Is Google Broke? Google’s February 2016 Search Algorithms Update

It’s been very crazy new year so far when it comes to Google search and the way Google is responding to most search queries, I am of an opinion that Google’s been broke, I can very clearly see Google’s returning erroneous search results to most queries and weird websites ranking on the entire Google’s first page and even the same URL taking half of the space on next page

As in my previous post I have shared my opinion with all my readers and was the first one in the UK to report Google’s search update in the very beginning of January, I am seeing a very crazy response to my search queries, okay I can be wrong but I am not wrong

“Discount furniture” was returning search results from website directories and hardly showing a website link on, on Google UK, Google have been returning weird results for “SEO UK” and that too of websites that are abusing the wiki and whose website backlinks are all “no follow”

The website which have been ranking for most “seo related queries” is a brand new domain, getting all its links from duplicate press release URLs, weird wiki links and abusing several other sites on the internet with weird content published on each resource

The whole world is saying, It is a Google update, I know Google is making number of changes in their Algorithms, I know and I remained the first person on the internet that has reported this Google January 2016 update, and even the February 2016 Search update by Google

I have a very strong opinion that during the Google algorithm changes were being made, they have suffered a worth amount of technical difficulties and were hard to correct things until now, but I can be wrong too, I will like to think Google’s been broke from end December 27th of December 2015 and they are doing everything to make things work “Problems happen everywhere” I will also like to think, Google wanted to push an update by 1st January 2016

There is a lot we can talk about at the moment and make guesses, the situation is not very much clear especially on Google UK, weird activity have been seen on and, however (Google America) seems to be all fine as well as most other Google domains

In my own opinion, Google is more localising their search which they always planned and give reward to those which have responsive websites, a trustworthy backlinks profile in place, great seo copy written for website visitors as well as great social media marketing profile and buzz there and relevance are the utmost factors of Google search in 2016

If you are seriously looking forward to rank your business on Google and want to establish long lasting search engine rankings, then you need to work on the old theory, good link building profile, local trust (local business establishment), positive reviews, good products and pricing as well as responsive websites and newsworthy content

Google would not penalise you until unless they have a strong reason to believe that you are manipulating their search results by establishing a good link building profile by using the tricks Google do not allow, be straightforward, do good work and you are safe!

Hire a good SEO Company if you are too busy doing other stuff you specialise at and leave your content creation, seo and backlinks profile and social media to the experts that can do better and with ethics and guidelines in mind

I will write again when I have more to share, hopefully soon, let’s all hope, this Google update only hurts which deserve a penalty and not those which have always done a good seo job

Businesses screaming over Google rankings drop, many go partying

Half of UK businesses have seen a massive decrease in traffic and search engine rankings in January 2016. Small businesses are most affected as after very quiet Xmas and New Year none was expecting this sudden change in Google rankings and search traffic

And it’s not just the small businesses; even blue chip companies are seeing a mass decrease in traffic and search engine positions since the first week of January but at the same time many businesses are seeing a mass increase in rankings from nowhere to Google’s first page or literally much higher where they were before New Year evening

There are many individuals and companies thinking, the search rankings were only dropped in UK, well no that is not true – individuals and companies have been affected around the world because of this sudden change and yes it is not the UK alone

Most people are asking on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if there have been yet another Google update and chances are there is a Google update but Google denying (as thousands have read “Barry’s Statement on SE Round Table”

So where do businesses stand today? If there was no update then why this sudden change and especially for those that have been doing good work for ages?

The position is still very unclear and it is very confusing, all tech-guys are still looking in to it without any success so far, Many might have not noticed another thing that “Many websites that have been regularly and very quickly crawled are taking longer to be crawled” If you have not noticed that – I have noticed that and I can see very strong signals of a Google update or a refresh in place

But what it is and what is the solution to get your website back on its actual rankings? To be very honest it is very hard to say at this point of time but if you or your seo agency has been doing good ethical seo work there is nothing to worry about

As they say – There is always a solution, the best thing to do at this very time is to wait and watch and let’s hope you see your website where it was, if it’s not the case, all the seo experts and social media guys will find a solution (Google has not said a word until now) but there are chances there will be an official statement from Google side soon (This is my own opinion).

Because of this sudden change in rankings decrease and increase has pointed loads of traffic towards Bing, Yahoo, AOL and AltaVista – leading names in internet marketing industry are talking about focusing on Yahoo and Bing in 2016 for your online marketing needs to find a way – Everyone knows it is not a very good solution towards the main problem but sure this will mean businesses at least getting something out of their online marketing spends

You can hardly ignore Google (as the most genius and widely used search engine) but how much business you are losing from online because of your website rankings decrease is the main question here and why is your business being hurt, having done a single thing which would affect your rankings?

What do you plan to get this sorted out and rank back in Google where you were or higher? Other’s might not have a solution or might be still looking for possibilities or plan to implement something but we have a game plan!