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Just an update for my friends, family and colleagues and even loved ones and mates on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ and YouTube with the new job’s on board with us. We are looking for social media marketing and optimisation experts from the UK, Europe and abroad be the part of Draw Pictures Ltd (UK’s bespoke digital marketing services boutique) in Wimbledon, London

If you specialise in social media marketing and are looking for an online or home based job, then do send us your requested CV, Cover letter and experience (portfolio) documents as soon as you can

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Social media marketing: How to build a buzz online

In the age of digital, one thing that seems to have both enchanted and baffled companies the most is social media and how to effectively use it. Social media is one of the top tools that should be in any company’s marketing tool box, and there are plenty of online marketing agencies offering their services in this area.

However, before you take the plunge, here is a guide to how social media can be used to create a buzz online:

Listening Carefully Is Key

Social media is a large conversation, and as with any form on conversation it is wise to listen to what is being discussed before diving in. So before a company starts posting on social media and trying to gain loyal followers and shares, it is imperative that they to listen to what your target audience are buzzing off currently.

There will be similar themes, opinions and tones recurring throughout the buzz, which will give some insight into the target audience and give an advantage. This can be used tailor your company’s social media voice to fit in with that of your target audience.

Be Professional with Personality

The key is in the name ‘social media’. It’s a place where people want to communicate and connect with other people, not brands. However, if your brand is seen to have a personality, it is far more accepted by the community.

Each company needs to find their own individual balance of brand and personality in their social media marketing, and it is advisable to seek the advice of online marketing agencies to help get this right.

Social Media Policies

Due to the fact that when a company posts on social media, they potentially reach millions of people globally, it can only take simple mistakes to severely damage or even completely ruin a reputation.  If a business plans to encourage staff to have input into their social media channels, it is important to set out clear rules and guidelines.

Even if staff aren’t contributing directly to the company social media channels, things posted on their own social media could still impact. This is why you commonly see employees of companies stating that ‘their views are their own’ on personal social media accounts.

Measuring the Buzz

Measuring social media optimisation methods used to create a buzz and the substantial results (such as increased website traffic, etc) achieved from this is the key to the ongoing success of your brand’s social media presence.

By measuring these results you can isolate areas for improvement and aspects that worked well and can be increased or continued and areas that altogether flopped.

You can also look at the elusive results (such as positive associations with the brand, increased awareness, etc.) which cannot be defined or measured but can still be an indicator of how well the campaign has worked.

In summary, social media marketing is a cost effective and beneficial form of digital marketing that must be monitored carefully to ensure the right message is being conveyed.

With the help of online marketing services provided by UK agencies, many companies are able to discover the innumerable pros of having an active presence on social media.

How Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can help your businesses grow

Social media marketing is the latest online marketing strategy to have swept the digital world, and it is ever growing in popularity as it has the power to help businesses grow and connect on a deeper level with consumers.

The following article will assess the ways in which the most popular social media channels, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, can help your business to reach dizzying new heights.


For those who don’t already know, Twitter is what is called a ‘micro-blog’, where people can express their thoughts, feelings, opinions in 140 characters or less, as well as sharing links, videos and images with ‘followers’.

You can follow a wealth of people and they can choose to follow you back, some may not. Only those who follow you will see what you post, and you will be able to see the postings of those you follow.

Businesses find Twitter marketing useful for brand awareness purposes, promoting aspects of their business including blogs and news updates, offers, and more. Others constantly ReTweet people and other companies in the hope for the same in return.

It is important to keep a good balance between the two, as people following your brand will want to find out more about what you are about via your Tweets, but talking constantly about yourself and never ReTweeting anyone will not get you into anyone’s good books either.


Facebook allows you to create a business page on which people can see what you are about, view your postings, post to you, and if they like your brand, they can ‘LIKE’ you by clicking a button. By clicking ‘LIKE’, people are subscribing to your company’s updates.

Much like Twitter, Facebook marketing is about posting updates and news, offers, etc. and generally introducing people to your brand. A good flow of fresh content is always a must if you want to keep appearing in your ‘fans’ news feeds.

The great advantage of Facebook is the level of engagement. People can like, share and comment on your images, videos and updates, and many brands run competitions on Facebook to encourage this. It’s a great tool for gaining recommendations and brand awareness, as well as providing customer service, as it gives the customer a voice and a much more informal direct line to the brand itself.


Google+ is one of the newer up and coming social media channels, only born in 2011 and rising to popularity late in 2015. It is the world’s largest search engine’s bash at a social networking site, and with over 90 million users it is a band wagon well worth jumping on.  Google+ is primarily about sharing content, much in the way Facebook is, however instead of ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ there are ‘circles’, in which you can divide up your connections into business and personal, or potential customers and current customers, or however else you want it, and it isn’t limited to just 2 circles, you can have as many as you like.

The main appeal of Google+ marketing from a business point of view is the search engine optimisation benefits, as Google have recently introduced their “Search Plus Your World” or “Search+” algorithm, which prioritises content posted by and shared with Google+ users when searching.