Social Media Buzz – Future of smart seo, internet marketing and Google Rankings!

Enough with the backlinks abuse, swapping, reciprocal, blog commenting, poorly written articles and press releases, forums and blog media links, documents sharing, fake Google reviews and so on.

If you are next time searching something and you do not see a website that was ranking a few hours ago on #1 and cannot be seen on the first page, then it is definitely not a Google update

Google has introduced backlinks in order to count a page authority a long time ago, the more quality websites link to you are the number of votes your website gets, which help your website raise its rank, website traffic and possibly more sales, ROI and profits increase

However years after years we have seen websites ranking which were doing the good work and publishing useful content in order to earn backlinks:

What is a good link?

A good link has several aspects, a high page rank website with quality content, domain with age history, good link building profile, good traffic as well as dmoz presence – However a .edu and .gov link carry more value or a link from a high traffic blog or a review which was written by another blogger because they have just liked your website and/or blog

How do you earn backlinks?

If you are looking forward to earn good backlinks and win Google and other search engine’s trust in your backlinks profile, then you need to work on your website graphics, its development and especially on your website content and what it has to offer, ever wondered why Wikipedia ranks for every search term (well most search terms), because they answer the questions you ask from search engines, authentic information within you research via a single click – If you want to earn quality backlinks then you have to provide your website visitors with quality and reliable information and if you do so, you may attract loads of quality backlinks via blogging, social media etcetera – It is worth more to spend your money by hiring a professional and intelligent seo copywriter than asking someone else to build backlinks – A good blogger that has a high traffic blog can do the good job too or someone with passion for writing – A short note on how you can win backlinks is to engage your customers and provide them with all the information they are after

Do backlinks still count?

Yes, they do and will for a long time

How I can build backlinks on my own?

If you wish to build backlinks on your own, the best thing to do is to have to have a blog on your website and write useful information about your products or services, provide customers with more information with why your product or service differ or write how to articles, think like a customer and think about what searchers are finding (doing keyword research prior to writing your blog post can be very useful), go for long tail search terms for a start and write your blog in order to help your visitors not to rank – There are several other ways to build quality backlinks as we discussed earlier, however a good social media strategy can always help you win much more backlinks and it is so easy that anyone can do it with basic knowledge

Do backlinks have impact on search engine rankings?

Yes, they do! If you get quality backlinks(s), it is counted as a vote and it has a direct impact on your search engine rankings, however you cannot rank on a competitive keyword with just a single link (in some cases you can), when Google or other search engines print search against your search term, their automated system crawls the entire data in their range and then short-list websites with good votes, content and number of backlinks (you are exactly in competition with those which are ranking higher than yours, so you have to exactly know how many votes or backlinks they have for that “search term” and then you have to increase the number of votes/backlinks in order to raise your rank higher than your competitors

How I can find if my backlinks are of quality?

Very good question – You can always analyze your backlinks, SEOMoz, Aherf and there are several other link analysis tools including Google webmaster tools where you can check a website, blog, directory or the site you want to get the link from prior to linking – You can also analyse your website backlinks and get any suspicious backlinks removed using (Google disavow backlinks removal tool) – This helps you remove any bad websites that are linking to your website and are giving your backlinks profile a suspicious profile

After Google’s January 2016 and February update – I can clearly see what the future holds for seo.

I have short-listed 20 top ranked websites for a specific search term – and then have written down the values for good backlinks, quality content, web page graphics, development and all other seo and backlinks and voting aspects and what I have found was just “amazing” and I want to pass this on to you guys so you know what you need to do in order to do it earlier than your competitors

I have seen websites rankings being increased and decreased in real time and that too on daily basis, then I have short listed those websites which moved from page 2 to page one and then from page one to top of the page, which was just amazing to see, I was so curious to know about the votes and backlinks that I have gone a mile ahead to find out what was going on – and what I have found was simple yet attractive, want to know what was helping websites ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Miva and even Baidu and Yandex search engines?

Social Signals, votes and reviews:

Social signals, votes and reviews are the future, which give your brand a boost.

Do not just go for my words?

I am not just saying it or just assuming like everyone else, I did below to find how it affects one of our customer’s website which is brand new, been built some months ago, we customized a wordpress blog and started with 4 blog posts a month, I have told my writer to completely forget about search engines and come up with amazing posts which are written for people, humans which are finding the products which our customer is selling – We have published 4 blog posts in that first month i.e. January 2016 – These articles included below

1. Unique description of the product, why buy, features, how their products differ

2. The price and the warrantees and guarantees

3. After sale service

4. Reviews (from the existing customers which were using their products)

A month after this brandnew website have been ranking on page first, we have seen this website appearing on page 9 on and then the next post has made it appear on page 6, we have attract over 1000 +1s, over 4000 likes and over 500 retweets and over 93 Pins

That was it, we only had 30 backlinks and it was really hard to rank for that search term in matter of just few weeks, tell you honestly, we have targeted long tail keywords and ranked this “competitive keyword” or in other words I am saying, we have used few variants for that keyword to rank the main keyword :)

In my personal opinion, social signals have started to help rank website in a different way and that too in a real time, now you can see websites rank in a day, if social buzz is there for a specific product or service or if there are loads of +1s, hundreds and thousands of retweets or thousands of likes and pins

So what you should do?

Do you have a social media strategy in place at all?

If not, build your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and so on. Having these branding pages is just not enough; you have to ensure you have a beautiful page where people would like to link too, follow, like, retweets and then you have to work on your social media marketing strategy in order to publish useful information, news, rumors even, product features, comparisons, how to tutorials, audios, videos, images, in order to attract world’s attention towards you

I cannot do it because I am so busy?

Well, if you cannot do it, then there are thousands of social media marketing experts which can do a good job, most social media agencies charge you on hourly basis and the wage for a social media marketing expert start from £10 onward – depending on their experience, expertise, and knowledge of social media and how to build buzz online

What is the impact of social media on my business?

Social media platform gives you the same opportunity as the display adverts, banner ads, plus more than what you can get from banner or text ads as your words, buzz or your comments and posts can be seen by millions and that too for free – So you are actually targeting zillions people around the world for free

Why I think .edu and .gov links carry less value than a loud good social buzz?

We built .edu link for the same brand I was talking about above and have seen its performance and the impact on search engine rankings, traffic, number of sales made out of it and the ROI, honestly speaking it has increased the rank of that “keyword from #49 to #41 which is great for a new .edu do follow website (link from .edu blog), then I linked our website from a “do follow .gov website” and there was nearly the same kind of impact, but the post which has been submitted to Google+ and twitter and Facebook has had much loud buzz and it has moved the rank from #49 to #7

In my own opinion, Google has started to measure the buzz and author’s buzz which is impacting your search engine rankings and that too really quick, say your post has picked a buzz an hour before, an hour later your website was seen ranking on a completely great positions

In order to prove this, we picked 20 websites and measured their success was being backed by social media presence and the buzz there

If your website is still not ranking on Google’s first page, then you need to build a good social media strategy being backed by good content and good valued backlinks, that is your way to smart seo and digital marketing

If your website has been hurt by any Google update, bad seo practices and suspicious backlinks profile, stay in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you free search engine optimisation and social media marketing strategy consultancy in order to help you find your way to website rankings on Google

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If you wish to stay in contact and require a service, support or just advice or opinion, simply get in touch with us!

SEO Tips and Techniques for 2016

With the Google Penguin search algorithm update in 2015 replacing its predecessor Google Panda, the way we search engine optimise websites has changes somewhat.

The following is a guide to the latest SEO techniques:

The Old Rule That Still Stands: Create Unique Quality Content

As always, content plays an important role in Google’s searches, but now more than ever it is vital that content is unique, resourceful and information rich.

No longer can thin, blabbering content with plenty of keywords pass the Google search algorithm barriers, as Google Penguin proves to be the most ‘human’ algorithm update yet.

The Next Big Thing: Content Marketing

Due to Google taking quality content so seriously, it makes sense to spread the content and use it to create quality backlinks for your site. That is why content marketing is becoming the next best thing when it comes to Google SEO.

Ensuring your content is published on a variety of quality sites frequented by plenty of people is hard but worthwhile as it holds substantial SEO value.

 The New Vital Metric: AuthorRank

Google’s seriousness about high quality content and squandering bad backlinks is a continuing theme throughout, as it’s new AuthorRank system defines the quality of the content based on the reputation of the author/publisher.

The Debatable New Ranking Factor: Social Signals

As social media marketing increasingly becomes a part of every marketing strategy, social signals such as ReTweets, Likes, +1s and more are being considered as valid factors for search rankings.

Although the topic is still debatable, can’t hurt to get ahead of the game and start collecting those social signals for when the inevitable occurs.

The Growing Preference: Localisation

As location marketing becomes ever more popular, so grows Google’s preference for local websites and information.

Google can now pinpoint the location of the person performing a search and rather than bringing up global results no matter what their location, it now offers up pages that are localised to the person’s geographic location.

So get on board this trend now by adding local SEO content such as map data, citations, and links on local information sites to get ahead.

The New Content Favourite: Media

The growing popularity of multimedia has lead to Google favouring search results containing images and video in its searches.

Media with relevant tags and meta data are consistently being brought up and ranked higher than text heavy sites and it is only expected to increase, so ensure you have relevant media on all pages of your site if you want to keep up with Google’s preferences in 2016 and beyond.

Businesses screaming over Google rankings drop, many go partying

Half of UK businesses have seen a massive decrease in traffic and search engine rankings in January 2016. Small businesses are most affected as after very quiet Xmas and New Year none was expecting this sudden change in Google rankings and search traffic

And it’s not just the small businesses; even blue chip companies are seeing a mass decrease in traffic and search engine positions since the first week of January but at the same time many businesses are seeing a mass increase in rankings from nowhere to Google’s first page or literally much higher where they were before New Year evening

There are many individuals and companies thinking, the search rankings were only dropped in UK, well no that is not true – individuals and companies have been affected around the world because of this sudden change and yes it is not the UK alone

Most people are asking on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if there have been yet another Google update and chances are there is a Google update but Google denying (as thousands have read “Barry’s Statement on SE Round Table”

So where do businesses stand today? If there was no update then why this sudden change and especially for those that have been doing good work for ages?

The position is still very unclear and it is very confusing, all tech-guys are still looking in to it without any success so far, Many might have not noticed another thing that “Many websites that have been regularly and very quickly crawled are taking longer to be crawled” If you have not noticed that – I have noticed that and I can see very strong signals of a Google update or a refresh in place

But what it is and what is the solution to get your website back on its actual rankings? To be very honest it is very hard to say at this point of time but if you or your seo agency has been doing good ethical seo work there is nothing to worry about

As they say – There is always a solution, the best thing to do at this very time is to wait and watch and let’s hope you see your website where it was, if it’s not the case, all the seo experts and social media guys will find a solution (Google has not said a word until now) but there are chances there will be an official statement from Google side soon (This is my own opinion).

Because of this sudden change in rankings decrease and increase has pointed loads of traffic towards Bing, Yahoo, AOL and AltaVista – leading names in internet marketing industry are talking about focusing on Yahoo and Bing in 2016 for your online marketing needs to find a way – Everyone knows it is not a very good solution towards the main problem but sure this will mean businesses at least getting something out of their online marketing spends

You can hardly ignore Google (as the most genius and widely used search engine) but how much business you are losing from online because of your website rankings decrease is the main question here and why is your business being hurt, having done a single thing which would affect your rankings?

What do you plan to get this sorted out and rank back in Google where you were or higher? Other’s might not have a solution or might be still looking for possibilities or plan to implement something but we have a game plan!

How search engines rank websites?

If you have a website that you use for the purpose of marketing or you designed a website for the purpose of attracting traffic that will visualize your information. You do not have a say on the level of visibility they enjoy in the search engines when people come calling for information.

This is due to the fact that there are lots of websites selling the same thing. The onus lies only on Google to make this decision and this is what is called ranking.

Search engines show websites to the researches according to how they are ranked, and this is to say that if your website ranks well in Google, you are likely to have the links to your website appear among the first five or ten in the Google search page when search commands matching the terms in your website contents are given.

The first element of your getting a better ranking is as we have reiterated before, by creating your contents with the most search engine friendly content, by making the best use of keywords, headings, titles, and even links. The second which is even the most paramount because it makes it rank well on the long run is the level of indexing it has received before.

If your website has received a little bit of high traffic in the past, there is the probability that it will receive more visibility and ranking in the future.

The search engines have tools that store information about websites and the level of indexing they have received in the past. The algorithm will then calculate the position of your website in a page for a particular search term. If you have been appearing previously when such search terms are used, you are then pushed forward.

This is the reason why a lot of people use link building service that directs people to their websites when such people visit the bigger and frequently used websites. This is to boost their traffic level. When they are visited through these bigger websites, it shows on Google data store and this will increase their being popped up when search that is related to their keywords are made.

When you throw in a query as a search term, the crawler uses specific algorithm in your page to check the specific terms in your page matching the search term. The level of this match indicates how you are ranked.

This initial ranking also affects how you are ranked in the future. The ranking tools are divided into on page and off page tools and all of them are very essential in the ranking that you get from the search engines on your website.

I will be writing on how to achieve top search engine rankings using quick yet ethical ways this week – Stay tuned and power to your business website!

Tips for improving your website search engine positions on Google

Search engine positioning can be simply put as thriving for better results on your website.  Web owners always look forward to their sites standing out from the rest especially in this day and age where cut throat competition exists.

There are thousands of similar websites co-existing and for one to be a cut above the rest, you have to employ tools that will improve on your site and attract as many visitors as is possible. First and foremost, your website has to be user friendly.  No one wants to struggle to find out what you are trying to sell them, try to read through a lot of mumble jumble or squint in a bid to scramble through it all.

The site has to be catchy and be able to be picked up easily by search engines.  Not only that but you should be at the top of the search engine results.  If your page appears at the bottom of the list then the work is cut out for you.  Go through it all and remove any extra spaces in the html code, have long strings of java script in external files.  Your presentation should be simple and easy to understand.

If you have tables in it they should not be too complex or detailed that it takes readers time trying to figure it out.  Alternatively, leave it to the professionals to do this for you.  That’s why they are there anyway. This is why I personally suggest their readers get a professionally designed seo friendly website, they were and are the future when it comes to business success online.

Site search engine positioning can also be achieved through use of backlinks, opt-in-lists and use of sitemaps.  Your pages should be properly referenced and ensure that they are actually included in the search engines.  You can also engage other writers and have them either write for you or you write for them good quality materials that are valuable to your visitors.

Also spend time on blogs and comment regularly to attract traffic.  Request to have your site linked to other web owners to increase visibility and note to include reference sources at the bottom of the articles as a way of directing the readers in search of more information to your site.  You should also endeavor to update information as times are ever changing so are the tastes and preferences of consumers.

To be on top of all others, you have to be abreast with what is new and have this captured in your website.

Other than just that, you need to choose the right keywords for search rankings as well as publish useful content that engages audience, speak loud on social sites as well as an seo strategy in place, link building when it comes to offsite seo, and it is always a great idea to hire a search engine optimisation company that actually offers budget yet powerful seo service.

How to improve website traffic, search rankings and win backlinks?

Building backlinks is one method of creating traffic to a site.  This is made possible when visitors to a site are directed to your site vide website URL while they are on a different website.  With time a web owner can develop a number of worldwide web connected by hyperlinks.  This in turn multiplies the number of visitors several times fold.

To improve website traffic by use of backlinks, one can start by interacting more on the site either through writing your own articles on your website or elsewhere on other respected websites online.  Not to be left out are the source of reference as links at the end of the articles or say in Author Bio area.  This would direct the readers of the articles back to your websites.  Another sure way of increasing the traffic flow to your website is through blogging.  Through this channel, one can introduce backlinks effectively ensuring the bloggers are redirected to your website when they need more information or out of curiosity.

Similarly, subscribe to discussion forums and take advantage of the space to promote your website by directing other users to it through use of backlinks.  You would be surprised at the number of people who after accessing your website would recommend it to their friends, their social circles and even family and colleagues.

Incidentally, one overlooked method is writing for other bloggers who require injecting fresh material on their website, also known as guest blogging.  Also spend time on relevant blogs noting to include links on the comments you append therein.  Your comments should also be relevant and should make the readers want to know more about you hence driving them to your site.

The comments and blogs have to be of integrity thus creating trust and confidence in your followers.  Note also subscribe to alerts and where requested take the opportunity to leave comments that would attract potential visitors to your website.  When doing this, as much as possible stick to your website niche because these blogs, discussion forums and comments act as virtual public relations for your site thus has to be relevant and intelligent to keep your target group interested.

Consequently, it is human nature that when impressed by something we want to share the word through word of mouth or in this case forwarding the links to our friends, family or colleagues.  It is quite an effective tool to use as free advertisement resulting in increased traffic to your site.

If you cannot do this alone or your business needs a mix of internet marketing in order to perform well over the web, attract business and traffic and increase ROI, It is always a great decision to hire a respected SEO Company - and let the experts do the job they do on daily basis!