Tips on how to divert huge web traffic to your new website

You have built a new website recently that is really good, but just having a new website cannot get you much. Several businessmen build their own websites but have a little or no traffic at all, on the daily basis.

Many newbies to the websites think that by purchasing a domain and putting up a website there, the visitors will start coming like a newly build store in a very busy town. Nothing is like that, the website is so harsh.

Many sites go entirely unnoticed or ignored. But there is still hope. In this article, I shall tell you some tactics for driving huge traffic to your website.

Let’s go through!

Consult trusted directories for quick links

Since, you have built a new website so, no history, but you have to start somewhere. Link building is avery long procedure along with long-term objectives. There are many directories that offer paid and free listings.

You try to link your website with them.

Sponsor charity or any local event

If you have a local small business and any local event is coming into your community then try to sponsor this event. A local charity, which has a website will give you PR benefits. When this website will issue announcements about the events then your website will also be mentioned.

Avail paid search

A paid search campaign is a great method to divert traffic to your new website, but you should keep your budgets modest until you are confident in your return on investment. Chasing the huge traffic keywords may be tempting, but remember it becomes expensive and ROI is not good usually.

Submit your website to design galleries

There are many web design galleries, which allow submission for new websites and links to the other sites they feature such as, CSSBeauty, CSSHeaven etc.

Use article marketing

Article marketing can help you with link building. First you write informative content on your website topic or related it.

And then submit this content through any article syndication services like, your articles will publish then, any link you give back to your website is also published.

Start blogging

It is a great method to build pertinent content on your website, on a regular basis. It provides your visitors a means to connect with you. However, always try to be honest, do not concentrate on brand only but also try to be human.

Guest post on related blogs

You need investment in this method, if you want to build relationship with other bloggers in your theme. But it can drive traffic to site swiftly. Your guest post must be smart and remarkable, if it is so, then host bloggers will welcome it, and it will definitely improve the possibility of attention back to your website.


Remember one thing that you cannot drive huge traffic to your new website overnight. So be patient, during all the process.

It is suggested that you hire an SEO Company in order to improve your website, design, deveopment and seo related aspects, A search engine optimisation company can seriously help you increase your sales, search rankings and brand awareness online.

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