Let’s all keep the European seo and web design business in Europe

There are number of search engine optimisation companies in Europe and nearly 80% of those companies get most of their seo work done by companies based in Asia, Middle and Far east and Africa, however looking at the service quality offered by most seo companies in India, Pakistan or the entire Asian, Far and Middle eastern region and even Africa is not what we call “European quality standards”

If you have/had a chance to work with a web design or seo firm from Asian countries, especially India, China and even Philippines you must have suffered (most people) with the time waste on explaining things that we normally do not repeat or explain in the UK and Europe

Call it a language barrier or their understanding to your state of mind or what you are looking for, working with these IT Companies in Asia is not a very daunting task in most cases and many European SEO and web design companies have started to hire freelancers from their respective countries in order to have to have a cheap yet professional solution

However there are much cheaper seo and web design and development solutions in UK and Europe as well but most of these UK and European companies are not aware of those companies which are based in the UK and Europe and provide much cheaper seo and web design solutions, link building etc, than the freelancer you can hire from your respective country

We work with many SEO Companies from UK and Europe and provide them with complete seo and web design outsourcing solutions including the multilingual content writing, multilingual link building and even web design and development with impressive reporting, invoicing as well as support system in place

Is not it great? That you are paying nearly Asian prices to get your work done by a European web design and SEO Company?

Let’s keep European business in our European zone – If you are looking for a web design and web development company or seo service with European quality standards in mind, simply get in touch today and find the difference yourself, the prices are nearly the same what you pay in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and even China and Philippines but what you get is much more than you get from there including the different time zone, language barriers and explaining the same things over and over again (Most companies even do not issue invoices, have hardly any sales and support systems in place).

Let’s join hands and let’s keep the European work in Europe

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Why an SEO friendly website is a must have for businesses in 2016

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a method of analysis and constructing your website page by page so that it can be easily catalogued by the search bots of major search engines such as Google or Bing.

To be able to create a search engine friendly website you must know a lot not only about web design but also about how search engines work, what they look for and how they carefully select the pages that reach the top of their search results.

So why SEO friendly web design is a must this year? Here are just a few of the many reasons why it would greatly benefit your business:

Improved Brand Awareness

This is probably the most obvious benefit of SEO, as the higher up your website ranks on search engines, the more people will see and are likely to click on your company’s website link.

The meta descriptions used to help search bots pick up on what your site’s purpose is are also useful when it comes to the person searching determining if a link or company is going to be useful to them or not, so ensuring you have a brief and clear description of your company’s main purpose in the meta description plays a big part in improving brand awareness.

Increased Traffic and Online Sales

Naturally you want to increase your company’s sales by any means possible. Therefore driving traffic to your website is the first step to increasing sales, and the best way to drive traffic is through higher search engine rankings.

As mentioned in relation brand awareness, the higher your website is ranking on search engines, the more footfall you will have on your website.

Once you have this increased footfall, you then need to ensure you’re website is optimised for the process of converting visitors into customers. Which brings us to the next benefit…

User friendly and SEO friendly Go Hand In Hand

A cluttered, graphic heavy and hard to navigate site will not only put potential customers off, it will also deter search engine bots scouring your site for useful information.

If you have very little quality text, or if its hidden under far too many graphics and too much Flash, the search bots won’t find much of use and will move on to another site.

Your site needs to be well structured, uncluttered and full of quality SEO and user friendly information and content. There is nothing wrong with images and graphics, a site with none would be boring. But there can be too much of a good thing.

If In Doubt, Ask For Help

The best way to ensure you have an SEO friendly website design is to enlist the help of some experts. Web designers who specialise in business web design will look into your brand and your target audiences, and pair this information with what the search engines want to create an SEO friendly web design that shows your brand’s personality and is both search engine and user friendly.

Successful eCommerce store should be user friendly

In the present age almost all the companies offering their customers, the option of purchasing their products online. Therefore, eCommerce stores are getting popularity very speedily. The customers submit their buying orders via eCommerce store and their requests are forwarded to the payment gateways for payment processing. The shipping cost is determined on the basis of location.

How can you develop an eCommerce store?

Since, developing an eCommerce store has been a technical task, so you need to outsource this task to web developers who will talk to you in detail, in order to know, what do you want exactly for your eCommerce store? They will also identify all the potential obstacles. They choose a platform for your brand, keeping in view your specific budget and needs.

How can market eCommerce store?

It is not enough to set up the eCommerce store just. When you have such store and its operation goes, live, then you also need to market it. Many eCommerce stores do not get noticed by the customers on the Internet. So you need to market it properly. Many online marketing companies are available that offer your potential clients the direct links to follow your eCommerce store where your customers can instantly buy your products.

What is important for a successful eCommerce store?

It is very important for your eCommerce store that it should be user friendly. Now, you have become successful to build a store and it is running. Your store has all types of latest items in your niche. It has all the pricing information, descriptions and pictures for every item. However, there is one slight problem.

Your store is not generating that many sales. The website statistics show that there is no traffic problem at all. Many visitors visit your store daily. What is the problem then? Have you ever considered the real fact that your store web mightn’t be user friendly? This’s a terrible truth that several eCommerce store owners do not realise.

Sometimes they concentrate on web eCommerce design too much and sometimes too little. Actually web usage is the main thing, which makes your website go down very swiftly. If your eCommerce web store has all the whistles and bells in the terms of graphics and products, but others feel difficult to navigate it, then there will be a lot of missed sales.

There are many eCommerce solutions that may be useful in making a user friendly eCommerce store such as: Adequate search functions: Remember potential buyers get irritated when they do not find whatever they are searching for. So you should make the browsing easy else you should lose potential customers. Its loading speed must be fast.

The Help section for buyers: Your store web should cater the questions of buyers such as, shipping policies, contact information, payment information, refund polices etc. If you want that, customers stay on the site longer then this information must be available on the site prominently

Offshore web design and outsourcing companies

Today, the business world has filled with competitors and every businessman is facing difficulty to maintain high position in the business.

For healthy competition, a professional and specialised approach towards the business is necessary.

It is a reality that you cannot have a specialisation in every field. So if you want to increase your business across the world, then you need to hire offshore web design company.

Services provided by outsourcing companies

Offshore web design outsourcing companies offers you services such as web design, web development, web app development, online eCommerce shopping systems, flash multimedia, web hosting, search engine promotions, graphics design and software development.

These companies provide you all these services by their professionals, anywhere around the world, so you get the best results.

These companies have a team of web consultants, writers, creative designers, programmers and marketing professionals.

They only take the information that you desire to include in the website. If you have no big budget for your web, then you should select any outsourcing web design company for a competitive price.

Why do you need outsourcing companies?

If you want to develop your business around the globe and increase your online presence across the world and cut the business cost, then you need web design outsourcing companies.

Everyone wants to cut the business cost, for this purpose hiring offshore web designers can be a good option for you.

There are a lot of outsourcing companies that work with you and provide web design services and web development services to you. The Internet has made it easy for these companies to offer their knowledge and experience to offshore destinations.

The benefits of hiring outsourcing companies

Offshore outsourcing has become popular management practices. Offshore web design helps you to cut prices. Because of, this price difference, you can have better web design at low cost.

You can resell these web designs at your local country markets and earn money. As these companies experts take care of your web related issues so you can concentrate on other issues of your business freely.

There are many other benefits of these offshore companies such as they free your resources up, reduce overhead, reduce operating costs, provide you time to market, shares the risk, provide excellence in quality, provide you access, to their specialised skill, save your training and manpower costs, improve your work speed, improve your services, broaden your skill set, avoid the advance technology chasing cost.


Through the offshore web design outsourcing companies, you can get the best expertise and the latest technology in your niches at competitive price. If you intend your company to stay ahead, concentrate on competency and want to use the latest technology, then any offshore outsourcing company can help you to achieve all the goals.

Draw Pictures Ltd are an Offshore SEO Company that helps businesses succeed with their digital and internet marketing services online, the company provides solutions to offshore web design and web development companies, link building and content writing companies get their job done at the lowest prices possible.

The beauty about Draw Pictures Ltd staff is that they provide you un-matching quality, great support, advice and always drive you a mile away or two for free!

Google webmaster tools help loads when it comes to business seo

SEO is a technique not a magic tool. You need to understand, tags, categories and word limitation, for the content as a part of SEO. It helps you to define your website skeleton.

It is important for Goggle rankings scale. It is simple to build a website and register your domain name on the server, however, it is not easy to keep it with the right standard.

There are many things that you need to remember while dealing with your website, in order to keep good reputation of your website, in front of web users and different search engines including Google. In which webmaster tools are very helpful for you in analysing the health of your website.

By the help of effective Google web tools you can have all the details that are related to crawl of your website, through the Google bot, and you may see what problems these bots are facing while crawling.

How to make a business website better by Google webmaster tools

For giving your business an upgrade, it is important for you to develop your own Internet presence. When, you are running a small business, you will have to pay attention how vital the Internet may be for your business.

Gone are the days, when people used to go to store and explore for goods. Now, the majority of people are using internet to search all kind of items, be it products or services.

Therefore, your website has become necessary and powerful for your business. In this article, I shall tell you how you can use these Google webmaster tools for your business.

You should care about managing backlinks

It is reality that Google uses two hundred signals when it works out how to put your web in the SE result page. Page ranking is very important and well-known, because Google utilises the metric for determining how much it believes your site is worth. The higher, the higher the Google’s trust or authority, the higher search engine rankings.

Your page rankings are chiefly derived from a backlink profiles supported by your web. If your site gets stuck at a Page result 2 to 3 for many updates even you are constantly adding latest content and getting grips, spam links might be reason.

You should check backlinks profiles time to time, because it is best for the health of your business website.

That is why Google tools are very beneficial. You may pop into these tools to analyse the backlinks list pointing to your websites, then you will be able to know which links are dappled, and which are valid.

Submit your XML Sitemap

The sitemap is an XML document that lists the entire URLs in your website. It is a handy document and Google consider it as the reference to crawl your pages. It is particularly beneficial if your website keeps complicated navigational structure.

Check your website speed

Loading speed of your website is very important. If your, web speed is slow it will be left by impatient visitors, therefore, test the speed of your web with the help of a Google webmaster tool.


As, your web needs to rank constantly well so, you always need to use Google website master tools effectively for boosting your online business, no need to worry, there are many experts are present to help you.

For Instance, Draw Pictures Ltd are an SEO Agency in Brighton that helps businesses succeed online with their deep understandings when it comes to web design, digital and internet marketing, social media marketing and optimisation and when it comes to putting your business first in front of your target audience and diverting the market place to your business.

They are probably one of the best seo services you may rely for all your online marketing needs.

Boost your web SEO rankings by YouTube

Most of you wonder what the secrets are to get better SEO rankings. Website optimisation itself involves many strategies and techniques that take lots of your time and efforts. Unfortunately, this system is not easy to beat. To understand the SEO rankings you need to know about search engines and how they work.

Including Google there are some other search engines available. But the best one is, which provides you the relevant results. For instance, you type “SEO” in any search engine and get spam sites, and then defiantly you would not go to these search engines again for searching.

This is not only harmful for SE but also for your, relevant website search, which remain unseen within the results. Today, algorithms determine your site SEO rankings and many modes are being used for SEO rankings in which YouTube popularity is also included.

Boost web SEO rankings by YouTube

There are about twenty billion web pages present on the Internet. So the rankings competition is tough. Search engine optimisation is a tough and special skill and takes some practice and your time. There are many SEO practices that can improve your web rankings on the search engine.

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have proven very effective tool for online marketing. However, YouTube is surpassing all the social sites.

Its visitors’ numbers to your website are because of the high rankings of different videos on Google. You may use YouTube for search engine optimisation because it is inexpensive and effective SEO technique.

Here I shall mention some techniques for you to boost SEO rankings by YouTube.

Complete Meta tag data

Complete the Meta tag data of YouTube that is  used within an SEO context for getting your site on the Google rankings first page. If you construct your famous videos within YouTube web properly, then they will show your videos in search results of Google.

If you have used the appropriate keyword, description and tag then the target market will find you easily.

Embed videos on your website

The second way of using YouTube for search engine optimisation rankings is to embed your video in your web content. In this way, more people will see your videos and your website popularity will also increase, that will result in higher SE rankings.

Google always prefers the web pages, which have embedded YouTube video content in the websites, and usually these pages have higher rankings than without video content.

Create own YouTube channel

If you have videos, then you can build own keywords-rich YouTube channel. This channel holds the links to your Web Pages and adds backlinks, which point to your website.


In this way, you may use YouTube for search engine optimisation rankings; however, your videos must be well designed and properly constructed.

That will increase web traffic to your web and increased traffic means of course, increased sales. So give your website much needed boost with the help of any reputed search engine optimisation ranking company.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a Brighton based SEO Agency specialising in video internet marketing and video seo services, they specialise in providing their customers all web design and seo services under one roof.

Important WordPress SEO plugins that automate onpage and offpage SEO tasks

WordPress is a powerful web design tool for your website building. It has developed into functional CMS (content management system) which is user-friendly, flexible than any other CMS.

It is customiseable. There are many themes and plugins present that allow you to build a site with any specific features that you want.

By these themes and plugins you can create a simple blog and fully functional website with shopping cart for selling services and products.

That is not even all; you may also create community portals and membership sites with wordpress.

The best thing about WordPress SEO plugins is that they automate onsite seo and offsite seo tasks. Through plugins you get your website indexed in Google swiftly.

Since, the search engine optimisation process is, establish to run automatically, each page of your website is entirely optimised for getting the best placement, in any search engine.

Here, in this article, I shall tell you about important plugins. Let’s start!

Important WordPress SEO plugins are following:

Ultimate Plugin: Encourages organic link building

This plugin lets you manage Meta tags for your posts, keywords, titles, pages and description. It removes duplicate content applying canonical URLs.

You can also set up nofollow or noindex tag for individual posts or pages that is very useful when you intend to republish any article or have page, which you want don’t want to index by search engines.

It  allows you to add a text box at your post and pages bottom, with the link details. That encourages organic link building from web visitors.

PubSubHubBub plugin: Content gets indexed within minutes

Its responsibility is to  get your website content indexed swiftly. Its subscribe and publish protocol is an addition to the Atom and RSS.

Google Alerts and reader, FriendFeed and some others are using this protocol currently. The main features of this plugin are that new content gets indexed within minutes.

Google XML Sitemaps plugin: Runs in the background automatically

This plugin builds XML- Sitemap for the website and submit it automatically to a search engine. When you add latest content or change it then it re-submits the updated Sitemap.

Once you have configured and installed this plugin, it runs in the background automatically and you don’t need to worry again.

W3 total cache plugin: Improves load time

As, load times and speed of your page influence your search engine placements so, you should improve your site performance. This plugin allows your website elements to be stored to the cache files.

In this way, they don’t have to download with every page your web traffic visits. This improves loading time of your pages.

SEO smart links: Get better SERP

Internal links are very  good for on-page search engine optimisation. When you set up an anchor text link to your keyword and point this to important pages in your web page content then you may get better SERP to those pages.

It’s a method to tell any search engine, which keyword you want for the ranking of those pages.


By these plugins your website can have better chances of success. Draw Pictures Ltd is a UK based Web Design Company that design and develops user and search engine friendly websites, they build affordable yet powerful wordpress cms online shopping stores, content management systems and corporate and personal web pages.

Tips on how to divert huge web traffic to your new website

You have built a new website recently that is really good, but just having a new website cannot get you much. Several businessmen build their own websites but have a little or no traffic at all, on the daily basis.

Many newbies to the websites think that by purchasing a domain and putting up a website there, the visitors will start coming like a newly build store in a very busy town. Nothing is like that, the website is so harsh.

Many sites go entirely unnoticed or ignored. But there is still hope. In this article, I shall tell you some tactics for driving huge traffic to your website.

Let’s go through!

Consult trusted directories for quick links

Since, you have built a new website so, no history, but you have to start somewhere. Link building is avery long procedure along with long-term objectives. There are many directories that offer paid and free listings.

You try to link your website with them.

Sponsor charity or any local event

If you have a local small business and any local event is coming into your community then try to sponsor this event. A local charity, which has a website will give you PR benefits. When this website will issue announcements about the events then your website will also be mentioned.

Avail paid search

A paid search campaign is a great method to divert traffic to your new website, but you should keep your budgets modest until you are confident in your return on investment. Chasing the huge traffic keywords may be tempting, but remember it becomes expensive and ROI is not good usually.

Submit your website to design galleries

There are many web design galleries, which allow submission for new websites and links to the other sites they feature such as, CSSBeauty, CSSHeaven etc.

Use article marketing

Article marketing can help you with link building. First you write informative content on your website topic or related it.

And then submit this content through any article syndication services like, GoArticles.com.When your articles will publish then, any link you give back to your website is also published.

Start blogging

It is a great method to build pertinent content on your website, on a regular basis. It provides your visitors a means to connect with you. However, always try to be honest, do not concentrate on brand only but also try to be human.

Guest post on related blogs

You need investment in this method, if you want to build relationship with other bloggers in your theme. But it can drive traffic to site swiftly. Your guest post must be smart and remarkable, if it is so, then host bloggers will welcome it, and it will definitely improve the possibility of attention back to your website.


Remember one thing that you cannot drive huge traffic to your new website overnight. So be patient, during all the process.

It is suggested that you hire an SEO Company in order to improve your website, design, deveopment and seo related aspects, A search engine optimisation company can seriously help you increase your sales, search rankings and brand awareness online.

Business models of web design source of income

There are many ways to make money online. Web design is also included in them. If you want to start an online business e.g web design and earn money online, then there are many business models of web design available. Here, in this article you will come to know a few.

Let’s see!

Creation, preservation and management of every web design varies sometime and brings profit for you. The business models of web design you select, depends on effort, time, and money you put into it.

Business models of web design

High traffic advertising web design: S

ource of income  

It is mostly used in online business model. It is the source of income for many companies. The websites, which use this model seek a lot of traffic and display some kinds of advertisements on their websites in swap for money.

In this model, income is generated by cost  per click, cost per impression and fixed rate space. Google AdSense makes it easy to add advertising of all kind to any website.

Fee or commission based web design:

eBay best example

This web based model provides a service that makes the transition very easy between the sellers and buyers. A simple, web model brings only sellers & buyers together but the web model of brokerage provides a layer between them. eBay is the best example.

Brokerage websites charge commission or fee for every transition. This is a powerful model of business  web design  because you just deliver technology and do not deal with the actual product.

Merchant web design: A web storefront

It is a business model of web design that is used by major online and services retailers. It is a just web storefront. It is traditionally used for bulk Retail company. This web business model may produce the highest profit, because you own all the sold products and their profit.

Subscription services web design: Used by newspapers and magazines

This kind of business web design companies, charge on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This model is usually used by newspapers and magazines. It is also getting popular with the companies that use a subscription format instead of one time fee.

Affiliate marketing web design: Based on users clicks

This business model web design rewards the owners of websites for just advertising. It is based on users’ sales and clicks on other peoples’ websites, which result from them. If  any company sells its product for 100 pounds with 50% affiliate rate, then on buying, your website will earn 50 pounds for you.

Information resource web design: Also have private information

This business  web design  model earns money by people for information. eMarketers make handsome money by using this model. You can have access to even private information by this model. However, it needs to update daily.


If you want any kind  of business web design, there are a lot of  web design companies  present. They can make websites, as per your requirements.

Beneficial tips for web design make web a successful sales tool

Today, In the rapidly changing business world, a website has become an essential and a front face of any company. Many companies know that an attractive and effective web design would promote their client base and overall sales.

Visitors like to go the websites, which are more user-friendly and appealing as compared to outdated and dull non seo friendly websites. So you should try to make an attractive and effective website. By the following useful web design tips, a web design may be used as a successful sales tool for the promotion of your business.

Keep your web design simple

Your web design should be like that every visitor to your website be able to know the actual content purpose of the site. You can only achieve this purpose if you ensure that your web design is simple and organised in every possible way.

You should not try to overburden visitors by including excessive small text and too much information. Clear and simple navigation system and signposting will support your visitors and develop their experience that can eventually result in extended stays and definitely more contacts.

Use professional looking colour scheme

The common colour scheme of web design is a single colour with black, white & shades of grey. Some web designers get colours from company logo. With the consistent colour scheme visitors have a robust experience that maintains the appearance of your website

Keep the navigation system transparent

If your site has much content split into different categories, then you should design that site with transparent and clear navigation. You should also try to add some comprehensive Sitemaps. Make your visitors to gain access, for the content of the web, in just a few clicks. You can display navigation system at the bottom or in the sidebar of the website.

Use high quality videos and images

You should use the highest resolution videos and images of best quality. Sometime many loaded graphics are used in web design that can divert the visitors from the relevant information of your web page and increase the loading time.

Use high quality unique and informative content

Once you become successful to design, a sharp good looking, organised and professional website, then you should pay attention to your content. The content must be snappy and coherent, keywords optimised, and of course unique.


For making your website visually appealing and attractive for the clients, you should acquire the services of a trustworthy and professional web design company. Professional guidance from the efficient web design company may bring surprising and positive result. Though web design seems easy but it includes many efforts for achieving desired results.