Important WordPress SEO plugins that automate onpage and offpage SEO tasks

WordPress is a powerful web design tool for your website building. It has developed into functional CMS (content management system) which is user-friendly, flexible than any other CMS.

It is customiseable. There are many themes and plugins present that allow you to build a site with any specific features that you want.

By these themes and plugins you can create a simple blog and fully functional website with shopping cart for selling services and products.

That is not even all; you may also create community portals and membership sites with wordpress.

The best thing about WordPress SEO plugins is that they automate onsite seo and offsite seo tasks. Through plugins you get your website indexed in Google swiftly.

Since, the search engine optimisation process is, establish to run automatically, each page of your website is entirely optimised for getting the best placement, in any search engine.

Here, in this article, I shall tell you about important plugins. Let’s start!

Important WordPress SEO plugins are following:

Ultimate Plugin: Encourages organic link building

This plugin lets you manage Meta tags for your posts, keywords, titles, pages and description. It removes duplicate content applying canonical URLs.

You can also set up nofollow or noindex tag for individual posts or pages that is very useful when you intend to republish any article or have page, which you want don’t want to index by search engines.

It  allows you to add a text box at your post and pages bottom, with the link details. That encourages organic link building from web visitors.

PubSubHubBub plugin: Content gets indexed within minutes

Its responsibility is to  get your website content indexed swiftly. Its subscribe and publish protocol is an addition to the Atom and RSS.

Google Alerts and reader, FriendFeed and some others are using this protocol currently. The main features of this plugin are that new content gets indexed within minutes.

Google XML Sitemaps plugin: Runs in the background automatically

This plugin builds XML- Sitemap for the website and submit it automatically to a search engine. When you add latest content or change it then it re-submits the updated Sitemap.

Once you have configured and installed this plugin, it runs in the background automatically and you don’t need to worry again.

W3 total cache plugin: Improves load time

As, load times and speed of your page influence your search engine placements so, you should improve your site performance. This plugin allows your website elements to be stored to the cache files.

In this way, they don’t have to download with every page your web traffic visits. This improves loading time of your pages.

SEO smart links: Get better SERP

Internal links are very  good for on-page search engine optimisation. When you set up an anchor text link to your keyword and point this to important pages in your web page content then you may get better SERP to those pages.

It’s a method to tell any search engine, which keyword you want for the ranking of those pages.


By these plugins your website can have better chances of success. Draw Pictures Ltd is a UK based Web Design Company that design and develops user and search engine friendly websites, they build affordable yet powerful wordpress cms online shopping stores, content management systems and corporate and personal web pages.

What to avoid while doing offsite SEO or link building?

Website is an important thing for any business to become successful. SEO (search engine optimization) is a very effective way to gain more customers and visitors for your business website.

This strategy is typically used by most website owners and SEO providers. SEO has two main elements: the onsite and offsite SEO. Basically, these two are both essential in running a website. These two work together for your success. On-page SEO is created first before having off-site SEO.

In maintaining an SEO technique for your site, you need to learn more about them. Though you have a hired search engine optimisation service provider, it is better if you know these things. You may read internet marketing forums to learn.

On-site SEO is a way of creating keywords in your website code and your website contents. Off-site SEO is a process of obtaining links that will point to your site from external source on the web.

These links are called backlinks. They are commonly obtained from other websites that are more stable than your site and mostly in higher rank position in the search engine ranking.   SEO is a long and tough process.

You need to read regularly on online SEO forums to get updated. In doing both on-site and off-site SEO, you need a lot of patience and perseverance to see the result of your hard work (or the work of your hired SEO service provider).

Common tip in acquiring back links from outer source is choosing the sites that are on high ranks because there are lots of people visit them, thus allowing you to be visited by them too. But consider these following “don’ts” in doing an off-site SEO.

Avoid having back links from irrelevant content

You must not focus your attention on the top ranking websites, but also you need to see if they are relevant with your page. In obtaining links from them, make sure that the links you would create points directly on a specific page of your site. Say, your site is about selling cake. You can obtain links from websites that sell ribbons, but you need to place the links at the package section because ribbons are for packing the cake, not just creating them on your home page.

Avoid creating back links that says “click here”

“Click here” links are so common. You may create links that pointing to your site like “Red Icing for wedding cake”.

Avoid getting back links from websites that have poor and low-quality contents

I believe all business owners are all smart enough to distinguish well from bad contents. You need to carefully review the contents of the external pages before using them on your off-site SEO campaign.

Don’t Quit Your Online Business So Soon

Yes, you have been trying hard to get all those unique visitors to your site via search engines and have not been able to even break into the top ten search engine rankings even after repeated efforts. Without effective strategies in place, internet can be a tough place to carry out any business and many online marketers have had to learn this fact in the hard way.

SEO has widely been regarded as the best way to achieve high search engine rankings and get unique and targeted visitors to your website. But what if many are applying the same strategies? Will it then boil down to who can spend more money? Not exactly and Google also does not want that marketers heavily rely on paid tactics (although they do!). So what is the alternative then?

Sure Fire Strategies to Achieve Success

Parameters regarding search engine optimization have changed a lot and the recent Google updates have created a massive shift in the way websites are ranked in search engine result pages. No more fluffing around with meaningless content and hoping to make it big. Even if you do make it high in rankings through efforts that are not appreciated by Google such as keyword stuffing, paid links etc, the success will be short lived.

Taking an interest in your audience is the first step towards any successful online business. No more generalization. For effective website promotion you need to have solutions and suggestions that people need.

Even if you are going for SEO Services make sure that this aspect is taken care of within acceptable standards. You can’t just depend on web traffic coming from SEO tactics. Most of the recent successes in online world have been due to the fact that websites have been able to develop organic traffic through a strong network of loyal customers. This is the real basis on which every website should work.

There are many search engine marketing companies that work along these lines and their efforts are there to get a loyal audience through good content. Try to find out such services through persistent efforts. If you are ready to do some hard online work this can also be done through your own efforts. However, regularity and diligence will be crucial.

Keep Experimenting

Factors around top search engine rankings are never constant and to succeed online you have to experiment. Organic traffic can be developed only when you are genuinely concerned about the target audience. Putting a great amount of time and focus on onstite and offsite together and consulting an seo firm time to time for latest trends and happenings in SEO Industry!

Tips for improving your website search engine positions on Google

Search engine positioning can be simply put as thriving for better results on your website.  Web owners always look forward to their sites standing out from the rest especially in this day and age where cut throat competition exists.

There are thousands of similar websites co-existing and for one to be a cut above the rest, you have to employ tools that will improve on your site and attract as many visitors as is possible. First and foremost, your website has to be user friendly.  No one wants to struggle to find out what you are trying to sell them, try to read through a lot of mumble jumble or squint in a bid to scramble through it all.

The site has to be catchy and be able to be picked up easily by search engines.  Not only that but you should be at the top of the search engine results.  If your page appears at the bottom of the list then the work is cut out for you.  Go through it all and remove any extra spaces in the html code, have long strings of java script in external files.  Your presentation should be simple and easy to understand.

If you have tables in it they should not be too complex or detailed that it takes readers time trying to figure it out.  Alternatively, leave it to the professionals to do this for you.  That’s why they are there anyway. This is why I personally suggest their readers get a professionally designed seo friendly website, they were and are the future when it comes to business success online.

Site search engine positioning can also be achieved through use of backlinks, opt-in-lists and use of sitemaps.  Your pages should be properly referenced and ensure that they are actually included in the search engines.  You can also engage other writers and have them either write for you or you write for them good quality materials that are valuable to your visitors.

Also spend time on blogs and comment regularly to attract traffic.  Request to have your site linked to other web owners to increase visibility and note to include reference sources at the bottom of the articles as a way of directing the readers in search of more information to your site.  You should also endeavor to update information as times are ever changing so are the tastes and preferences of consumers.

To be on top of all others, you have to be abreast with what is new and have this captured in your website.

Other than just that, you need to choose the right keywords for search rankings as well as publish useful content that engages audience, speak loud on social sites as well as an seo strategy in place, link building when it comes to offsite seo, and it is always a great idea to hire a search engine optimisation company that actually offers budget yet powerful seo service.

Helpful Tips for Offsite SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is composed of two major elements – the on page and off page optimization. Onsite Optimisation is the control of on page site components and making it more organized and efficient to improve the relevance of the keyword.

Content, website structure and tags included in the site code such as alt tags, title tag and meta tags, are on page elements that can be reorganized by placing of keywords. This is the most basic step in seo techniques and should be considered from the start of the building process until the actual launch.

Offsite Optimisation is a challenging practice but the rewards are worth it. It is the process of creating or building links to your site, establishing domain authority and relevance between the keyword and the page that it leads to.  Needless to say, links are crucial because it serves as an indicator for search engines. You have to remember that the more websites that link to your site, the higher the visibility for the search engines.

What are some helpful tips for Off Site SEO?

1. Backlinks is the basic element in link building strategy under off page optimization. These links are from web pages on other or external sites that link back to your website. The higher number of the inbound links to pages on your website from other sites, the higher the probability of an increase in website ranking but you have to make sure that you link to sites that are significant and useful to the users or web browsers.

2.  Deep Linking is the process of placing links to your site which directs the user to a different web page. Creating relevant, original and useful content that you can spread and link back to your own site is crucial.

3. Writing high quality content is a golden rule in search engine optimization. All of the other SEO techniques will be futile if the content of your website doesn’t connect with your targeted audience. Be original and be consistent.

4. Get involve in forums wherein web browsers are talking about topics that are related to your site. You have to know your limitation in posting links or keywords as search engines do not tolerate spamming and could cause harm to your website. Keep the people in the forum interested with your comments and post useful tips.

5. Social networking sites are avenues in promoting your website and to be able to directly connect with the potential clients and current customers. In these sites, you are also able to give detailed information of the products and services that you offer.

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