order to know more about their expertise when it comes to content writing.

I will post another post on how to hire an expert content writer this week. Stay tuned!

What exactly is internet marketing and how it helps?

Website may be considered as fertilizer for business, when compared with plants structure. Business can still live without the website, but may not grow well and would probably fail to achieve its goals online. Your business might not be competitive as others do. When you have your own website for your business, you can now freely join the online market to sell your products and services.

As a business owner, what you have learnt from your usual and traditional way of marketing your goods and services might be enough for the online market. You may need to acquire skills by reading more internet marketing blogs for you to learn how to mingle with other business owners in the world of website marketing.

Internet marketing is a wide term which is connected with so many factors that would help your business grows if you apply the strategies correctly.

Part of your internet marketing is having an outstanding and unique web design so that your visitors will always want to come back on your page. Also, it is necessary to have original and informative content for your business web page. Remember, people are looking for contents that are useful to them. Having non-plagiarized blogs is also a part of a good SEO technique for your business site.

You can also have your internet marketing strategy by using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may also acquire services from pay per click, but this one is bit more expensive than SEO.

For you to be able to appreciate the goodness internet marketing can bring you, check out these benefits:

Benefits of internet marketing for the business

The best benefit internet marketing can give to your business is the provision of wider market world. Internet (international network) is used all over the world, so when you have this strategy, your business will become known to the whole world (of course with the help of SEO techniques!)

Internet marketing also allows your business to be more competitive because of the faster and easier transaction it could give you. Better transaction means faster way of getting more customers and income. Also, your data could also be managed by this system.

Internet marketing is absolutely cheaper than typical 24-hour convenient store. Imagine if you would have a store open for 24 hours, you need personnel to take care of it too. While in internet marketing, your shop is open round-the-clock without the need to pay for someone else!

Benefits of internet marketing to your customers

Absolutely, it is not only you who would be benefitted, but also your happy customers too. Here, they can place orders anytime they want without having hard time to travel to your place. They can their purchased good through shipping! Internet marketing also allows them to keep updated for any changes of the price and other information.

It is important to speak to your local seo consultants and ask for free advice and what you should do in order to succeed online. Speaking to your seo consultants or an seo company can help you get an honest advice on how you can conquer the online market.

How to Make More Money with Article Marketing?

A lot of people having online business want them to get noticed. Being discoverable is an important aspect in online marketing. One of the ways that you can enhance your business visibility is by use of article marketing. Traffic can tremendously increase as well as the popularity of the links through article marketing. The site can also attract more visitors as the articles can be very appealing especially for people searching the internet for certain information. In this era of internet, many people prefer to purchase things online. Having your site rank highly on search engines by use article marketing can draw a lot of traffic to your site.

Article marketing does not have to be filled with just a lot of keywords; they need to meet certain specifications and guidelines for them to rank highly in the search engine results.  A well written article with rich content can create a lot of interest, bring your customers closer and make them do purchases from your business. You can seek help from the many online templates, posts, opinions and professional advice on how best to go about writing a compelling article. The articles range from any niche that you may want to write on.

Use of social media can also help a lot in terms of increasing your site visibility and social power. To engage your visitors through sharing of information, make sure you have free gifts and promotions that can motivate your readers. Also ensure you provide as much information as possible to them. You may also seek the help of professional SEO Experts to optimize your site as much as possible. The experts can also help you in writing compelling articles that will make your readers as informed as possible. They write different kinds of articles as per your needs.

Before engaging any content writer, you need to evaluate their capability of writing quality content. Choose the best service provider that will give you value for money. In the past 10 years, the numbers of writers that have propped up are enormous. So ensure that you get only the best who can write you articles that will attract visitors to your site. Get a content writing company with good reputation in optimizing websites. And just to be sure that you are engaging the correct company, you can ask for samples before giving out the job. This will avoid disappointments later after you have given out the job.

Content marketing campaign and secrets to success?

When you start marketing your site through seo article marketing, you may need to get the services of an expert who can write for you informative and engaging content that will satisfy your clients. Your readers must be kept entertained and interested, that they will always want to come back. As research has established, many people only stay on the internet as much as they get the information they want and not read the whole page or website. The titles and structures of the content matters a lot to keep your visitors stay on your site.

A professional seo writers has knowledge about how to write rich content which will keep your audience entertained.  The content should be easy to digest, informative and captivating.  Listed below are some of the best structural and powerful article marketing techniques that will leave your audience gasping for more. These techniques can also leave your site appearance attractive to your audience.

• Use images to enrich your content.  This will keep your readers entertained and captivated to your site.

• Give a description that will give an overview of your products and services. Ensure that the description provides all the basic information required by your readers.

• When people visit your site the first time, they look at the title before going to the content. The title should be able to give your readers an overview of what to expect in the rest of the article.

• Also provide subtitles that are as captivating as the titles, otherwise your readers will get bored in the middle and start to leave the page before they even find out what they want. Get a content writer that understands how to write titles and subtitles that capture the eyes of the readers.

• Make a bullet list of the main points that you are explaining. It will make the site more readable and comfortable for your readers to grasp and digest all the points that you have listed.

Last but not least, the key to a successful content is by getting a professional to write it out for you. That’s why you need to get an expert seo writer to get you all the content that is required. Sometimes you might be required to submit your articles to directories like ezine, ehow etc. Make sure your SEO writer has experience writing to these sites; otherwise your content might get rejected by those sites that have strict requirement for article submission.

What is SEO Article Content?

Content is the King. Many people still go through the internet searching for information which Google is readily providing by using complex networks in getting the data from the websites. But how is that achieved? How can you have your website appear first in Google searches? People are using the social media to make their websites discoverable by creating fan pages, but that is not enough, you still need to link back the fan page to your main website; and this is done through SEO article content.

Internal SEO Article Content

Ranking first in search engine searches require your website to be optimized. But this does not mean that you stuff a lot of keywords in your website; it still has to have quality content that will make your site be easily discovered by search engines like Google, which have become cleverer every day. Visitors to your site will not be contented with poorly written content, they require information and you should be ready to provide them with some. Your information should also be updated to build up your knowledge base or blog.

External SEO Article Content

To get traffic streaming back to your site from others, you need to link with sites that have already been indexed by search engines. You need to contribute quality content to other blogs or sites and then have a link that directs your readers back to your site.  You need to look like an expert in the field in the eyes of your readers.

How About Content Farms? Do They Exist at All?

Have you ever heard of content farms? They might or might not exist. But the bottom line is that search engines are trying to scare away seo content writers by reducing SEO weights of some content directories and other collection sites.  As long as what you publish is good quality content and does not contain copied content or spurned content, Google and other search engines will publish your site. All you need is to ensure that you have the backlinks to redirect traffic back to your site.

Where to Get Quality SEO Articles?

If you are good at writing, you can write friendly articles, press releases, website content and blog posts on your own. Get a few tips from the web pages on how to write good content or alternatively you can hire a good SEO Writer to get you quality articles that will make your visitors entertained and interested. There are many SEO article writers who are qualified and will be more than willing to write and optimize your content on your website and other websites online.

How writing and publishing useful articles can increase your online website traffic?

If you want to have more traffic into your website through a cost effective way, then you might consider hiring a SEO friendly article writing expert to help you out. Increased traffic to your website means more revenue for your online business.

A content writing expert will be able to optimize your website content by using keywords and provide articles that are rich in content hence attracting and retaining potential customers. Though your website might have great content about your services and products, you might realize you are still not generating enough income.

Hiring a SEO friendly content writing expert can have a lot of advantages; below are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you get a professional to do your writing work..

• An expert content writer will make use of keywords and place them appropriately in your website resulting in your website being ranked highly in the search engines.

• You can have the SEO Expert write what you want in a professional manner, they will go through your webpages and make improvements where required, product descriptions and your company history so that the content will be relevant to your visitors.

• You should not use copied content from other websites, PLR content or overhauled material as these will jeopardize the chances of your website appearing high in the search engine pages. Let an seo pofessional submit and update your content to be more informative and current.

• All the content that an seo expert will provide will become yours and have the sole right over them once you pay for his/her services. You can also make sure the same content is not sold to other websites and it will be on the internet permanently.

• When visitors to your website find useful and relevant information on your website, they can subscribe for regular updates therefore increase repeat customers.

Only few people purchase service and products the first time they visit a website, but with a successful sales funnel, you can ensure that these customers come back and do purchases, this will not only increase the number of your customers, but will also get more subscribers to your content.

• A good copywriter can also provide free professional advice on how to improve your website content apart from providing you with regular feedback on the same.

•  Before engaging an article writer, you need to get their reviews on previous work done and testimonials from other clients and let them provide you with a sample. With a right and professional seo company you can enjoy generating revenue for a long time through your website.

Opt in list

Ignore this and you’ll be damned! The opt-in-list is one of the most effective tools to use if you are hoping to build a loyal group of subscribers leading to an exponential growth in traffic to your website.  In the current cut throat playing field, to remain competitive you have got to have a wide clientele base and maintain them by keeping them interested in your website through up-to-date and regular periodicals.

You can go further and include free auto-responders on your website to help communicate to your readers on matters that are dear to them, matters that concern them and offer solutions to their problems or at least attempt to.  Examples would include matters touching on health, well-being, home improvements, how-to, among others.

You should be positioned in such a way that your visitors believe in you and always look to you for solutions and new information.

To build an Opt-in-list:

• Have subscription forms appended on your periodicals across the website.  The periodicals should be of articles that would capture your audience, should present information that are frequently searched for and are of high caliber.  To build on this, engage other professional writers who can produce good articles that endear avid readers to your website noting to include these writers in your list as well.  Don’t shy away from seeking the help of the professionals; they are there to help you out.

• You can also attract subscribers by giving away popular incentives which can include publications of valuable information that would interest your target group in PDF format, specific oriented materials that detail information on the particular subject or develop software programs that simplify the search for your visitors.  You can also request your visitors to invite their friends and family in return for something else such as free subscription to magazines.

• Use of the ‘annoying’ pop-ups!  How many times have you tried circumventing a site to avoid these pop-ups?  I know I have, I not only find them annoying but also time consuming.  However, there are occasions I have appreciated having them there because even though unsolicited I end up being directed to a highly informative website when my bid to swat them aside failed.  Add them on and you may be increasing traffic to your site by nudging on even the unwilling souls who silently thank you when they get a new link they readily bookmark.

If you are worried about your website traffic, page rank, and ROI, you should speak to an SEO Company soon in order to know what they can do in order to help you get organic website traffic, rankings and of course ROI.