The Importance of Deep Submission when you have more websites than you think

Internet submissions play vital role when it comes to seo and Google search rankings.

When you have a website with many pages or minisites, then you might need to submit the page’s URL one by one to the search engine. But why can’t you just submit all the pages at once or the main page only? When you submit all the pages at once, you might be considered as spamming by the search engines. When you just submit the main page, the search engine will only index the first page and some other few pages and ignore the rest. That could not do you any justice when you trying to have your webpage attract traffic. To understand how this happens, we need to know how search engines work.

When you submit your main page to the search engine for ranking, it sends a ‘’spider’’ to look into your page. It extracts some data that it puts on the search engine pages known as indexing. During this process and depending on certain factors, the search engine might also look into other related links on that main page and index them as well but this is not automatic; sometimes they don’t just go deep enough to search for the other pages and you might find that only one to two of your pages are indexed.

So what will be the best way to ensure all your pages are indexed and discoverable when a search is done?

The best way will be to patient enough and submit one URL of each page every day. Therefore your submissions will not be regarded as spamming and you will have all your pages indexed.

How do you make sure that your website attracts traffic in all the pages and not just the main page?

This comes to how your website has been designed. The design of your website plays a big role on how traffic will be distributed in all the pages and not just the main page. The design should be in such ways that people who enter the sites from small links are directed to the important pages. Also ensure you place the keywords, description and all the tags on all the pages. Optimize your pages with Meta tags for each page keywords and descriptions.  You can also have an ‘opt- in’ subscription form for newsletter to boost repeated traffic. All this said and done, you will be sure that traffic will be flowing on all your pages evenly.

If you are looking for submission service, then its better to hire an SEO Company than doing it yourself – This will both help you save time and get affordable yet error free service.

Helpful Tips for Offsite SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is composed of two major elements – the on page and off page optimization. Onsite Optimisation is the control of on page site components and making it more organized and efficient to improve the relevance of the keyword.

Content, website structure and tags included in the site code such as alt tags, title tag and meta tags, are on page elements that can be reorganized by placing of keywords. This is the most basic step in seo techniques and should be considered from the start of the building process until the actual launch.

Offsite Optimisation is a challenging practice but the rewards are worth it. It is the process of creating or building links to your site, establishing domain authority and relevance between the keyword and the page that it leads to.  Needless to say, links are crucial because it serves as an indicator for search engines. You have to remember that the more websites that link to your site, the higher the visibility for the search engines.

What are some helpful tips for Off Site SEO?

1. Backlinks is the basic element in link building strategy under off page optimization. These links are from web pages on other or external sites that link back to your website. The higher number of the inbound links to pages on your website from other sites, the higher the probability of an increase in website ranking but you have to make sure that you link to sites that are significant and useful to the users or web browsers.

2.  Deep Linking is the process of placing links to your site which directs the user to a different web page. Creating relevant, original and useful content that you can spread and link back to your own site is crucial.

3. Writing high quality content is a golden rule in search engine optimization. All of the other SEO techniques will be futile if the content of your website doesn’t connect with your targeted audience. Be original and be consistent.

4. Get involve in forums wherein web browsers are talking about topics that are related to your site. You have to know your limitation in posting links or keywords as search engines do not tolerate spamming and could cause harm to your website. Keep the people in the forum interested with your comments and post useful tips.

5. Social networking sites are avenues in promoting your website and to be able to directly connect with the potential clients and current customers. In these sites, you are also able to give detailed information of the products and services that you offer.

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